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1a) Welcome to a 🆕#accredited #tweetorial on the importance of time in range #TIR in #diabetes . . . with additional emphases on #primarycare and on practice in 🇨🇦.
#FOAMed #endotwitter #MedEd @MedTweetorials #nephtwitter #cardiotwitter
1b) Hence we welcome2⃣ expert faculty from Canada: Ilana Halperin @ilanajhalperin, academic endocrinologist at @Sunnybrook and @uoftmedicine, and Noah Ivers @NoahIvers, #familydoc & researcher at Women's College Hospital @UofT ImageImage
2) Earn 0.75hr 🆓CE/#CME by following this🧵! This program is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Sanofi Canada and is intended for #HCPs. Statement of accreditation & faculty disclosures at
And so we begin . . .
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'It's not a fetish'. 🙄 🚩#Trans #AGP #NHS @NWAmbulance
@LGBTfdn Image
@againstgrmrs this is #trans identified @Freda_Wa11ace who drives an ambulance for the UK National Health Service. Image
@NWAMB_Inclusion @NWAmbulance were singing Freda's praises recently too. Image
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Wie groß muss der 🐘 Elefant 🐘 eigentlich noch werden, bis wir aufhören, ihn zu ignorieren und auch der letzte in der hintersten Reihe einsieht, dass das heilige Kalb, der Toleranz, Vielfalt und Inklusion ein FETISCH ist??

Hört auf, ihn zu ignorieren!
#AGP #Autogynephilia Image
🐘Der Elefant im Raum🐘

Verstehen Sie Autogynephilie #AGP #Autogynephilia und Sie werden die gewalttätige, neidische Frauenfeindlichkeit des Trans-Aktivismus verstehen.
(von Sue Donym)…
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Dear Australia,
Lets talk about AUTOGYNEPHILIA.
Most men who imagine they are women (transwomen) are autogynephiles.
They are straight men with a sexual paraphilia and they get a sexual thrill out of degrading women and violating our boundaries.
More agps
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I think if you ask any #transwidows what turned their #AGP husbands on most they would say a mirror.

I'd find my clothes ruined with baby oil because he'd been dressing up when I was at work. So many split seams and zips.

And he'd leave his 'trophies' on the floor for me...
Nothing turns an #AGP on more than the pornified imagine of himself. They literally create their perfect slutty woman. This is why the dressing up is not age appropriate and you see 50/60/70 year old men dressed as school girls.
Odd fact (NOT), trans identified women don't do it.
I'm a person who has a couple of drawers full of knickers.
He would steal used women's knickers and tuck them in my drawer.
When I found out I went ballistic. He laughed and said it turned him on to see I'd worn them without realising a)they weren't mine and b) they were soiled.
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Vor einigen Jahren noch war klar, dass #Transfrauen transsexuell sind (F64.0). Sie taten alles, um anerkannt zu werden. Ihnen Perversion oder böse Hintergedanken zu unterstellen, hatte nichts mit der Realität zu tun. Viele Frauen- und Homo-Gruppen haben sie aufgenommen. 1/
Es gab natürlich auch unterschwellig bis unverblümt Äußerungen, dass TS nicht 100% als Frauen gesehen wurden, auch wenn sie sich das sehr wünschten. Sie blieben #Trans-Frauen. Das tat oft weh, z. B. auch wenn es um Liebe ging. 2/
Viele #Trans-Frauen litten darunter, wenn Männer sich nur für Sex mit einem Körper im Zwischenstatus (Brüste+Penis) interessierten, jedoch nicht für sie als Person. Hinzu kam das Unbehagen mit dem eigenen Körper, welches die Angst vor Ablehnung durch andere noch übertraf. 3/
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Ireland's GRA 2015 was "an extraordinarily high-profile piece of legislation, with all the accompanying media coverage, political debates and processes", claims Mulally, in @IrishTimes. Check Google search results for the topic from 1/1/2014 - 31/12/2015:…
Google Trends data for 1/1/2007 (the year of Lydia Foy's High Court win regarding changing factual birth cert to one recognising "legal gender") to 31/12/2016. The GRA was enacted on 15/7/2015 (blue peak on graph below). Does this look like it was "extraordinarily high-profile"?
The #DentonsDocument lobbying playbook recommends piggybacking gender ID legal changes on more popular reforms, citing Ireland's marriage equality legislation as providing a "veil of protection" to GRA, which was "more difficult to win public support for".…
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I'm 45 yo lesbian. I left my country because of homophobia (it's not just mocking, harrasment, lesbians were/are raped in the name of "re-education"). I was told by men that I haven't met the right man yet. Now men who identify as lesbians tell me I haven't tried their girldick. Image
2)That gay man doesn't feel threatened by straight women who identify as gays & because he doesn't feel threatened he has no problem to let men in the lesbian spaces, organizations, events, groups, apps etc. He supports our erasure. The only letter in LGB he cares about is G. Image
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So, yesterday I filmed a video, reading Debbie Hayton’s latest justification for public displays of fetishism. My video is informed by child development and safeguarding frameworks
However, for those that are short of time, I’ll be able to give you a summary, now.
No 3 yr old can possibly have AGP, which is an adult paraphillia.
3 yr olds are at Piaget’s pre-operational stage, and believe that dressing up as a thing transforms you into a thing.
If a 3 yr old were to display overt sexualised behaviours, it would be a massive safeguarding red flag.
Childhood ‘cross-dressing’ is only associated with shame and fear in deeply homophobic households.
Adult AGPs like to use retconning to adultify themselves in their memory.
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Involving children in your paraphilliac transvestism fetishism is, at best, a non-contact sexual offence and a safeguarding issue. Involving children in your tranvestitie fetishism is a safeguarding issue. Need I go on #safeguarding @children
Our very basic response to is that paraphilias emerge when masturbation fantasies become addictive & uncontrolled & therefore do not naturally occur in pre pubescent boys who have yet to masturbate? Why are sexualised behaviours in pre pubescent boys not seen as red flags? #abuse
I don’t understand this. Why are #therapists clinicians and #psychologists not be trained that safeguarding is a part of their job! Why aren’t children being safeguarding by clinicians? It is your job! #childsafety
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ESTRENO | Recuperamos los saraos, bailes y minuetes en La Granja de Felipe V. Un homenaje a dos reinas: Isabel de Farnesio y María Luisa de Saboya.

📽️ Forma parte del documental que estrenamos hoy en YouTube con @delirivmmusica y #LaFloreta:

Hilo 👇
📽️ El documental gira en torno a "Danzas para dos reinas". Es el título del concierto que @delirivmmusica y #LaFloreta han ofrecido este verano en La Granja, como parte de nuestra Temporada de Música Clásica 2021.

Este es el programa de aquel recital abierto al público 👇 ImageImage
💃 Entre las piezas seleccionadas se encuentran las danzas más famosas de comienzos del siglo XVIII. Las reinas Isabel de Farnesio y María Luisa de Saboya las bailaban en los saraos de la Corte. Fueron grandes mecenas y amantes de la música.
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Should this person be allowed in women's spaces?

"A transgender woman threatened to stab a 10-year-old girl’s mother during a terrifying sexual assault in the female toilets of a Morrison’s supermarket."

Should this person be allowed in women's spaces?

"The 26 year old was jailed for dousing his ex in bleach, trying to torch him and stabbing him six times with screwdriver."

"Men have assaulted or violated women’s privacy in public bathrooms 21 times due to pro-LGBT transgender restroom policies." (2017)

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2014: 50-year-old father of four proclaims himself a woman, though he's keeping his penis to be on the safe side. He says his anger-management issues are typical for trans women.
(@transwidows can confirm)

Today @guardian does a puff piece on him. WHY?…
He says his school days "felt like facing the Taliban".

Ask @Malala. She did face the Taliban in her school days, and they tried to kill her. Because girls were banned from schools. (As a "woman", he should know that.)

Why does the @guardian indulge this grotesque narcissism?
Here is the very womanly Sophie-Grace Chappell, who knew all her life that she was a woman, just like her wife and her four daughters.

Here he is, 3 years before completing his transition by Putting On A Dress, on "Science, Non-Science, and Nonsense" 🤪

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Last week @RCSLT Chief Executive @KGadhok sent @MattHancock an evidence base highlighting why #dysphagia assessments should be considered an aerosol generating procedure: #COVID19 #COVID19SLTs #AGP #PPE
Lord Ramsbotham recently asked @DHSCgovuk what discussions they have had with Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists about aerosol generating procedures. #AGP #AGPs #Covid_19 #COVID19SLTs #PPE
.@GeraintDaviesMP has recently asked @DHSCgovuk discussions officials have had with @NHSEngland & @PHE_uk the aerosol generating procedures undertaken by speech & language therapists.
#Covid_19 #COVID19SLTs #AGPS #AGP #PPE
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Currently many hardworking individuals are making, importing, selling & donating facemasks, respirators and #PPE to protect healthcare workers & the community from #COVID19 transmission. This thread aims to explain some of the standards and regulatory issues around this. #Thread
So why is it that everyone suddenly wants to have facemasks? Mostly it is not a fashion statement, though with companies from Prada, Gucci and LV "making" facemasks (generally this just means importing from China), it does make you wonder.…
The basic premise is simple – #SARSCoV2 (the virus that causes #COVID19) is generally transmitted by moist droplets. We want to stop those droplets from entering your mucosa (the pink bits of your eyes, mouth & nose) through #spatialdistancing, #handhygiene & #barrierprotection.
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Official guidance from #ESPEN about nutritional management of #COVIDー19…
A useful summary of nutrition/malnutrition, immune function and critical care.
But in reality, #ICU is different... FWIW a personal interpretation of limited experience thus far..
Assume every patient with #COVID19 is at high risk of malnutrition, whether co-morbidities exist, or not. Difficulties in breathing (DIB) compromises oral intake whether or not non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is used. Plus patients are being admitted well along the disease pathway
Use a feed protocol where possible. Most #ICU have one. Ours follows a 4-hourly escalation in NG feed rate tempered for patients on high level vasopressors. Protocols inform unfamiliar staff with normal ICU practices when ventilated numbers escalate.
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So, I’ve been listening to this podcast, this morning. In it, ‘Joanne’ talks about sustaining her marriage through her husband’s transition to live full time as ‘Helen’ @transwidows #AGP…
First of all, h/t to @Quieten_Down who first alerted me to the podcast
‘Joanne’ is gaslit throughout the podcast, but the most heinous part comes when ‘Joanne’ tries to explore her need for sexual intimacy, as a heterosexual woman. I’m concerned that what ‘Joanne’ experiences is #ConversionTherapy @BACP
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The demand for #BogibeelBridge started in early 1960s. Even the Chinese aggression couldn't wake successive #Congress govts to move an inch towards realising people's dream of a much needed bridge.
People struggled for decades, students fought with successive Congress govts but they wont blink. Ultimately, it took the might of #AssamAgitation to take note of #BogibeelBridge demand.
1985: #Assam Accord was signed whereby #BogibeelBridge was committed by #Congress government led by then Prime Minister late #RajivGandhi. A demand - among many others - that was acknowledged after martyrdom of 855 young students of #Assam
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