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Thread: Beware of Puppets, Trolls and Useful Idiots

Election Season is upon us, and that means Putin and other bad actors will be ramping up disinformation campaigns to influence us. There are many tools of disinformation, but this thread examines only three of them.
Disinformation Tool #1: Puppets

Putin and other foreign leaders have enlisted puppets in the US to do their bidding. Obvious ones include Trump, Fox News, the #DezaBros (Jordan, Gaetz, Meadows, and Nunes), #MoscowMitch, #LeningradLindsey, and #MissShinyCleavage (Tulsi Gabbard).
Puppets are easy to spot. And, once you’ve spotted them, you know that all their talking points are disinformation designed to gaslight you into believing lies or render you hopelessly confused and distracted. Don’t take the bait. Ignore distractions and focus on what matters.
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We plotted a network of follower growth tweets belonging to three categories: #MAGA, #Resistance, and apolitical. As it turns out, the #MAGA and #Resistance networks are more tightly intertwined with each other than either is with the apolitical category.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote Looking at the networks independently, the #MAGA and apolitical categories look similar to each other - each forms a densely packed cluster, in contrast with the #Resistance accounts which form a more loosely connected network of multiple clusters.
@ZellaQuixote We’d like to thank @slyfox6057 for the somewhat unintentional lead - the account in question retweets both #resistance follow lists and spammy apolitical ones (and very little else), which got us interested in studying the interactions between different follower growth schemes.
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Barr said that spying did occur, and Joe Biden was in on it along with the Democrats and Barack Obama, and the MSM. So Dems hold hearings behind closed doors w/ the Ukraine ambassador to try to figure out their next move. The Ukraine Amb. was fired BECAUSE of this. BINGO. #QAnon
So, was the former Ukraine ambassador the #Whistleblower? She was let go earlier than we know because she bad-mouthed POTUS to the Ukranians and State Dept. employees, and obstructed the investigation into the "spying" and 2016 election interference, etc. Genius. Trust the plan.
The now former Ukrainian ambassador is a Hillary lover and part of the #Resistance. She's a Deep State spy. PANIC IN DC. NO SLEEP IN DC. She got shanghaied. BOOM! 💥 POTUS, Barr and the Q team are brilliant. Military planning at its finest. #QAnon #MAGA #WWGIWGA #SaveAmerica
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So many are wondering how we get OTHERS to take of our central problem: our POTUS* run amok.

Can we get the ICC involved? The Hague? The Pope? The UN, EU, NATO, SOMEONE, ANYONE to stop him committing war crimes by proxy....

When it's always been up to us.


@moved2italy @B52Malmet @lfkraus @TheLoyalO @TrinityResists @ImmaBlueDot @axidentaliberal @dEMMAcratic @GaladrielResist @CaptainResists Ways to STOP THE MADNESS:

1) Call your Senators and Representative---> Not kidding

Put pressure on them for impeachment, for censure, for reversing course in Syria. Everything.

Senate ☎️(202) 224-3121
Rep ☎️(202) 225-3121
@moved2italy @B52Malmet @lfkraus @TheLoyalO @TrinityResists @ImmaBlueDot @axidentaliberal @dEMMAcratic @GaladrielResist @CaptainResists 2) Visit Senate and Representative offices in person.

Occupy them. Bring some friends. Take it in turns. Bring snacks. Lotsa water. Make it a "round the clock" sit-in until you get some satisfaction. They work for you and it's about time they started acting like it.
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Today my 12 year old asked me why people still support trump. I answered that I really didn’t know. Later, while mowing the yard, I thought about it and came up with several reasons.
As I thought about it, I realized that a lot of the reasons sounded like things various characters from the Office would think. Here’s what I came up with:
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Those of you saw MORE THAN THREE YEARS of Democrats & legacy media& #Resistance officials in our gov't FURIOUSLY DIGGING looking for something to charge Trump & his family with while the Biden's rampant corruption was SITTING RIGHT THERE IN PLAIN SIGHT all this time....
...are really going to enjoy where this is headed.

Another Trump 'scandal' they invented involving Ukraine BLEW UP IN THEIR FACES while simultaneously blowing the lid off of the Democratic family's Ukrainian crimes. The Bidens, the Clintons, the Pelosi's and MORE.
They're going to wish they'd NEVER TRIED THIS.

This will go down in history as "The Ukrainian Boomerang".…
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Why does 2019, as well as the previous years, of the Trump presidency seem so crazy?

It has to do with the narcissism of Trump, the GOP, and how deception works.

I’ll explain more in this thread.

To start, my background is in Interpersonal Communication, and one of my undergrad mentors is a deception expert.

There is a wide variety of deception that can be used to mislead people. For instance, you can have omissions (leaving important information out) and you can have 2/
bald-faced lies (100% fabrication). Another useful term is strategic ambiguity, where words/sentence structure is used to be open to interpretation.

Now, it’s fairly routine for the GOP to use deception in their rhetoric. It has been happening for decades. However, most 3/
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Meet @attacksn, @rubestguy, and @teddypitcher, a trio of spamtastic clickbait bots. They sport a whopping 403688 followers between them, including some of you reading this. #ClickbaitBots #ThisCollageIsADuckingEyesore #WednesdayWisdom

cc: ZellaQuixote
@attacksn @rubestguy @teddypitcher Although these three accounts theoretically tweet via the Twitter website, they're pretty obviously automated: they maintain a rhythm of tweeting once every ~40 seconds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (with a couple of apparent outages.)
@attacksn @rubestguy @teddypitcher These bots link an ever-changing lineup of clickbait websites, some of which appear to have been shut down and replaced (leafviralnewss -> leafviralnewss1). 99.97% of tweets contain links (@teddypitcher is presently shadowbanned and thus excluded from portions of this analysis.)
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Podcasts from #resistance2019 available via this link…
FREE to access on 📱💻🎧

Excuse my voice in the intro I was 🤧
THREAD on each podcasts. Don't forget to cite &/or contact authors for info.
Sponsored @BritishAcademy_ Rising Star Engagement Award👇🏾
Thank you Sable Radio for helping me make this happen!

Key notes:

@Chess_Ess The Politics of "Protest" Memes, Digital Remix Culture & Resistance…

@GoldAntiRacism Use of social media during the occupation…
Dilip Chakravarthy The Everyday Resistance of Dalit Counterpublic in the Networked World…

@ARanawana25 Social Media and Resistance in post-Easter Sri Lanka…
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The #resistance: indistinguishably transphobic from the GOP
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Elizabeth Warren has the best supporters! #Warren2020
Very cool! #Warren2020
This one changed her handle, but luckily her new @ comes up when you do a search on the old one! #Warren2020
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Back in May we posted this thread about @akkitwts, a hypothetical #resistance account that would be better described as a tweet plagiarist. At that time, it had 19K followers and followed 13K, at least some of which was accomplished via #FBR.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@akkitwts @ZellaQuixote The situation has evolved. @akkitwts has managed to farm over 50K followers, and as recently as Sept 8th was following 17K back. Sometime prior to Sept 23rd, @akkitwts unfollowed every account except for @akkifollow, likely a sock. So much for #FBR.
@akkitwts @ZellaQuixote @AkkiFollow Not long after that, @akkitwts followed a second account: @eliterenno. Even given that this account has 100K followers, some of its tweets have gone insanely viral.
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What you're watching is a dying animal with it's last, frantic, desperate efforts to stave off it's demise with a furious futile lashing out.

This "impeachment theater" is all they've got left to resort to before Barr/Horowitz/Huber/Durham release the Kraken.

Stand fast.

They know strategic edited/fake leaks won't save them, what's coming is so bad there's no way to spin it.
Because they can't massage it & spin it and do damage control, we are getting the full bore impeachment theater right now.


Trump's got this.

Can't you see Trump's got this?

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Warning: @RippleCreekNW appears to be a fairly sophisticated fake resistance disinformation account. She posted a fake quote from me (and @ ed me which I guess is not that sophisticated lol) with fake statistics. The account’s English appears to be non-native. #TheResistance
The specific inaccuracies with articles and prepositions definitely make the person behind the account a possible native Russian speaker. Necessary reminder to please not hate Russians indiscriminately, but this looks like a possible Russian influence account. #Resistance #Resist
Here’s a screenshot of the fake quote with fake stats.
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Trump is about to highlight the growing health crises mounting in several CA cities that have completely botched dealing with the homeless issue.…
Once several CA cities made it legal for the homeless to essentially set up permanent camps on the streets with no bathroom or trash removal capabilities, this led directly to mounting health hazards.
We are now seeing the same kind of short sighted policies in other cities, such as Austin, TX where the mayor just made it legal for homeless people to set up camps in public areas.
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While the performative #Resistance barks orders at @SpeakerPelosi like she's a maid, I don't see Blue Checks elevating the news of expanding the Senate majority through overlooked elections. It's almost as if they only care about heaping blame instead of winning elections.
@SpeakerPelosi What do I mean? Well, did you know @MikeDunleavyGov is the subject of a recall petition in Alaska for fucking up his state's budget to the point where his party can't defend him? A recall petition that has blown past expectations so far?…
@SpeakerPelosi @MikeDunleavyGov Did you know Trump is only 1 point above water in Alaska? And that that state recently had a Democratic governor in 2014? And that @SenDanSullivan is a weak incumbent who can be tied to Dunleavy is only people tried?
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#Nazis in charge of
training Americans to
be scared little willies like
all the North Koreans are under Kim.

Cause #FatNazi admires him because he is a

Time to Stop this NOW.

We should NOT have to live this way.
We Won't do it.
I am tired of

#FatNazi's jokes on Twitter where

he laughs and makes fun of us, using

Speech & Twitter ignoring law and order.

He incites violence against US every time
he is on TV.

Even his wonderful "Base".

Friday for Climate Change

9/21/2019 for Democracy

There are Millions of U.S. Citizens tired of our country being ruined.

I won't continue to live this way.

Germany learned a long time ago about the

#NaziScum that is taking away our

Constitution and rights.

Using our Rights to defeat us.
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my hot take on the democratic primary right now is that the divide isn’t actually a one dimensional “left/moderate”. instead, it has two dimensions. “return to normalcy” vs “big change” and “want to elect a woman” vs “can only win if we nominate a man”
biden is the candidate of “normalcy/man”, bernie the candidate of “change/man”, warren the candidate of “change/woman”, harris the candidate of “normalcy/woman”
this to me better reflects how democratic voters are actually thinking and talking about the primary and better explains the dynamics of the primary thus far
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Once again I encounter that "All American" anti-intellectualism that starts w/the fact I actually use my PhD as a title instead of pretending I don't have that credential at all, assuming that a PhD means nothing. You wouldn't find that attitude in Europe

--at least, nowhere near as predominate as it is in the USA.

Some time ago I developed a policy of refusing to respond to willfully ignorant #MAGAts who won't read any information I provide when I DOCUMENT my POV w/links. It rarely happens w/true #resisters▶️
...but it happened just now

[she provided no resources of her own--I would have read them if she had, at least if she provided me w/same courtesy]

What she sees as "overbearing" is my insistence that I won't waste time w/people who don't at least▶️
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THREAD: As #TheShadowKingNovel gets ready to launch, follow me through moments in history & meet a few of the #women who helped to shape it.

#WWII #WomensArmyCorps #AfricanAmerican
THREAD: As #TheShadowKingNovel gets ready to launch, follow me through moments in history & meet a few of the #women who helped to shape it.

Working on a dive bomber, 1943. Photo by Alfred T. Palmer

#WWII #WomenInWar #AfricanAmerican
THREAD: As #TheShadowKingNovel gets ready to launch, follow me through moments in history & meet a few of the #women who helped to shape it.

#Army #nurses, Greenock, Scotland

#WWII #WomenInWar #AfricanAmerican
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Bookies suspend GE Bets. You are right to feel uncertain!

Varadker to meet withthe PM next week. (Will That be another cancellation?)

DUP seat(s) likely loss in a GE.

Tory seats likely lost in a GE

Labour seats likely lost in a GE

But we need unity to maximise Remain.
They don’t look happy on their way into the PM meeting do they.

Maybe they look as ashamed as they should.
More details about the poll. Given its size (10K in this story, 8k elsewhere) and if it is Focaldata there is a likelihood it will MRP analysis be constituency based.
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I do not have a preferred candidate. There are pros and cons to all of them.

We have a primary to fully vet them all and discuss their strengths and weaknesses to determine which one is best suited to face Trump in the fall.

When I LIKE a tweet, it does not mean I am endorsing or knocking any candidate mentioned. It means "Interesting, thanks for posting." Healthy debate it critical to the process.

When I point out a negative about a candidate, it's not an insult or judgment. It doesn't mean I don't like that candidate. It doesn't mean YOU shouldn't like them. It doesn't mean they won't have my full support in the Fall.

It just means it should be part of the discussion.
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The DOJ's Inspector General issues its report concluding that James "Ethical Leadership" @Comey "violated Department and FBI policies, and his FBI Employment Agreement." This likely means his hiring by @CNN is imminent: that's what they look for:…
@Comey @CNN Part of Comey's wrongdoing, according to the Inspector General, was leaking sensitive investigative FBI information about Trump/Russia to the New York Times, which both FBI regulations and his own agreement barred him from leaking.
@Comey @CNN Even senior members of Comey's own leadership team were "shocked" and "stunned" and "disappointed" when they learned of Comey's misconduct and improper leaking. Time for a sequel to "Ethical Leadership." Let the bidding war between MSNBC & CNN commence:
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