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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are ABC News Indigenous Affairs correspondent Isabella Higgins, Guardian editor Lenore Taylor and AFR columnist Jennifer Hewett.
The interview is with shadow defence minister Brendan O’Connor.
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Speers opens with the Morrison government decision to criminalise anyone attempting to come home to Australia from (or via) India. #Insiders
as is his wont, Speers puts the prime ministerial perspective first up, but this week it is to draw attention to the obvious *contradiction* between Morrison boasting that HQ is “99.99% effective” and a hard border closure with India. #Insiders
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On a cheerier note, my post today is about how our climate change policy is now up to 35 years of wasted opportunities… #insiders
Here's the first mention of "Greenhouse Gas" in the House of Reps
"However I must must emphasise that the consequences, at least for the next 50 years … are not likely to be either catastrophic or even dramatic"

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A Chronology of The Stupid & Wrong Things @AlexanderDowner Has Said About COVID

#auspol #insiders #UKPolitics
March 10, 2020 "The panic about coronavirus is madness..."

#auspol #insiders
March 10, 2020

Compares COVID to the flu

#auspol #insiders
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Saturday Paper journo Karen Middleton, murdoch editor James Campbell and ANU professor Mark Kenny. The interview is with Defence Minister Peter Dutton.
opening spiel: “Australia’s” longest running war in Afghanistan is ending. Speers will ask Dutton about his first portfolio decision - to override the Defence chief. #Insiders
weekly wrap: Perth and Peel in lockdown, and Morrison “facing questions” (lol so what) about his dodgy climate figures. #Insiders
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I don't know what the answer to the epidemic of DV in Australia is, but I've had a go & thought of some ideas to throw into the mix for discussion

I'm intimately familiar with this subject, an intimacy brought about by experience

I believe we can solve this
#auspol #insiders
1. 10 days paid DV leave for victims with 10-20 hours of free intensive counselling over those 10 days.
#auspol #insiders
2. 10 days paid DV leave for perpetrators with daily or twice daily check-ins at a police station and 20 hours of free intensive counselling over those 10 days.

This 10 day period is critical to diffuse tensions.
#auspol #insiders
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are murdoch politics reporter Rosie Lewis, ninefax columnist Phil Coorey and PRAISE BE Guardian politics journo and liveblog legend Amy Remeikis.
This thread is not fact-checked.
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the vaccine rollout is delayed by safety concerns, says Speers, and babbles about national cabinet without telling us Morrison is using the states to deflect and spread the blame for his fuckups. Headline economics figures too. #Insiders
the montage starts with Holgate, which Speers framed as the prime ministers woman problem because as every woman knows it is all about Scott Morrison #Insiders
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Guardian politics corro Sarah Martin, ABC politics editor Andrew Probyn, and chief ninefax politics corro David Crowe. The interview is with health and aged care shadow minister Mark Butler. This thread is not fact-checked.
Speers is in Launceston to discuss federal issues during a state election campaign to “try and find out what lies behind the shift in national opinion polls”, he says. #Insiders
the montage is on the multiple and rolling ways the Morrison government keeps stuffing up our vaccination program. Lots of clips of Morrison excuses. #Insiders
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I seem to recall that @deniseshrivell once had a thread that chronicled an imaginary episode of #Insiders - so in that spirit...

In the host's chair is a bearded and fabulously furious Barrie Cassidy.

His guests are Amy Remeikis, Laura Tingle and Tegan George.

The week's topics:
- the #March4Justice movement (showcasing the difference between Morrison and Berejiklian in handling MPs accused of sexual crimes)

- the vaccine roll-out

- the upcoming 2021-22 Budget

- instability in the Liberal Party

#Insiders #ImaginaryInsiders #AusPol
Barrie interviews Tanya Plibersek and Julie Bishop, and Mike Bowers talks pictures with Cathy Wilcox.

#Insiders #ImaginaryInsiders #AusPol
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are ABC host Pat Karvelas, ninefax-AFR columnist Jennifer Hewett and murdoch columnist and former Liberal Party staffer Niki Savva. The interview is with Liberal Party backbenchers Katie Allen and Sarah Henderson.
an attempted re-set, opens Speers, and a ministerial re-shuffle (sic). But the “prime minister continues to struggle”, as the prime minister himself poor thing told Tracey Grimshaw how hard it all is #Insiders
like all his male colleagues, Speers does not understand usage of the word weaponise. #Insiders
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lotta journos and editors hiding their partisanship in plain sight.
not 10 minutes ago two males on #WorldToday were gossiping about what a bad week it has been for Scott Morrison. Yas are all part of the problem.
I mean. Look at this clueless shit.
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good morning🌧happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden, triple j hack politics corro Shalailah Medhora and ninefax politics editor Peter Hartcher.
The interview is with shadow home affairs minister Kristina Keneally.
as ever, Speers opens with Morrison government claims. This week it is “strong jobs growth” without the underemployment facts corrective. “That was the one piece of good news” he adds, before moving to #March4Justice. Morrison first, women second. #Insiders
the montage is clips of speeches and crowds at #March4Justice around the country. “Labor arrived en masse” says one journo voiceover “as well as some Coalition” politicians. Not said: no ministers, only backbenchers. #Insiders
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remember when the press gallery devoted hours and hours to what a by-election win in Eden-Monaro *might mean* for Scott Morrison. The Liberal Party candidate lost. Yet an entire state electing only two Liberal Party candidates?? Silence.
there is a reason major media are ignoring the federal implications of this crushing Liberal Party defeat in Western Australia. Losing is bad press and the press reliably ignore massive Liberal Party losses (and reliably amplify small eg 3-seat wins).
it serves the Liberal Party to minimise and trivialise and ignore and obscure massive failures like the 2021 WA election, which is the biggest loss anyone has ever seen in the history of the Liberal Party. That’s why we see very little coverage.
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good morning. Today on #Insiders are press gallery legend Laura Tingle, ninefax economics corro Shane Wright, and Perth radio host Gareth Parker.
The interview is with Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack.
This thread is not fact-checked.
I block snitchtaggers.
btw #Insiders did not promote panellist Professor van Onselen’s column yesterday, which they usually do, under the #InsidersReading tag. Even tho his take on his friend Christian Porter was all over the show last week.
“pressure builds for an inquiry into Christian Porter *and* a huge March for justice”, opens Speers. These things are not unrelated. Womens activism is part of the “pressure”. #Insiders
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#Charts Fans, lets do this!
Thread time!

$SPY $QQQ $DIA $TRAN $IWM $SOX $IGV $XLF $XLI $JETS $GLD $XLE #Yield #McClellan #Insiders #PanicEuphoria

$DIA #DJIA has been absolutely buzzing this year, Value vs Growth continues to sky rocket as Value was beaten down pretty hard during pandemic and growth rose exponentially, so far the story of 2021 has been Value! This is very very bulish still, lets see how far this extends!

Spy continues to ride this channel and holding the bottom channel, very range bound so far, lets see if it takes off and breaks the upper channel, target 420 in 6-8 weeks
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it is quite surreal watching murdoch columnists running a case for the defence while bitching and moaning about trial by media.
I guess exactly zero self-awareness is an essential criterion for the job.
they keep telling ordinary punters *on twitter* what ordinary punters think coz ya know voter sentiment can only be determined by pollsters paid by corporate media to generate numbers reported by legacy media journalists in legacy media outlets.
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good morning. Today on #Insiders are guardian politics editor Katharine Murphy, ABC everywoman Annabel Crabb and murdoch columnist Peter van Onselen. The interview is with Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins.
This thread is not fact-checked.
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as usual, Speers opens with what Scott Morrison thinks. This week it is the enraging bullshit claim that there is a question as to whether the law (it is not) or the mob (does he mean women journalists?) will deal with rape allegations against Attorney General Porter. #Insiders
the montage has multiple clips of Attorney General Christian Porter crying for the potential loss of his career and Scott Morrison claiming that rape allegations against Christian Porter are a matter for police or not a matter for him or whatever. #Insiders
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8. Searingly honest and revelatory account of the a good journalist’s internal voices on a story like this, and the external constraints on publication. I RELATED BIG TIME.

Superb, Tory. I would have made the same decision as you for the same reason, until she’ ready let it be.
9. Succinct summary of investigation state of play by @osbornep

10. Backgrounder thread by @CroweDM on the NSW Police statement closing its investigation.
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the montage is, again, politicians and journalists reporting and commenting on the man accused of raping Brittany Higgins in a Liberal Party minister’s office. Sympathetic coverage of the minister. Kelly to the cross bench gets a mention. #Insiders
the lies Morrison tells, and the despicable description Dutton gave both show that they do not believe women. They simply do not listen to or believe us. #Insiders
#WhatThePapersSay Rochelle Miller is seeking compo for her treatment by Tudge and the Liberal government. Wong met with the woman who took her own life and alleges a now-cabinet minister raised her. #Insiders
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apparently the Liberal Party, whose most successful living prime ministers, both of whom lost the seat they once held and openly and publicly supported a convicted sex offender, is harbouring a sex offender in its cabinet.…
it is at least seven years now that anyone with basic powers of perception has been documenting the fact that Scott Morrison is a vicious misogynist. Great* to see the Canberra press gallery catching up.
some of us have been screaming into the void about toxic Liberal Party misogyny for over seven years now.
It is possible that harbouring sex offenders, violent criminals, will not bring this government down. Patriarchy will patriarchy.
Time to fight✊🏼
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden, Saturday Paper journo Karen Middleton and ABC radio host Raf Epstein.
•this thread is not fact-checked.
•I hide/block snitch-tagging.
the interview is with Morrison government health minister Greg Hunt #Insiders
and a reminder: Maiden broke the APH rape story and Middleton has written extensively and courageously on sexual assault and workplace harassment in Canberra. So any interruptions from Speers are a man cutting off their expertise with his confidence. #Insiders
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Here's an interesting little tale...

Way back in December 2019, remember @senbmckenzie was the then Agriculture Minister?

She resigned in disgrace from the Ministry in Feb 2020
#auspol #insiders
When Bridge was Minister for Agriculture, she approved this 'Ad hoc/One-off' grant to Rural Business Tasmania for $349,999.99 for the purpose of: 'Support Rural Financial Counselling Service Programme'

They are currently promoted on the Dept of Ag website.
#auspol #Insiders
Now, here's the interesting part

You may recall that Bridge was once married to Tim Edwards & they had four kids before divorcing.

In her first speech to parliament she paid tribute to her children.
#auspol #Insiders
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are no fax columnist Jennifer Hewitt, and politics editors at the ABC and murdoch press, Andrew Probyn and Samantha Maiden. The interview is with ALP deputy Richard Marles.
opening spiel: a covid turning point. Should we stay with hotel quarantine given more virulent strains? National leadership is wanting (“bipartisanship is breaking down”). #Insiders
the extremely convenient and very false narrative about Morrison “struggling to rein in” his hard right colleague Craig Kelly is repeated by Speers.

*Reminder that spreading disinformation on fb is core Liberal Party strategy, not some side show. #Insiders
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Ever wondered why it's problematic to use averaged ATO PAYG match data or even net pays from bank records? AAT2 Member W Frost outlines impacts in the Longford case: $28K ambit #RoboDebt reduced to $26K by uplifting net pays from bank records, then down to $17K using pay records. Image
The Longford AAT2 precedent raises serious doubts re key aspects of the proposed #RoboDebt class action settlement. We implore @gordonlegal_au, @AGSgovLawyers & Contradictor Fiona Forsyth SC & Eugenia Levine to right all manifest wrongs. #Auspol #Insiders
After setting-up Ms Longford to fail, how many times over 5 yrs did Centrelink falsely reassess her YA benefits before getting close to accurate income figures? How many #RoboDebt scheme victims remain affected by false assumptions & unfair debts? #Auspol
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good morning☀️happy new year! This Sunday on #Insiders are TripleJ Hack (ABC) journalist Shalailah Medhora and politics editors at Guardian Australia and ninefax, Katharine Murphy and Peter Hartcher. The interview is with federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.
this is nominally a murdoch-free panel, which has presumably prompted angry phone calls from senior federal Liberals #Insiders.
covid is under control for now, Speers open, continuing the narrative Hartcher and Murphy set up yesterday for a pro-Morrison campaign. “Australia” is doing well, he says, before moving to the Labor leadership.
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