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Feb 6 15 tweets 12 min read
So, @donwinslow tried to get @joerogan cancelled for saying the N-word.

It turns out that in his books Don winslow has used the n-word a lot... and I mean a **LOT**

So here is a **VERY** long thread of times Don Winslow has used the N-word in his books.
From his book the force
To force continued
The Force continued
The Force continued
From his book "Savages"
From The Gentlemen's Hour
The Gentlemen's Hour Continued
From Way Down on the High Lonely
Way Down on the High Lonely continued
Way Down on the High Lonely continued
Way Down on the High Lonely continued
From The Border
The Border continued
The Border continued

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Feb 7
Hello new followers. Welcome!

On this account I unpack and explain how wokeness and cancel culturs work. I explain the jargon they use (IE: deconstruction, systemic racism, unconscious bias, gender binary, etc) and their ideology.

I also expose hypocrisy of woke people...
I explain how wokeness got started, how it operates, the tactics of ghe woke left and their activists. I explain how they use social pressure tactics to take over buisnesses, colleges, universities, k-12, governments and other institutions.

I also explain how to fight back.
I explain the academic underpinnings of wokeness, it's roots in Critical Theory (a neo-marxist way of analyzing society) and it's roots in postmodernism (a philosophy that challenges the objective nature of logic and reason, and challenges the possibility of objective truth)
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Feb 7
A part of this stream was about a thread I wrote.

I'm going to correct some of the things the guys from @MeidasTouch said.

1. They claim "there is no face to this account." That is false. My face is on by Twitter Banner, and I have appeared on @michaeljknowles show...
While I do use a pseudonym, I'm not hiding.

2. At 12:42 of the stream Ben from Meidastouch claims I said they got Neil Young and others to boycott spotify.

I never said that.

They're trying to make me look like a conspiracy theorist by attributing claims to me I never made
At no point did I say they had anything to do with Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, or any other famous artist.

3. At the 30:00They claim they had nothing to do with the @patriottakes video of Joe Rogan Saying the N-word.

This is a dodge, but I'll need to explain exactly how...
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Feb 7
Ibram X. Kendi QT's a clip that makes Joe look racist. The guest says there's a theory that black people are genetically more violent.

But that clip edits out Rogans response where Rogan completely refutes his guest with an example.

Good thing I have the whole clip:
See, dishonest people deceptively edit videos in order to strip the context from what has been said and make it look like it means something else.

Ibram Kendi deleted Joe's response so it would look like Joe agreed with the racist theory.

It's the twitter equivalent of this: ImageImage
This reeks of the thirst for power.
When someone edits a video dishonestly they are not trying to find truth. That obviously dishonest editing job coupled with the recent attempts to cancel Joe Rogan leads me to believe this is about Joe's influence and success. Not truth...
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Feb 6
Since you asked, and I love your work, I'll tell you.

This is a professional political attack. Three waves one right after the other is not a coincidence. Good spacing, good timing, so it's absolutely professional.

But who was it you ask?

That takes some digging but...
The video compilation of Rogan saying the n-word was dropped by @patriottakes 6 days ago. You see the video in the tweet in pic 1, and patriottakes takes credit for "republishing" the information in pic 2.

That they take credit is important and you'll see why shortly...
As you can see in their bio, @patriottakes is partnered with @MeidasTouch.

And this is where it gets interesting.

Who is Meidastouch?

Well, they are a professional political organization. In fact, they are a Democrat "Super PAC" (more on that in a moment) run by 3 brothers
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Feb 5
Once again the woke attempting to cancel @joerogan

First they tried to cancel him over Alex Jones. Then they tried to cancel him for "vaccine misinformation."

Since their first two attempts failed they are now pulling out their biggest weapon: racism.

Let's talk about it 🧵
Here is a link to Joe Rogan responding to the various allegations.

You can have a look at that for context.

Then we will discuss the tactics in play here.

Basically, someone edited together a video of @joerogan saying the N-word in his podcast.

The account that did this is acting in bad faith. We know this both because they edited out the context, and because that account supports Joe Biden, who also said the N-word on camera:
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Feb 4
I did a thread on this earlier today about why conservatives turned on Professor Kershnar.

The other side of this is that, as per fire, Kershnar is playing Devil's advocate at a public university and as such his speech is protected by the first amendment.

He should not be fired
I disagree with Kershnars arguments and conclusions.
I understand those who think his devil's advocate schtick might be a mask for real pedophilia.

However, unless he advocates for a crime (which he hasn't) or committs a crime (he hasn't) his argument is still protected speech.
Now, a breif point.

It used to be common for professors to use the devil's advocate style to make students think. At one time conservatives were generally ok with this.

But the universities have lost the trust of people, so they no longer are willing to give the benefit of...
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