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I'm supposed to be writing right now, but #DaylightSavingTime has me all messed up, so instead I'll take this moment to get something off my chest. This is about #TurningRed. I should probably do a video, but I'm a social media dinosaur, so Twitter thread it is!
Been thinking about that critic's review that the film wasn't universal and was limiting since I saw it. I don't think there's any bigger way to announce "I'm a mediocre white man" than to claim you can't see the universal themes in a Disney movie.
To be clear, I love Disney. "Lion King" is one of my favorite movies of all time and "Encanto" might tie for first. I have a whole case of Disney movies on DVD. I watch Disney+ on the regular without my kid just because.
Thus I feel imminently qualified to say this: Disney doesn't do anything but universal themes. Every movie since "The Little Mermaid" has the same themes: identity, belonging, parental loss, family conflict, and empowerment. EVERY SINGLE MOVIE.
Disney essentially takes their plotline from child development textbooks. They focus on the key developmental issues of children's lives. That's why parental loss is so big. It's children's biggest fear.
Did I mention my PhD is in clinical child/family psychology? Family therapists love Disney movies because they tap into universal family themes. I guarantee you somebody's writing #TurningRed into their syllabus right now.
How do you even get a job as a film critic if you can't identify the universal Disney themes? I need an image of @mskathykhang's t-shirt right now. Some of y'all know the one.
What might it have been that the movie critic couldn't connect with? Was it that a movie about Asians on the North American continent didn't center White people? Maybe it was that Disney's put out too many movies in a row that don't center Whiteness.
Could it have been the gender role reversals? The sidelining of male characters combined with the strong female characters? The women are the business geniuses and source of the family's magic? The dad is neither a goofball nor a warrior, but a sensitive homemaker?
The one depiction of toxic masculinity was a kid who really just wanted to hang with the girls at the boy band concert. That was priceless!
There was no love story, no pining for a male's attention, no man coming to save the day. Mei had a fierce group of loving and loyal friends who accepted her fully as she was. This may have been one of Disney's most feminist movies ever.
Oh yeah, there was all that talk about menstruation. Woooo, I didn't realize how little our culture mentions that until I was struck with my own discomfort about it.
But that's the most universal part of the movie. Because every human on this earth either menstruates or came from someone who did.
Can I be a film critic now? Because I'm pretty sure I'm more qualified than that dude was. Not to mention, I feel like I've got a whole series in me about #Encanto. It's a family therapist's dream!

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Mar 15
Beyond academia, are there other professions where people voluntarily create more work for themselves that won't result in more money, comp time, or promotions? Ministry and K-12 educators are similar, but I still think there's a distinction.
It's almost like professors feel like we have to make up additional projects to atone for the amount of flexibility we have.
And like churches, academic institutions are horrible at letting stuff die. So we just keep piling on new projects. Same number of people. Same money. Unending new endeavors. And we've convinced ourselves that this is normal. It ain't.
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Jun 26, 2021
Remember in the 2016 campaign when many Black people were telling our White friends/students/colleagues to “get your cousins?” I’m pretty sure the far right attack on #CriticalRaceTheory is happening because a significant number of young White people have been doing just that.
Many of us have seen the videos of White teens and young adults taking their racist and FauxNews-obsessed families to task. I have many current & former students who’ve shared with me the frustration & heartbreak they experience when they challenge their families.
Many no longer feel welcome, not just in their families, but in their communities and churches. That’s because somewhere along the line, they learned that what their families had taught them about race/racism was a lie. They challenged the family ideology.
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Jun 24, 2021
One year ago, I predicted we'd need careful reentry time coming out of quarantine. But did I do that? Nope. The past few weeks, it's been full speed ahead and I'm feeling it.
It's not even just the social aspect. That's hard enough for introverts. But there are so many backlogged tasks all falling upon us at once - going to the dentist, renewing passports, finally getting some home repairs done, getting a haircut.
I keep being late everywhere because I forgot how much time it takes me to get dressed. And I can't judge driving distances. How did I forget that you can't get anywhere in Atlanta in 15 minutes? So then I end up stressed about being late.
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Mar 15, 2021
I wasn’t going to say anything but here goes: If I were in practice right now and a new client brought in that recording of Kirk and Kerrion, the best conclusion that I’d be able to draw is that “There’s a problem in the relationship.” That’s all.
I wouldn’t be able to say who’s at fault, nor would I be interested in that (because that’s an almost irrelevant concept in family systems theory). I wouldn’t be able to deduce what led up to it or what happened afterward.
All I’d know is that there was a problem and I’d have to do a whole lot of questioning to gather an idea of what was actually going on.
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Nov 8, 2020
Woke up thinking about the question @namenzie asked yesterday about the plan for rescuing Christians stuck in MAGAland. Honestly, my first thought was along the lines of “F*@% them! Let them rot.”
Then I went straight OT. Literally. I pulled up Deut 21:18-21. It’s my favorite text of terror to hurl at “bad” Christians.
I think there’s a version that uses the term “He’s a profligate and a drunkard.” So when I use this passage as a weapon against someone, I tend to use the SOA translation, “Die in your ignorance, you profligate and unrepentant muthaf^cka!” #StraightOuttaAtlanta #TrapTheology
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Jul 28, 2020
This is what we mean when we say that White supremacy has infected US & Western Christianity. It’s important for ppl to understand that this is not ignorance; it’s intentional.
People are actually arguing with Metaxas as if he’s simply uninformed. That’s not the case. He has chosen to frame Jesus as White despite all evidence because that is critical to the project of White supremacist Christianity.
It’s a perfectly circular argument that defies logic: “Jesus was White therefore Whiteness is superior. And Whiteness is superior therefore Jesus must have been White.”
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