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Mar 29 34 tweets 3 min read
we start with the formalities that conveniently veil the fact that this is a wholly partisan speech and corruption of incumbent power.
he starts with “the war in Europe” - he means the Putin invasion of Ukraine - to try and uplift the fiscal failings of his government with a vague international comparison. Stay classy mate.
the expected list of numbers. Compared to last year ie internal KPIs, like the “expected” trope that follows. People are of course obscured and disappeared into “welfare” and “unemployment” and “jobs”.
he has started attacking Labor already and lying about the disastrous record of Coalition economic management. That took about three minutes.
phoney rehearsed volume and pitch drop to leverage flood victims for partisan political purpose. Hope. Lmao plz. Who in a disaster zone would look to [checks notes] Josh Frydenberg for hope?
flexibility. Families. Threats. Modern. Protec. Buzzword buzzword to lead into the bribes. Plan. PLaN. He blames Putin (“events abroad”) again for their wages suppression and inequality-promoting fiscal settings.
welp. The gallery got what they wanted. An emissions-promoting fuel excise cut. Still got that influence! Well done. Frydenberg also has a magic pudding which will stop the emissions increase (excise cut) from impacting the road spending it supposedly but clearly does not fund.
the one-off cash payment bribes.
wow polling must be really really bad for Liberal and National Party candidates. They are hurling the cash around here. I wonder WhAt It WiLL CoSt? How will they pay for it? Which cuts will be made?
Oh wait sorry these are Liberal Party election promises.
apprentices and training places - via promises to give free public money to bosses, of course. Not the previously functioning affordable and efficient TAFE sector.
more handouts to small business, to court the vote of people who claim they believe in small government and free enterprise and meritocracy mythology (hard work etc) and oppose handouts because of course they do.
manufacturing. Like the car sector they destroyed? A patent box lmao wtf is apparently “modern and resilient”. The National Party voter handouts are “long term investments”. Drink.
more deflection onto a virus and a foreign invasion. More lies about the Coalition record. Transport routes. Health childcare medical regional infrastructure pipeline oh my. He is winding himself up a bit here.
the snowy hydro elephant. Drink.
Tasmania, Western Australia, Central Australia, Melbourne recites Frydenberg. The Coalition must be tanking in the polls just about everywhere.
“Australia has the highest rooftop solar uptake” so the Coalition “will invest further” in renewables? What? Does he not know who pays for rooftop solar?
women. Drink. The next announcement comes with the obligatory anecdote. Fuck these misogynists.
pandemic. PPE stockpile. Moving on immediately - the over two years of global pandemic got about 20 seconds - mental illness. Phoney pitch drop, pace slowed, now it is DV. Their policies cause mental health conditions and actively deny women financial independence.
“female” workforce participation is up, apparently. Presumably mostly in dangerous and low paid precarious jobs while literally keeping people alive.
they are giving another $17 billion to aged care bosses and the aged care equivalent of for-profit job agencies.
pharmacies in aged care facilities sounds like an improvement. Remember when nursing homes employed nurses.
“home ownership is fundamental to the Coalition” mate surely there is not a Coalition politician alive who does not own at least one house. Uses sole parents for his #CampaignComms, again.
tertiary ed. Not touching that.
“our First Nations people”😒
fund all the Indigenous rangers tho.
within seconds, “our koalas”. I see what he did there.
veterans, with requisite national security posturing. Histrionics. Chest beating incoming.
attack on Labor to pump up the spending on killing machines, of course. This is toxic masculinity.
ten billion on tech bros over ten years. They will be salivating.
that was the centrepiece. We are back to Mackellar coloniality and blaming a virus for crap economic management.
repetition. Screaming.
job application lmao
Lipsom cuts back in excitedly, normalising Coalition abuse of incumbent power and amplifying their myths and lies about economic management. This is political economy, press gallery style.
okay I am out. These partisan recaps are more garbage than I can take.

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Mar 29
I guess it is too much to ask people who accept statements from Scott Morrison at face value and mistake promises for cash transfers can not be expected to distinguish the present from very unlikely future household income, or tax offsets from tax cuts.
Coalition spends our money partisanly: investment (business); help (households).
ALP Opposition policy: how much will it cost? What cuts will pay for it?
Coalition votes for its own corrupted spending: there is an election😇
Labor votes for Coalition spending: hur hur weak bad.
“the cost of living is front of mind for the federal government” no, Bridget. Wrong. Retaining power is front of mind for Coalition politicians. They hope abuse of incumbency via the federal budget and a loyal press gallery can realise their partisan ambition.
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Mar 27
RN is reporting the federal budget will include “help” for first home buyers. In 2019 the Liberal Party campaign launch centrepiece was “help” for first home buyers.
Public money for commuter car parks also in the federal budget, reports RN. Not kidding.
maybe the many expensive strategists hired by Morrison on our coin saw #Insiders responding to corrupted Coalition administration by chuckling contemptuously at voters and Labor yesterday. And gave a relieved thumbs up to their only idea, bald-faced vote-buying.
with Labor ahead in the polls, the budget is becoming even more important as a launch pad for the government’s re-election chances - Karvelas.
A government will be elected. She means the Liberal Party and National Party campaign strategy.
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Mar 26
good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Guardian chief politics corro Sarah Martin, 9fax (The Age) economics writer Shane Wright and 9fax (AFR) economics editor John Kehoe. The interview is with shadow Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers.
this thread is not fact checked. I block snitch-taggers. If that is a new term to you, google it.
opening spiel: it’s a critical week ahead.
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? Well, the federal budget is the “last chance” for the Coalition parties to turn their electoral chances around. Speers calls Morrison government vote buying “a spending spree”. #Insiders
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Mar 25
every single bit of media coverage on this re-announcement by the Morrisons is free campaign advertising for the Liberal Party. Every column inch. Every second of airtime. All of it. Clowns.
framing the re-announcement with line items is specifically designed to make Liberal Party #CampaignComms look credible. It is bookended by poor Jenny narratives. Wholly partisan. Straight up advertising, for the Coalition, during a federal campaign they are losing ON MEDICARE.
the partisan health messaging from Speers last night was so irrational I wondered if he is okay. Is hospital funding a good idea? Will Labor pay “aged care” more? He seemed unaware that federal “aged care” cash is currently given to wealthy Liberal Party client donors.
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Mar 24
speers out here implying that a virus determines Coalition government debt levels and Opposition campaign promises are taxes.
Labor MP Terri Butler trying to explain macroeconomics to Speers in words of one syllable. Fiscal policy is supposed to allocate tax revenue in the public interest, David. Opposition policy is not in itself a tax, see.
do you think this is a good idea? To have a well funded hospital system? - actual Qs from Speers. Imagine bothsidesing universal* healthcare during a global pandemic on behalf of neoliberal extremism.
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Mar 24
peer reviewed research confirms that the targeted, misogynist bullying surrounding Morrison’s ascension was minimised and trivialised by Liberal Party males, as loyally legitimised and laundered in corporate media outlets by press gallery journalists.…
obviously there is no way that peer reviewed research will prompt press gallery journalists to reflect on their role in misogynist bullying by Liberal Party politicians that waved Morrison into the PMO. Why would they. It is only facts, evidence, and analysis.
corporate media do not value facts and evidence, any more than Morrison does. They do not need that shit mate. Abuse of power is much more rewarding. Not for merit, obviously, they are all terrible at their jobs, per the actual job description. But more rewarding nonetheless.
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