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One of the joys of being a publicly traded company is that Amazon gets to (read as: must) file a bunch of annual reporting information, in the form of a 10-K filing. In this thread I'll read through it and summarize the interesting @awscloud bits.
Amazon thinks about its business in three segments: North America, International, and AWS.

The Alexa org presumably yearns to break free into its own business unit.
I've talked in depth previously about Amazon's post-employment non-compete agreements. They're scoped to all of Amazon.

Here's what they view that as covering:
I think "Real Estate" is clear. Hell, "Farming" runs afoul of category 1. Good luck!

Let's not get sidetracked and soldier onward...
If I ever refer to people as "human capital," please put me out of my misery. It's just so... soulless.
This is Amazon's slate of executive officers, not their board. Otherwise this would be the obvious "white board" joke.
One of my favorite parts is the list of risk factors inherent to their business.

Amazon lists a bunch. I'll highlight the fun ones.
The first is "Intense Competition."

Well yes; as previously discussed they do basically everything. If you're reading this, you're an Amazon competitor. Yes, including you, @awscloud employee. There's another service team coming for you!
"Risk from international things" is an entire treatise of things that make it sound like doing a single transaction across a single border might possibly detonate the company to oblivion. This feels just a smidgen overblown.
Data loss and security breaches, systems interruptions and lack of redundancy.

Basically they're reading your own DR manual to you.
This is probably the only time of the year where I get the sense that Amazon as a whole cares about any particular individual employee as more than a fungible butt in a seat doing a job. I really hope this isn't just lip service.
The rest is fairly standard. Let's move on!
"We fired all the whiners before filing this" is probably not how it went down, but it's also not impossible to picture.
Huh. @awscloud owns 14.1 million square feet of facility, and leases another 11.9 million square feet.
I wonder what the dip is?

"Property and equipment acquired under finance leases was $11.6 billion and $7.1 billion in 2020 and 2021, reflecting investments in support of continued business growth primarily due to investments in technology infrastructure for AWS."
I dunno, AWS talking about "decreased prices for their customers" in 2021 maps to... well, not a whole heck of a lot in terms of actual price cuts. Yes yes, new instance families are more cost effective, but still...
The interesting bit towards the end of this is talking about extending the useful life of servers and networking equipment over in @awscloud land.
One thing I didn't expect to see classified as a "marketing expense" is @awscloud sales commissions. Huh, TIL!
EY is their auditor; the only critical item found in the audit and thus included is around the treatment of income taxes.

Yeah, I'm not touching this particular mess.
During 2021, Amazon as a whole spent $496 million on acquisitions. They're very stingy with the M&A budgets!
AWS clearly forgot "and shitposters" in this sentence.
Then a GIANT mess of boilerplate, followed by this. It's wild to me on some level that "I will go to prison if this is materially incorrect" is something people can sign without making a constitution check first.
Lastly, searching the entire 194 page document returns no results for "Quinn," "Duckbill," or "Shitpost," much to my relief.

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Feb 8
Let's build something new: a screenshot repo with a custom domain. Datastore is S3, DNS is CloudFlare. Eeny meeny miney Pulumi. @PulumiCorp, you're up.
They have a handy "S3 static site" tutorial option. It's in JavaScript, with a link to the Python code. Nice!

The first command errors. Less than nice.

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Over the weekend I somehow hit 80K followers on this site, which is just wild to me. Five years ago I started with something like 2K, and that had taken me seven years to scrape together.

Some things I have learned along the way as the audience has grown.
There were never any real "giant surges" that led to gaining 10K followers in a week or anything like that. It was about consistently being me.
My relationship with the site has changed as well. I used to be much likelier to put any thought that crossed my mind onto Twitter.

There are inflections that come with a larger audience. There's remarkably little I can tweet these days that SOMEONE won't take issue with.
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Feb 3
Analysts expected Amazon to post earnings of $3.61 per share; actual earnings per share is $27.75 because some enterprising @awscloud product manager figured out how to pass network traffic through *TWO* Managed NAT Gateways on its way to the internet.

A thread.
Wild that @awscloud is now a $70 billion annual run rate business. But don't worry, AWS employee friends; the market cares not a whit how well you perform your jobs.

"AWS" isn't even *mentioned* until page 2 of the announcement.
For Financial Year 2021 (which is like calendar year 2021 except boring) @awscloud grew 37% over the previous year. Yes, they've won some giant customers to help grow that, but for god's sake TURN YOUR EC2 INSTANCES OFF WHEN YOU'RE DONE WITH THEM!
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"web3 / nfts are a scam" vs. "no they're not" arguments in my mentions are tiresome, so in this thread let's talk about something that's definitively a scam because I built it to be.

Here's how to embezzle money from your employer via the @awscloud Marketplace:
(Somewhere @stephenorban's phone is making the Sev 1 sound and @mosescj58 takes an antacid tablet.)
Step 1: Go grab a CentOS or Ubuntu upstream AMI and package it as your own AMI. This is left as an exercise for the reader because I can't be bothered to do that in our glorious Serverless future.
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Feb 1
And now, the Alphabet (Google's parent company) earnings call. It's the rarest of unicorns: a YouTube video that doesn't whine at me to upgrade to YouTube Premium.
The market is happy. Stock up 7.5% in after hours trading.

A 20 for 1 stock split coming this summer.

Let's look at the @googlecloud numbers.
Google Cloud showed $5.5B revenue for the quarter, or a $22 billion annual run rate.

Margins are less rosy; for the quarter they lost just shy of $10 million a day.
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Feb 1
I've repeatedly said that if I were going to start a company from scratch today and I didn't have a pile of experience with @awscloud, I'd be hard pressed to choose a cloud provider who wasn't @GoogleCloud.
I stand by that, but let's bound this with the reality that I *do* have that experience with AWS.
If I'm building something for production, where downtime is going to have a real impact to my customers and to my business, it's borderline unthinkable that I'd pick a provider that isn't @awscloud.
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