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<< NEW MEGA THREAD THIS MAY TAKE SOME TIME SO PLEASE BE PATIENT>> In November 2016 when it became apparent that @realdonaldtrump had won the US Presidential Election the famous quote by Sir Edward Grey came to mind… "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see...
...them lit again in our life-time.” That was my feeling about the United States. That is still my feeling almost 18 months later. I believe every person though deserves a chance to prove themselves. On their actions, on their decisions that has an impact not just within the...
the United States but on the wider world. That is why I am deeply involved in the #resistance and why I will continue to do so. So review @realdonaldtrump and his flawed, kakocracy, mendacious, self serving disastrous Presidency so far… I would need to write a book to........
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Since Twitter is throttling down, you’re about to see the most brutally honest questions and assessments I’ve ever raised...because who in the hell is actually ever going to see them anyways?
What you are witnessing w/the #Resistance: trigglypuffs crying & gnashing of teeth, vagina skull caps, & a continual freakout is bigger than Trump.
What you are witnessing in Gaza, rioting w/human shields of toddlers & disabled people is bigger than an Ebassy
...Embassy (Quit correcting conversations & start correcting experiences-Like an edit button!)
This is spiritual warfare. The light cannot coexist with the dark. The dark existed for many years, encroaching upon every aspect of our lives
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RevThread # 86

1/ My New Year’s resolutions are pretty useless. Ditto the passing thought when I see myself in the mirror getting out of the shower -- “I really ought to lose some weight.”
2/ Other resolutions, though, shaped my life: to marry my wife, to follow Jesus. They were not taken “lightly or unadvisedly, but reverently, deliberately, and in accordance with the purposes for which they were instituted by God.” (The Book of Common Prayer, pg 427)
3/ In both cases, I remember struggling. I didn’t feel good enough or strong enough to handle the trust that was being given me. Somehow, I committed.
I remember praying,..
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I'm seeing accounts call themselves "bot hunters" & run prominent resistance accounts thru sites like If the site says the account is a #Bot, they tweet that info.

It's a tactic to discredit #Resistance accounts & sow #chaos & #Division. THREAD 1/5
These fake "bot hunters" count on people believing them & blocking the accounts they call bots. This reduces the resistance account's reach & effectiveness.

Educate yourself on identifying bots so you don't fall for it. 2/5 #panic #disinformation #chaos
If you want to learn about bots, this is a great article:
There is no automated bot service that is completely accurate. It's best to look for a collection of traits and evaluate the account's behavior & content. It requires reading & #thinking. 3/5
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Dear Blk women: other ethnic groups will never #VoteLikeBlackWomen bc they know that voting in a block for the same party every election gets you NOTHING. More of us are leaving the D party. Rest of y’all shld stop falling for flattery & demand something material for your votes.
The #Resistance is plagued w/ faux allies to marginalized ppl & the current narrative is “no free college until AAs get better public schools”. I feel obligated to unpack this nonsense & explain how it reeks of faux support for poor AAs.
First off, no legislation specifically named for & designed for AAs will pass Congress. It don’t matter how you feel abt it. Lege is tracked & historical records after the CRA is on my side. Unless we want a street named after MLK or a statue of RosaParks. ‘Murcia.
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Ok Twitter, time to stop pretending that @realDonaldTrump and the #TrumpAdministration are stupid, naive or otherwise dim. Here's the reality #BlueWave/#Democrats; they are ruthlessly intelligent and deceitful. They are actively setting up measures to remove civil liberties. (1)
They're setting up measures to remove freedoms, in the long term, by using measures that their own base, for the time being, perceive, through rigorous #PropagandaMedia like @BreitbartNews, @FoxNews, and @infowars, as critical to the #MAGA plan, like cost cutting. Here's how: (2)
The next stage of the process will be to strip education funding for lower and middle-class Americans who cannot otherwise afford it. This is already well underway, with @BetsyDeVosED spearheading the movement. When you siphon off collective knowledge, you breed #ignorance. (3)
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EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Steele may have handed at least one of his dossier memos to the UK's highest ranking security official, who works for the Prime Minister, @theresa_may - THREAD
Some background first. Take a look at this little noticed quote from #resistance member Luke Harding's book "Collusion". Steele apparently handed at least one of his dossier memos (potentially more) to "the" top UK security official, a "former colleague from his days at SIS[MI6]"
Steele is a confirmed source for Harding - they met in person at his Orbis office in London. Steele no doubt provided much of the material for Harding, as he recycles all the dossier allegations. So this handover likely happened, we just don't know WHO the anonymous official was
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A Botnet

Different than your typical Botnet

Lots of Resistance Followers

Lets take a look

I really didn’t want to do another Botnet thread. This one however needs to be exposed. 9 months of activity. Over 12 Million posts. Many Resistance members following.

While we are at it how the hell after all this time and all of these tweets did Twitter not spot this Botnet?
Thanks to @rosesansthorns for bringing this to our attention. She saw anomalies in a Twitter account (@blackalive_) and shared them with our team. Here is a screenshot of that very active account.
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Well, Bruce Ohr & FusionGPS is back in the news again & there's even a mention of his mysterious wife, whom we know almost nothing about other than she's been kept hushed up.…
Let's change that This thread all is about Nellie & what she really stands for & what she really believes about history & how it should be taught & you'll be horrified.
Let’s go back to the recent indictment of 13 Russians Russia, which we are now supposed to pointlessly chase, screeching “Trump-Putin!” on the Left and “No collusion!” on the Right, forgetting all about the revelations of corruption and conspiracy and, yes -
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Today is the worst day for the #resistance since Nov 8th, 2016

McCabe is taking their money & going to jail

Trump is not a target in Mueller investigation or Cohen investigation

Comey memos clear Trump, but they're classified so Comey's in trouble

I'm not tired of winning 😂
Oh, and #Mueller got slapped pretty hard by the judge in Manafort's case today because she thinks he's overstepping his bounds.
Pompeo will also be the next secretary of state (thanks @Magnum_CK !) & North Korea is saying they're willing to denuke without conditions & so Trump is yet again going to succeed where no other President has 😂
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The mainstream media's latest cover story for how the Trump Russia investigation got started - BEFORE Papadopoulos apparently blabbed about Hilary emails - doesn't make any sense

Let's see why. THREAD

In "late 2015", the Brits (GCHQ) were "routinely" listening in on Moscow targets and picked up "Kremlin operatives" talking to people "associated with Trump"

This story was told by multiple UK/US intelligence sources to Luke Harding, journalist for The Guardian
This "intelligence" about Trump and the Kremlin *was handed to the FBI and CIA* by GCHQ. Later in 2016 other intelligence agencies also started sharing "similar electronic material", including Germany, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, Australia, Netherlands, and France
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Re Comey: After Trump won, certain USG officials were so consumed by hatred for Trump, (a) they believed EVERY story about him, no matter the provenance; (b) they decided to do their utmost to remove or hamper him, using whatever means at their disposal. Very much a #Resistance
If they believed they could not in good faith serve in a Trump presidency, they should have resigned in January. That would’ve been the honorable thing.

Instead, they stayed to dismantle, sabotage & poison the new administration. They were prepared to destroy lives, & they did.
Now that might be an honorable thing, too, so long as you believe a Trump presidency would necessarily be an *extinction-level event* for the United States.

If that’s your position, you’re not a serious person—and unfit for a job in government, much less our national security.
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Time to reveal....
1. Fraudeblog was set up, I believe, as a 'serious' attempt to put an end to people who question #TeamPatriot.

Some work went into it. It was polished and well-written - but ultimately risible.
2. There were many references that suggest 'fraudeblog' was a team effort. I can a few names - there are some clues, but the person who wrote it? That may have been revealed in the text.

Shall we look?
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#RevThread # 78
My Father’s House

1/ Packing, I realized that both on the plane and in Paris, I’d have leisure to read. I also decided to banish the boor from my brain for the week. I grabbed, sort of at random, Flaubert’s “Sentimental Education.” ...
2/...The Holy Spirit is a rascal....
3/ Turns out the novel is a study in what happens to intelligent people who come into adulthood just as a boorish autocrat, Louis Philippe, rises to power, annuls freedoms, & betrays the nation’s revolution. We watch as young men degenerate into paralyzed cynicism. Lots of fun.
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I'm a #Democrat

I'm for the Party that embraces the diversity of our land, and the uniqueness of every State.

I'm about to explain why I refuse to promote those bluntly pushing anti-Democrat rhetoric while hypocritically setting higher standards for our candidates than theirs.
2/As a Democrat, I accept the notion that Liberals tacking more center are still better allies in Congress than Republicans.

I grasp the importance that more center Liberals are more open to work with Democrats pushing for incremental Change that benefits all of us, ie Progress.
3/I also understand our contemporary History.

How we lost seats because those "Liberals" sacrificed everything in order to push for Universal Healthcare, LGBTQ Rights in the military & the right to marry, protecting Dreamers, and so many Rights some don't deem of importance.
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Getting @realDonaldTrump elected wasn't Russia's main goal.
Russia's bigger goal has always been to create chaos and distrust within American society.
They want Americans to distrust the media by not knowing what's real and what's not.
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Trump is attacking Jeff Bezos bc he hit Forbes #1 list as richest man in world.

Trump's net worth drops $600 million on Forbes' rich list, fell 92 spots.

Re' USPS, Republicans r after the post office again to privatize for Koch's. 1/
🌟 thread
2/ As Trump attacks Bezos there's method to his maddness. Making USPS the boogie man again just like the poison pill 2006 attacks, bc the Koch's still want to privatize.

Stay WOKE (!!!)
3/ Reminder the Republicans poison pill plan was to bankrupt the United States Post Office for the Koch brothers using the ALEC bill.…
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Let's make it $10 million! Nobody on the planet is more in need or more deserving of a helping hand than a top career FBI official w/a major book deal and TV contracts on the way, a spouse who is a doctor, and a history of participating in oppression. Open your hearts & wallets!
Once Andrew McCabe's GoFundMe account reaches $10 million, let's all take a joint pledge to donate 10% of our weekly income to Jim Comey for life. Sure, maybe there are needier people in the world, but nothing shows #Resistance like making FBI officials our top charity.
Oh, now I see why so many people are donating such obscene amounts of money to Andrew McCabe. Now it makes sense
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Good @newrepublic article by James Bamford on Trump's war with the IC that, in part, laments how Democrats - in the self-glorifying name of "#Resistance" - have turned the CIA, FBI & DHS into icons of integrity, patriotism and nobility. Odd "resistance"…
Bamford is well aware of the dangers of Trump's attempts to control these agencies for his own ends. He discusses those dangers at length. But he also notes that one of the reasons these agencies are now so dangerous is Obama's massive expansion of their unconstrained powers
A nice, if not extremely creepy, illustration of Bamford's point
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The grifters over at @The_Trump_Train are impersonating their political opposition, and I can prove it beyond any and all reasonable doubt. I kept the receipts. They are not good at this. #Resistance #Resist #TrumpistQVC
But of all of the information I've collected – even the smoking-gun domain/PAC registration data and archives of their dual-use Shopify account – this single image is the one that has brought me the most joy. @The_Trump_Train: basically grifting children, but in adult bodies.
Hell, I've got a half hour to spare, let's do this. @BlueWaveToday wasn't their original name. It was @Resistance_Feed.
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Republican leaders today reiterated that we don't need a law to protect the special council.

They are complicit. Follow the money PACs. RICO.
My take is Trump will not fire Mueller. He is arrogant but really a pretty good schemer. His strategy is to deny, delay, obfuscate, and discredit. He won't comply with a subpoena; it will go to the supremes where his chances are at least 5-4.
It will get messy. Pardons an unknown, again courts likely to decide. Mueller may try to indict, again an unknown. Impeachment unlikely IMO not enough votes and certainly not enough in senate. Don't think he will resign - then it's checkmate in state court.
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Today, @Facebook banned @CamAnalytica and @TheSCLGroup from their platform for abuse, worldwide. On a related note, I'd like to introduce you to @m_schweickert, CA's Vice President of Global Media. Rules of engagement: my only commentary will via soundtrack. #Resistance #Resist
Facebook-banned @CamAnalytica's VP @m_schweickert: "We started working with the Trump campaign in about June of 2016, when it became obvious that a sophisticated data apparatus would be needed". I can't comment. I just do the soundtrack. Rules are rules. #Resistance #Resist
Facebook banned @CamAnalytica for stealing data. CA'a @m_schweickert: "The predictive models scored every voter in these battleground states... at any given point, we could select a universe of individuals, depending on what type of contract strategy we needed to have with them"
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Is Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland and vocal member of the #resistance guilty of a crime for warning illegal aliens of impending ICE raids?
2. First, Libby Schaaf is not just some ordinary Democrat that just doesn't like Trump. She has the worst case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) I've seen. She has "Raging-TDS"

👉In a Video from Schaaf's Twitter feed she calls Trump a "bully-in-chief."
3. A couple screen shots from the video shows to what degree her Raging-TDS can kick in when she talks about President Trump.
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Yale history prof @TimothyDSnyder outlined 20 lessons from the 20th Century on preventing tyranny from overcoming democracy. His book is a must-read for #TheResistance:… (Thread)
1/ Do not obey in advance. Do not acquiesce or conform to the new regime, offering to comply before compliance is required by law. Hitler's party consolidated power b/c too many citizens offered anticipatory obedience.
2/ Defend Institutions. Trump has aggressively sought to undermine all independent institution that opposes his admin, including the free press, the judiciary, DOJ, FBI, & #Mueller. Choose an institution you cherish and take its side.
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