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So glad to see #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce on so many nominations list.

One of my favourites this year.

I wrote about it here…
To see an Asian woman in her 50s ponder her other selves & the lives she could have had,is subversive. During a time when pandemic bigotry & violence in the U.S. targeted Asians, esp women & elders, a film that centres Asian woman in her 50s is subversive…
Talking of older women and subversive, disappointed that Good Luck To You, Leo Grande didn’t get more nominations so far.…
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homelander becomes one of the girlies #TurningRed #TheBoys ImageImage
i cant stop thinking about this and i havent even seen the boys
oh this blew up… anywho I know homelander isn’t a good guy and this isn’t meant to be taken super seriously in any way! that meme video is just silly, and the concept of how absurdly ridiculous and unrealistic a crossover would be is all it is. ty for all the fun joke replies!!
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Me taking my meds.

13 yr old son, "Mom, dang you take a lot of pills. Why? *pinball machine subject change* Turning Red was so embarrassing. Talking about period stuff for girls and middle school drama -cringe."

Me, "Get in the van you're coming with me to run errands." 1/
Him, "Ugh, ok."

Me, "I need you to know WHY I'm going to tell you these things. I want you to 1 -be a better man, 2 - be a good partner if you marry a woman, 3 - be a good dad, and 4 - be more understanding of the world in general."

Him, "Huh?" 2/
Me, "Do you think the reason Turning Red felt awkward was that it was dealing with subjects that aren't openly talked about without embarrassment?"

Him, "Yeah, probably."

Me, "The awkward subject you mentioned is partly why I take so many pills." 3/
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I've tuned into the webinar from @MerchedCymru, @LGBAllies_Cymru and @WomensRightsNet on #RSE #RSEWales

Scene being set... Huge challenges with sexual harassment in schools as per @EstynHMI report and @WelshGovernment's RSE code fails to tackle these.
Stephanie Davies Arai @cwknews speaking first.
Children being exposed to porn and gender identity ideology online and in life.
Link being made between toxic messages girls receiving and deciding to opt-out of becoming women.
Change of language has happened. GIRES presenting gender identity as innate.
Now looking at resources for teens eg. Gender Identity Workbook for Teens, 'Gender Quest' Workbook, all encouraging kids to interpret their lives through gender lens (likes, hobbies etc).
Good grief.
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.@Pixar is notorious for hiding Easter eggs throughout its films, and its latest release, #TurningRed, is no exception. Check out all the Easter eggs and references you may have missed. 🕵️‍♀️ (1/8)…
The "Lightyear" Easter eggs happen right at the beginning of the movie when Mei Lee and her best friends Miriam, Priya, and Abby are walking down the streets of Toronto. 📸: @EverettPhotos (2/8) Image
Besides the "Lightyear" reference, Shi also teased the yellow Luxo Ball, which has appeared in every @toystory movie, as well as a number of other @Pixar films. 📸: @EverettPhotos (3/8) Image
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I'm supposed to be writing right now, but #DaylightSavingTime has me all messed up, so instead I'll take this moment to get something off my chest. This is about #TurningRed. I should probably do a video, but I'm a social media dinosaur, so Twitter thread it is!
Been thinking about that critic's review that the film wasn't universal and was limiting since I saw it. I don't think there's any bigger way to announce "I'm a mediocre white man" than to claim you can't see the universal themes in a Disney movie.
To be clear, I love Disney. "Lion King" is one of my favorite movies of all time and "Encanto" might tie for first. I have a whole case of Disney movies on DVD. I watch Disney+ on the regular without my kid just because.
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like mei, i grew up keeping my two lives very separate. there was “home life” — being a perfect kid to bring honour to family vs. “outside life” where i hid anything “too chinese” to fit in like lizzie mcguire. here’s why “turning red” made me feel seen…
school was a culture shock — from weird looks to questions about the food i ate and where i was from. i wanted to fit in and hoped to by watching "lizzie mcguire" or "gossip girl." but quickly, i realized that people like me were never the main character…
the reality is lizzie or blaire waldorf don't have to constantly prove they belong. it was easier as a kid to do what was expected of me at home and at school, separately, rather than having to explain myself when i didn't even have the vocabulary for it.…
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¿Por qué las historias de hombres blancos heterocis se consideran “universales”, pero toooodas las demás son “demasiado específicas”?

Platiquemos de esto. 🧵
El fin de semana Disney+ lanzó la película #TurningRed de Pixar, que cuenta la historia de una adolescente china-canadiense obsesionada con una boyband y con los chicos, que un día despierta transformada en un panda rojo gigantesco (…)
Es una lindísima reflexión sobre los cambios fisiológicos y psicológicos que ocurren en la adolescencia, la incomodidad que es inherente a ser pubertx, la sobreexigencia que impera en las familias contemporáneas, todo esto narrado desde la perspectiva de una mujer racializada.
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1/ In our defense, we didn't know it was going to be a slack thread with a 1000 messages. Our renders were flickering. And not in a subtle way... Objects would disappear, change textures, drop subsurface. It was not reproducible on any given frame.
Making of #TurningRed
2/ It was the dreaded sometimes missing, sometimes corrupt file. In a large distributed system, a file can be cached at a variety of locations. When you ask for a file, it first checks the os local page cache. If it's not there, it goes to backend storage.
3/ You can think of storage these days like a computer; it's not just a hard drive. So within that storage device, there are also caches. And if your storage device is hot, you might even throw another separate cache device in front of it.
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Director Domee Shi breaks down her first feature, Pixar's #TurningRed…
#TurningRed follows Mei as she wakes up one morning to discover that because of a secret family quirk, she has turned into a large red panda.…
As she was wrapping up work on her Academy Award-winning 2018 short “Bao” at Pixar, Shi knew she wanted her next film to be a girl’s coming-of-age story.…
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“I just want people to discover that girls can be as weird and pervy and strange as boys can be with this movie," says #TurningRed director Domee Shi.

I'm starting to get a clearer picture now why Disney hates Florida's anti-groomer bill.🔻… Image
“In the 11th grade I was on a lot, posting fan art of my favourite anime and Harry Potter..."…
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#TurningRed releases today and marks a tremendous amount of “firsts” for Pixar:

◾️First Pixar movie to take place in Toronto
◾️First to put Asian characters & culture front and centre
◾️Director Domee Shi is the first woman to solo direct a Pixar film Image
✍️ @HertzBarry writes: "#TurningRed is top-tier Pixar... This is an energetic, heartfelt, poignant and often delightfully subversive story of one young girl’s path into adulthood, and embrace of her cultural heritage."…
✍️ @HertzBarry writes: "With #TurningRed, director Domee Shi has shattered Pixar’s glass ceiling into a thousand tiny, shiny CGI pieces."…
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Hilo 2022
Ahora que por fin entendí cómo usar Twitter, voy a hacer mi bitácora por aquí de cualquier forma de entretenimiento que vea, juegue, lea o relea. De lo contrario me pasará que probablemente olvide todo al final del año jajaja ImageImage
Koi (1993)
Una colección de historias de amor que se entrelazan entre los distintos personajes. Aunque a veces cuestionables, las historias cuentan distintas formas de enamorarse y lo doloroso que puede ser.

Amor, infidelidades, asesinatos, desamores y amantes. ImageImageImage
Plan cœur (2018-2021)
3ra temporada

La temporada final de "Plan Corazón", romcom francés. Me gustó el hecho de que esta temporada se haya centrado en la amistad de las chicas. En general es entretenida, a veces absurda pero tiene sus momentos romanticones. ANTOINE TE AMO <3 ImageImageImageImage
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#TurningRed, a movie that finally gets to the heart of Asian American double consciousness: Passive and aggressive
Is it too much to ask for a cameo by Russell from Up, @Pixar
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It wouldn’t be #DisneyPlusDay without a look at the stories to come. Follow along this thread for exciting #DisneyPlus announcements, first looks, and more!
And who better to kick off the #DisneyPlusDay adventure *together* than Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) and Emily Blunt?!
@TheRock ❄️ @IceAge is back, and it’s coming to #DisneyPlus! Get ready for a wild prehistoric adventure! Check out the teaser trailer for The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, streaming January 28. #DisneyPlusDay
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The CN Tower, streetcar tracks and colourful Chinatown are all seen in Disney and Pixar's new animated film #TurningRed voiced by Canada's own @IamSandraOh and Oscar-winning director of "Bao," Domee Shi.

What do you recognize from the trailer?…
Look! The CN Tower and the Sky Dome in the horizon. Also, many downtown roof-top scenes.…
The story follows the story of a 13-year-old girl who transforms into a giant red panda when she gets too excited.…
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