I have finally watched the first 2 episodes of #NAOMI and is time to give me my first impressions about it. The original comic is one of the best things DC did recently, so the show live up to the level of quality?
I wish to say i have really enjoyed what i saw, but the series have a rough start. The episodes were well directed (including the one made by showrunner Ava) but the script itself have some issues what pop out when you actually shoot them. #NAOMI
Specially in the pilot, the writing makes a REAL effort to highlight HOW COOL Naomi is to basicly everyone, and they doesn't do that in most natural way. Kaci Wallfall did a good job as the protagonist, but i dont see yet a material what could bring her A Game. #NAOMI
Also, the show WAY TO MANY supporting characters, in special on the high school section. Most of them just serves a pratical function in the script (We need help! Character A helps. Something happen along the way! Character B comes to rescue) #NAOMI
Most of them doesnt feel like real characters, and most of the times the focus on the events happens so much on #NAOMI (rightfully) that have no room to give them real purpose instead of just help Naomi along the way.
Of all that, the most fleshed out character from that section is really one from the comics, #NAOMI's best friend Annabelle. The rest of the (adult) supporting characters overall are better worked than the younger ones, and have some pratical functional in the overall history.
I liked Dee, #NAOMI's parents, even Zumbado (which have a presence, but again, doesnt show his A game yet). And besides the angle of "DC universe is a working of fiction what was proven reality ibn our real word", certain things still bothered me about it. [+]
For example, Superman is a comics character, and then BOOM, he appearsm but apparently in that Universe DC never publish Hawkman stories. #NAOMI
I know this was made to paid off the Multiverse aspect which is essential to #NAOMI's history, but the approach have their pratical problems for those what actually read comics, what the show pushes you to do the obvious questions to just see history unfolds.
The second episode was better than the first one, but still nothing what you can consider like GOOD TV. I'll keep watching until the first season ends, and i know the series have room for improvement, #NAOMI [+]
but #NAOMI doesn't have a strong start like for example Black Lighting or S2 of Batwoman had, right off the bat.
But if the showrunners do ajustments along the way, season 1 can end delivering the show something as fresh and exciting as the original comics are, and they have a team what could pull this off. for me, is just a fact of showing service. #NAOMI
Watch #NAOMI on @TheCW and on the CW App. And here is the trailer of S01E04, which looks like the show is FINALLY delivering the goods.

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Jan 29
After a real shitty day, catching up the last 3 episodes of #LegendsOfTomorrow gave me a injection of serotonin. God dammit, THIS is the best Arrowverse series, PERIOD. With that said...
1) People forget HOW FUCKING GOOD Caity Lotz really is, and the Reality TV from Hell episode remind everyone of that. BTW, that episode have also a killer performance by Shayan Sobhian, the evolution of Behrad this season definitely is a surprise.
2) Most of TV series doesnt dare to challange their character's core so far ahead of their run, but thank god it did, because make the characxter face their evil selves is delivering a immense growth for everyone. #LegendsOfTomorrow
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OK, have some thing to say about this in the next few tweets #Batgirl
1) Wow, i have no clue that the Burnisde suit (the comics one) was soo much divise as the revelation informs. I enjoy the suit in the comics, but i found A LOT fo people what dislike that suit just for the fact is the Burnside one. #Batgirl
2) I think the suit looks OK but that's it. But that's the thing: not everything 2D translate well in 3D and i believe that one of the cases. I (as many) was expecting a more colant/tactical suit, but i believe the color is the main issue here. #Batgirl
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Let's gonna finish #DCTitans season 3...
That Pulp Fiction reference it was 100% improvise and you can feel it, because works wonderfully that way. #DCTitans
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Jan 1
As anything related to #TheFlashMovie i refuse to discuss anything now about this absolutely cursed movie because ain't worthy the stress (because well, this movie is cursed). And yes, this gonna happen, but not now. However...
About #BoycottWB, i repeat what i've said before: you have all the right to not watch the movie because all of the mess involved, and complain A LOT online about it. This is a PROTEST, this is valid, this is fair. [+]
But a BOYCOTT just work if you convince a lot (and i say millions) of people of not consume Product X, and make them understand why is important to NOT consume product X, and why is important that company take the blow. [+]
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Dec 31, 2021
Lets begin!!! A quick #DCRetrospective2021 highlighting the main events and themes of the page this year! lets do this!
The year of 2021 starts with the terrific movie 'Batman: Soul of The Dragon'! Right after the sad departure of Dennis O'Neil, this animated movie is a terrific homage to the legacy he created with batman and DC Comics overall #DCRetrospective2021
February 2021 marks the arrival of #SupermanAndLois! The series show to be a game-changer production in CW, besides have problems of approach. Is a toned-down contemporary Superman what pleases the purists, but keeps the ball high. #DCRetrospective2021
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Dec 6, 2021
Looks like #TheBatman Universe (as we now can call it) will use Batman, Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman to explore different aspects of Gotham. [+]
My bets are: Penguin will focus on the Mobsters, the GCPD show will focusing on the cops, Catwoman will explore the contrast between rich and the poor at the criminal world, and The Riddler will focus on Arkham and secret societies (Court of Owls and other alike). #TheBatman
In that sense, we gonna have in the next years a very deep exploration of all things #TheBatman, which can be good, but also chalenging for whoever is gonna take the next interaction of the character. And not counting whatever the Snyderverse and/or DCEU version will do next.
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