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@benandjerrys likes to brand itself as a social justice company with flavors like "JusticeReMix'd & "Empower Mint."

But when it comes to promoting social equality and diversity in #Israel, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Here's what we mean ⬇️: Image
@BenJerrysIsrael buys the majority of its milk from local Israeli farmers.

Shutting down the factory would hurt the farmers and their families. Image
Most of the workers at the @BenJerrysIsrael factory, live in or near the Gaza Envelope.

They live under constant rocket fire from Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza & are one of Israel's most vulnerable populations. Image
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An explosion was heard in the #Gaza Strip a short time ago.

Possible IDF airstrikes following a wave of incendiary balloon launches throughout the day. Israel lowered fishing zone from 12 nautical miles to 6 nautical miles earlier as an initial response.
IDF airstrikes underway in the #Gaza Strip.
Light machine gun fire towards #Israel|i aircraft over northern #Gaza.
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🧵I love #football

Have done since the 1980's ⚽️

Nowadays though, the off-field stuff seems to get as much coverage & column inches as the game itself 🗞️📺📱

Competition isn't just about trophies - it's about eyeballs, soft power, geo-politics, PR and #money

Quick tale...
Did you see that news report from the #US this week about the #billionaire financier #TomBarrack being arrested? ($250m bail)

In the weird (but fun) world we live in, that incident ties to #NewcastleUnited & the #PremierLeague

Say what?! 🧐

#FollowTheMoney #Networks #Power 💸
We have;

- Billionaires acting as back-channel diplomats (💰)
- Political actors orchestrating things but pretending they're not
- Qatar buy rights to #EPL for region
- Saudi pirate them #AJ #BeIn #BeOut
- SA try to buy NUFC
- Qatar say "No Way"

#Rights ✍️/👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
#Value (s) 💸🙏⚽️
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For those on the political left this could be the most important video you will ever watch, from the politically neutral @chrismartenson

How "divide and rule" is scientifically proven. You are being used. Don't let them, please.

It goes back centuries
Anti-Israeli vs pro-Israeli need to understand the history. Stop fighting each other. Teach the history. Let people speak.

#BDS #Gaza #Palestine #Pallywood #Israel hatred is all manufactured, but you have to go back 2000 years
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Israeli Health Ministry says protection from #Covid19 infections among vaccinated people decreased by 42% since the start of inoculation on 20/12/2020. More than 5.75m people (61.6%) of the population have got the 1st dose. 5.28m have got the 2nd dose.…
#Israel In addition, protection from severe #Covid19 illness has also recorded a sharp drop of up to 60% among those who were inoculated in the early stages of the vaccine rollout. - Health Ministry…
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Pro freedom protest happening right now at the home of @naftalibennett, the PM of #Israel. ImageImageImageImage
Protest at the home of the #Israel PM
Pro freedom. Anti Fascism.
At the home of the PM of #Israel 🇮🇱 ImageImage
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According to #Israel Prime Minister’s fascist speech this evening, the unvaccinated are the disease. We are the reason for all the problems (1 of 4) ImageImageImageImage
It was less than 80 years ago.
How quickly we have forgotten.
We said “never again”
@naftalibennett, shame on you.

#Scapegoating #Vazi #Propaganda (2 of 4) ImageImageImageImage
If you know the history, the comparisons are clear to see.

We, Israeli Jews, know our history.
(3 of 4) ImageImageImageImage
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1. Short 🧵 on vaccine passports

@GNev2 poll (better than YouGov) shows clear majority against vaxx passes; do those voting “Yes” realise that these passes would exclude members of their family & friends from normal life?

@org_scp @favp_org @909isLive @WeWillBeFree82 @L4L_UK Image
2. If you support vaccine passports then you support medical apartheid, which as the name suggests is apartheid; congratulations if you support vaccine passports then you support APARTHEID Image
3. To sign up to vaccine passports people need to RESIGN their BODILY AUTONOMY to the state; the state will then dictate what drugs YOU & YOUR FAMILY need to take (+when) to access life; this will be 4 jabs/shots per year...

@GNev2 @JuliaHB1 @KirstieMAllsopp @TonyHinton2016 ImageImage
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1. In an 11 sec 🎥 @JoeBiden says if you take your covid shots you “won’t get covid” ~ either he doesn’t get it or is lying...the drug companies, all doctors & the whole 🌍 knows that the covid jabs/shots do NOT stop someone getting 🦠 or passing on...
2. Real world proof is everywhere; in @CDCgov data, in @PHE_uk data and beyond...

At a country level #Israel data shows this very clearly: people are testing positive for 🦠 in same proportion as jabbed vs non jabbed = suggests 💉 are actually doing nothing re catching 🦠 Image
3. That’s before any discussion on difference between relative/absolute risk reduction; one which @JoeBiden doesn’t want us to have

We get told the RRR numbers = shots c90-95% effective

We don’t get told the ARR numbers = c1% lower absolute risk from testing +ve

Only 1%......
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Last week's update

* Please read the comments, as many of the critiques
and questions are answered there.
* Note that now it's for ages 20-49. See below ⬇️

Printed out calculations:

Data sources:

cases numbers:…
(2 rightmost columns)

vax and population numbers:…

recovered (=confirmed ago) numbers:…

% vax / recovered (that's why 20-49):
Basic explanation about vaccine efficiency concept, methodology and discussion of possible biases (read through the thread there):
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1. The #PegasusProject reveals the extent of the police state created in #Mexico under presidents Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto: using software from the Israeli firm #NSO, some 15,000 numbers were potentially hacked, including 25+ journalists...…
2. ...and no less than 50 people close to #AMLO, then a presidential candidate, including his wife, sons, brothers, advisors, even his cardiologist.

One of the hacked journalists, Cecilio Pineda Birto, was subsequently assassinated.…
3. The software was originally purchased by Calderón -NSO's first international client- whose Defense Department made a massive purchase in 2011. His Security Minister García Luna was also heavily involved in Israeli-exported spy technologies.…
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"A aucun moment on ne peut certifier que l'#ADN introduit dans les cellules n'ira pas s'intégrer ds les chromosomes de la cellule réceptrice.
Dire que ce risque n'existe pas est faux : aucun généticien moléculaire ne peut dire que ce n'est pas possible."
"L'ARN ne peut pas être intégré dans l'ADN en tant que tel. Mais si l'ARN venait à être converti en ADN, cela peut se produire. Cette phase intermédiaire peut exister.
On a bien la capacité dans nos cellules de convertir de l'#ARN en #ADN."
"La phase3 c'est plusieurs années pour un vaccin. On est allé bcp trop vite dans l'autorisation de ces "vaccins" et sans en savoir + sur la protéine #spike : on s'aperçoit que cette protéine a des propriétés de pathogénicité en tant que telle, mm détachée du virus qui la porte."
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خواہمخواہ #PegasusProject #PegasusSpyware #Pegasus پر شور و غوغا ہورہا ہے کہ ٹیلی فونز Hack کردئیے یہ کردیا وہ کردیا | شکایت کیسی ؟ پورا افغان جہاد ۱۹۷۹ تا ۱۹۸۹ اسرائیلی لابی نے لڑا ہے ، پڑھیئے 👇 Image
خالص اسلامی نقطہ نظر سے دیکھا جائے تو “جہاد” اسلام کا ایک بہت مقدس رکن ہے اور اللہ کا کلمہ بلند کرنے کے لیئے کیا جاتا ہے اور اسی جہاد میں امت مسلمہ نے حرام کوحلال کے ساتھ خلط ملط کیا ہے اسکا وبال ضرور ہوگا اور ۱۹۸۹ سے وہی بھگت رہے ہیں

#PegasusProject #PegasusSpyware #Pegasus Image
اسلام کا بہت واضح اصول ہے وہ یہ کہ کسی کافر کو مسلمانوں کے اوپر عہدہ نہیں دیا جاسکتا | امیر المومنین ضیاء شہید نے ایک کافرہ رنڈی / فاحشہ / کسبی کو پاکستان کا اعزازی سفیر بنایا ، پڑھئیے 👇…

#PegasusProject #PegasusSpyware #Pegasus ImageImage
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#PennyAppeal is yet another ‘charity’ which looted Covid relief funds meant for India. Like others:
>It stole by promising help that never came
>It is also connected with Pak based radical Islamist groups.
Only difference – it was better at ‘projection’.…
Same Wine New Label:
COVID Crisis seems like an endless opportunity for criminal groups from IMANA & Muslim Aid to now - Penny Appeal. It was founded by UK-based Pak origin Adeem Younis & claims 7 fronts. But the fronts are only façade - they are managed by same ppl.. (2/n)
Australia Chapter:
The FB page of Aus chapter was earlier Muslims Without Border-MWB. Interestingly, MWB was also United Muslim Relief (UMR)’s name earlier. UMR’s board member is IMANA Chair Ismail Mehr.
(Read the whole Covid Scam of IMANA in #CovidAidScam2021 Part-1)
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🚨Red Alert in #Israel🚨
03:54 Local / 00:54Z
Shlomi, Mateh Asher, Ma'ale Yosef Image
IDF confirms the sirens, details under investigation.
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NSO Israel's spyware #Pegasus ,may have been used to spy on 300 Indians acc to French NGO Forbidden Stories (funded by #Soros ) & Amnesty International( founded by #Rothschild relative Benenson )
AI is rumored to give spies cover……
#Pegasus #Israel #NSOGroup The NSO group is mainly made up of former #Unit8200 members
#Unit8200 is Israels digital spy agency
The Question arises why is a Soros funded #NWO agency & a MI6/CIA/Mossad linked agency like AI exposing the #NSO
Real expose or #NooraKushti?
#PegasusSpyware The focus has remained mainly on the Modi Govts use of Israeli software to spy on its opponents
The real prob is that there are MULTIPLE Israeli software cos operating in #India founded by former #Unit8200 members
No one speaks of those spies
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story after story today expose the abuse of spyware technology developed & sold by #NSOGroup, authorized for transfer by #Israel. read, e.g., @skirchy here:…
and this key @jsrailton explainer/thread/compilation here
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Very few know the answer is 1%

What is the question?

Question = what is the ABSOLUTE risk reduction relating to reduced risk of testing positive for 🦠 according to drug companies own trials?

1% ~ yes, just 1% benefit

Next ask why NO ONE in government discusses 1% 🤔

#ARR Image
...but then as more real world data comes to light it becomes quickly evident that even this 1% number doesn’t appear correct

Take #Israel 🇮🇱 where those testing positive for 🦠 currently doing so in exact % split of jabbed + unjabbed across all age groups Image
...and the 1% absolute risk reduction relates to risk of testing positive for 🦠; not for getting ill, being hospitalised or dying

To calculate ARR for these you need to do some simple maths and you quickly move from 1% to 0.0%; yes zero

= ALL jabs are MIS-SOLD Image
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Thread: What’s happening in #Israel as the Delta variant surges in one of the world’s most vaccinated countries? More below- as the lead scientist advising Israel’s government tells me “#vaccines work” but must not be treated as “bullet proof vests”...
New daily #COVID19 cases hit more than 1,000 on Friday, from nearly none in early June. Severe illness remains relatively low but is rising - now 63 patients. Death rates are still very low, averaging 1 per day. Israel has a highly vaccinated population - 56% with 2 doses
But there’s a youth population boom. A third of Israelis are 16 or under. Under 20s account for around 45% of new #Covid19 cases. So Israel is now immunising 12-15 year-olds. 40% of the the 12-19 age group have had at least one dose.
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😲 #Israel not only "authorized" but "encouraged" NSO Group & others to sell spyware to #SaudiArabia *even after MBS' murder of #JamalKhasshogi, acc to @ronenbergman & @MarkMazzettiNYT.…
the reporting underscores the opacity of these firms & Israel's licensing procedures. remember, whatever NSO and others say they are doing, it is not subject to any independent oversight. none. zilch.
while the reporting is illuminating, this deeply problematic industry's malfeasance has long been known. consultants hired by NSO must have done some due diligence & yet bafflingly they proceeded.
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[THREAD] @EmmanuelMacron va remettre lundi à l'Élysée les insignes de commandeur de la Légion d'honneur au pasteur américain #JesseJackson, militant racialiste et antisémite, "ami" de Louis Farrakhan, le leader de la Nation de l'islam pour qui Hitler est un "très grand homme".
Selon @Elysee, "son action repose sur la force de l’argument, sur le rejet de toute forme de racisme et d’exclusion" et "les valeurs promues par le révérend Jackson sont universelles et sont celles de la République" (sic). Jugez plutôt... #JesseJackson #macron
Militant des droits civiques et allié du camp démocrate, #JesseJackson est en réalité un prêcheur radical haineux d’extrême gauche, un menteur pathologique qui a pratiqué le chantage économique au racisme, en rackettant des entreprises sous couvert de lutte antiraciste. #macron
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NS-Relativierung, Doppelstandards, Täter-Opfer-Umkehr: Über ein aktuelles Videointerview mit dem Verschwörungsideologen Sucharit #Bhakdi und seine antisemitischen Aussagen wird gerade viel getwittert. Wir klären über zentrale Aussagen und ihren #Antisemitismus auf. Thread: (1/13)
Bhakdi betreibt NS-Relativierung und Täter-Opfer-Umkehr: jüdische Überlebende des Holocaust, die nach #Israel flüchteten, hätten in Nazi-Deutschland das "Erzböse" erfahren. Ihr eigenes Land Israel hätten sie aber in etwas "verwandelt", was "noch schlimmer" sei. (2/13)
Was Bhakdi damit meint: Israel habe, wie "andere Länder", einen "Impfzwang" eingeführt. Weiter: "Das ist das Schlimme an den Juden: sie lernen gut. (...) Aber sie haben das Böse jetzt gelernt und umgesetzt. Und deswegen ist Israel jetzt 'living hell', die lebende Hölle". (3/13)
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Vaccines seem at work in the #UK. With every incremental day of contained deaths in the UK, the efficacy of the #vaccines in containing #COVID19 mortalities appears clearer. The infection and mortality curves in the UK make this fairly clear. While the infections curve...(1/6) the UK continues to rise and is yet to see a peak, the daily fatalities have barely seen a pickup, compared to where it was the last time around. During the last wave, the mortality curve saw a pickup around a month or so after the infections curve. Looking...(2/6) absolute numbers, the 7D average (7DAvg) of daily infections is now at 34k+ and the 7DAvg of daily deaths are at 30. During the last wave, on the rising part of the curve, when 7DAvg cases stood at 34k+ (25 Dec), the 7DAvg mortality stood at 480. This can be...(3/6)
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