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A thread on the ‘atomic archive’ that #Israel spirited out of #Iran. Reactions to the story tend to be shaped according to one’s support for, or opposition to, the JCPOA. This is natural, but unnecessarily contentious. 1/6
Debate is also skewed by one’s access to the documents. Those who have seen the trove or been briefed on the content, are impressed by their scope. Those who haven’t note that the general thrust was already known, and that it was known Iran lied. 2/6
I believe the documents underscore the need for the limits and verification brought about by the JCPOA. More important right now, though, is the need for answers to the new questions raised by the archive. 3/6
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One failed #IDF covert ops in #Gaza caused:
- The return of the "Axis of the resistance" stronger than ever, recovering losses caused by the war in #Syria
- The embarrassment to Arab states rushing towards #Israel
- A positive push to the Arab population
- the fall of Lieberman
The #US and #SaudiArabia plan to "sell the Palestinians" failed by a failed #IDF covert ops in #Gaza. @realDonaldTrump is tasting his first defeat in #Palestine.

The performance of #Gaza showed that #Israel is not ready for war against #Lebanon too.
#Israel should have limited itself to talk about its power rather than use it and fail.

Now we hear: #israel Iron Dome is not hermetic.

400 rockets launched and only 120 intercepted. How about 150,000 rockets and missiles launched by #Hezbollah?

#Lebanon can be tranquil.
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#Israel showed its limitation in comparison to what #Palestinians can do:
1. No logo on al-Alam IED flag indication a unification of Palestinian groups against #Israel
2. Revealed possession of Guided anti-tank missile Kornet: Israel's nightmare in Lebanon 2006
3. #Palestinians fired 400 rockets knowing how difficult is to smuggle these into #Gaza. A #Hezbollah exchange of experience, using a small part of its capability and wait for development
4. Palestinians used a new rocket revealing more capability


5. The cause of #Palestine is back on its track. #ISIS kidnapped the world attention for 5 years and #Hamas lost its main cause during the world attempt - but failed - to change the regime in #Syria.

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Graphic: The militant group Al-Nasser Salah Al-Din Brigades releases video of explosion by a trapped Palestinian flag that injured 4 #IDF soldiers in February of 2018 at the #Gaza border. #Israel
**Booby trapped
For our English speaking followers, here is a translation of the video.
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#Palestine #Israel: new Rule of Engagement
Palestinian attack with a Kornet anti-tank guided missile will be shown shortly.
"Joint Ops Room: Mujahideen targetted an Israeli bus carrying soldiers in Arash Mughlasim, east of #Jabalia, that killed/ wounded those inside".
#Israel Jets are attacking #Gaza now and #palestinian groups are expected to respond.

#Qassam #Hamas waited for 30 soldiers to leave the Israeli bus, fired its Kornet when only 1 soldier was in. The Message is clear. Palestinians (& Hezbollah) have learned to hit #Israel without driving it out of control, limiting the hit at the beginning

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Envie de comprendre l'origine des "#Réfugiés #Palestiniens" ? C'est par ici.

Tout commence le 15 mai 1948 quand 7 #armées #arabes envahissent la #Palestine, rejoignant les arabes locaux pour attaquer #Israël. Leur but : jeter les #juifs à la mer.

⬇️Déroulez ci-dessous ⬇️
#Israël, qui n'a alors qu'un jour et ne compte que 500.000 habitants, n'est pas prêt à la #guerre : des #civils armés de #fusils, un embryon d'armée.. Beaucoup des juifs qui sont là sont d'ailleurs des rescapés de la #Shoah : on est moins d'un an après la traversée de l'#Exodus.
En face, 40 millions d'arabes prêts à en découdre, mais surtout, 7 armées entraînées, équipées de tanks, d'artillerie, d'avions de combats. Le rapport de force est de l'ordre de 1 contre 30...

Mais quand David affronte Goliath, c'est toujours David qui l'emporte.
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#BREAKING: #Palestinian reports #IDF shelling of a #Hamas post in northern #Gaza
Update: Report of one person in severe condition after a bus in the southern community of Kfar Aza was hit by a mortar
BREAKING: Incoming rocket sirens activated in southern #Israeli communities bordering the #GazaStrip
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THREAD 👉🏻 Things not addressed in Al Jazeera’s piece on Zionists, which itself reeks of antisemitism as I explain👇🏽:
1. Why #Qatar funded Al Jazeera is spying on US Jews on US soil.
2. Why AJ spent 1000s of $$$ throwing parties to get Jewish students drunk in order to smear them
3. Why pro-#BDS students are so obsessed with #Israel enough to run for student office just to demonize it.
4. Why Al Jazeera is so obsessed with Jews and actively promotes antisemitic conspiracy theories such as that Jews control the press and US government in this special.
5. Why they didn’t investigate the heavy foreign influence in BDS and the coordinated campaign against Israel.
6. Why SJP is whitewashed 4 their support for and associations w/ well as their well documented efforts to shut down free speech & harass Jewish students
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@POTUS @StateDept @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr WTH is wrong with you people does #Israel have that much of a stranglehold on you that you cannot extricate the US from the wars they created? Enough already! #IsraelDid911…
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1/ You might agree or not with this author analysis' on Iran's stance on #Khashoggi but it is true that those called #Iran reformists in the West, Khatami and then Rouhani, sought better relations with #SaudiArabia, just to be rebuffed.…
2/ This really calls into question #Iran reformists' project of engagement with the West because as long as the West is wedded to the #Saudi monarchy, this monarchy will make everything in its power to marginalize #Iran for fear it might replace it as a regional power.
3/ Unlike #Russia who has been torn between East & West because of its geography, #Iran has always looked West, because of its elite, revolutionary or not. Maybe now it is time to look firmly East and never look back again.
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#Netanyahu says #EU has agreed to stop funding an association of left-wing NGOs - Aug 7,2018
The #FreedomProtectionCouncil was established in 2017, a media freedom NGO,
composed of representatives of dozens of leftist #Israel-i NGOs inc. #BTselem & #Adalah…
#BTselem is a “disgrace,” PM #Netanyahu said on October 14, 2018 as he lashed out at the left-wing #Israeli NGO over its plans to speak out against #Israel at the #UnitedNations Security Council later that week.
#Palestine #Gaza #Occupation…
At #UN, #BTselem chief blasts #Israel; Envoy calls him a ‘collaborator’
Head of dovish Israeli #HumanRights group urges #SecurityCouncil to act against Jewish state,which he compares to #apartheid-era #SouthAfrica. Oct 18, 2018
#Palestine #Gaza #Occupation…
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1/ Dearborn MI, Funeral Homes - Part 2
#Huma & #HRC direct ties to Death Industry...
👉🏻 Is #LaFarge - #CEMEX Partnership connected?
Down the #RabbitHole we go...
#HumanTrafficking #OrganHarvesting #Concrete #ChildsexTrafficking
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
2/ For those that didn't read my last thread, #HRC & #Huma ties to Dearborn MI, #MuslimBrotherHood, #IIRO,
#Al-Quaeda all connected...
I highly recommend you begin there first...
#OrganHarvesting #QAnon
3/ ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ this is a tough subject matter, it's horrific & heartbreaking ... especially if you have no knowledge of #PizzaGate or #SatanicRitualAbuse
#ChildSexTrafficking #OrganHarvesting #HumanTrafficking #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
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1. Today Jews have been slaughtered just for being of the Jewish faith. When u slander Jews endlessly. When you smear Jews and lie about the Jewish State of #israel ad nauseam please reflect on this. Many on @Twitter are guilty of just that. @twitter seems often to ignore
2. I don’t know why @Twitter seem to often let people on here abuse Jews and the Jewish State, allowing such vile vicious racist behaviour. I don’t understand their violations policy but it certainly seems skewed.
3. Some may think words have no consequences. I tell you now. THEY DO. @Twitter. The jewhate racism that you allow on your platform has consequences. Think about that.
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The #PittsburghSynagogue shooter hated Trump & did not vote for him. Using liberal logic, the shooting is the fault of the allowed anti-Semitic rhetoric the left refuses to condemn. Jew killing is #literallyhitler The list of dem Jew hate is long…
A cluster of activist Democrats — most of them young, most of them cruising toward House seats this fall — has dared to breach what has been an almost inviolable orthodoxy in both political parties, strong support for Israel…
"The survey also shows that Republican sympathy toward Israel has grown by 29 points since 2001, while support for Israel by Democrats has declined by about 11 points over the same time."…
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Multiple fatalities and additional casualties amid an active shooter situation in or near Pittsburgh's Tree of Life synagogue.…
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Nov, 2017 - On 22nd anniversary of PM #YitzhakRabin's murder by a far-right Israeli, #Haaretz journalist #GideonLevy says #Israel has become even more hostile to a just peace -- one that Rabin himself was never really willing to offer
#Netanyahu Can't Wash His Hands of Incitement That Led to #Israel's PM #YitzhakRabin's Murder.
Bibi marched in front of 👉mock coffin👈& gave the incitement his approval. In real time, he saw the pictures of Rabin being burned & did not respond.… #Palestine
#BibiNetanyahu, #YitzhakRabin & the Assassination That Shook History | FRONTLINE
Rabin's widow blamed Netanyahu, then the leader of the conservative #Likud party, for contributing to the atmosphere that led to her husband’s death.
#OsloAccords #Palestine
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#Israel is expected to receive a total of 50 NEW FIGHTER JETS to make two full squadrons by 2024
The money for Air Force Deals is to come from a historic $38b. #US TAXPAYERS #MilitaryAid package to Israel in 2016, which came into force in Feb. of this…
Understanding #US Military Aid to #Israel
Breaking down the #MilitaryAid provided by the US Taxpayers to Israel.
NOT INCLUDED HERE👇🤨👉US$1.2b. #EconomicAid p/year and/or Tax-exempt donations from American donors to right-wing/extremist groups in Israel.…
Besides #US Taxpayers paying US$3.8Billion Military Aid Aid to #Israel in 2017, Private Donors also get tax cuts👇
#TheCentralFund is a well-known conduit for American donors seeking to make tax-exempt donations to right-wing & extremist groups in #Israel.…
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"Many #Arabs were attracted to Erez #Israel by the prosperity brought by the #Jews
For example, 40 Jewish families settled in Rishon Le Tsiyon. By 1889 400+ Arab families had settled around them. This repeated itself in many Jewish areas"
~A. Druyanov (all before the 1893 census)
🇮🇱In the area where organized Jewish settlement began *where 98% of the Jews would live until independence*,
📌the entire *non-Jewish population* in 1893 came to 93,600
~37,893 #Christians
~55,707 #Arabs
The #Jewish population* at the time was ~59,431
~>Vital Cuinet’s 1895 survey
#Jews 28,112
#Moslems 8,560
#Christians 8,748
Population of #Jerusalem, Calendar of #Palestine 1895
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Well done, @FoxNews. When there’s an issue with an ally, you were sure to book Rand Paul. He has a predetermined narrative for all things foreign policy - regardless of any development. His is a policy that would weaken America.
Rand Paul says we should never sell arms to any country unless it lessens the risk to the US and that selling arms to #SaudiArabia to use in #Yemen puts the US in greater risk. That is an absurd reading of the Middle East that demonstrates a lack of understanding.
Rand Paul said he’s furious over what Saudi Arabia did to #Khashoggi, claiming we should punish them on humanitarian grounds. But there’s never been a conflict or number of civilian casualties that he would support acting against, including selling weapons. It’s a double standard
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WATCH-Some very strong words from Labour peer Lord Triesman directed at the leader of his own party during a debate on 'religious intolerance in the U.K' taking place this evening in the House of Lords
More wise and welcome words from tonight's debate. This from Conservative peer Lord Gadhia serves to underline the strong relationship between the U.K's Jewish and Indian communities. Praises @BoardofDeputies and @JLC_uk among others
I urge you to take a few minutes from your evening to watch the following from Labour peer Lord Kestenbaum during tonights HoL debate on religious intolerance.

From his own family fleeing Nazi Germany to today's Labour Party, this MUST be seen!
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Beer Sheva mother's called national hero. She woke to sirens in middle of night, ran upstairs to grab 3 sleeping kids from 3 bedrooms, ran downstairs & got all into bomb shelter & shut blastdoor just as rocket hit.
Commentators: had there been casualties, #Israel would be at war.
Her house was totaled. The woman, Miri Tamano, raising her 3 kids, is a divorcee who was laid off 6 months ago. With a BA and writing skills.
BTW, she's a Ethiopian Jew.
Here is picture of Miri Tamano who was interviewed on Israeli TV. She detailed her rescue of her 3 boys, the terror of the rocket hitting her house, telling her boys to hold their crying to to say from Psalms "Give thanks to God for He is good, for His goodness endured forever"
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The invented #Palestinian nation and their inflated refugee numbers. A short thread. 1) In 1882, official Ottoman Turk census figures showed that, in the entire Land of what is now #Israel, there were only 141 000 Muslims, both Arab and non-Arab.
2) A well regarded travel guide to #Palestine and Syria was published in 1906 by Karl Baedeker; The book estimated the total population of Jerusalem at 60,000, of whom 7,000 were Muslims, 13,000 were Christians and 40,000 were Jews.
3) from around 1881 Jews came home to Israel renamed Palestine to reclaim their historical homeland. As the Jews came and drained the swamps and made the deserts bloom, Arabs followed. They came for jobs, for prosperity, for freedom. And, they came in large numbers.
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A reminder on #NationalComingOutDay that only one country in the entirety of the Middle East supports, defends and celebrates freedom of choice:

As a contrast to their equal rights in #Israel, here is how #gay men are treated in #Iran.
Sodomy is punishable by death in #SaudiArabia.
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Trump's deputy campaign chair Rick Gates solicited proposals (#felony) from Israeli firm Psy Group to create fake online personas, use social media manipulation & gather intel to help defeat @GOP primary opponents (@tedcruz) & @HillaryClinton🤨1/…
Gates wasn't interested in Psy Group b/c other Trump aides oversaw social media. George Nader & Joel Zamel (Psy Group owner) met w/Don Jr & offered to help *THROW THE ELECTION* at an Aug'16 meeting arranged by Erik Prince‼️

Nader is COOPERATING.😎 2/

George Birnbaum (Arthur Finkelstein protégé/@GOP consultant who worked for Netanyahu & other Israeli officials) initially pitched Gates on using social media influence/manipulation to sway @GOP delegates toward Trump.🤨 3/
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