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Annabel is here with an all-laydeez #Insiders! We begin by praising Morrison for doing his job by attending a routine international meeting that will produce no tangible value other than to Morrison, whose lack of foreign policy experience was not questioned during the campaign.
The #Insiders montage shows Dutton denying his ineligibility and unelectability, titbits on the Liberals indulgent dysfunction last year, and the G20 as political leaders strutting the world stage. All politics are local, and good political commentary would say so.
What the papers “say” on #Insiders is lotsa G20 images that ignore Morrison’s foreign policy judgement. Like how he sabotaged a trade deal with a religious vanity announcement. Remember when the political press could not get enough of Gillard’s “foreign policy inexperience”?
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oh goodie Rowland is hosting #Insiders. He says it has been a taxing week hur hur hur... for Labor. I wonder why. Mayhap because Labor has done some actual policy work? Yes it must be that.
The #Insiders montage begins with victory scenes of that 1-seat winner, Scott Morrison. We are blessed. Followed by clip after clip of media talking heads scrutinising the Labor position on a government policy, a month after the government was re-elected. Truly blessed.
first up for panel discussion is the #medevac legislation. The government feels that it is on strong ground when it is arguing borders, says Karvelas. Not sure what rhetorical strengths have to do with policy and governance at this stage of the election cycle.
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The ABC (Cassidy) is still referring to Ken Wyatt as the Minister for Indigenous Affairs. He is a minister without a ministry, the Minister for Indigenous Australians, located in PM&C. They seem incapable of correcting this #Insiders
lol Labor has more women in its caucus, more women in its leadership team than the Liberals ever have, the Liberals won with a campaign awash with toxic masculinity, and Labor has the “gender issue”. Righto Baz #Insiders
Hmmmmm this is crucial stuff. Will Labor have a shadow Home Affairs minister? “What’s the speculation”, Pat? I’ll just repeat that: the actual question was “what’s the speculation” about the shadow Labor ministry. This is the TOP ORDER ISSUE according to #Insiders
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I wrote this in @Meanjin in Autumn 2016 on Australian conservatism and its political vehicles and would draw attention to (A) the Australian Right's national dominance since 1901 + (B) Brian Loughnane's observations as pertinent to Scott Morrison's win…
Australia's national & *federal* elections are decided in a Westminster system of 151 local House seats across an island continent the size of the EU. We have a national election in which local candidates & local communities matter. There was always that 'Quiet Australian' vote.
One aspect of the 2019 election is that Australia is developing, even with compulsory voting, regional & demographic tribalism of other Western countries. The Coalition did best in working, middle class & rural seats.
Labor gained only in more educated & perhaps affluent seats.
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Huh? I deliberately did NOT Retweet the @AngusTaylorMP allegation thread because the allegations were unsourced. What’s going on, Angus?
2. Here’s the full letter from @AngusTaylorMP lawyers sent to @NoFibs which falsely claimed I tweeted a thread on allegations against him.
3. Wondering if a lawyer Tweep would agree to act for me pro bono to sort out this mess? I believe I did not Tweet or RT the thread in question.
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Hey #auspol

I've collated the % margins for current sitting MPs so y'all know exactly the margin your local MP holds, pics are only Govt & X-Bench MPs, Senate expiry dates here too.
It's a long thread so I've organised it state by state to make it easier reading.
Blair, ALP, Shayne NEUMANN 18.88%
Bonner, LNP, Ross VASTA 13.39%
Bowman, LNP, Andrew LAMING 7.07%
Brisbane, LNP, Trevor EVANS 5.92%
Capricornia, LNP, Michelle LANDRY 0.63%
Dawson, LNP, George CHRISTENSEN 3.34%
Dickson, LNP, Peter DUTTON 1.6%
Fadden, LNP, Stuart ROBERT 11.05%
Fairfax, LNP, Ted O’BRIEN 10.89%
Fisher, LNP, Andrew WALLACE 9.06%
Flynn, LNP, Ken O’DOWD 1.04%
Forde, LNP, Bert van MANEN 0.63%
Griffith, ALP, Terri BUTLER 1.6%
Groom, LNP, John McVEIGH 15.31%
Herbert, ALP, Cathy O’TOOLE 0.02%
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1/ I'm thinking out loud here

Yesterday @JoshFrydenberg releases ridiculous Morrison-hostage-style video

Today, he & @SenatorCash release a joint statement & Joshie does serious media on 2GB/Sky/ABC radio+tv/Courier Mail/6PR about $2 BILLION (there's that word again!)
2/ investment in & establishment of a ongoing fund to prop-up non-bank lenders for small biz loans.

On ABC this am he said the hostage-video had 'achieved the desired result'- which was what? smoke & mirrors? Distraction from today's announcement?
3/ Joshie says we have 'immature or underdeveloped securitisation' in Aust.

What this means is: non-bank lenders who lend to small biz charge high rates bcuz it's high risk, their debt can't be sold on. So, Joshie wants to effectively buy their debt.…
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I've worked out the reason why PM @ScottMorrisonMP is crashing & burning right before our eyes.

Because, it's hard to soar like an eagle when you're surrounded by turkeys.

Exhibit A: Let's take a look at the Morrison Ministry and just SOME of their fuck-ups. #auspol #qt
Nigel Scullion – the Minister for Indigenous Affairs who voted for Hanson’s ‘it’s OK to be white’

O’Dwyer - #insiders appearance - talking about govt delaying banking RC
Michael McCormack – who?

Bridget McKenzie – excessive expenses claims…
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OK, I've been doing a bit more digging on @stuartrobertmp , you might want to listen up to this @ScottMorrisonMP

Late yesterday, Friday 12 Oct 2018, Stu said he had repaid $37,975.00 regarding his internet expenditure charged to the taxpayer for home internet.
#auspol #insiders
I decided to double-check Stu's figures, because quite frankly, I wouldn't trust Stu as far as I could throw him and I'm not real confident in the Finance Dept either, just quietly @MathiasCormann.
Stu was elected in 2007, MP for Fadden, QLD. He assumed office on 24 November 2007.

Robert served in both Abbott & Turnbull's Ministries, holding various portfolios including Minister for Human Services. Robert is currently Assistant Treasurer in the Morrison Ministry.
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BREAKING: Leak of transcript of @MathiasCormanns's interview with @barriecassidy on #insiders 24 hours BEFORE it has even taken place! AFP investigating leak.

BC: Good morning & thanks for joining us, Minister
MC: Thanks Barrie, great to be here, 'Bill Shorten' 'Labor'
BC: Q.1
MC: 'Bill Shorten' 'Labor' 'getting on with the job' 'small business' 'can't trust Labor' 'Bill Shorten' 'Labor'

BC: Q.2
MC: 'Bill Shorten' 'higher taxes' 'Bill Shorten' 'Labor' 'our superior budget management' 'stable govt' 'can't trust Labor' 'Bill Shorten' 'Labor'
BC: Q.3
MC: 'Bill Shorten' 'economic certainty' 'Labor' 'small business' 'Bill Shorten' 'responsible govt' 'Labor' 'working families all around Australia' 'Bill Shorten' 'Under Labor you'll pay more tax' 'Bill Shorten' 'Labor'
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According to Hansard, @stuartrobertmp , was in Israel for Sukkot 23-30 Sept 2018, representing the Israel Allies Foundation.
He moved a motion 26 Mar 2018 ending with a reading of Psalm 122.
He's also currently promoting a tour of 2019 Israel with Metro Church.
#insiders #auspol
Metro Pentecostal Church on the Gold Coast - cost per person for a trip to Israel with Stuart Robert & his wife is $5600.00 each.

Stuart Robert has also penned a book, 'In The Footsteps of Jesus', published June 10, 2017
Amazon lists Robert as the publisher.
#insiders #auspol
Stuart Robert has extraordinary printing & communications expenses claims, that can fluctuate by up to $100 K per qtr.

Jan-Mar 2017 $6003.53
Apr-Jun 2017 $55,517.92
Jul-Sep 2017 $79,072.76
Oct-Dec 2017 $107,848.99
Jan-Mar 2018 $7141.04
Apr-Jun 2018 $45,430.48
#insiders #auspol
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@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar #4corners #abcnews #TheDrum #qanda #mediawatch #Russia #RNBreakfast
Will #4corners present James Clapper as credible? He supported bogus intelligence that led to Iraq war.
Is trusting Clapper a lazy way of showing contempt for Trump?…
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar #4corners #Russia
'Mainstream liberals who despise Trump and yearn to drive him from office hold up Clapper as a man of unquestioned authority, integrity and patriotism — but no such qualities are available these days.'…
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