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13-Year-Old Maria Lopez and her 49-year-old grandmother, Oralia Mendoza were brutally murdered in Alabama by ILLEGAL ALIENS.
They BEHEADED... a child...
@realDonaldTrump is RIGHT AGAIN. These people are ANIMALS. How evil can you possibly get. Where is mainstream media?
26-year-old Yoni Martinez Aguilar, and 34-year-old Israel Gonzalez Palomino are facing capital murder charges.
They're affiliated with the Sinaloa Drug Cartel... One of the most brutal and savage Mexican Drug Cartels in existence.
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1/ Let's make a few points about this. 1st: for all the talk in US about how foreign outlets are "state media," the US Government has induced *journalists* to lead the calls for the imprisonment of *sources* - including ones who provided Pulitzer-winning exposés. That's warped:
2/ The @Politico article launders an outright lie by hiding it under the sleazy "some say" formulation. Just compare the demonstrable lie in this article (Snowden refuses to criticize Russia's authoritarian) to the indisputable truth:
3/ I could spend all day posting examples of Snowden repeatedly and in the harshest terms criticizing the Russian government this way - for years. So what could justify Politico lying this way? Answer: Snowden is an enemy of the US Govt, so the Patriotic Media can lie about him.
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“Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”

Here's the Intelligence Community declassified report dated Jan 6, 2017.
-- 5 pages on 2016 election interference
-- 6 pages on 2012 election interference (Annex A starting on page 6).…
Have you ever heard a peep in the Media about Russian interference in our 2012 election? See the IC report linked in the previous tweet. It is the same report Hillary referenced to claim Russian interference in 2016. But the same report says Russia did the same in 2012 too.
The point I am making is not that Trump should ignore Russian interference because Obama ignored it. I don't indulge in whataboutism, except to point out hypocrisy of the Left (whataboutism is a legitimate tool for doing that).
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I need your help #TrumpRussia #Resistance members.

I have been asking for help on this for MONTHS.

Given the GRU Indictments today, and given everything you all know about Lozansky from the attached thread, we need to work together!
2. Lozansky had his own Web Development Group. This needs to be researched. I need your help.
3. They worked for all the Russian Mob oil companies and seemed to specialize in Financial modeling.
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Thank you, tax payers of Europe!

Without you, alcoholic windbags who stumble from one extravagant 6-course meal to the next would have to actually WORK FOR A LIVING.

Understand that you are providing an invaluable service to the stability of Europe.

#NoHeIsNotDrunk #Juncker
It's all about the stability of Europe.

Because @JunckerEU sure as hell is anything BUT stable.

Would anyone else still have a job if they had been drunk in public as often?

#NoHeIsNotDrunk #Juncker

And meanwhile, Tommy Robinson is still behind bars.

This is inevitably what happens when your anti-establishment voice resonates at a certain, unacceptable and threatening level.

You are silenced.

Oh, but Trump Trump Trump!!!

#Resistance #IdiotPawns #BoilingFrogs
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There are 115 days of #Resistance remaining until midterm elections.

You should have updated your voter registration no later than 73 days from today, this is true for everyone, especially if you live in a red / purple state.

Even if you're SURE you're registered correctly.

We have no room for error.

Do it.
Document it.

Next, find out which voting methods your state sponsors is completed via paper ballot, then choose one of those methods of voting.

Even if that means voting absentee or by mail.

Choose paper.

Tell everyone all of this.

Remind them that the present body of the Supreme Court is compromised & poisoned by at least a factor of two.

The departing treachery of Kennedy.

The illegitimatcy of Neil Gorsuch.

The Court has turned against the people it was established to protect via the rule of law.

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Live stream of the Peter Strzok professional hearing can be found here, free and legal:

I will be live tweeting in this thread as well.

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A common theme among us is,
“I was a voter.. but the election/trump/the #Resistance, made me an activist.”

Me too.

Activism became “my rent for living on the planet.”
It became as natural as breathing.

Now as I breathe, I #Resist.
But isn’t it even MORE than that?

Since then, I’ve learned what patriotism is, and what it FEELS like..

I used to see it as a pretty empty term, sadly, used by the alt-right, evocative of nationalism & bigotry.

Now I know what true patriotism is:
When We The People
fight for a more perfect union.

What have you learned about yourself?

Who or what is your #Resistance inspiration?

#GeeksResist gets a ton of credit for helping me realize my capacity for compassion, collaboration, and leadership 🖖💙

Tell me your stories!
I told you mine 😉😊

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My mentions are full of angry people tonight.
White women who still can't accept that the majority (52%) of white women-- including Democrats and Sanders supporters--voted for Trump.

I agree it's ugly.
And fundamentally about #racism and internalized #misogyny.
Fix it for 2020.
Many of us in the #Resistance, as activists, as journalists, are here of necessity--we are trying to save our families, our friends, our communities, our country.

Part of that fight has to be acknowledging and refuting the structural #racism and #misogyny that elected Trump.
Only 31% of white men voted for Hillary.
Disgraceful--yet expected.
White men haven't voted Dem since 1968 (except 1992).
But white women?
Voting AGAINST their own interests & those of every other woman in America when WOC voted 94% Hillary?

We cannot let that happen again.
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Media approved Acts of Violence and harassment against Trump Supporters

#WalkAwayCampaign #WalkAwayMovementGrowing

July 8, 2018: Far-left Daily Beast writer defends public harassment of Steve Bannon
July 7, 2018: Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) menaced outside restaurant. We know where you live!
July 7, 2018: Steve Bannon harassed at bookstore; police called
July 7, 2018: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists attack peaceful Tommy Robinson supporters in Portland.
July 7, 2018: New York Times editorial calls for Dems to “take a page from The Godfather” to “go to the mattresses” to stop Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.
July 6, 2018: CNN analyst justifies violence against Trump supporters
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“Reclaiming journalism as an honorable profession. A nightly newscast that informs a debate worthy of a great nation. Civility, respect, and a return to what's important...” Is there a Will McAvoy?
I rewatched the first episode of “The NewsRoom” tonight. It made me ponder on how the 4th Estate has fallen & how I long for the facts without slant, without opinion, just the facts. @jeffbercovici wasn’t a fan, but I say, it gave us a glimpse of things to come.
Imagine if there had been a real life Will McAvoy, perhaps we would have come together & had a national conversation.
I hope & pray there is another Marrow or Cronkite.



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Two things simultaneously objectively true: Pruitt made huge missteps and he was the target of a massively coordinated #Resistance campaign. Adults should be able to handle two thoughts in their head at the same time.
I see no benefit to pretending he wasn’t the target or feigning ignorance as to why he was target. Need for others to enforce lockstep groupthink on this issue that ignores this issue is utterly bizarre.
Also if your paper’s front-page “corruption” hit on the man and his daughter had to be corrected for being false just days ago, maybe don’t be too uppity about how media are beyond reproach and any criticism is unacceptable. YMMV.
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Stealing children from their parents isn’t a “deterrent.”

It’s a war crime.
“The Contracting Parties ,

Having considered the declaration made by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its resolution 96 (I) dated 11 December 1946 that genocide is a crime under international law...”
...”Contrary to the spirit and aims of the United Nations and condemned by the civilized world,

Recognizing that at all periods of history genocide has inflicted great losses on humanity, and...”
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#TheResistance Roll Call

Who is new to either #Resisting or Twitter or #Resisting on Twitter?

Respond below to receive your free welcoming committee cyber kit:
If my friends and long time followers could get it on this and welcome the newcomers that would be great. I’m waiting for more people to notice and come by and bookmark this thread before I drop all my compiled info into this thread.
Twitter Moment #1:

Click and Retweet

“Multiple Resources for Effective #Resistance Around the Web”…
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Is God male? The Episcopal Church debates whether to change its Book of Common Prayer.
God is not one thing. God is a combination of masculine and feminine but religions have killed the feminine starting when Queen of Sheba sold herself to King Solomon…
The best version of explanation of God goes to the Hindus. They invented God in the first place. They think of God as a trimuriti (Brahma-creation) (Vishnu-Maintenance) (Shiva-Transformation). The Christians leave out the transformation part by saying “Jesus died for your sins.”
Even Hindus, once religion was formed, began to marginalize women, children, disabled by developing Caste system, making man the originator of all things. Philosophy on which Hinduism is based is Samkhya which says masculine and feminine separate as soul enters body at birth.
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I'm not an asshole.

But I'm absolutely about to sound like a huge one.

I realize that what I'm about to say will lose me many followers and I'm ok with that, but I refuse to cede a single inch.

If you celebrate tomorrow, you are celebrating Trump.

This is #resistance:

When a nation suffers a fascistic takeover patriotic celebrations almost always become compulsory.

The crowds, the chants, the flags, and the photos are used as propaganda tools to convince everyone that dissent does not exist.

Trump is going to do that tomorrow. He is going to point to all the flags and all of the smiling faces and he is going to say, "Look at how happy Americans are. Look how unified we are. The resistance is nothing. America is becoming great again."

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My Dearest Husband,

At long last, by the grace of God & a lucky Uber alone, our Hortons Battalion has reached our American comrades. We brought with us shoes & poutine. Morale has soared. Gen. Maddow and Captain Avenatti will be leading our charge at dawn
The MAGAts are confident in their victory but for our Nation, our Freedom we will fight & no greater battle there is. Our electro-cars are charged,our rations well stocked. By dawn's first light, my darling immortal, we make our stand. Their barbarism & truck nuts shall not stand
Though the Wifi may be spotted and the inhumanity and strife great we shall not bow before them. We must vanquish them.On the morrow we will engage the 4th Incel Tikki Regiment & march on to free the children. Beloved, do not despair, even if I shall fall, I shall fall for virtue
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1. Big Chief, No Shit

This idiot chief of the #Resistance thinks everything, absolutely everything, is about Donald Trump. In honor of this arrogant fart, I am going to tell a joke, which has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump, or anything remotely related to politics.
2. In a time long gone by and a place far, far away, there once was a chief who suffered a serious case of constipation. Nothing but nothing would help him. So a delegation was sent to get in touch with a druid who lived atop a hill far away.
3. The courtiers made the long trek and reached the druid's hut, whereupon the druid asked what brings them to him. The chief courtier explained, "Big Chief, No Shit." The druid gave him a tablet for the chief to take, and sent the delegation back on its way.
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Harvey Milk (1930 – 1978)

Visionary #LGBTQ, civil, and human rights leader. One of the first openly gay elected officials in the U.S.

His life was tragically cut short when he was assassinated nearly one year after taking office.

Harvey was born May 22, 1930, in Woodmere, NY. Harvey and his only sibling, Robert, worked in the family’s department store, “Milks.” They were a small middle-class Jewish family that had founded a Jewish synagogue and was well known in their community for their civic engagement.
Milk knew he was gay while attending high school, where he was a popular student w/ interests from opera to football.

While in college, Milk penned a weekly student newspaper column where he questioned issues of diversity and lessons learned from the recently ended World War.
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Yes, I’m an angry #Democrat.

We’re not a reasonable party anymore. We’ve exhausted ourselves with conspiracies & outrage while ignoring facts & careful analysis.

Then we have the audacity to complain about the fatigue of it all.

Let’s review the party’s madness. (1/11)
Since our #2016Election loss, we have flopped in every direction to find an excuse for our failure.

Blame the 63M deplorable Trump voters.

Blame the #ElectoralCollege.

Blame Comey.

Blame the Russians.

No. Stop it. Blame Clinton, the DNC, & her primary voters. They suck.
About those #Russians.

We have assured ourselves that Trump is a Russian traitor. We’ve held up the #SteeleDossier as proof.

Nevermind that CIA Director Brennan gave it “no particular credence.”

Rather than let Mueller find the facts, we’ve already executed POTUS for treason.
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1. Michael Goodwin Says
Michael's writing on the passing scene is fast becoming Victor Davis Hanson-esque. Yesterday he made a trip to the mind of a liberal to reveal the despondent and forlorn world inhabited by #Resistance.
I am savoring it and will serialize it in this thread.
2. "To understand the madness gripping American leftists, try to see the world through their eyes. Presto, you’re now part of the raging resistance."
3. Like the Palestinians who mark Israel’s birth as their nakba, or tragedy, #Resistance regards Donald Trump’s 2016 victory as a catastrophe. It’s the last thing they think of most nights, and the first thing most mornings.
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Trump: Day 526
-120th Day at a Trump Golf Club
-163rd Day at a Trump Property
-Separation Policy Protested Against
-Lies About Not Pushing House Bill
-Appointing WH Lawyer as DEA Chief
-White House Called "Den of Deceit"
-FEMA Ends Puerto Rico Vouchers
Day 631 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 483 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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Ok, I’m usually fairly cheerful, or at least practical action oriented on here, but I gotta say..
In 2003, the arctic ice sheet cracked in two, monsoons didn’t come to India, and it hailed in LA in the summer, and those are just the few highlights I remember.

2001 is when we really needed all the people out in the streets
(we still need that today of course #FamiliesBelongTogether)

2001 is when we lost the democracy we’d squandered for years.

Florida. Supreme Court. Nepotism. Don’t @ me.

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🚨Attention: Priority🚨
#TheResistance Operational Security Alert **For Public Release**
OurVoiceNY (Thread)
Hello my friends, it is a rare day when I snap my fingers and demand attention, but I am afraid I must do so now. I humbly request you RT and spread the word on this issue
We are now strongly recommending that the site OurVoiceNY[.]com be blacklisted by all #Resistance members. Moreover, further action is requested by us on this matter, please read on. #Resist #RiseUp #RefusePolarization #Basta #ResistTogether
The allegations that we lay are as follows:
1.Widespread and ongoing plagiarism
2.Lying about gender in order to gain the confidence of women
3.Lying about nationality
4.All of the above for solely for personal profit
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