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81.01/ Week eighty-one, January 29-February 4, 2022, thread here.

Week 80 below.
81.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight continues. Another all-time favorite: "Big Trouble in Little China"
81.03/ For #CINvsKC, naturally I would like the Bengals to lose and - if it's not too much to ask - by more than 21 so the Steelers playoff loss doesn't look quite as terrible as it did (at least on paper)
81.04/ I'm trying to spread the rumor that the owner of the KC Chiefs - whose fan-base engages in a racist chant to go along with their problematic name - invented Hunts ketchup and that's why they wear red. It's a big insult from a #Steelers fan.
81.05/ Very sharp discussion about how prudishness is a bad-faith rhetorical cover for ideological opposition. It's similar to how "civility" is used to silence minorities. Also, it's clear when they say this, it's a signal they know they're in the wrong.
81.06/ I meant to send a shout-out on Saturday night to the workers who kept the power running during the snowstorm. Losing power on Shabbat is a particular nightmare and I'm so grateful they worked hard to keep things running without interruption.
81.07/ As I said last year, #Terumah is such a record-scratch in parshat-hashavua. Months and months of narrative and interesting laws and then, blammo, sharp left turn.
The "Exit 12" mem...
81.08/ #ChodeshTov everyone. Tomorrow is the #ChineseNewYear and #RoshChodesh #AdarRishon and #GroundhogDay ... something for everyone!
81.09/ This sounds on paper like a more fun unit in Tzahal than it actually will be. Moreover, not sure what weather control this will involve.
81.10/ Like the 2020 election, we couldn't celebrate this all at once. Now comes the rehabilitation tour (and scrubbing of evidence). And, ironically, given the serious accusations against Roethlisberger, I don't mind TB stealing BigBen's retirement glory.…
81.11/ Today is great support for my contention that #GroundhogDay should be #RoshChodeshAdar:
Groundhog = Sanhedrin
Seeing shadow = month is too cold
6 more weeks = add another Adar; 6 weeks from now is Purim.
TBH it works with #TuBishvat as well, but that's 8 weeks.
81.12/ While vanilla Groundhogians play Sonny & Cher "I Got You Babe" over and over at breakfast (a minhag I perpetuate), frum adherents know to play it on February 3rd!
81.14/ This is basically we're I'm at with the Whoopi saga.

Now can we switch to Joyce Carol Oates?
81.15/ Oh Lord yes.

Ideas require implementation! Give respect to the people who had the Herculean task of going from vision to results. So many cranks On Here are duped by the wild-eyed idea-emitters and then pillory those who try to get things done.

81.16/ There's a special beauty, a meshing of arts and sciences, in a well crafted presentation of data.
81.17/ It's past time that we place Zucker in the same category of Murdoch and FoxNews for what he did to destroy democracy and give overwhelming support for the rise of Trump (ym'sh). I've boycotted CNN since 2016.
81.18/ Re, NFL OT rules: it def. would be more fair for both teams to get one possession. That said, I think because I don't watch college football, I don't feel the rule is as "wrong" as others.

This, though, is on the money:

81.19/ Lemme get this straight: In a week when Black #NFL coaches are accusing owners of trying to pay them to lose games - the biggest scandal possible in pro sports (see: Black Sox) - the Jags hire a White coach who was fired for purposely losing games?
81.20/ For millennia, until technological advances brought the invention of reliable spell-check, people have been misspelling "millennia" wrong on the first try. And bureaucracy, which it doesn't recognize what I'm trying to *do* until I misspell it wrong close enough to correct
81.21/ This is a well done collection. In the NYer's defense, these work mainly like Editorial Cartoons (which fits the mag's niche as both non-fiction & fiction). This is in contrast to one of their finest about the internet:…

Dog One on a chair sitting ...
81.22a/ To clarify: fascists reconcile banning CRT & Maus with demanding “Free Speech” because that phrase means “suppress everything but the myths fascism is based upon.” They define “history” the same way: a statue (e.g. a Confederate General, the Lost Cause myth isn't history)
81.22b/ Fascists use phrases the way execrable ‘pickup artists’ do: magic words divorced of real meaning that they believe will get them what they want. They know society condemns their open intentions so they degrade our valued phrases in order to avoid the pain of censure.
81.24/ My teenaged son sent this image to our family chat and I couldn't be prouder
[Alt: "Other people: I became a lawyer in my dream yesterday.
My dream: (image of bananas with duck faces)] Alt text is in the main tweet
81.25/ This is not only true, but because it's so clearly true, when they don't condemn it's showing us they at best don't care - but usually worse...
81.26/ Sent earlier in the week. I thank God every day that I've been so very fortunate in my place in the life cycle during this pandemic but I restrict my actions as much as possible because others are in way worse shape.
81.29/ Ice storm coming my way? Sure. Why not. Be safe everyone! Have a great #ShabbatShalom

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