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#Putin's opening to this press conference suggests the takeover of southern #Syria by Asad/Iran is a model of U.S.-Russia cooperation that should be expanded, and flatters Trump that his summit with Kim [which Putin very much liked the look of] resolved the Korean Peninsula.
On #Ukraine, Putin hints broadly that the U.S. agrees with him that Kyiv's intransigence prevented Minsk's implementation, and then carefully lets it be known Trump brought up the election meddling, an assist to Trump politically, before of course dismissing it.
Trump frames engagement around U.S.-Russian co-operation in WW2, notes that unfortunate Cold War business, then says: "Our relationship has never been worse ... that changed as of about four hours ago." Says he is being politically brave to do what's right. Lambastes media + Dems
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And we are underway.
Putin: “The Cold War is a thing of the past...but the US and Russia face a whole host of threats.”
Today’s negotiations addressed the negative issues affecting the bilateral relationship, says Putin.
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1/7 #Report
According to Palestinian reports, at approximately 18:00 hours, an #IDF airstrike struck downtown Gaza City. Two teens were killed as a result of the strike. Reports claimed an empty structure, a children’s park and a mosque were damaged. #Gaza #Israel #Hamas #IDF
The children’s park in reality is #Qassam Brigade’s “Battalions Square” and the teens who died were inside the structure circled in red. Beside it is the mosque circled in blue which was damaged by the strike.
Why did the #IDF target this site with air strikes? How does the #IDF know this site is used by #Qassam Brigades? Can we just take their word for it? Here is video of the actual strike.
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#IDF officer moderately wounded after #Palestinians threw a grenade towards troops near in northern #GazaStrip during violent riots. IDF troops responded by firing towards Palestinians who threw the grenade. Local media say 15yr old Othman Rami Halas was killed by IDF fire
Unconfirmed reports of #Israel(i) airstrikes near al-Bureij refugee camp in the central #GazaStrip
#BREAKING: Incoming rocket sirens activated in southern #Israel communities surrounding the #GazaStrip
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#BDS against #Israel received a boost from #Hollywood stars Viggo Mortensen & Danny Glover & 79 #UK, #US & #German artists, writers & producers + Desmond Tutu, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky against the blacklisting & repression of pro-#Palestinian activists…
Concerns was raised in a letter published in @guardian after award-winning band @Youngfathers was disinvited from an arts festival in #Germany. #Scottish band was pressured to declare itself non-supporter of pro-#Palestine #BDS movement as a condition of appearing at the festival
Concert organisers, @ruhrtriennale, announced the cancellation saying: “Regrettably, the @Youngfathers have not distanced themselves from the (pro-#Palestinians #BDS human rights movement). We have therefore decided to cancel the concert.”
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In a few days left before #HelsinkiSummit b/n #Putin @realDonaldTrump I'l be using this THREAD to share my own & my @AlMonitor colleagues' works and reports on what the two presidents may and may not achieve on #Syria, #Russia/#US-related developemnts b/n #Israel and #Iran, etc.
1. In our latest @AlMonitor #Russia-Mideast @lavmir brings an interesting story of recent talks b/n @netanyahu - #Putin in #Moscow
There're types of reads that good you regret it wasnt you who authored them. To me this exclusive take for @AlMonitor by #Russia's leading foreign policy analyst Fyodor Lukyanov on a possible #Syria deal b/n #Putin & #Trump is in this category…
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Top international adviser to #Iran's SP Ali Akbar Velayati speaking @ValdaiClub now:says term #MiddleEast is British concept, he'd rather use West Asia/North Africa,argues due to #US influence some countries seek to play greater regional role (than they can)
Velayati:*throughout history external powers sought to dominate Mideast, #US no exception here, #Libya, #Somalia brought manifestations of western FP,#Trump seeks to undermine region,he wants to partition #Syria as they did w/ 🇱🇾 & #Iraq - bith once big, important states
Velayati: New element is after Islamic Revolution #Iran able to conduct policies independent of Western states, this is real reason why #US seeks to counter IRN.But if ot were not for #Russia & IRN, Leader of Nusra would be ruling today in #Damascus, head of #ISIS-in #Baghdad.
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New evergreen Tweet? "Netanyahu asks Putin to remove #Iran's forces from #Syria."

@AcrossTheBay @JSchanzer & I describe the stakes & provide policy options in @FDD's "Controlled Chaos: The Escalation of Conflict between #Israel & Iran in War-Torn Syria"…
The need for our new report and recommendations therein is best summed up two maps indicating today's developments in #Syria:
It's a few hours after Putin & Netanyahu met in #Moscow to discuss the removal of #Iran from #Syria. #Israel responded to the UAV that crossed into its airspace from Syria with strikes at 3 military posts near its border.
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#Muslim candidate for #US Congress calls #Israel#Apartheid regime’
Targeted by #Zionist #American pro-#Israel lobbies, Ilhan Omar @IlhanMN has rejected accusations that a 2012 #tweet accusing Israel of 'evil doings' amounts to #Antisemitism…
A #Somali-#American candidate for #US Congress-#Minnesota rejected accusations that a 2012 tweet accusing #Israel of “evil doings” amounts to #Antisemitism In an @ABC interview for a segment “Progressive Democrats increasingly criticize #Israel & could reap political rewards”
Omar has received some pushback on #socialmedia recently
A #tweet from @shabbosgoy called her a “proud #Jew hater” after she made a brief appearance in the music video of the pop group Maroon 5’s song “Girls Like You”
Omar responded in a tweet:
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#BREAKING: A reminder to those keeping track, the Red Alerts usually come from rockets from #Gaza, not from #Syria or #Lebanon as this would suggest. #Netanyahu is in #Moscow meeting with #Putin about #Iran’s presence in #Syria. Hoping this is a false alarm.
Netanyahu set to meet #Putin in #Moscow seeking Iran’s ouster from #Syria…
#BREAKING: #Israel Defense Forces confirm the #RedAlert was real, a drone approached, and they fired a Patriot missile.
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Miracle in Judeosta
Some people believe in miracles & think world's condemnations & denunciations will save #Palestinian village of Khan Al-Ahmar & its ecological school from jaws of #Israel’s bulldozers-Can such a miracle happen in Judeostan in #WestBank?…
The #EU’s reliance on “peace” & “two states” is evidence of negligence, flaccidity or self-deception. Neither “peace” (with the #Palestinians) nor “two states” are in the #Israeli dictionary currently in use. It’s doubtful that they were ever in it
The official proud #Israeli dictionary is made up of definitions that #Europe invented in 15th century & later refined to suit the developing variations of settler colonialism, which expels & murders native populations by the new incoming colonial settlers
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Q: How can #American #Jews endorse the strangulation of 2 million human beings in #Gaza?
A: Because #Jewish leaders, in both #Israel & #US, encase Israel’s actions in a fog of euphemism & lies…
#American #Jewish community doesn’t only conceal truth about #Gaza from itself-It lobbies US politicians to do it
The anesthetizing fiction: Yes-#Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005
Israel still controls Gaza in the way a guard controls a prison in which he never actually sets foot
First, #Israel declares parts of #Gaza off-limits to #Gazans. Israel has established —Access Restricted Zone—According to #UN: this restricted area comprise as much as 1/3 of Gaza’s best arable land. People who enter these zones can—& over the years have been—shot
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Fascinating: An archaeological dig in Huqoq, in Galilee in northern #Israel, has discovered the remains of a synagogue from 1,600 years ago; the mosaics tell of a thriving Jewish community and one that was beginning to be inflected with Christianity.…
.@holland_tom writes about this: as Christianity is beginning, even after it converts the Emperor in Constantinople, its form is rather fluid with Judaism (a similar thing is later true with Islam). It takes some time to close this porous border and create two distinct faiths.
It was an iterative process, @holland_tom explains, the sealing of the border between Judaism and Christianity. Among other things, the collaboration between the Roman authorities and the rabbis refashioned Judaism into a "religion" in the form of a mirror to Christianity,
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A #SouthAfrican Lesson: Why #Israel is Doomed to Fail
Every time the #Israeli regime led by warmonger #Netanyahu makes a move to consolidate its #Apartheid policies, 1 inevitably is reminded of its former partner in crime, apartheid South Africa…
Former #SouthAfrica, whose racism-discrimination-injustice-brutality–all rolled into an #Apartheid ideology-kept trying to market itself as a “democracy”-It succeeded for a while & ultimately crashed despite believing its power was indestructible. Exactly what #Netanyahu is doing
#Israel markets itself as an indispensable ally of the West; “only democracy” in #ME; defender of western values; bulwark against #Iran & #Islam-behaves with impunity & in defiance of all international laws as if the lifeline it enjoys from #America-renders it indestructible
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IN 2015, Frank Lowenstein paged through a govt briefing book & noticed a map that he had never seen before. Lowenstein was #Obama Administration’s special envoy on #Israeli-#Palestinian negotiations, a position that exposed him to hundreds of maps of WB.…
This is How #Israel Foiled the 2-State Solution:
New map of the occupied #Palestinian #WestBank in the briefing book was different-It showed large swaths of territory that were off limits to #Palestinian development & filled in space between #Jewish settlements & #Jewish outposts
#Palestinian populations were cut off from 1 another & virtually no way to squeeze a viable Palestinian state into remaining areas. When #Jewish settlements, illegal outposts & areas off limits to Palestinians were consolidated, they covered 60% of the occupied #WestBank
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NEW on coming #Putin @realDonaldTrump summit: (2nd THREAD)
1. In recent days #Moscow passed a two-page document to #Washington that should serve as a basis/draft for a bilateral communique the two Presidents should present after the #Helsinki talks.
2. According to #Rus sources #US accepted the paper but insisted an issue of "#Russia/n interference into American elections in 2016" is mentioned with due guarantees that this doesn't happen again.
3. Other statements on paper allegedly include themes of"sustaining dialogue b/n #Russia/n, #US officials,diplomats,military&security services" as well as development of economic ties,promotion of people-to-people contacts.Bilateral coop called one of factors for global stability
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Why is #Israel still covering up murders committed by a #Jewish #Terrorist militia in 1948?
7 decades after documented executions, torture & looting by #Israel's pre-state army of #Poles & #Arabs, Israel still censoring the documents…
Ben Gurion wrote: “Serious complaints have reached me about disorder & lawlessness among the #Jewish gang-Haganah & Palmach-Haganah’s elite strike force, robbery of #Arabs, murder of #Poles & Arabs without cause or trial, theft, embezzlement of funds, torture of Arabs & the like”
#Israeli military court is considering requests by historian Adam Raz to unclassify documents on the massacre of the ##Palestinian village "Kafr Qasem" by #Israeli Border Police in 1956. Also, public was denied access to documents pertaining to the Deir Yassin massacre of 1948
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Time has come for the serious confrontation with #ISIS "soldiers of the Caliphate" in Quneitra (Jaish Khaled bin al Waleed) bordering the occupied Golan heights as the Syrian Army, Hezbollah & allies reached the territory occupied by the group as part of south #Syria liberation.
#Damascus soldiers & allies are aware of the necessity of this inevitable battle that is supposed to begin as soon as the preparation of attack from different fronts is completed. This can be achieved when more territories under Nusra and FSA are cleared.

90 cities & villages and 27 border positions are liberated in south #Syria in the provinces of Suweida and #Daraa.

Syrian Army is on the borders, once again, with #Israel and the occupied territory.

Israel T4 attack last night is an insignificant move.

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T4 air base in #Syria, which houses forces from #Iran, has apparently been targeted in an air strike, based on this @SanaAjel report.
#Israel was reported in April to have struck the air base days after an Iranian drone entered Israeli air space.
#Syria media reports are blaming #Israel for the latest attack on the T4 air base.
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#BREAKING: Reports in #Syria indicate #Israel struck the T4 airbase in Homs Province. It is a major logistical hub for #Iran moving men, material, weapons, and more into Syria.
Reports also indicate several air defense missiles were fired in response.
In the days ahead, watch for what weapons system was destroyed and the number of #Iran #IRGC members killed and their portfolios.
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The Syrian Army agreed with the Russian suggesting to ship all Syrians refusing to reconcile with the government to #Idlib: green busses (or whatever colour it is going to be) are prepared to go to #Daraa #Syria.
Over 100 busses are reaching #Daraa to carry over 1500 Jabhat al-Nusra aka Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and their families who rather stay under Turkish control the north of #Syria.

The #Damascus-Amman road is clear and safe now and Naseeb crossing is expected to reopen soon.
Syrian Army is clearing up east of #Daraa where the Russian Military police is tasking position.
The enormous quantity of weapons recovered by the Syrian army is filling up the army's warehouses, thanks to Arab and the west generous donations to Jihadists

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WATCH & LISTEN: Benjamin Ladraa speaks about his walk to #Palestine
After walking 3000 miles from #Sweden to #Palestine, #Israel denies Benjamin Ladraa entry
RT Mondoweiss "#Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas granted the #Palestinian nationality to #Swedish activist Benjamin Ladraa (walktopalestin1), 25, & bestowed the Medal of Merit on him in appreciation of his efforts & support of the Palestinian people"
#Swedish activist Benjamin Ladraa (walktopalestin1), 25, & bestowed who walked all the way from #Sweden to #Palestine in support of the #Palestinian people" in a personal message of "PEACE" was prohibited by #Israeli army from entering the #Palestinian Authorities territories
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80 years ago this week, 1 year before WWII began, the “International Community” held a conference to discuss the plight of Jews under Nazi rule. Jews had been stripped of citizenship & legal rights and were trying to flee as refugees. The world decided to do...nothing.
After the International Community decided not to help the Jews, Chaim Weizmann, future President of Israel, said “The world seemed to be divided into two parts – those places where the Jews could not live and those where they could not enter." #EvianConference
People may wonder why Jews and Israelis are so cynical and distrustful of the “International Community.” It’s because when the knife was at our throats, and everyone knew it, they still did nothing. #EvianConference
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