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Update al #tweetelling.
Abbiamo un nuovo DEMbunking tinazzista da riportare del mio amico Davidino.
Sa 'a cantano e sa 'a sonano.
Contrordine kompamerati.
Hanno stati i fascisti, ma anche i comunisti.
Hanno stati gli "estremi".
"Meno male che Davidino c'è".🎶
Capito? L'infame PropagandaRight lo ha fatto bloccare lui.

Uno di DX chiamerebbe un account PropagandaXXX, nome che richiama un programma odiato? ImageImage
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1) 💥Australia declared WAR on America💥


Here is what Durham can’t tell you❗️

Also - how the targeting of me implicates those who committed the ‘Crime of the Century’❗️ ImageImage
2) I’ll get straight to the point.

The exact moment Australia declared WAR on America was …

… when Alexander Downer handed the “Paragraph Five” disinfo cable to Elizabeth Dibble at the US Embassy in London. Image
3) As you all know, Alexander Downer and Erika Thompson (ASIO/ASIS honeypot) …

… attempted to extract fake “Russia Collusion” from Papadopoulos.

This rot was originally inserted by Mifsud (CIA). Image
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Me había perdido esto en el Criptosocialistal.

Resulta que el próximo Sam (Sagaz) Bankman-Fried de la cosa tecnológica es un joven entrepreneur de nombre Joshua y de apellido BROWDER, becado por Peter Thiel. y amado por Buffett. Maravilloso:…
Su padre este año (tras 27 años asistiendo) no ha ido a Davos porque le pareció cara la entrada, como aquí con aquello del IVA a "la cultura".…
En la propia noticia explican que este "opositor a Putin" ya no se dedica a las inversiones (es dueño del que fue el mayor fondo de inversión en Rusia), sino que vive ya sólo para vengar a su amigo y abogado Sergei Magnitsky, que murió allí "torturado y asesinado" en prisión.
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Assistant Secretary of Defense Celeste Wallander is the chief architect and mastermind behind the US's proxy war with Russia. @paulsperry_ reminds us that she was instrumental in the dissemination of the #RussiaGate hoax while working for Obama. Image

@paulsperry_ has been following Celeste Wallander's exploits for years - here is a 2020 tweet revealing her involvement with FusionGPS back in 2016 where the Russia collusion hoax idea was incubated:

@paulsperry_ also revealed that Celeste Wallander worked closely with the Ukraine whistleblower that served as the basis for the impeachment of President Trump. Big Tech suppressed Paul's reporting: Image
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“The Big Secret being kept from the public is the theft of the 2016 election by a foreign power with the aid and comfort of American traitors, including people inside every branch of the Federal Government.”
#Russiagate is a cover up for #TheBigSecret.
DARVO: “Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender”
QAnon was also DARVO. @GenFlynn is an expert at it.

Q: “Blame Hillary, not the Russians. Mike Flynn is a victim, not a criminal.”
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Besides the acknowledged narrow scope of the new NYU #disinfo study one of the biggest issues IMHO with the study was the utilization of voter survey data. The issues targeted by the Kremlin was much more nuanced than voter survey data available 2 the authors.. AFTER THE FACT 1/4 Image
This was no fault of the authors given they had to do a retrospective study. The authors did find subtle shifts (but not statistically significant) and if you looked at the questions that would have been most relevant to the Kremlin ... these pro-Kremlin shifts were largest. 2/4 ImageImageImage
Important nuanced questions that would not likely have been in most voter survey data collected prior to the 2016 election & appeared to be important in the targeting by the Kremlin would have been below (I'm sure there are others). Chinese tariffs & Obamacare... not so much 3/4 ImageImage
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#TwitterFiles: Prominent Democrats knowingly pushed a false #RussiaGate-related narrative about “Russian bots” promoting a key memo that detailed efforts to spy on the Trump campaign—despite lawmakers being told by @Twitter executives that it wasn’t true.…
Democrats alleged that “Russian bots” were spreading an explosive report from then-Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. @DevinNunes.

“Twitter officials were aghast, finding no evidence of Russian influence,” @MTaibbi said.
“At a crucial moment in a years-long furor,” @MTaibbi explained in one of the posts, “Democrats denounced a report about flaws in the Trump-Russia investigation, saying it was boosted by Russian ‘bots’ and ‘trolls.’”
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I’ve always believed that one of the greatest benefits that Twitter provides to foreign influence operations like Russia in 2016 is “narrative seeding” & pushing the narrative needle among journalists & social media influencers. #osint #RussiaGate #MuellerReport #disinfo #infosec
NYU @CSMaP_NYU and its authors are also trying to push back on the right-wing narrative that continues to be ubiquitous in RW circles that the Kremlin’s efforts at interfering with our 2016 elections had no effect. The the narrow scope of their research did NOT conclude that
Even yesterday on multiple large right-wing Twitter spaces the NYU study was being touted as proof Russian interference in our election in 2016 was a hoax…their #RussiaGate. A narrative that they have pushed for yrs despite overwhelming evidence from #MuellerReport & researchers Image
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Dit wordt het verzameldraadje🧵 waarin alle afleveringen van de #twitterfiles komen.
Een korte NL intro, en dan de volledige tekst in Engels en Nederlands, zodat iedereen ze kan lezen.
En natuurlijk de screenshots.
Hier #Twitterfiles1 van @mtaibbi
En hier is #Twitterfiles2 van @bariweiss
Als mensen vragen:
'Wat zijn die twitterfiles?'
'Ik kan ze niet vinden!'
'Mijn Engels is niet zo goed...'

Deel ze!
Dit is voor ALLE twitteraars.
En daar is #Twitterfiles3💪
Wat vooral opvalt:
-de enorme politieke #bias bij Twitter
-de structurele betrokkenheid van #FederalAgencies
Suggesties voor betere vertalingen zijn weer welkom!
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Thought's on why MSM is being quite on the #TwitterDocs ... aside from the obvious wanting this to go away...

They have been doing the work for our govt, the left side of it, forever. They've been lying, cheating, manipulating, etc etc at the behest of the govt.

2/ They've pushed everything the govt has wanted them to push like #Russiagate, #COVID, #Vaccinations, the LBGT+ narrative, constitutionally protected hate speech banning, mis/disinformation narrative. Govr names it, they push it, w/o question.
3/ Now, they are in a catch 22. Even if the MSM has been completely hands-off, which is highly doubtful, and never 'leaned' on twitter for censorship, the agencies they have been carrying the water for are now implicated in censorship...

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#DeepState patterns.

Since @elonmusk has turned off the "algo-throttles", it seems, lets see if a long tweet is worth the effort.

Thesis: Today's conspirators are the relatives of the yesteryear's conspirators.

Bob Mueller #3, 1st cousin once removed CIA Dir. Richard Bissell.
#NYC Mayor DeBlasio was a hyper-promoter of the #Covid hoax in 2020. His real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr. Mom & dad & uncle OSS/CIA. Mom DeBlasio is interesting if you are into #JFK. Her boss at the OSS wrote a book about the Secret Service in 1957.…
#NJ Covid lockdown Governor @PhilMurphy has a #JFK connection via his wife Tammy Snyder Murphy. He uncle Louis B. Fine was used as a reference by a suspicious witness to the Assassination.…
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The Donald Trump administration, including Rob Strayer from Mike Pompeo's State Department, totally lobbied for Huawei's entry into the Information Technology Industry Council.

Any 5G related SS7 documents in those found at Mar-A-Lago?
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Okay. So I haven't slept for 2 days, I'm running on Adderall, Coffee and Cheeeeeescake, Gromit.

Now that I set the stage, I need to document some stuff here before I crash. Because: I'm seeing things 'from my archives matching realtime' that I need to save before, 'smoked'. Image
Awhile back...

...I did a thing on top of a lot of other things and then more things since those things.

What FOLLOWS is a #MindDump jumbled out-of-sequence set of affinities around 'a Theme'

THEME : '#Memeplex and #Q' Image
Dan killed his 'name' account (Known-Known) and created a completely new one (Identical User ID).

It hasn't changed, externally, from immediately after it was created. '3/0' Zero Tweets. Behind the curtain? Who knows. Image
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[🇺🇸🚨] : Le feuilleton de l'été s'accélère et se complique pour #Trump, suite à la perquisition du FBI. Surtout, de nombreuses zones d'ombres semblent s'éclaircir sur les motivations du FBI & DOJ, les risques encourus par Trump et le contexte global. Résumons🧵->
1/ La perquisition de la résidence de #Trump par le FBI est du jamais vu, c'est la première fois qu'un président américain est traité de la sorte. D'où les spéculations initiales : qui a autorisé cela, dans quel but, est-ce lié à l'enquête sur le role de Trump dans le 6 janvier ?
2/Selon le NYT, le FBI cherchait à récupérer des documents classés secret défense, que #trump avait pris avec lui en quittant la Maison-Blanche et conservé en violation du "presidential record act". Pas de lien avec le 6 janvier donc.…
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The nonstop #RussiaGate BOMBSHELLS were a far more effective political vaccine than the medical one I was supposed to take

I get it, you don't want me to have political representation. Can we just skip to the part where you make that illegal
I'm getting very bored of just being lied to like this. The playbook has been the same for years now. It's reached the point where normal people can identify each play as it's happening.

Either put us all in jail like you want to, or give it up. You're only making things worse
Not just for us, but for yourselves, I mean. Trying to convince me that Trump stole nuclear secrets to sell to the Saudis, therefore he can never be our president ever again, doesn't turn me against Trump

It raises my contempt for you to levels you shouldn't want it to reach
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[Perquisition de #Trump ] La pire erreur politique de l'Histoire ? Si je fais partie des gens qui estiment que la place de Trump (depuis des années) est en prison, je reste dubitatif devant la décision d'envoyer le FBI le perquisitionner. 🧵->…
1/ la presse américaine a souligné avec justesse que pour obtenir un mandat, et justifier le déploiement du FBI, le procureur a dû obtenir l’aval d’un juge, présenter des éléments graves et concordants et préciser exactement ce qu’il cherchait à obtenir: pas de fumée sans feu.
2/ Trump est la cible d’une enquête fédérale pour 2 affaires : son rôle dans les événements du 6 janvier 2021 et son refus de rendre des documents classés secret défense et autres archives de sa présidence.
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After a three-day weekend, a jury Tuesday is deliberating the fate of former Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann following Friday's conclusion of his 10-day trial for allegedly lying to the FBI about concocted Trump-Russia links in the weeks before the 2016 election. #SussmannTrial
So, what is the jury in that Jury Room within the US District Courthouse in Washington DC looking at while it ponders a verdict? Exhibits.
And you can see them too.
@EpochTimes has obtained the Sussmann trial exhibits.…
@EpochTimes While many of us were engaged in Memorial Day activities, @ZackStieber and @IvanPentchoukov of @EpochTimes were doggedly chiseling away and here is the fruits of their labor laid out for you:………
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As I'm prepping for this evenings 8pm first ever LIVE @KashsCorner, I'm as usual doing so by looking at @themarketswork's and @HansMahncke's exceptional work at @EpochTVus's "Truth Over News." If you don't follow their work here, DO IT RIGHT AWAY. 🧵[1/n]
I was a relative newcomer to the ins & outs of #Spygate when we started @AmThoughtLeader in 2019. I had the incredible privilege to have the whole picture explained to me directly by @themarketswork, who took me under his wing, patiently explaining🧵[2/n]
...all sorts of intricacies of what @elonmusk recently dubbed "Confusing-gate." @themarketswork's attention to detail, rock solid certainty on items that deserved such designation, while also making clear that other elements were educated guesses, 🧵[3/n]…
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Esto sobre la salud de Putin, que ya había leído en Newsweek, ahora está en ABC, y lo curioso es ver quién es una de las fuentes principales (la otra también es del MI6, como varios de nuestros analistas expertos, pero esa es otra historia).…
En efecto, el mismo Steele de las lluvias doradas a Trump en el hotel Ristz-Carlton de Moscú, rabioso con Trump como ahora Putin por Eurivision, según la prensa seria.

Y el mismo que ascendió a @doritoribio al Periodismo Wa-Po.

Aquí el mamotreto en sí:…
Y eso que hasta la CNN ha tenido que reconocer que aquello olía a perrito mojado desde el principio (con su habitual jeta; aquí…)

En cambio, el Doribio-Post sigue en sus trece y en que es "bueno para el ̷p̷r̷u̷s̷é̷s̷ piriodismo".…
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Rassegna Stampa
Non solo Emanuela Orlandi ma anche i Desparecidos e altro
".. cambia il ge noma umano..."
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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Questi sono stati formati dalla stessa Elite che ci ha condannato a morte per farci stare calmi!

Dove erano i nostri rappresentanti mentre i pupazzi della UE parlavano a una platea ASSENTE!

Abbiamo tutte le foto e i documenti che certificano che questi signori hanno comprato sieri sperimentali pericolosi a DEBITO, votato per il GP, SGP, invio di armi a AZ0V e obbligo💉over 50.. ripeto VERGOGNA!
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Non c'è da sorprendersi che #Trump abbia chiesto a William #Barr di trovare con #Conte le prove di un complotto (il celeberrimo #Russiagate) orchestrato ai suoi danni.
Barr è lo stesso a cui #Trump chiese di negare la regolarità del successo di #Biden, sostenendo l'esistenza 1/5
di una grande frode ai suoi danni.
#Barr è emblema del circo che è stata l'amministrazione #Trump, ma anche della credibilità (spoiler: infinitesimale) di cui potevano vantare i governi (come quello #Conte) che cercarono di duettare con la Casa Bianca in quegli anni. 2/5
Era almeno lontanamente credibile la tesi di un fantomatico complotto ordito contro Trump ed architettato in Italia?
No, dunque perché #Conte ha deciso di incontrare #Barr, acconsentendo allo scambio di informazioni tra i Servizi nostrani e i sodali del presidente USA? 3/5
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Le recenti inchieste sulla missione "Dalla Russia con amore" confermano quanto scritto da questo Blog in tempi non sospetti. Credo solo ci sia un errore: se attività spionistica c'è stata (e c'è stata), era comunque marginale rispetto alla portata principale: la questione era 1/7
infatti di natura geopolitica. Dobbiamo ringraziare il ministro della Difesa, i generali, gli alti dirigenti dello Stato italiano che hanno messo i bastoni fra le ruote alla Russia nella sua ricerca di dati "sensibili", ma il danno era ormai stato fatto, da Giuseppe #Conte. 2/7
La missione russa era stata infatti pensata da Vladimir #Putin in persona per lanciare un messaggio agli USA di #Trump: Mosca è pronta ad unirsi al blocco occidentale nella sfida epocale contro la Cina.
#Conte - scegliete voi se per ingenuità o spregiudicatezza - ha creduto 3/7
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