Thread: my thought about #LeeJunHo and #LeeSeYoung’s chemistry in #TheRedSleeve Image
Warning ⚠️ ⛔️ : these tweets reflect my personal opinion. I have a huge respect for both #LeeSeYoung and #LeeJunHo as artists and as human beings. I’m sorry if some feel offended. It’s not the purpose. Just remember that everybody is entitled to its opinion.
Warning 2 ⚠️ ⛔️: I understand fans ship their bias bc they love them. I’m not comfortable with shipping bc the actors may already be in dating smb and it may hurt them and their partner. It’s also an indirect pression, that can affect the relationships of those are shipped by fan
Warning 3 ⚠️⛔️: I think that #LeeJunHo and #LeeSeYoung are fully aware that the fans have expectations. And it might already affect them in some way. I think they would have put distance btw them (he said she was like a sister, she said he was family) no to feed the ship.
Now the warnings are done: let’s go !!
The key of the chemistry btw 🦊 (#LeeJunHo) &🐰(LeeSeYoung) : their child’s souls
As everyone else, 🦊 has different sides of his personality. On one hand, he’s the charming Lee 🦊 with all the ladies. On the other hand, he’s the 10 years old child, playing and fooling around with his #2pm brothers. But with his female acting partner, he seemed to be neutral
Bc 🦊 is dedicated to his art, naturally stressed and perfectionist, he seemed to stay super professional with all the female actors he worked with except 🐰. Indeed, it’s quite tricky to do the sweet talk with actresses bc it may end up interfering with the acting.
On the contrary #LeeSeYoung 🐰 is well known to put the good vibes on the filming set (or at her agency office: as a team leader, she’s dedicated to keep a good atmosphere at work). She said once: « I don’t have the courage to be hated » so it’s her top priority to get along
I do think that 🐰 is a pure sweet heart: genuinely kind and compassionate. I also feel like she needs to be liked bc of the ostracism she suffered as a child actress at school. As she was praised by the teachers for her good grades, and her acting career, she have been bullied
#TheRedSleeve has been filming for 7 months 6/7 a week. So 🐰said it was very important she got along with 🦊. Bc 7 months can be very long if the lead actors don’t get along. It can affect both personally and professionally.
🦊 and 🐰 have in common that they are both 30ish but they are still child in the inside. They didn’t lose their child’s soul (which it’s a blessing imho) and they connect on that deep level. I don’t think it’s a side of 🦊 he shows easily, except on variety shows or with 2pm
Indeed, all the plays they both made together help release the stress and the tension. Or, one of the secret of good acting is relaxation. Bc acting is already stressful and too much stress can inhibit your abilities. So, in a way, 🐰 helped 🦊 to act at his best.
At 1st, 🐰 & 🦊 were the only ones to play cham cham games, then everybody did on set. God Jin In said she was afraid that the games might interfere with acting, but they were extremely serious when the camera was filming. It helped them focusing and bounding at the same time
As an actor genius, 🐰 has a very good chemistry with all her co-star. Imho, I feel like the chemistry of 🦊 with her costar in #WokOfLove or #JustBetweenLovers was not as great as the one he had with 🐰: it was good, not great.
🐰& 🦊 are very different types of actors: she writes everything, he memorizes everything. But they finally reached a point where they knew what the other think without talking, only by looking at each other. They definitively share a special bond.
They share common interest: they are deeply and madly in love with their cats. And they are both dedicated to their art.
🦊 praised 🐰a lot: he said he learnt a lot from her. Despise her 25 years as an actress, she also said she learnt a lot from him. Personnally, I think 🦊 is a good actor. Acting with 🐰, he was able to deliver the best of him bc she’s a good or even better than him.
For actors, it’s such a blessing to act with someone of your caliber. It’s even more rejoicing to learn from someone who inspire you on a professional level.
As an idol/actor/model for more than 14 years, 🦊 is fully aware of how the industry works. He’s a celebrity and knows how to play the game. On the contrary, 🐰 said she wanted to be an actress without the fame bc she considers herself as an office worker.
🐰is so genuine, and act with her true self on variety show. She’s not afraid of showing her lovely lunatics (and that’s why I love her). Or, as an actress she’s supposed to play the glamorous card, with a little of cuteness.
That’s why, even if 🐰’s an amazing actress, she have gained only now a high level of popularity thanks to #TheRedSleeve. It’s fully deserved ofc. But she could have been that famous before.
As 🐰doesn’t play the game (like coming to MBC radio with no make up), I feel like 🦊 want to protect her.
🐰 is an amazing actress but she’s also a very beautiful woman (inside & outside). Every guy should fall for her honestly. I do think 🦊 has a special affection for 🐰. He seems to be super curious when she said she was watching TRS with smb on MBC radio (jealousy ?!). It was Ari
But even if 🦊&🐰 appear to be made for each other, I’m quite skeptical they’ll be together one day. Don’t misunderstand me: if they date, I’ll be happy. At the very end, I wish them the best. Why ?
The Lee 🦊 side of his personality may scare 🐰. I don’t think the sweet talk works with her. On the contrary, it might frighten her. 🐰 is super cautious about her love life. She’s not the type to fall easily, even if he’s into her.
🦊 is an idol. So he couldn’t date 🐰 her publicly. He said it before: it’s not proper for an idol to date. 🦊 also knows that a part of his fanbase would n’t accept and it would affect his idol career. That’s why he kept private his love life till then.
For those who think 🦊 never date and he’s single since his debut… 🤣🤣 . But 🐰, even she praises her privacy, may not be the type of person comfortable with this kind of hidden relationship. Or, on the contrary, with a public relationship. She said once it would be…
…disrespectful for his father to see pictures of her with smb on magazines. Bc at the very end, as Deok Im, 🐰 aspire to live a normal and quiet life, which 🦊 can bring to her.
As @sano_seta said, 🦊 idol status is the main obstacle for them to be in a relationship, as for San and Deok Im. As we aren’t anymore in Joseon Dynasty, 🐰 has many options to live her life as she wants.
Indeed, even if you fall (hard) on someone, even if it feels like it’s your soul mate, this person is not always the right person for you. Just remember Sense and Sensibility. Marianne was madly in love with Willoughby (and so does he) but he wasn’t a good match for her.
At the very end, if 🦊 & 🐰date, I’ll be happy for them. But I don’t think they could bc 🦊 would never give up his singing career. As an idol, a huge part of his business is based on his assumed celibacy by his female fans, and the fantasy he’s their dreamt boyfriend.
End of the thread

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