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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️this week on #Insiders are ABC Indigenous editor Bridget Brennan, TSP political corro Karen Middleton and murdoch politics editor James Campbell. The interviews are with Liberal Party campaign rep Simon Birmingham and Greens MP Adam Bandt.
opening spiel: a jump in inflation, probably interest rate rise, and now cost of living is front and centre in the campaign, says Speers. #Insiders
in other words, headline economic figures reflect Coalition economic management so disastrous that even the press gallery has noticed. #Insiders
what’s the Morrison perspective, skip? Well, coalition politicians want voters to re-elect them for another term [paraphrased] #Insiders
the montage soundtrack is Out of Touch lol Chalmers gets a few grabs, as does Morrison of course and poor old Frydenberg with his plodding enunciation. Morrison shouting risk risk. Albanese is back! With his dog! #Insiders
#MakingNews opens with the ALP housing market announcement. Liberals “jittery” about independent candidates in Kooyong. A media scare campaign on minority governments. No word on the dangers of a Coalition majority.
live cross to Probyn in Perth. Keating and Rudd are there for the ALP launch. Is the day important for the Labor leader? asks Speers.
Probyn says Labor reckons there are two, three seats in the reckoning. He says Labor has to win seats to win government. #Insiders
will the housing policy push prices up further? asks Speers. Absolutely says property market expert Andrew Probyn. He claims it is “politically smart” and projects something about “how Labor wants to be seen.” #Insiders
apparently the Liberals are “launching” their campaign in the final week of the campaign. Hmm says Speers he will do “some mini rallies before then”. Nobody notes the absurdity and public cost of this Liberal Party campaign strategy. #Insiders
Middleton and Campbell go first, on the ALP housing market policy. It is small, this $10k, the panellists agree. Campbell says people in the market already decide elections. Speers disagrees. Brennan says it is peanuts. People are despairing, she says. #Insiders
every property is $350,000 says Speers, bizarrely. What is? The property? Where does he live? #Insiders Let’s get to facts on cost of living Karen, he says.
Middleton points to the way subsidising private health care has not stopped its premiums increasing. That hugely expensive handout to business was a Howard attack on Medicare from memory, that no government has wound back. #Insiders
petrol. Falling real wages. Is inflation the job of the reserve bank James? Labor has policies at the edges like childcare, says Speers. Labor has talked more about cost of living to be fair says Middleton. #Insiders
long clip of Morrison lying about Coalition economic management and clip of Albanese pointing to garbage Coalition economic management. Middleton and Speers then spell out the pitches, which are already crystal clear. This 90 minute format is bloated and repetitive imo. #Insiders
cost of living has gone from 11th in 2019 to 2nd in 2022 after climate change on Vote Compass, says Brennan. She says the “who do you trust” rhetoric is a missed opportunity for politicians to speak to people about affordability of fuel, kids sport, food. #Insiders
the scrambled PBS announcement, which is Liberal Party #CampaignComms masquerading as government policy. They accidentally announced it early chuckles Middleton. Nothing on caretaker conventions. The “Labor sees health as a strength” line, again. #Insiders
interview. What do you think of the ALP housing market policy? Birmingham says Albanese will be “at the kitchen table with you” under the Labor scheme, a lie. Is co-ownership with government a bad idea? says Speers. #Insiders
our policy is better and a more compelling argument, says Birmingham. Speers quotes the 2019 co-equity announcement by Morrison. Well we have done a lot of work since then says Birmingham. Asked about state schemes, he says a federal co-equity scheme would duplicate #Insiders
and tries to flip the “waste” attacks back on Labor lmao I bet internal Liberal Party polling is showing the Labor messaging on eye-watering waste under Morrison is staring to bite. #Insiders
overseas shocks and disruptions transport and logistics blah blah blah standard Liberal Party lying, externalise the bad news take credit for the “good” [headline figures] #Insiders
why are wages so sluggish here? We are seeing, says Birmingham, citing wages expert James Campbell, that their policy is to keep driving growth. So your plan is to keep doing what you are going [wages suppression]? Our plan is comprehensive and detailed says Birmingham #Insiders
but you have no new ideas? Speers persists. Our detailed plans overseas comparisons our detailed plans recites Birmingham #Insiders
power prices. Birmingham goes to wholesale prices, which is of no moment to retail customers is it Simon. He rolls out a gold plate scare campaign. Based on what modelling? Government, says Birmingham. #Insiders
ahahaha Speers insists on the SOURCE of the modelling. Treasury? Government? Private sector? Energy market?? Birmingham squirms around, not knowing where Treasury starts and PWC ends. Can you release the modelling? asks Speers. I think that was a no. #Insiders
is the big emitters safeguards mechanism a sneaky carbon tax? It is a cost pressure. A carbon tax tho? Costs prices passed on argle bargle. But. Is. It. A. Carbon. Tax? Birmingham does not have the figures to hand. #Insiders
what have businesses been paying under your mechanism? Birmingham does not know. Is it $15 billion? Nope, still does not know. He does however purport your know that Labor has not released details; which he calls a “contrast” to his blank on his own Party’s policy. #Insiders
foreign policy. Birmingham recites anti-Albanese lines that must be resonating in focus groups. He pretends the absolute clusterfuck caused by this government in the Pacific on trade and climate policy is “superior”. #Insiders
final Q was on Solomon Islands and Morrison pretending he has drawn a red line under military bases or whatever like Scott Morrison determines foreign or military decisions of sovereign countries. #Insiders
panel on cost of living. Middleton mentions co-equity with the bank of mum and dad. We cut to #TheCrunch with soundtrack but Briggs is not there. We will whistle him up, says Speers😳#Insiders
the Canavan man. Told to pull his head in. And is he only one? Says Brennan. How many National Party and Liberal Party colleagues privately agree with him. She says Liberal candidates in seats with teal challengers must have poured a large wine lol #Insiders
it is a narrative of chaos, says Campbell. It makes the Coalition “look” divided he says. Well the point is they are divided says Middleton. Are they really committed to net zero, or have they stitched up appearance of a plan for re-election purposes (abbr.), she says #Insiders
what is different is where it cuts in, says Middleton. Labor has a steeper trajectory, she says. Business wants this. Brennan agrees that business does not want messy climate debates. She calls the Coalition carbon tax scare campaign “vintage”😂#Insiders
nobody understands the mechanism, says Campbell. Nobody does, agree Brennan and Speers. It is a simple concept says Middleton. If you emit too much you pay more. The Guardian is full of explainers on this so how well is it really known sneers Campbell. #Insiders
deadset giveaway on the murdoch project of dumbing down the public sphere there James. #Insiders
#TheCrunch Briggs is up. He has numbers on cost of living, mortgage stress, rental stress (growing at the same rate, so housing cost stress) and some stills from major Party social media attack ads. #Insiders
Briggs says the major parties have vacated the space on renters. Speers asks if Scott Morrison is making up enough ground? Enough ground to what, David? #Insiders.
the non-major party vote will be higher than in past elections says Briggs. The independent vote is up. We know. #TheCrunch. Back to panel. #Insiders
back to the Labor launch. It needs to be an energised speech today, says Brennan. Speers says the Labor team stepped up. Such a terrible position to be in guffaws Campbell to be competing with your own team members. Such bullshit. #Insiders
there is no evidence voters want this pseudo-presidential presentation offered up by lazy horse race political journalists. It is just as or more likely that voters appreciate the depth of team talent (Ed). #Insiders
still of a Frydenberg billboard. Panic, says Middleton (I think) or Brennan. What’s it like in Kooyong? Campbell says “Josh’s material” is bought and paid for in empty shop fronts and on trucks and billboards while Dr Ryan has corflutes on peoples actual houses. #Insiders
is Frydenberg in trouble? Panel consensus that Frydenberg is indeed in trouble and that means the Liberals are in trouble. Middleton says Frydenberg is seen as a future leader and seen as a moderate.

Given he comes across as a talentless hack, that speaks for itself. #Insiders
there is some concern expressed about the Liberal Party moving even further to the right (because men like Frydenberg lack the talent and commitment to do anything other than leverage the Liberal Party as a vehicle for personal ambition). #Insiders
so what if the Liberal Party make themselves unelectable under a religious rump run by Hawke and Robert is my view of that. #Insiders
interview 2. Bandt. Energy prices, minerals for batteries, renewables. Bandt has been to Gladstone too. Speers steers back to coal towns that will not have a lithium mine. The Greens plan is a job-for-job guarantee. This is policy based on just transition principles. #Insiders
you pay for this you pay for that says Speers, all of this spending he says. He says he can not find the costings. Bandt says the PBO has done the costings, that farmers are losing billions to climate disasters, that taxing billionaires will pay for just transition. #Insiders
we need to get out of coal says Bandt. Speers asks if we are $50 billion better off by shutting down coal by 2030? Bandt steps him through the overall transition plan set out by the Greens #Insiders
will the Greens back Labor? We are not going to support the Liberals, says Bandt. The Greens policy is to build a million new houses and support people to buy or rent at around 25% of their income (an affordability benchmark). #Insiders
should Steele John have said Australia trying to direct the foreign policy of sovereign nations racist [paraphrased]? Speers says Indonesia and others have also expressed concern [about a Chinese base in the Solomon Islands]. #Insiders
tensions are rising, says Bandt. We should distinguish the Chinese people from the CCP, says Bandt, because Chinese people often cop it. The government continues to sell them coal, he says. But who is racist what is racist says Speers #Insiders
Uluṟu Statement. We support every aspect of it, says Bandt. Truth, Treaty and Voice, says Bandt.
Fact check: Voice Treaty Truth sequencing is integral to the Uluṟu Statement.
Speers insists on an answer regarding a referendum. Bandt defaults to winnability and cites two First Nations Greens senators to support his position. Eventually he concedes the Greens will not campaign against a referendum on Voice #Insiders
Bandt talks about Victoria, says Brennan, but negotiating Treaty is a huge task. It could take decades. Speers tries to move on but Campbell wants to talk Voice. He says the Liberals “will go bananas” and run a wrecking referendum campaign on Voice if they lose. #Insiders
the first three vox pops curated by Speers are a bloke and another bloke and a bloke sympathising with Scott Morrison. #Insiders
then he talks to a woman who does not like Scott Morrison and thinks Anthony Albanese needs to lift his profile. Back to the Coalition voter who says he “wants someone there who knows what they are doing” (it is incredible to me that anyone thinks that way). #Insiders
#FinalObservations 1 is Brennan saying whoever wins government should take the time to meet with families of Aboriginal people who died in custody, saying the evidence at the Veronica Nelson inquest are devastating. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Campbell saying there are two campaigns, one the trad marginal seat routine and the other in marginal Liberal seats with independent challengers [paraphrased] #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Middleton saying we need to learn the Anzac lessons of mass loss of life for no strategic gain. #Insiders
the outtake is that cringe moment when Deves volunteers try to rustle up enthusiasm for their candidate.
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here:
I have to walk straight out the door today so apologies in advance if I do not get to all your replies later✌🏼

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Apr 28
the media narrative is solidifying. I’m hearing that bad economic and national security news - reportedly occurring independently of disastrous Coalition leadership in both (all) areas over these 9 years - might (as opposed to voters voting) enable Labor to scrape into power.
disastrous economic and national security outlooks are made to serve press narratives: journalists frame the inevitable result of Coalition governments as a shock upset to the garbage tropes they falsely attribute to 17 million voters and love to repeat at every opportunity.
waiting to see what press gallery journalists say about a week of Labor front benchers being provided - by newsroom bosses - with something resembling air time parity with the Coalition. If they concede it maybe turned out well for the Labor campaign, the switch is in.
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on Sunday, National Party leader and deputy prime minister and formerly disgraced National Party leader and deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce complained on #Insiders that his political opponents are campaigning with different messages in different seats.
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good morning from unceded Durramurragal lands☀️today on #Insiders are Sydney Daily Telegraph national political reporter Clare Armstrong; Nine Entertainment chief political correspondent David Crowe and ABC radio host Patricia Karvelas.
the interviews are with shadow treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers and deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce.
This thread is not fact-checked. I block snitch-taggers. #Insiders
opening spiel: contest shifts gear, says Speers. Scare campaigns have “made way” for…
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? Well, we did not hear it for once. Instead, a foreign policy issue emerged from nowhere. #Insiders
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ellabling us #Scottisms
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wield more affordable dwelling units.
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Apr 19
lemme save you four minutes. This is dross. Its final, pitiful pitch - as part of the editorial reset that the ABC has attempted today without conceding any fault - is to conflate the press with voters who do not have an influential legacy media platform.
without conceding error, press gallery journalists and their colleagues on the campaign buses are the problem, not the solution. This pretzeling is crumbs for gulls and rubes. Classic fail trap. Strictly an oh well we tried and there’s no pleasing some people strategy.
admit the errors. Concede the mistakes. Own the misjudgements.
They won’t because they can’t.
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Apr 16
good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden, 9fax politics editor Peter Hartcher, and ABC politics editor Andrew Probyn. It is an unnecessary and indulgent 90 minute show with two interviews.
the interviews are with shadow health minister Mark Butler and foreign affairs prime minister for women Marise Payne #Insiders.

This thread is not fact-checked. It is not apartisan, and I reject phoney bothsides framing. I also block snitch taggers and am not your dictionary.
opening spiel: The Gaffe. Morrison’s transphobia. “Vulnerabilities” of leaders are bothsided.
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? he may not be popular but we should vote for him anyway. The Gaffe. Transphobia, again.
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