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Since the usual fellows are worried about me, I am still working at @HarvardExt. I am still a senior adviser to @ProjectLincoln. I am still teaching at @NavalWarCollege. (25 years of faithful service to the United States, btw)
But I do not speak for Harvard, NWC, or TLP.

I have long been Board of Contributors and columnist for @USATODAY; and recently became a Contributing Writer for @TheAtlantic.
I also remain on the Board of Advisers of @NiskanenCenter.
The rest are courtesy affiliations with Carnegie, BU, Toronto, a few other places.

I hope this helps everyone sleep better. I also still #NeverTrump, pro-cat, anti-Zep, pro-Boston, and a shoe advocate on airplanes. Indian food is a work in progress.

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it is a testament to how factional and partisan Trump has quietly become that in his last days in office he’s machine-gun tweeting Mark Levin clips, who was actually #NeverTrump

the opposite of the formidable approach that once won Bernie Sanders voters
Trump’s appeal was that of a sledgehammer to the establishment — and he milked that, even if he didn’t really intend to deliver. Now, it’s just about him. Look at his Twitter. Ted Cruz, who fucked me at my convention, good today because he is helping me today, is the argument.
While Cotton — who actually was one of the few people willing to be seen near Trump in ‘16 & is trying to build on Trump’s actual policies — is bad 2day because he doesn’t want to set an insane precedent for elections in which the GOP is plainly, base-case the minority. It’s over
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Controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries. There’s no magic. In economics this is a corporate raid or buying up the competition.
I hate political terms, but this one —controlled opposition— is a really important concept for those stuck in the current political left/right paradigm. If the public embraces a faulty paradigm bickering back and forth at each other, they can't unite focusing on the main problem.
This means spending less time looking at public leaders and understanding how they exercise power in policy. The divisions deepen and multiply as you dig deeper into the “Christian Right,” for example. Sadly, most people do not have a clue that they are getting screwed at church.
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Being "loyal to principle," properly understood, is disloyalty

You can be loyal to another human being, another group of human beings, or an institution

When you elevate an abstract principle above the human beings in your circle of care you are being *disloyal*
"I'm loyal to free market ideology which is why I'm fine seeing my fellow Americans' jobs shipped overseas."

Doesn't work that way
This is the basic #NeverTrump mistake

They betrayed their voters and supporters because they were "loyal to their principles."

That's *disloyalty*
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That the progressives rage against #NeverTrump tells me, per @MaxBoot, that they are more concerned about moral warfare than getting the job done. I’ll never understand their world. They are political idiots. Should @ProjectLincoln have stood down?…
Yeah, those #NeverTrump assholes. They should have shut the hell up. WTF? @SarahLongwell25, @BillKristol, @murphymike, @stuartpstevens, ad infinitum.
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It's official: @realDonaldTrump is going to be the 10th 1-term President in United States history 🎉🎉🎉

So we're celebrating with the monthly AMA! 😂

Ask Me Anything:
Very accurate. That's a big part of why I excelled in law school
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I wrote the two pieces that appeared today at different times. (Placement was up to the editors, and unlike Glenn Greenwald, I like my editors and I count on them to protect me from myself.) So I'm sorry to impose. /1
This is my closing argument for Joe Biden. I have a written a lot of things about a lot of subjects for @USATODAY - Indian food! - but thanks @JillDLawrence for insisting my election stuff stay sane (or as sane as anyone with my TDS can be in 2020):…

And this is my look back at being #NeverTrump: How it started, what it means, where we're going after whatever happens on Tuesday. Thanks @whitdangerfield for keeping me on track, although I still think I should have used that word we didn't use :D…

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“Those [#NeverTrump] people are delusional grifters,” he said. “Trump is going to lose, and the Democrats are going to look at those assholes and say, ‘Get the fuck out of here, you Bush-loving warmongers.” Thoughts /1…
This is a good and insightful piece. You should read it. /2
Our self-loathing Trumpist handmaiden, however (like so many progressives), can’t fathom that most professional #NeverTrump really aren’t in this for space in the Biden administration or the Democratic Party. Really. /3
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1. I’m gunna go mad obsessively Twitter-following the election = anxiety and apocalyptic theories in why Trump will win.

I am now Panicked by the entry of energy policy in the mix. Our nightmare on climate change ensures that.

2. @TimAlberta is a political journo steeped in GOP politics. A must follow, but jeez, writing Biden’s victory analysis before the election makes my Irish bones ache. Lovely piece of writing, and interesting.

3. LOVE IT! Ivanka & Jared work for the Trump Swamp Family. Fine for the boss to maliciously throw baseless mud that Biden is head of a crime family & must be indicted. But tie THEM to Trump’s anti-NY invective & they’ll SUE!!! (Trump can’t be sued for defo while in office.)
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Here is what frustrates me... I respect @BenSasse but myself & other #Republicans who were #NeverTrump from the start have gone through years of being threatened, kicked out of the party, & mocked among other things for what we knew about Trump....

because we knew what Trump would do not just to the Party, but more importantly America.

We spoke up & out when few would. Because those people (yes @BenSasse included) wanted to win politically at all cost & refused to put #CountryOverParty & backed Trump.

Now with the impending implosion of Republicans in the #Election2020 there are those who are trying to act like they are ready to lead the party and even America in a post Trump presidency by just now speaking about against Trump... mostly in private, rarely in public.

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I'm not seeing much discussion of the massive damage that's been done to the Democratic Party.

The Democrats I know are cops, farmers, teachers; families who love America & their neighbors. They love the DP they knew from the past.

But the party has been wholesale hijacked.
The Clintons bear much of the blame for destroying the DP, but not all of it. The DP has sold out to multinational corporations, and allowed itself to be infiltrated by America-hating Marxists and other extremist splinter groups, while pandering for votes.
That's why Dems like Pelosi, Biden, Feinstein, Nadler, Tom Perez, Donna Brazile seem so hog-tied most of the time

Trump has been a GIFT to them, because they can focus all their public attention on him, and not on the deep divisions & fatal fractures in their party.
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As a woman who‘s been screaming for years about women leaving the GOP, this is maddening. That so many people I respected bent the knee. That the principles I believe in were betrayed. That there was no attempt to constrain him — or primary him. It was obvious the damage he’d do.
Given my position as a #NeverTrump woman, I’m obviously inclined to believe Tim’s tweets. Maybe I’m wrong! I was in 2016 because I focused on the wrong polls and signs. But he won by ~80K votes in 3 states. It remains insane to me that the GOP utterly capitulated to him.
And I see people talk about how registered Republicans who oppose Trump/support Biden won’t be “allowed” back in the party, & I just have to wonder who they think is leading the charge against Trumpism in states across the country? If the GOP suffers a historic loss next month?
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Contra #NeverTrump narratives, Trump pushing US toward racial civil war has a *very* long history in white thought, which the right especially has nurtured, as @4GWDOTDOTDOT explores in a new report & discusses with me at @Salon: 1/9…
The report, for @PRAEyesRight, is "Battle With Bullets: Advancing a Vision of Civil War."… which I describe broadly like this: 2/9
First, @4GWDOTDOTDOT talks about the broad sweep of history, previewed thus: 3/9
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There is a surrogate faction of the #GOP including #LincolnProject’s media darling, Rick Wilson who for years fomented & trafficked in anti-Semitic tropes & Soros hate. They mainstreamed dark web conspiracies and diligently primed Trump’s base & Q nutcases for him.
#NeverAgain ImageImageImageImage
2. In 2010, the ADL publicly condemned Glenn Beck for portraying George Soros as a "puppet master" which is a nazi anti-Semitic trope. He was still doing it in 2019. Beck has an estimated 10.5 million listeners. Trump didn't pump his base full of conspiracies. The GOP did. 2010Image
3. Here are the "heroic" #NeverTrump Republicans yucking it up over some Soros humor in 2015. Hate doesn't fester in a vacuum. It needs air. Long before Trump Republicans breathed life into all kinds of hate. #Bigots

(on the pacifist language Esperanto)… ImageImage
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I consider @captainkudzu a friend and a consistent, solid writer & political thinker. We disagree on the basic viewpoint of this election. David referred to my "The Titanic Election" in his, telling Trump "You're fired!" I felt I should respond. Thread.…
1. I agree that this is the "Dead End" election, but disagree that the course of the Republican Party is salvageable. It's not. The cause was lost around August 8, 2015. The GOP has become the Whigs. Three cheers for Millard Filmore.…
2. If we look back to 2016, Trump is running the EXACT SAME PLAYBOOK against Biden as he did with Clinton. The media is incapable of denying him the lion's share of the coverage.…
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So here’s my 2020 Electoral College prediction & my reasoning behind it.
The South & the Midwest (except for Chicago-heavy IL) will stay red. In NC, that state’s substantial Arab vote is demoralized by Iraq War Cheerleader Joe & their abstention will be just enough to keep it red.…
TX & GA have the same issues with demoralized Latinos & young black voters. As Muhammad Ali once said, “The trouble with Atlanta is that it’s surrounded by Georgia.”
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Neocons have first and foremost exploited religion. They started off as Marxists with the Dems consulting Carter. Then, they moved to the GOP in the 1980s with Reagan co-opting Evangelicals and Mormons, religion and American diplomacy became really toxic.…
The #NeverTrump Neocons subscribe to the doctrine of militant atheism, which in the beginning was an integral part of the materialism of Marxism—Leninism. They don’t have the courage to publicly voice their true intentions. They are dishonest in every concevable way they can be.
In practical political terms, it is the English School of International Relations.…
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Good evening, #Resistance! Throughout this week, I’ve tried to offer something political to talk about that isn’t filled with fear-mongering, flat-out lies & Russian propaganda. I’ve tried to talk strategically about every way we can increase turnout & maximize the
margin by which @JoeBiden will defeat Donald Trump. But if we need anymore reminding of just what kind of moment this election, I want you to help remind someone you know just what it is they’re thinking of voting for. Right now, there are many people throughout the #Resistance
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The @DNC Convention should have been 1) An apology to #ados for incarceration by @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris w/ specific #ados economic policy and 2) A condemnation of white voters for giving us @realDonaldTrump. Instead we got what we saw.
My Review: Image
Tell @DNC @JoeBiden stop coming to Black voters fear mongering with #nevertrump without the policies listed on Instead go tell white voters stop voting for Trump. Black voters supported Hillary at a 90% rate and she also failed to show #ados black policy. Image
Also stop using #blacklivesmatter generic demands to avoid the specificity on @KamalaHarris career stands directly against her words in this paragraph.
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John MacArthur can vote for whoever he wants

And you can vote for whoever you want

And your salvation is not political

And I really miss when we all agreed that a fundamental principle of this country was the separation of church and state
My humble, PERSONAL views are #NeverTrump but I know logically that I have to fight for the protection of those who want to vote for Trump

because freedom for me

Is actually connected to freedom for you
Lastly, I’d be very VERY weary of anyone who uses God as a weapon for political gain

God is not a weapon

God liberates, loves, and frees
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Tell @JoeBiden & @DNC that #nevertrump is not an #ados Black Agenda. (We vote Down ballot Democrat w/o our agenda on “White Voters Gave Us @realDonaldTrump. Stop Blaming Black Voters as a Way to Get Biden Elected”
@BarackObama’s whole @DNC speech was #nevertrump he can watch the above video too. We as #ados are demanding policy.
Did Obama just connect himself to #ados because he was born the same day an #ados man went to jail during Jim Crow? What does it matter he looks like the man’s grandson? This is why #ados sets everything on 🔥 fire...
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My grandpa enlisted at 17. He spent his life on a ship & planted my family in a Navy town, Virginia Beach. He told me Republicans were better on military issues, so at 15 I became a Republican. I was told the racism & homophobia of certain GOP elements were just fringe because... grandpa was thinking from a Navy perspective, where you treat everyone in a uniform with respect. The GOP nominated McCain when I was in middle school, Romney when I was in high school. Both good & decent men- I didn't get why Dems called these Republicans evil.
After 2012, the GOP attempted reform. I embraced marriage equality, a smart social safety net, climate change, racial justice- and believed the GOP would catch up. In 2015, as a college student, I was #NeverTrump from the outset. I watched with horror as Trump's influence grew.
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Support Cheree Peoples who was incarcerated behind @KamalaHarris awful Truancy policy. @PeoplesCheree Gofundme…
Michelle Obama no one wants to hear #nevertrump from your ivory tower million dollar home. #WHYBIDEN needs to be answered with policy.
I’m donating to her you should too. #ados “Kamala Harris Vice Presidential Nominee Truancy Laws Explained - Interview Cheree Peoples”
Thanks #ados for getting it going let’s push it. Thanks @PeoplesCheree for speaking up on your story. #ados is demanding a Black Agenda so you and those like you do not suffer in silence. @DNC @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Tell @Tip @icecube @cthagod @Diddy donate and learn the story. Image
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1/5 Liberals frequently claim there was broad Black support for the vicious 1994 crime bill authored by vile segregationist #JoeBiden and vigorously enforced by TOP COP #KamalaHarris. Professor Michelle Alexander says that's "misleading at best".

#NeverBidenNeverTrump #KHIAC 👮‍♀️
2/5 Indeed, speaking on behalf of his constituents and supporters, the Rev. Jesse Jackson blasted the vile 1994 crime bill penned by #JoeBiden and enforced by #KamalaHarris. Jackson called it "Jim Crow, Esq."

#NeverTrump #NeverBiden #KamalaHarrisIsACop 👮‍♀️
3/5 As Attorney/Activist @MalaikaJabali recently pointed out, the NAACP framed the 1994 crime bill — that #JoeBiden wrote and #KamalaHarris enforced — as "draconian" and "a crime against the American people."

#NeverBidenNeverTrump #KHIAC 👮‍♀️
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