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So far, 9 seats have fallen from men to women: Goldstein, Wentwth, Kooyong, Mackellar, Nth Syd, Hasluck, Ryan, Swan, Pearce (though men had retired in latter two)
2 woman lost to men: Griffiths, Robertson

Already a huge improvement to the gender breakdown in the House #insiders
I guess we are seeing women rise on the basis of others doing worse 💁‍♀️
*Griffith but I'm tired
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Laura Tingle (ABC 730) Sarah Martin (Guardian Aus) and Peter van Onselen (murdoch/Ch 10). The interviews are with Labor leader Anthony Albanese and Liberal deputy leader Josh Frydenberg.
opening spiel: the campaign is in its last “desperate” days. He means the Liberaks feel desperate. Everyone else feels buoyant. The prime minister has promised to change, says Speers. He repeats the master campaigner lie. #Insiders
the show is filming in the seat of Reid this week, and Speers says things are more negative than positive there. I guess he means *for the Liberal Party*, that being his singular perspective. #Insiders
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Guardian rural editor Gabrielle Chan, Ch 10 and RN host Waleed Aly, and ABC politics editor Andrew Probyn again. Interviews are with shadow education minister Tanya Plibersek and Wentworth candidate Allegra Spender.
this thread is not fact-checked. I block snitch-taggers. Mackellar is not an inner city seat. #Insiders
opening spiel: interest rates start rising but RBA says not wages.
What’s the bothsides spin today skip? The debate over the [skyrocketing on Coalition watch] cost of living has “sharpened” #Insiders
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A to Z of scandals, failures & fuck-ups during Morrison's Prime Ministership

It not an exhaustive list, more of a living document
#auspol #ausvotes #insiders #AusVotes2022

Aged care neglect
Archer bullied
Ancestry trip G7
ACC Conference GC - 'appointed by God'
ABC cuts, 250 jobs lost
Angus, fuel storage/fake electricity prices fail
ANAO & OAIC funding cut after SportsRorts Reports

#auspol #ausvotes #insiders

Brereton Report
Blind Trust

#auspol #ausvotes #insiders
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Didn't recite Labor's comprehensive 6-pt plan👇word-for-word on cue👉media goes ballistic

Didn't call Sogavare, dropped ball, China moved in, threatened nat sec; also called a 'buffoon' by an SC👉 media goes meh
#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022 #insiders
If you would like to read Labor's NDIS policy....

You can find it here
#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022 #AusVotes22 #AlboForPM #insiders #QandA…
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️this week on #Insiders are ABC Indigenous editor Bridget Brennan, TSP political corro Karen Middleton and murdoch politics editor James Campbell. The interviews are with Liberal Party campaign rep Simon Birmingham and Greens MP Adam Bandt.
opening spiel: a jump in inflation, probably interest rate rise, and now cost of living is front and centre in the campaign, says Speers. #Insiders
in other words, headline economic figures reflect Coalition economic management so disastrous that even the press gallery has noticed. #Insiders
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short thread on two days in the life of two men who meritocracy mythology tells us are, by definition, the apex of Liberal and National Party talent and *hard work* lmao two men who are breathlessly promoted by press gallery journalists as master political campaigners.
on Sunday, National Party leader and deputy prime minister and formerly disgraced National Party leader and deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce complained on #Insiders that his political opponents are campaigning with different messages in different seats.
that #Insiders episode was broadcast from Gladstone in the seat of Flynn where the Davids and friends dutifully shared concerns of “people” who work in coal and cattle and feel for the tuff coupla years Scott Morrison has had maaaate.
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good morning from unceded Durramurragal lands☀️today on #Insiders are Sydney Daily Telegraph national political reporter Clare Armstrong; Nine Entertainment chief political correspondent David Crowe and ABC radio host Patricia Karvelas.
the interviews are with shadow treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers and deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce.
This thread is not fact-checked. I block snitch-taggers. #Insiders
opening spiel: contest shifts gear, says Speers. Scare campaigns have “made way” for…
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? Well, we did not hear it for once. Instead, a foreign policy issue emerged from nowhere. #Insiders
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden, 9fax politics editor Peter Hartcher, and ABC politics editor Andrew Probyn. It is an unnecessary and indulgent 90 minute show with two interviews.
the interviews are with shadow health minister Mark Butler and foreign affairs prime minister for women Marise Payne #Insiders.

This thread is not fact-checked. It is not apartisan, and I reject phoney bothsides framing. I also block snitch taggers and am not your dictionary.
opening spiel: The Gaffe. Morrison’s transphobia. “Vulnerabilities” of leaders are bothsided.
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? he may not be popular but we should vote for him anyway. The Gaffe. Transphobia, again.
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Hey @ipeaAusGov

I've just been double-checking @mattjcan's expenses for Oct-Dec 2021

Senator Canavan has claimed Travel Allowance of $1332.00 for 4 nights 'Parliamentary Duties' 5 Dec 21 to 8 Dec 21

Unscheduled Transport $1075.67 4 Dec 21 to 13 Dec 21
#auspol #insiders
Senator Canavan was in Newcastle on 7 Dec 2021

Same day, there was a Select Committee on Job Security hearing in Newcastle.

Senator Canavan is Deputy Chair of the Job Security Select Committee

But Senator Canavan didn't attend that hearing
#auspol #insiders
As a Senator from Queensland, and no longer a Minister, Senator Canavan would not have 'Parliamentary Duties' outside of QLD

Except, if he actually attended the Senate Select Job Security hearing, that would constitute 'Parliamentary Duties', but he didn't

#auspol #insiders
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1/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine

May 2012: then foreign minister @bobjcarr expelled Syrian diplomats after the US blamed Syrian govt for 'the Houla #massacre'.
#auspol #ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners…
2/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine
An investigation into the #Houla #massacre pointed the finger at anti-govt extremists. But there was no debate by #auspol.
#ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners…
3/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine
Few questioned MSM narrative on Syria: govt bad; US supported 'rebels' good.
But @TurnbullMalcolm raised questions.

Ref: ……

@bobjcarr #auspol #ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners
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🧵 We’ve lost a lot of understanding of how IR works in Australia. An award increase via a full bench of the FWC increases the legal minimum paid to employees in a sector. #insiders 1/
Government can (and in my view, *should*) express a view in such cases. The FWC will take into account commitments made by government. Because they are effectively the funder 2/
In 2012 - in another major decision, but under a different section of the Act (equal remuneration then v work value now) in 2012. The federal government committed to fund outcomes for community service workers. 3/
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A first look at @David_Speers.
The watch messes with the left shirt cuff.
I'll be keeping an eye out for shoes (probably those f***ing boots) and socks. Also on the coffee plunger.
I don't think I saw this light blue tie, white shirt and grey suit effort from @Birmo, replying to the #BudgetReply.
It's classy but unadventurous.
Slight crotch whiskers from @David_Speers this morning.
The hair is overstyled, as it so often is.
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are ABC 730 politics chief corro Laura Tingle, 9fax (Age/SMH) politics chief corro David Crowe, and 9fax (AFR) politics editor Phil Coorey. The interview is with Deputy federal Liberal Party leader Josh Frydenberg.
opening spiel: the [Liberal Party] budget pitch is in. Election to be called “any day now” (ie once Sydney Liberals sort out their shit).
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? Putting the Coalition “back in the race”. #Insiders
as well as spruiking for a Coalition win, Speers promises to put more focus on Labor’s policy platform [paraphrased]. Thanks, David! #Insiders
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RN is reporting the federal budget will include “help” for first home buyers. In 2019 the Liberal Party campaign launch centrepiece was “help” for first home buyers.
Public money for commuter car parks also in the federal budget, reports RN. Not kidding.
maybe the many expensive strategists hired by Morrison on our coin saw #Insiders responding to corrupted Coalition administration by chuckling contemptuously at voters and Labor yesterday. And gave a relieved thumbs up to their only idea, bald-faced vote-buying.
with Labor ahead in the polls, the budget is becoming even more important as a launch pad for the government’s re-election chances - Karvelas.
A government will be elected. She means the Liberal Party and National Party campaign strategy.
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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Guardian chief politics corro Sarah Martin, 9fax (The Age) economics writer Shane Wright and 9fax (AFR) economics editor John Kehoe. The interview is with shadow Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers.
this thread is not fact checked. I block snitch-taggers. If that is a new term to you, google it.
opening spiel: it’s a critical week ahead.
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? Well, the federal budget is the “last chance” for the Coalition parties to turn their electoral chances around. Speers calls Morrison government vote buying “a spending spree”. #Insiders
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For a so-called top journo Phil's a bit out-of-touch

He claims Tudge was "cut loose", we were told AT CHOSE not to return to the frontbench?

Either Phil is wrong or PM lied about Tudge

Also, Phil claims Albo "went to ground", blatant lie, brief itinerary👇
#auspol #insiders
From Albo's FB it's easy to see Phil is totally wrong, Albo was working, travelling, doing interviews & pressers the entire time Phil claims he 'went to ground'- brief itinerary recap👇

10th Lowy Inst, Ballina, KK's death
#auspol #insiders
11th Lismore, Brisbane

12th Presser Brisbane w/ Madonna Jarrett, Sydney- Henson Park

14th Presser from Townsville, 60 mins interview, Op -Ed in The Oz

16th Interview live on Today from Sydney airport, Presser Brisbane, evening at QLD Irish Assoc for St Patrick's Day
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Hey @ScottMorrisonMP

You seem to be having another bout of selective amnesia in your somewhat pathetic attempt to distance yourself from Brian Houston

You haven't been "at Hillsong" for 15yrs 'eh?


Mere technicality

Let me refresh your memory champ
#auspol #insiders
You go to Horizon Church now but Pentecostals make up about 1-2% of population, a small tight-knit group

You've continually associated yourself with & praised Brian Houston

Exhibit A:
Maiden Speech

14 Feb 2008 - 14yrs 1 month ago
#auspol #insiders…
Exhibit B

You & Jenny attended Hillsong, were interviewed on-stage by Brian Houston & prayed with him in the middle of a packed arena, surely you remember that PM?

10 July 2019 - 2 yrs 8 months ago
#auspol #insiders…
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good morning from unceded lands of the sovereign Darug people☀️today on #Insiders are murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden, murdoch foreign policy columnist Greg Sheridan and former fairfax national affairs editor, Professor Mark Kenny.
the interview is with Morrison government finance minister and federal Liberal Party campaign manager Simon Birmingham.
This thread is not fact checked. It is not and does not pretend to be neutral, objective, or impartial.
opening spiel: Labor wins in South Australia, first pandemic change of government, incumbency myth repeated. #Insiders
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Green keeps saying there is nothing meaningful in the early figures (he has to bc tiny samples) but all the data sets he has shown are indicating the swing is well and truly on from where I sit.
lots of tiny samples, swings away from the Liberals in each and every one.
the minority SA government looks like retaining most safe seats and perhaps losing a couple to Independents, and losing most marginals to Labor.
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This morning on @InsidersABC @lanai_scarr and @David_Speers did a double Act about Defense Spending. They basically said that Labor was warned about the rise of China. So I checked. Here is what it says about China.
Also for completeness ad to bring Tweeps up to date, There was a 2013 Defense White Paper, A 2014 Defense issues paper, A 2015 Australian Attitudes to defense paper, A 2016 industry policy Statement, A 2016 integrated investment program, and lastly a 2016 Defense White paper. In
the meantime, The Coalition Government completed a Trade deal with China, Sold of a whole swag of Australian Residential property and Land to China, leased the Port of Darwin to China and these Simpleton #Insiders think that they should blame the ALp for something that was
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@David_Speers couldn't leave the Defence spending under Labor alone this morning on the Liberal lite #insiders show. But what he fails to show is that the last time labor was in power was 8 years ago. In the following 8 years Australia has been under liberal party power and
they have wasted more billions of Dollars on failed defence projects than the Labor party ever did. The Liberals and Nationals have also written down out diplomatic capabilities substantially. Isn't Jaw jaw better than War War David? And wewere in Wars where we had no right to be
like John Howards war based on Liberal lies and then Afghanistan. (How is that going @David_Speers )? And what about the cancelled Submarine contract? How much did that cost us? Can I make a suggestion? learn some history after resigning.
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good morning from unceded Terramerragal clan lands☀️today on #Insiders are Guardian politics legend Amy Remeikis, ABC everyman Stan Grant and Westralian politics corro Lanai Scarr. The interview is with shadow defence minister Brendan O’Connor.
opening spiel: the prime minister promises a massive troop build up (by 2040) but there were not enough on the ground when needed. #Insiders
what’s the Morrison perspective, skip? Well, the prime minister “played it safe” in Lismore and was “careful to avoid any confrontations” - where “confrontation” means voters expressing their opinion to a politician. #Insiders
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@ggreenwald Yesterday, I could listen to @OksanaBoyko_RT's 2014 interview on #YouTube with former Australian PM #MalcolmFraser. Today, I can't. His sagacity and courage are sorely needed.#censored #NATO #insiders #LNL #RNBreakfast #mediawatch #abc730 #4corners @phbarratt
@OksanaBoyko_RT @phbarratt In 2015, a year after the coup in Kiev, Tom Switzer, from @RadioNational's #BetweenTheLines, wrote about Malcolm Fraser's views on #NATO, the #US, Russia, Ukraine, Crimea.
Wise observations, still.
@CISOZ @LowyInstitute @RodgerShanahan…
@OksanaBoyko_RT @phbarratt @RadioNational @CISOZ @LowyInstitute @RodgerShanahan Last week, anticipating #Youtube would censor RT, which would mean @OksanaBoyko_RT's #WorldsApartRT interview would be unavailable, I transcribed it.

Until the full interview is once again available, I'll tweet some of what the former prime minister said.
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