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BREAKING: LIZ Cheney SLAMS Republicans who endorsed Trump for president-
“Trump is embracing a J6 Defendant who called for the execution of members of Congress...You are endorsing his conduct on Jan 6th and every day since.” #NeverTrump Image
It was a response to Donald Trump embracing a Jan. 6 defendant at a diner during a campaign stop last night:…
For the sake of our democracy, #TraitorTrump must never set foot in the WH again.

If you love our work and want to support our work of fighting back against MAGA, please buy us Coffee here:
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Third time will not be charm for me. Officially #NeverTrump
I voted for him twice. Second time was harder than the first. I was already disgusted by the people he hired and surrounded himself with during the pandemic response, every one of them more awful than the next. He kept……
an unmitigated disaster. They failed. The end. He still preaches how wonderful they are. Refusing to admit defeat. As he flew to free Florida and every frontline worker and college student in a blue state was forced to receive them in order to hold a job or an education, he ran……
He. Ran. To. Florida. The same place, he as recently as today, stated failed the Covid response. The same state that sent their children back to school, did not have vaccine passports, allowed people to get back to work and didn’t close parks or cancel sports.
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1/ I don't feel sorry for Trump one bit, but he is probably the most dramatic, tragic example of a malignant narcissist. At the core they are very unhappy people. They crave attention, respect and adoration, but they can't reciprocate in relationships because they lack empathy. Image
2/ I've shared this image before, because I think it's one of the great political illustrations I've ever seen, by @ArtofMarkBryan. Trump is The Man Behind the Inflated Image of himself, a construct. NPD narcissism (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) is one of the worst...
3/... personality disorders, I have personal experience having been married to one. They are insufferable people, who care only about themselves and what you can do for them. They are users.

Mayo Clinic describes NPD:… Image
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The Omidyar-funded #NeverTrump neocon site headed by liberal icon Bill Kristol attacks Gov. DeSantis for his failure to pledge eternal loyalty to Joe Biden's policies of fueling proxy war in Ukraine. Neocons and Dems are 100% fully aligned on everything.…
We covered DeSantis' comments on the war in Ukraine, the first time he has really spoken in a concrete way. His remarks were measured but skeptical, similar to Obama's old views on Russia and Ukraine. Listen for yourself: neocons require full war loyalty:

But, alas, this is the world we live in. Bernie, AOC and the Squad mindlessly march behind Biden's policy of endless proxy war. To hear skepticism on the war, one needs to listen to non-Europe nations, the international left, and Trump/DeSantis/.🤷‍♂️

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#NeverMcCarthy reminds me a lot of #NeverTrump

It's this clearly personal, "who cares about the consequences" approach to politics

It's the opposite of wartime conservatism, of knowing what time it is
The question for everyone should be "how do we extract maximum value out of the House majority?"

The answer is obviously - investigations, investigations, investigations

Which McCarthy, for his faults, is great on
You wanted a different candidate?

Great. Run him as a candidate for majority leader in the caucus.

Andy Biggs did that, he lost 180-30

That should be the end of the debate
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Just got my first block here. Guess who blocked me?
It was this piece of garbage @brian_chovanec mixed with mRNA from @pfizer.
He supports these individuals who did all of the most horrible things one could possibly imagine.
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Some of the people on the right who've read my Never Trump piece…

seem unsettled that I was once a Never Trump Republican but am now slagging the GOP. /1
Here's what I wrote before the election, when I still had hope that Trump was going to be a temporary illness in the party.…

Here's what I wrote in 2018, hoping for a crushing GOP loss that would snap the party out of it.…

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I’ll tell everyone what it was right now, though it’s not the smartest fight for REPs to have before a midterm.

When Ron DeSantis is chatting with @kevinomccarthy and Team Paul Ryan behind the back of the man who made him the governor of Florida, it was bound to happen.

It’s called a shot across the bow and it’s in response to what Trump has been hearing is going on behind his back, which more than a half of dozen donors and scores of sitting congressman have told me is true.
They’ve targeted Ron DeSantis as the stool they believe is their best chance to foil another Trump Presidency and after enough hammering away at him and blowing up his head, there are indications that it is working.

But make no mistake, it is a DC establishment plan and is true.
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@Shoccking @MuellerSheWrote Seven Dem and two Rep are on the committee. McCarthy offered 5 Banks, Jordan, Davids, Armstrong, and Nehls. Banks and Jordan she refused because they opposed the election results. However, Raskin on the committee opposed the election results in 2016. Any Rep that Mcarthy would ImageImageImageImage
@Shoccking @MuellerSheWrote have presented Pelosi would have denied for whatever reason! Because it is Pelosi's committee. Reps. John Lewis, a civil rights icon, and Bennie Thompson said Thursday they won’t attend the opening of the long-awaited civil rights museum in Mississippi.
Why? Because President
@Shoccking @MuellerSheWrote Trump will be there, and they viewed his attendance as an "insult."
*Rep. Liz Cheney
Is a Never-Trump Republicans Movement
The never trump movement The Never Trump movement, also called the #nevertrump, Stop Trump, anti-Trump, or Dump Trump movement, began as an effort on the
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Am I misreading or is @Timodc on pp. 11-12 of "Why We Did It" slyly insinuating that Mike Pence is a closet case?
"...the brainteasers I was playing with closeted myself parallel what I saw in my future corner GOP friends during the Trump Era. I would see relief on the faces of people who left his orbit and come clean, just as clearly as the pain on the faces of peoplelike Mike Pence who..."
"wouldn't admit to themselves what is obvious to themselves." Kind of a double valence there, amiright?
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At the beginning of all of this (2015-16), there was a fairly large #NeverTrump constituency, generally made up of two kinds of Republicans and conservatives.

The first group believed Trump was a liberal in conservative clothes. They preferred Ted Cruz or another candidate… 1/
…whose politics they knew and trusted. They may have found Trump to be a cad and probably disliked his lack of discipline. But they mainly took issue with him on policy.

The second group may have had policy questions too, but those were far superseded by character concerns. 2/
For this group, it didn’t matter as much what Trump might accomplish. He was dishonorable, deceitful, divisive, manipulative, and narcissistic—all disqualifying traits for POTUS because they can lead to corruption and abuse of power. He would degrade the dignity of the office. 3/
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After all, this isn't a real story. It's a thing that happened, certainly. Just as all the Star Chamber show trials that the USSR put on were things that happened and which Pravda was eager to share. 2/29
Just so we're clear ...… 3/29
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If you added The Intercept to this list, it'd make the exact opposite point as the one @HeerJeet claims about "incentives." It pays by far the most for a "non-profit" news outlet. The Dem editor-in-chief, Betsy Reed, by herself makes more than $450k/year as they beg for donations
Pretending people have to move right to get rich in media is a joke. There's a long list of left-liberal media stars getting very rich with Soros and Omidyar-funded organizations, on YouTube and Twitch, let alone cable. The Intercept often leads the way.…
Beyond all that: the highest-earning Substack writer, making in excess of $3 million/year, is a liberal history professor who churns out daily anti-Trump, pro-DNC agitprop. The second-highest is a group of #NeverTrump neoliberals/neocons doing the same. That's the "incentive".
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As a proudly ex-maga, ex-gop #NeverTrump #Ahoy! af conservative, IMO today's statements by the (soundly) defeated former president about the butcher of Mariupol who obviously cannot remain in office,

are literal treason against the USA.

Cult 45 members need to open their eyes. Image
When I was supporting T**** in 2016 some of the people in my life broke ties with me and refused to discuss why.

Nowadays I can understand why they did this. Since leaving the cult on 1/6, I've realized how it feels to objectively assess his political and business record...
and then have some folk in your life insist that 2+2=5, up is down, wrong is right, and lies are truth.

Even so, I didn't ditch anyone. They broke ties with me. I've had irl friends from both the left & the (far) right cancel me, lol.

I'm not complaining, though. Far from it.
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My segment last night on @TuckerCarlson is having a bigger impact than I ever imagined.

It's causing pro-war pundits and politicians to lose their minds!

Let's catalog their meltdowns. A thread... 🧵
First, the man, the myth, the moron, Bill Kristol:

ESPN anchor turned paranoid xenophobe, Keith Olbermann, says we're traitors

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Everyone needs to stop talking and especially writing articles about the governor of FL.

It’s a game designed to make you look bad, and it mostly works.

It helps no one & reinforces his base’s beliefs abt the media. It will tip more swing voters toward him than away from him.
Here’s how it works:

A few people react to something he says or does (often bad things but sometimes really minor).

Then it grows online and his staff stoke the freakout.

By the time the most accusatory version circulates widely, his staff puts out info to prove it wrong.
So then you have easily debunk-able stories and tweets (fake news?) about DeSantis, faraway and less-informed progressive Twitter going bananas on false pretenses, and a vindicated GOP base.
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IMO this info was attainable without leaking because it can be extrapolated if all you know is the billed amount. In any case, hospitals have to use markups in order to cross-subsidize services that are never paid for. This is a poor argument for single payer, among many.
To clarify, hospital billing markups are not, IMHO, an effective argument for a single payer system. They get portrayed as price gouging, but if you look at them in a politically neutral way, they're more just a reflection of overall provider costs.
I live in a country (NZ) with what Americans would call a single payer healthcare system. It has major problems for individual patients and the country as a whole.

In both countries, AFAIK, a provider is not allowed to turn away a patient in immediate emergency need...
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Thread: Margaret Atwood's comments on the rising threat of American Theocracy

We who are now #XGOP and #NeverTrump have a relatively unique take on issues like these. I feel I can add value to the debate, having spent years on the left and the right, and now being indy.
I had already seen the movie of The Handmaid's Tale when I saw resistors appearing in costume at political events.

I thought it was ridiculous and self-defeating for them, and maybe it was, at that time. In 2020 resistors ended up having the last word, thankfully. #YoureFired
As you know, there's still people who think even the recent absurdities expressed by TFG (& his henchmen like Bannon, Flynn, & Meadows) are no big deal & that he's adequately trustworthy, patriotic, & a true defender of the US Constitution.

Such people view me as a traitor.
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Thread: Ethan Crumbley's parents

Everyone should read the details of what they did & said when there was a chance to prevent the mass murder.…
I also believe the school administrators erred in allowing him back to class that day.

Telling the parents to get him into counselling within 48 hours was a criminally inadequate response.

There are so many things they should have done instead.
And since day one I've asked myself why this high school didn't have metal detectors. I know that other schools do.

Public alarm at the number of school shootings this year is justified, but let's remember that many schools have effective prevention policies. Others should too!
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Thread: T****'s and Meadows' reckless behavior toward others when T**** contracted Covid in late September 2020.

OMG I so want to use a .gif of the duly elected 46th POTUS saying this:…
Those of us who live in reality are not surprised to hear of the shenanigans in the T**** White House in late Sept and early Oct 2020.

What does surprise me is the stupidity of Mark Meadows. What an absolute eejit he is to voluntarily provide shenanigan details in his book.
Meadows revealed his own reckless misconduct and corruption as the WH Chief of Staff during that time. And nothing in his book is going to win the support of anyone who is already #NeverTrump (ie most of the country.) T****ers are gonna despise him, too. What a moron.
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Been listening to this excellent song "All You Fascists." Here's a thread about a term in the lyrics:

"The people in this world are GETTING ORGANIZED."

The trade union movement's MO has traditionally focused on the concept of organization. It's closely tied to democracy.
The thread I linked above at the start of this one has more context about my current views on American democracy and why I left the T**** cult after the sore loser refused to accept the result of the 2020 Presidential election. (He somehow accepts all the other results, lol.)
Read the song lyrics here.

"Words and Music by Woody Guthrie, Derivative by Billy Bragg."

I was a Billy Bragg fan in the 1980s and kinda rediscovered him in the late 2000s. He's unapologetically left wing in his music.…
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Found on the #WhiteWomen hashtag feed.

It's common for a far right account like @libsoftiktok to:

1. Deny they're far right
2. Conflate "woke" with "racist" and
3. Completely misunderstand the outcome of the VA Gov race.

My thoughts on why, follow.
IMO (as a political scientist and longtime observer of US politics) there are multiple reasons why Youngkin won #VAgov over McAuliffe.

First, no VA governor has won a second term in generations.

And elections soon after the WH changes hands almost always go to the oppo party.
I firmly believe that the VA outcome was based largely on local, idiosyncratic reasons, not a national trend.

Accordingly, fellow pro-democracy folk need not be sad today. Nothing has changed.

But it's good that more are waking up to the five alarm emergency the US is in rn.
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In-joke alert: "Big if true" was in use as early as 2016 among the far right fascist grifter community. The much higher IQ @AccountableGOP community uses it ironically.

Grifters would say it when skeptical about a "news" story they hoped was true, as a way to hedge their bets.
Whenever I offer to help fellow #NeverTrump folk of any stripe, it's not to blow my own trumpet, not at all. It's to contribute in-kind to your fight for American democracy. I often see influencers comment on issues without knowing some of the inside maga knowledge that I have.
As a foreign national I can't lawfully donate or even buy merch from a campaign (a law abiding campaign, that is.) I can't afford to travel to the US right now. But like millions around the world, I want to help your cause. Because it affects people in other countries, like me.
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This thread is correct about every media funding model -- including reader funding -- having flaws, but it's absolutely wrong about who profits most.

Those who most enriched themselves using crowd funding over the past 5 years, *by far*, were anti-Trump #Resistance liberals.
Since 2015, the easiest and most certain way to get rich quick by pandering to an ideological faction was to turn yourself into a non-stop Trump-is-Hitler-and-controlled-by-Russia message machine. Ask @TheRickWilson, @davidfrum, @BillKristol, @MalcolmNance, @JoyAnnReid etc. etc.
The top 3 highest-earnest Substacks, for instance, are all about little to nothing other than anti-Trump hysteria, still. It's Boston College #Resistance Prof. Heather Cox Richardson and the 2 #NeverTrump life-long GOP operatives of the Bulwark & Dispatch. That's the best grift.
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