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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Guardian rural editor Gabrielle Chan, Ch 10 and RN host Waleed Aly, and ABC politics editor Andrew Probyn again. Interviews are with shadow education minister Tanya Plibersek and Wentworth candidate Allegra Spender.
this thread is not fact-checked. I block snitch-taggers. Mackellar is not an inner city seat. #Insiders
opening spiel: interest rates start rising but RBA says not wages.
What’s the bothsides spin today skip? The debate over the [skyrocketing on Coalition watch] cost of living has “sharpened” #Insiders
heavy reliance on the RBA for this opening spiel. Odd, given it was the RBA that posited rates would be lifted from 2024. #Insiders
heh. Spoke too soon. The montage dug up that RBA 2024 audio. The soundtrack is Moving On Up. Wages suppression and inflation outbreaks is called “kitchen table politics”. They mean poverty and hardship. #Insiders
looks like we are going to get repeat focus on “the six points” but not ACTUAL NDIS policy settings. Just horse race nonsense. #Insiders
#MakingNews is Nine saying ALP pay equity pitch is to women. The murdoch mastheads are as usual bestowing hero legend status on a bloke who lost his seat and government. #Insiders
instead of a bothsidesing editorial, we get neither side editorialising. This is Speers latest scare campaign, that nobody can manage the scary future economy (because the Liberals can not, is the logic here). #Insiders
panel. Aly says the major parties are “going to pump money into the economy”. Labor into the caring economy, he says, and the Coalition into what? Rorts? #Insiders
inflation expert Andrew Probyn says neither side is showing any restraint and money is sloshing around (not for a LOT of people, Andrew) and runs the structural problem line the ABC has landed on this week. #Insiders
land prices for farms are thru the roof, says Chan. People are exposed to big loans and there is going to be pain [for landowners]. Speers plays a clip of Morrison squawking that interest rates are not about politics and lying about his own lens. #Insiders
back to Probyn who quotes John Howard saying in his biography that there was a 2007 gentleman’s (Liberal Party-RBA ie ruling class) agreement about campaign rate rises. Another clip of Lowe saying he is embarrassed about bad forecasting. #Insiders
more presidential framing. Voters are looking at Morrison and Albanese, says Speers to Aly, who “has a hunch” that the rate rise “plays worse for Morrison”. He repeats the emergency rates lie.
The RBA was cutting rates after the GFC and before the pandemic. #Insiders
does one side have a more credible approach on downward pressure? Chan says we are in uncharted territory. Did people renovating their houses know inflation was coming? Aly interrupts to say polls show cost of living is the top priority. #Insiders
reminder that climate change is the top priority regardless of whether garbage political leadership and crap media coverage has convinced some voters otherwise. #Insiders
naturalising unemployment and interest rates (Aly), one of the most irritating false assumptions of neo/classical economic theory (me). #Insiders
interview. Plibersek. She opens with Mothers Day greetings and points to the failure of industrial relations policy under Morrison. She says Labor has a plan for wages, childcare, skills, productivity and that Morrison says he got nothing. #Insiders
as he has all week, Speers says that investing in skills and childcare etc “takes time”. Plibersek points out that the problems have been created over almost a decade of this Coalition government and can not be fixed overnight. #insiders
we are saving people money by providing a free TAFE place and add income earning capacity and that builds up the whole family and Speers says so you are spending money. Giving money to the states. To spend. He seems not to understand why we pay taxes. #Insiders
unis. Plibersek says Labor will fund 20,000 more degrees for half a billion. Sure but why are you not doing demand driven places? We can not afford to fix everything immediately says Plibersek. It has been a tough couple of years for young people, she says. #Insiders
the fact Morrison is turning more people away from uni is heartbreaking, says Plibersek. Where is your education policy up there with [the leaders we the media aggressively undermined] Gillard and Shorten tho? asks Speers. #Insiders
the Commonwealth-state agreement bakes in the inequality of funding to public and [exclusive expensive] other schools, says Plibersek. She says public schools will never get equality of funding under Morrison. Speers defaults to his “when WHEN LONG TIME” counterpoint. #Insiders
fair pay for women? The Nine papers say you will do it what are you going to do? Plibersek says equal pay will be inserted into Fair Work Act so the FWC can apply fair work principles. Revolutionary stuff. #Insiders
paying aged care workers properly, says Plibersek. When low paid workers are paid better that increases aggregate demand and crates jobs. Speers skips sideways to womens super and the lack of PPL super contribution. Plibersek says in government Labor will look at it #Insiders
but why support the tax cuts? That will help men? Speers is talking about a COALITION policy but being a wealthy smug male performing phoney feminist allyship to attack Labor, he does not say so. #Insiders
leadership tensions, says Speers. What are the strengths of Anthony Albanese? Plibersek stays on message with the care economy pitch and the failures of Scott Morrison. We cut from that, because the question was not about her political opponent during an election #Insiders
the Coalition tax policy is terrible for Labor, we all agree. Probyn says the campaign is light on policy. Chan says Labor took a bigger picture policy platform to the 2019 campaign. Nothing on media attacking Labor policy and hero worshipping Morrison stunts. #Insiders
tHe SiX p0iNtS again. Not, as mentioned, actual NDIS policy. Not disabled people. Not funding cuts to autistic kids. Like the pretend championing of women, this is just about using not-dominant groups to attack Labor and push out horse race coverage. #Insiders
what has changed is turning the cameras back on journos, says Chan. She says the question was unimpressive and the six points are anodyne. Finally, Chen says there are serious problems with NDIS. #Insiders
Speers says oh maybe the gotcha nonsense has the unintended consequence of putting the spotlight on NDIS policy [paraphrased] and puts this to Probyn who defaults back to partisan criticism. At no point has Probyn engaged with the clandestine privatisation of NDIS. #insiders
the “threat” of so-called teal independents, says Speers. Threat to the Coalition, that is. For everyone else they are either a positive or just candidates in some other seat. Clip of Turnbull saying it is good for democracy. #insiders
there is a reason for the teal, says Aly. It is a blue. And a bit Green, says Speers, a comment that underscores the unlawful Greens mis-branding corflute campaign. Speers went to Wentworth this week and found some voters with opinions. #Insiders
Speers asking what do you think of Scott Morrison? What do you think of Albanese? in the seat of Wentworth really irritates me. Coupla dudes who are very indignant that Allegra Spender is standing and coupla women who are across her policies and will vote for her. #Insiders
who the teal Indies would back if Labor does not get a majority is also such an irritating question. It depends on the negotiations on the day. Probyn “speculates” - basically states but in “what if” terms - that the teals are running as Labor Party allies. #Insiders
we have talked a lot about these teals, says Speers, laughably. You have now, mate. After ignoring them for months, because Morrison hoped they would fade away. They are a real “challenge” he says. Chan explains the actual context and background. #Insiders
Chan explains how the Voices of candidate model is modelled on the Indi campaign that unseated Mirabella - back in 2013 - a regional seat. That the candidate is selected by consensus, with genuine community support. #Insiders
interview 2, Allegra Spender, who opens with her position on policy and wanting to talk about policy. Speers ignores this and asks what she would base hung parliament negotiations on. Spender says she is open to talking with both sides, on climate and integrity. #Insiders
come back to the science and come back to business, says Spender on climate policy negotiations. Some teal candidates have gone further than you, to 60% (interim emissions reduction target) says Speers, implying the teals are a Party. #Insiders
tax. Spender says tax is an issue for productivity and GST should be on the table, as a large part of our tax system. She supports increased skilled migration, in line with BCA, and better support for temp migrant workers. #Insiders
foreign policy. What are our tools in relation to aid, soft power, influence in the pacific, says Spender. She supports where the Morrison government on defence spending and nuclear subs. #Insiders
integrity. The car park rorts, the sports rorts, says Spender. There is $10 billion non-priority infrastructure in the budget, she says. The community expects our money to be spent in ways that benefit community, not marginal seats - Spender. #Insiders
the gotcha is a Q on public money for the Redleaf beach n pool upgrade (a very snooty spot in Wentworth). Spender says the issue is establishing a corruption commission, not for her to say what is or is not corruption. #Insiders
back to “who ya gonna back”. Speers cites Steggall who has said she is more likely to back the Coalition without Morrison as leader. Spender says it is not about personality it is about policies. #Insiders
back to panel. Aly agrees that the teals should be asked who they back and the teals should not answer the question. If they pick a side before the poll they are not Independent are they he says. #Insiders
where is the threshold for corruption, says Probyn, holding up the original colour coded spreadsheet which he has brought with him. He and Speers back and forth on what Soender says about systemic corruption. They are all small, it is corrupted, says Probyn. #Insiders
if Chan was asked to join the Spender interview post mortem I missed it. Seems analysis of a movement comprised almost entirely of women running against misogynist government candidates must be dominated by… blokes. #Insiders
#TheCrunch. A rural focus. The usual Nationals campaign strategy of attending bridge openings and announcing dams. I can not cover in detail sorry it is very visual and too hard to watch, listen, and tweet😩#Insiders
the Nationals are worried? Yes, says Chan. We have assumed Joyce is a plus wherever he goes but in fact there is a schism between the south east and fnq was it? I missed the name of the candidate who is disavowing Joyce. #Insiders
Solomon Islands. Aly says the allegation is that deployed Aust cops refused to guard Chinese-built facilities. Aust denies this. He says Aust does not have a great level of control and the red line is the US red line we just jumped on. #Insiders
#TalkingPictures is up. Bowers does an incredible Howard voice. Wow. Like really wicked😈
Pope is a back to you David man.
#FinalObservations 1 is Chan saying McCormack will not rule out another tilt at the National Party leadership plus what goes into the [secret] Coalition agreement if there is a teal wave #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Probyn saying we have learnt something from Gabby today and to brace ourselves for a wave of negative ads. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Aly saying the Yarrabah affirmation (he calls it an attempted re-launch of the Uluṟu Statement) failed because the Coalition parties (he says “the government”) swatted it away. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here
another broken link sorry these 90 minute episodes are gruelling!!

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May 6
lol ABC radio PM is leading with a Voices candidates story, after a failed Liberal Party leader offered his commentary in another hemisphere. So telling who they listen to. This is why audience/voters with twitter accounts stay six months or so ahead of the press gallery.
no better reminder that voters with twitter accounts are streets ahead of vested press gallery journalists than Vince and team, who were attributed only (to my knowledge) by Michael Pascoe at TND. Corporate media either plagiarise or studiously ignore this kind of work.
alert but not alarmed by this peculiar turn of phrase.
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️this week on #Insiders are ABC Indigenous editor Bridget Brennan, TSP political corro Karen Middleton and murdoch politics editor James Campbell. The interviews are with Liberal Party campaign rep Simon Birmingham and Greens MP Adam Bandt.
opening spiel: a jump in inflation, probably interest rate rise, and now cost of living is front and centre in the campaign, says Speers. #Insiders
in other words, headline economic figures reflect Coalition economic management so disastrous that even the press gallery has noticed. #Insiders
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the media narrative is solidifying. I’m hearing that bad economic and national security news - reportedly occurring independently of disastrous Coalition leadership in both (all) areas over these 9 years - might (as opposed to voters voting) enable Labor to scrape into power.
disastrous economic and national security outlooks are made to serve press narratives: journalists frame the inevitable result of Coalition governments as a shock upset to the garbage tropes they falsely attribute to 17 million voters and love to repeat at every opportunity.
waiting to see what press gallery journalists say about a week of Labor front benchers being provided - by newsroom bosses - with something resembling air time parity with the Coalition. If they concede it maybe turned out well for the Labor campaign, the switch is in.
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short thread on two days in the life of two men who meritocracy mythology tells us are, by definition, the apex of Liberal and National Party talent and *hard work* lmao two men who are breathlessly promoted by press gallery journalists as master political campaigners.
on Sunday, National Party leader and deputy prime minister and formerly disgraced National Party leader and deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce complained on #Insiders that his political opponents are campaigning with different messages in different seats.
that #Insiders episode was broadcast from Gladstone in the seat of Flynn where the Davids and friends dutifully shared concerns of “people” who work in coal and cattle and feel for the tuff coupla years Scott Morrison has had maaaate.
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good morning from unceded Durramurragal lands☀️today on #Insiders are Sydney Daily Telegraph national political reporter Clare Armstrong; Nine Entertainment chief political correspondent David Crowe and ABC radio host Patricia Karvelas.
the interviews are with shadow treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers and deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce.
This thread is not fact-checked. I block snitch-taggers. #Insiders
opening spiel: contest shifts gear, says Speers. Scare campaigns have “made way” for…
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? Well, we did not hear it for once. Instead, a foreign policy issue emerged from nowhere. #Insiders
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ellabling us #Scottisms
when Jenny and I blaw our first house #Scottisms
wield more affordable dwelling units.
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