(from official facebook page, from Russian original)
Ukrainian Military Special Operations Command:
"The brotherhood of Ukrainian Special Ops says hello to Russian artillery troops!
We congratulate you: after you have covered ...

#Ukraine #Russia #StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
our peaceful cities, our relatives, children and close ones with the heaviest shelling - you, worms, have become our target number one.
We'll explain, Vanyki (softer plural version of Ivan): you are kind of far away and shoot at targets you don't see. Don't see the small ...
babies, elderly, houses, kindergartens, schools and hospitals - all of this is just targets to you. Take a shot, it flew off, got a hit - f*cking great, right dudes?
Now look, worms: you don't see your targets and it makes it kind of easier for you. But trust us: it will ...
never be easier for you scum. We already have the information on you. And if we don't have information on someone yet, it is a matter of mere minutes.
From now on there will be no captured artillery troops. No mercy, no "please don't kill me, I surrender" will cut it.
crew, nothing will matter: commander, driver, targeting and loading specialists - will be slaughtered like pigs. Wet your pants, we have already come for you.
Call your mom for the last time. Tell her that you will die like a dog.
We are not death, we are worse!"

• • •

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Mar 2
Captured Russian soldier (2) questioned by someone behind the camera (1):
1: Base, military rank?
2: (unintelligeble) 51532 10th regiment of the special forces.
1: Spetsnaz (special forces)...

#Ukraine #Russia #StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
, yes?
2: Yes.
1: Tell us, why did you come here?
(in the back): Get away!
2: I wanted to tell you that ... it turns out that, well ... the news are pushing the suspence, that, well, there's ongoing terrorism here and, well, lawlessness and that it's Ukraine itself that ...
needs to help of Russian soldiers. Kind of like that.
1: Are you saying this from yourself or have you been forced?
2: No, it's from me watching the news and I read this (unintelligeble).
1: Where are you from originally?
2: Originally from Siberia.
1: Siberia, right?
2: ...
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Mar 1
Captured Russian solider, apparently talking to his mother
Transcript (from RU):
S: I love you too. (sobs)
S: Go talk to the chief and write to the Mother's Union. Because these bitched don't even take back the 200s(mil. code...

#Ukraine #Russia #StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
for dead), the dead. They fucking kill the wounded by themselves. And whether they will be exchanging the prisoners - that's a question. They just fucking killed everyone. Everyone. And they don't even take the corpses. They at least .. what the fuck did they say at all, ...
bitches... ? I'm sure no one even got the notice of death. It's been a fucking week.
So this is the shit. Just don't shout too lound there that everyone was killed and that corpses are not being taken, or the FSB people will get you. Just tell them to ... at least exchange ...
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Mar 1
Ukraine's Chief Rabbi
Full transcript (from Russian):
"Silent, I cannot stay silent anymore. I address you, dear Russians, dear Jewish, dear Russian people. Those, who care. Remember, that he who does care and he who ...

#Ukraine #Russia #StandWithUkraine #Israel #StopRussia
silently agrees or agrees without silence is an accomplice to a crime, war crime, crime against humanity. And I'm not telling you from what I saw on TV, I'm telling you from what I see here. I am not afraid to die, I am not afraid to perish. I have never thought, even in my...
worst nightmare, that I might have to perish under the shells of Russia, where I was born, where I went to school, where I have many friends. Who are silent. And basically no one called and asked. People call from all ovet the world. From all over the world. Jew or no Jew...
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Mar 1
Dear #Russia,
Please stop doing this to your own people. You don't need to send them to die for your own empty ambition.
transcript below

#Ukraine #StandWithUkraine #StopRussia #UkraineWar
M: Their bodies.
F: What fucking bodies?
M: Their bodies.
F: Will they let you go home.
M: I don't know. I hope.
F: How?!
M: I...I really want to hug you all.
F: Vynya (Ivan), you will definitely hug us.
M: I love...

#Ukraine #Russia #StandWithUkraine #StopRussia #UkraineWar
you so very much.
F: We love you to. Fuck this fucking army. You'll come back and quit. I'll fucking get over it. I love you so very much Vanya. I'm sorry, everything fill be ok. I'm sure. Please. Everything will be fine Vanya.
M: Please forgive me that I came here and ...
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Feb 28
Cptn: Fuck)))
We just now had another emergency call with the guys (We're waiting for all of you to return alive - msg on screen). The guys are already in Kyiv. Everything's fine. An additional Kadyrov ...

#Ukraine #Russia #StandWithUkraine #StopRussia #UkraineWar
squad has arrived. We're basically sustaining now losses now. An attack is ongoing, a strong one. The guys are holding up. Well. There is a lot of untruthful information. Like Ukrainian weapons, well. I'm very glad that the Russian army is acting super well. Fuck, I'm proud...
of them (giggling). God I hope all of them return alive, they'll have a scheduled call at one thirty ("No they won't)))" - msg on screen) and maybe I'll even be able to talk and to hear the voice ("Nope))" - msg on screen) of friends, ask them how are they doing, are they...
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Feb 27
An address by Adam Osmaev, commander of the Dzhokhar Dudayev batallion
"Peace to all who's on the right path. I would like to address Ukrainians and all people of good will. Today, in this difficult time for Ukraine, when Russia ...
#Ukraine #Russia #StandWithUkraine #Chechnya
sneakily attacked Ukraine, and is trying to capture the cities, but Ukrainians are resisting heroically. In this difficult time some people of allegedly Chechen nationality, the so-called Kadyrov's People ("kadyrovtsy") also take part in this aggression against Ukraine.
I ...
want to reassure Ukrainians that the real Chechen people are protecting Ukraine today, including as part of the Dzhokhar Dudayev Batallion and in other units. We have been fighting and will keep fighting for Ukraine till the end. Razom do peremohy (together towards ...
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