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"Vi prego di leggete attentamente quanto segue: “L'Unione Europea segue con grande preoccupazione gli ultimi sviluppi a #Gaza. … La #UE chiede la massima moderazione da tutte le parti al fine di evitare un'ulteriore escalation e ulteriori vittime. ⬇2
Mentre #Israel ha diritto di proteggere la sua popolazione civile, è necessario fare tutto il possibile per prevenire un conflitto più ampio, che colpirebbe, in primo luogo, le popolazioni civili di entrambe le parti e provocherebbe ulteriori vittime e maggiori sofferenze. ⬇3
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Yesterday, Russian President #Putin had a telephone conversation with Israeli President Herzog. During the conversation, the President of #Israel informed Putin that #Palestinian militants have been receiving weapons smuggled out of #Russia over the past few months.
The President of #Russia, in response, suggested that weapons to #Palestine most likely have been coming from the territory of #Ukraine and laid the blame on the Ukrainian leadership. But the President of #Israel objected to #Putin.
Herzog pointed to the exact knowledge that he and his country's leadership had about the routes of movement and the origin of weapons and proposed to accept measures to prevent arms smuggling from #Russia into #Palestine.
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Quién podría imaginarse que la gran democracia occidental que es aún los #EEUU 🇺🇸 tenga en su agenda dominar al Departamento de Justicia y al FBI?
Qué ellos “importen los pañuelos verdes” un invento de #Arge🇦🇷?
Qué @CFK y #Fernández lo llamen “Juan Domingo”?
Que en su agenda principal en los #EEUU 🇺🇸 también se discutiera firmemente la apertura de las Escuelas públicas cerradas por #Biden?
Que llamen “racista” a los candidatos afroamericanos cuando son del partido republicano?
Que se discuta idioma inclusivo?
Que hayan votado algunos muertos en 2020 y antes, como en los países bananeros?
Una desilusión!
Que en las escuelas se adoctrine?
Que #Disney de 50% de contenido trans?
Si, y hasta le quitaron el apoyo ($) al @GovRonDeSantis!
Pero esto no lo dicen los medios acá?
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🧵Con el anhelo de paz que ha sido una constante en el Comité Central Israelita del #Uruguay en toda su historia, saludamos el alto al fuego acordado en la noche de ayer entre #Israel y la #YihadIslamica . Sigue
2. Esto no traerá la paz dado que la esencia misma del grupo autodenominado Yihad Islámica es la guerra. Su objetivo claramente enunciado es la guerra por tiempo indefinido hasta la destrucción de Israel.
3. Su fuente de financiamiento y de armamentos es el régimen islamista de #Iran, el cual desde el mismo momento que llegó al poder en 1979, declaró su intención de exportar la revolución islámica.
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Zahlreiche Konflikte toben derzeit in der Welt.
Hier nun ein Überblick zu:
- #China weitet Manöver rund um #Taiwan aus;
- #Azerbaidjan meldet Vorrücken in Bergkarabach;
- #Israel beginnt Operation "Morgendämmerung" in Palästina;
- schwere Kämpfe im #Donbass .
Thread 👇
Vorsitzende des US-Repräsentantenhauses Nancy #Pelosi hat #Taiwan verlassen.
Ihre Visite auf der Insel, die von #China als sein Territorium betrachtet wird, dauerte nicht mal 24 Stunden, löste aber eine der schwersten US-China-Krisen seit Jahrzehnten aus.
Als Reaktion auf Pelosis Besuch startete #China umfangreiche Manöver rund um #Taiwan , darunter massive Artillerie- und Raketenschießen.
Mindestens zwei ballistische Raketen wurden direkt über der Insel hinweg geschossen.
#pelosi #pelositaiwan
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Cease-fire in #Gaza holding and #Israel submitted to the first condition imposed by the Islamic Jihad: Karm abu Salm Crossing is open this morning and fuel is supplied to #Gaza's electric power and hospital following a long siege.

After 55 hours of fighting following the initial aggression imposed by #Israel, the "strongest country in the ME" is reduced to fighting one simple Palestinian organisation (Islamic Jihad) under siege, to beg for a cease-fire, knocking the doors of #Egypt, #Qatar & the #UN.
#Israel failed to eliminate or cripple the sieged Palestinian Islamic Jihad that launched missiles and rockets against 58 settlements, including Tel Aviv. #Israeli should ask their political warmonger leaders: This is the life they are offering to boost their party's election?
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Weil das gerade auch etwas untergeht, kleiner Reminder: Am 1. November sind wieder Neuwahlen in #Israel. Netanyahu hat sehr gute Chancen wieder gewählt zu werden und dieses Mal mit einer Koalition von religiösen Rechtsextremen. Hochrechnen schätzen ihn auf eine Mehrheit von 62.
Die Shas- und die United Torah Judaism-Partei sind zwei konservative, ultraorthodoxe Parteien und alte Koalitionspartner der Likud. Wichtig ist hier anzumerken, dass diese beiden Parteien in einer zukünftigen Netanyahu-Regierung wohl den „linken Flügel“ bilden werden. /2
Besorgniserregend sind die 12 Sitze für die Fraktion der „Religiösen Zionisten“. Deren Vorsitzender Bezalel Smotrich hat erst letztes Jahr zu arabischen MPs gemeint, sie wären nur hier, weil „Ben-Gurion den Job nicht zu Ende gebracht hat“. /3
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As the conflict between #Israel & #Iran-backed terrorists in #Gaza continues, this is what the media won't tell you:

May 6, 2021—Iran's IRGC General Asghar Emami:
"When we want American concessions, we can tighten our grip on Israel's throat."
#Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.
They’re in nuclear talks with world powers in Vienna.
Tehran uses its proxy terrorists as leverage.

May 22, 2021—Al-Quds Brigades spox thanked Iran for supplying money & military support.
Feb 16, 2020
#Iran-backed Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ziad al-Nakhaleh
Qassem Soleimani personally supervised the transfer of weapons, missiles & technology into Gaza.

(Again, the media is silent. Why?)
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The #Iran-backed Islamic Jihad terrorist group continues to launch rockets from #Gaza into #Israel.

Periodic reminder:
May 22, 2021 — Al-Quds Brigades spokesman thanked Tehran for supplying money & military support.

Read more here…
May 25, 2016
#Iran resumes funding for Islamic Jihad

"... $70 million out of the Revolutionary Guards budget reportedly followed a visit by an Islamic Jihad delegation in Tehran..."…
Jan 2, 2018
“In recent months, [#Iran's] investment in the Palestinian arena has also been growing out of a desire to influence it — with an increase in the (annual) funding in the Gaza Strip for (militant groups) Hamas & Islamic Jihad to $100 million.”…
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Red alerts and explosions heard in the Jerusalem region #Israel #Gaza
The alerts was in the Jerusalem area, close to the city, but distant explosions could be heard (likely interceptions) Image
This came as Palestinian outlets claim Israelis are "storming" al-Aqsa (i.e. Jews are visiting the compound) Image
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32 Palestinians were killed, of which 6 children and 210 were wounded by #Israel's bombing of #Gaza following the Israeli initial beginning of the round of violence, assassinating Tayseer al-Jaabari.
Gaza Electric power plant has ceased working and hospitals may stop in 72 hours.
#Israel closed the two crossing into #Gaza, Karm Abu Salem and Beit Hanoun, imposing a siege on the city which could push Hamas to join the fight, overtly, initiated by #Israel.
#Israel is offering the possibility to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad to prove that it is equal to #Hamas in #Gaza in confronting the Israeli army, conducting and leading the highly organised retaliation against many Israeli settlements and cities.
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[THREAD] - Health Status in Gaza

For the second day, #Israel is targeting overcrowded residential areas, where the number of victims has reached 13, including a 5-year-old girl and a 23-year-old woman, and 114 civilians have been wounded with various injuries.
From the beginning of Israel's brutal aggression, the MoH declared a state of emergency in all hospitals, particularly emergency departments, operations, critical care units, and ambulance stations.
The Israeli airstrikes target residential areas, increasing the number of children, women, and civilians killed and critically injured.
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And what about #Hamas? #Haniyeh is working to "stop the aggression"

Ismail Haniyeh, Chairman of the Political Bureau of Hamas, made several phone calls last night with regional players.

During a conversation with the #Qatari Foreign Minister, the senior Hamas official... (1/4)
asserted: "The crimes against our people in #Gaza express the occupation's inexcusable aggression." In his conversation with the Qatari minister, Haniyeh also emphasized the need for a complete cessation of aggression.

In a different conversation with the heads of the... (2/4)
#Egyptian intelligence apparatus (who are leading mediation efforts between Gaza and #Israel), Haniyeh once again emphasized that action must be taken to stop the bombing of Gaza.

Haniyeh is building the foundations for Hamas's absence in joining the fight against... (3/4)
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#Israel started the round of violence in #Gaza, assassinating Tayseer al-Jaabari, aware that the Palestinians will retaliate to impose deterrence. If the Palestinians don't respond to the Israeli violation of all international laws, it will assassinate another and then another +
Immediately after, #Israel runs to the #US asking for moral support so no other western country dares to condemn the Israeli aggression.
2d step: Israel runs under #Qatar & #Egypt skirts asking 4mediation so it can get away w/ its murder of 12 pple including a 5-year-old child +
3d step: #Israel sent a message to #Hamas, trying to drive a wedge between the Palestinian groups by saying that the battle is only with the Jihad. But #Israel is unaware that the Palestinians are united and understands its dirty tricks.+
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There has been some surprise about Amnesty International's report attacking #Ukraine for defending itself against #Russia, but, under the banner of "human rights", the group has been a hard-Left, anti-American/Western activist organisation for quite some time. A short 🧵
#Israel and her supporters have been, entirely fairly, most prominent in saying "we told you so" about Amnesty International. When AI jumped on the "apartheid" slander earlier this year, they were quite clear it was because it was popular with the far-Left
In calling #Israel an "apartheid" and racist state, making tendentious if inexplicit comparisons with the Nazis, Amnesty International was channelling the #Soviet active measures campaign from the 1970s, one of its most successful such operations.
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8 Islamic jihad terrorists eliminated in the #Gaza strip.
2 were on the way to carry a terrorist attack on the Gaza fence.
#PIJ Palestinian Islamic Jihad has been preparing to carry terrorist attacks and making threats. The @IDF carried targeted strikes against the terrorists who ordered this escalation.
The Average #Gazan is being used as a human shield for building terror infrastructure & terrorism
The @IDF conducted a targeted neutralization strike against a senior commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group in Gaza. Tayseer Jabari.
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*Urgente | Corresponsal de Al Mayadeen:*
Bombardeo israelí en las inmediaciones de la Torre Palestina en el centro de la ciudad de #Gaza.
El bombardeo alcanzó varios observatorios de la resistencia en la Franja de Gaza #Palestina #Israel #5Agosto
La ocupación israelí pide a los residentes de los asentamientos fronterizos de Gaza que permanezcan cerca de los refugios antiaéreos.
La ocupación bombardeó al este de Khan Younis y hay informaciones sobre el ataque a un automóvil al este de Gaza
Ocupación anuncia el lanzamiento de una operación contra la Jihad Islámica en Gaza bajo el nombre de "Rising of the Dawn".
El Ministerio de Salud en Gaza:*
Varios civiles resultaron heridos durante el bombardeo israelí de Khan Yunis
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The Israeli military conducted strikes in the Gaza Strip that resulted in numerous casualties to Islamic Jihad fighters. Bomb shelters have opened in southern Israel and there are reports that militant organizations could target Tel Aviv in the coming hours.
7 killed, 40 wounded. Amongst the dead is a five year old girl.

1. Saraya Al-Quds Commander Taysir Ja'bari
2. Saraya Al-Quds ATGM Squad Leader Salama Abed
3. Muhammed Al Boyouk

Gaza Ministry of Health confirms the death of the above.
IDF targeted the successor to Abu Al-Ata.
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#IDF says it is striking targets in #Gaza, emergency situation has be declared in #Israel|i homefront
Initial image from northern #Gaza
Initial reports the strike was a targeted assassination attempt against PIJ militants.
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🧵 THREAD on @UN_HRC Commission Miloon Kothari’s ‘apology’ for saying “the Jewish Lobby” controls social media + questioning #Israel’s membership to the UN:

1/ Draft:

“This non-apology is entirely meaningless and predictable.”
“It is also telling it came after almost 20 countries condemned him and a staggering 10 days after he made the initial remarks. Does it really take someone that long to recognize that saying “the Jewish Lobby” controls the media is abhorrent, racist and antisemitic?”

“At end of day, this @UN_HRC is still rooted to the core in Jew hatred and bias. It should be disbanded immediately and permanently, relegated to the dustbin of UN’s shameful antisemitic history.”

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#SettlerViolence #IsraeliViolence
Guerra alla bandiera palestinese: due settimane di attacchi di coloni e soldati a #Huwarah. ⬇1/5

#ApartheidIsrael #IsraeliOccupation #Palestine #HumanRights #IsraeliTerrorism #SanctionIsrael #Israel #3Agosto
via @YouTube
"Per tutta la seconda metà di maggio, gli abitanti di #Huwarah hanno subito una serie di attacchi congiunti da parte di coloni e soldati che hanno seguito un vero e proprio modus operandi: ⬇2
prima arrivano i coloni per togliere una bandiera palestinese che era esposta lungo la strada principale della città, poi arrivano i soldati e proteggono i coloni, per poi tutti insieme attaccare i passanti palestinesi. ⬇3
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La résolution des député·es 🇫🇷 demandant le démantèlement du système d'apartheid en #Israël 🇮🇱 et dans les territoires palestiniens occupées 🇵🇸 suscite de nombreuses réactions.

Mais c'est quoi l'#apartheid ? thread 🧵👇…
Le mot "#apartheid" évoque immédiatement l'#AfriqueDuSud 🇿🇦 mais c'est aussi un crime contre l'humanité, défini dans plusieurs textes de droit international, qui peut se produire ailleurs dans le monde.
L'#apartheid est un système d'oppression et de domination d'un groupe racial sur un autre, institutionnalisé à travers des lois, des politiques et des pratiques discriminatoires.
L'apartheid suppose la commission d'actes inhumains dans l'intention de maintenir cette domination
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Urgente | Líbano:
El secretario general de Hizbullah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah:
El cerco económico es guerra, y la paciencia es lucha, ya este enfrentamiento se le llama enfrentamiento de lucha #Libano #Hizbullah #Nasrallah #Israel #Economia #2agosto
"El enemigo está librando una variedad de guerras y tenemos que enfrentarlo de varias maneras.
La guerra de julio fue la guerra más difícil que vivimos a la sombra de la traición internacional y la división interna, pero recurrimos a Dios y Él fue quien nos envió la victoria"
"Mientras haya un proyecto estadounidense e israelí, lo enfrentaremos en todos los niveles de seguridad, militar, cultural y social.
Washington ha comenzado en los últimos años con sanciones a varios rubros con el objetivo de presionar al Líbano"
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