So, yesterday I filmed a video, reading Debbie Hayton’s latest justification for public displays of fetishism. My video is informed by child development and safeguarding frameworks
However, for those that are short of time, I’ll be able to give you a summary, now.
No 3 yr old can possibly have AGP, which is an adult paraphillia.
3 yr olds are at Piaget’s pre-operational stage, and believe that dressing up as a thing transforms you into a thing.
If a 3 yr old were to display overt sexualised behaviours, it would be a massive safeguarding red flag.
Childhood ‘cross-dressing’ is only associated with shame and fear in deeply homophobic households.
Adult AGPs like to use retconning to adultify themselves in their memory.
The disrespect shown to a life partner of many years, and 3 children: to literally reduce them to a footnote in a narcissistic narrative, is typical of adult fetishists, who have become deeply involved in their fetish, impacting every real-life relationship.
Children at age 6, or 9, are able to understand that dressing as a thing does not change our essential nature. It is in puberty that sexual responses begin to emerge, and in teenage years a child may become aware of their latent sexuality.
Development of a fetish involves years of reinforcing unusual thoughts about sex, frequently using masturbation and orgasm as positive reinforcement. An AGP may fixate on a particular item of clothing, such as tights, which they may build into scenarios for masturbation
The development of complex adult responses to stimuli, and adult sexuality, are simply impossible in a child’s brain. They are not capable of any of the complex cognitive and executive tasks involved. Paraphillias May emerge in adulthood, and may not be admitted until mid-life
Keep adult fetishists away from children, because they demonstrate a lack of boundaries.
Women: if your spouse admits to a fetish, they are already reducing you from a partner to a bit-player. You are a supporting actor in the fantasy in which he is the star. You deserve more
Here is the video. Do feel free to join the conversation and leave a comment

My Autogynephilia Story, by Debbie Hayton. Unherd, 09/05/22

#Safeguarding #ChildDevelopment #AGP #TransWidows #Autogynephilia #DebbieHayton

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