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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Laura Tingle (ABC 730) Sarah Martin (Guardian Aus) and Peter van Onselen (murdoch/Ch 10). The interviews are with Labor leader Anthony Albanese and Liberal deputy leader Josh Frydenberg.
opening spiel: the campaign is in its last “desperate” days. He means the Liberaks feel desperate. Everyone else feels buoyant. The prime minister has promised to change, says Speers. He repeats the master campaigner lie. #Insiders
the show is filming in the seat of Reid this week, and Speers says things are more negative than positive there. I guess he means *for the Liberal Party*, that being his singular perspective. #Insiders
the montage is almost all Albanese and Morrison spliced into he said he said takes. Bit of poor old Frydenberg, lying. Lots of Morrison lying and cosplaying. The begging triggery abuser cycle promise gets a run. #Insiders
#MakingNews is the announcement that Morrison will make an announcement about housing today. He did the same thing in 2019, with shoddy half billion back of the envelope nonsense. #Insiders
we go straight to Probyn who is in Brisbane for the Liberal Party “launch”. They pretend to take this housing announcement that has not been announced seriously. #Insiders
then the abuser pity party promise gets a run. Probyn repeats all the worst hypocrisies, says internals for the Liberals must be bad, and speculates that people are “forgiving” Albanese for the nothing “gaffes” that he and his colleagues were so excited about. #Insiders
vote for Scott Morrison and you get less Scott Morrison is a tricky line says Martin. It shows an element of desperation, she says. Clip of Morrison begging and pleading [for votes]. #Insiders
it is tempting to see it as pure desperation, says van Onselen, twice, to frame his tepid take as Serious. Speers put the real Julia comparison to Tingle, who says it is more like Howard and his profligate attempted vote buying in 2007. #Insiders
it was not just the change promise, says Tingle. It was also the announcement about charging foreign criminals. They were throwing all the chaff from the back of the plane, she says. #Insiders
clip of Albanese saying he absolutely supports a minimum wage increase in line with inflation. But did he mean it? asks Speers. Voters hear Albanese wants a wage increase and Morrison does not, says Tingle. #Insiders
van Onselen harks back to the 1970s to drop some inflation scare campaign noise into the conversation and then says “pure politics” twice. Weird obsession with purity from the Professor this morning. He says Morrison has completely misjudged the wages messaging. #Insiders
Speers steps us through each iteration of the Liberal Party campaign reaction to a minimum wage increase - in a particularly tedious and dull way - as tho each twist and turn matters. Van Onselen says the “government” fell into the Labor “trap”. #Insiders
“good morning David it’s good to have a political leader appearing on the ABC” opens Albanese. Speers is wrong footed lmao and goes straight to the $1 wage increase he has been labouring over #Insiders
we want an economy that works for the people and not the other way around, says Albanese. Productivity increases have gone to the profit share, not to wages. These people are heroes of the pandemic, he says. We have had wage stagnation for a decade. #Insiders
do you think small business can afford a wage increase? asks Speers. Do YOU think people on the minimum wage can afford to go backwards? Can afford a wage cut? says Albanese. That is the issue here David, he says. #Insiders
should the public service get a real wage increase? Albanese says he will bring together unions and employers and end the divisiveness. #Insiders
Albanese again explains real wage increases and not going backwards to Speers, who is obsessed with framing Labor as [checks notes] spending public money on public services. #Insiders
housing. Albanese matches the coming Liberal Party announcement and talks about homelessness and public housing, including women and children escaping violent males. Speers wants to know how Labor will fix the massive Coalition debt. #Insiders
First Nations Voice to parliament. Do you wait for bipartisanship? He does not want to wait, says Albanese. Unlike Campbell last week, nobody names the Coalition parties as the likely wreckers of constitutional recognition. #Insiders
the only Voice Scott Morrison wants to hear is his own, says Albanese #Insiders
2030 target? Albanese talks about a clean energy economy, renewables investment and jobs. Sidesteps the target fetish. #Insiders
covid is not over, says Speers. What are you going to do about it? Something about third vax rates, which I missed sorry. The Coalition record is abominable, says Albanese. Last bit is on the Quad meeting after the election. #Insiders
straight to Frydenberg. Asked what Morrison needs to do to change, Frydenberg says we are coming out of the pandemic and invokes his favourite vague expansive framing. Since World War Two. All over the world etc #Insiders
then Frydenberg tells us Scott Morrison gives a fuck [paraphrased] about mental health. The bloke whose policies literally directly cause and worsen mental health conditions on a mass scale. Righto Josh. #Insiders
federal integrity commission. Frydenberg says he is all for one but it has to be the right model. So no public hearings? Frydenberg purporting to dictate terms on a thing he will never vote on because he is about to get the sack is quite funny really. #Insiders
climate. Every state and territory, every country, business, all want better targets, says Speers. Frydenberg says climate has been subject to “culture laws”? Culture wars? Whether you “believe”, he says. No word on his Party causing this politick #Insiders
hahaha Speers tells Frydenberg that the Coalition refusal to improve its targets is hurting him in his seat and Frydenberg splains that he splains a techtopian imaginary [paraphrased] on climate policy. #Insiders
he is making Frydenberg a proxy for Morrison here. Forcing the deputy to basically be acting leader. Will Morrison change his position on Deves? Frydenberg recites the “sensitively” line. More sensitive transphobia. Flicks to women in sport and lies about support. #Insiders
an Indigenous Voice to parliament? By referendum? Should Morrison change his position? Frydenberg blathers about recognition and Abbott and whatnot. It’s a yes or no question says Speers but Frydenberg disagrees #Insiders
wages. The FWC. Bit of back and forth as Frydenberg pretends nobody has ever heard of the FWC making minimum wage decisions. He says we have the highest minimum wage in the world #Insiders
you’re 50, are you going to downsize when you are 55? Frydenberg says Labor are copycats and have not released all their costings which is “not right” #Insiders
would the Coalition do better if you were leader? No, says Frydenberg. He thinks Morrison is the right person for the job. Given holding a seat in the parliament is a pre-requisite, I guess Morrison is the better option for the Liberals #Insiders
the prime minister is not really changing? Tingle says no, he is not. He could have shut down [the transphobia he has chosen to inflame] Deves but chose not to, she says. #Insiders
Speers says Frydenberg chose not to back in the transphobia, the “kangaroo court” line, and seems to differ from Morrison on a constitutionally enshrined Indigenous Voice. Martin calls the Morrison-Wyatt approach “try before you buy”🤐#Insiders
he is a critic of what he has seen so far on the [Liberal launch] housing announcement, says van Onselen. Speers goes on about Labor matching Coalition policies for a bit. It is small beer policy, says Tingle. She cites actual homelessness facts. #Insiders
it is more pressure on the budget? says Speers. Van Onselen says people downsizing will be in the market for smaller properties, competing with first home buyers. Speers repeats his budget anxiety, getting in early and blaming Labor for future deficits. #Insiders
the spy ship thing. Clip of Voldemort lying and politicking with national security. It was not an aggressive act, says Martin. It’s a concern tho says Speers. Did [Dutton] over egg the threat? Absolutely, says van Onselen #Insiders
it’s not the US seventh fleet, says van Onselen. Idk if [the spy ship] even has a gun on it, he says. #Insiders
clip of Albanese saying there should have been an AUKUS briefing for Labor. Clip of Dutton saying Albanese owes the Australian people an apology for suggesting such a thing🤡 #Insiders
if briefing Labor had been a condition then the deal would not have gone ahead, Dutton said, which Speers interprets as worryingly partisan. I missed most of van Onselen’s reply. He did declare himself to be “a hawk on China”. #Insiders
#TheCrunch. This is on the amount of money that has been promised by candidates and ad spending. Briggs says every single Liberal ad is negative. An attack ad. All of them. 100%. He says Labor runs at 50-50 positive-neg ads. #Insiders
google traffic. People are thinking about expansion of the cashless welfare policy under a Coalition government. If Briggs did mention the Labor policy of abolishing cashless welfare, I missed it. #Insiders
Speers bothsides the “sneaky carbon tax” lie Morrison likes to tell to cashless welfare expansion, which the Liberals have consistently expanded since 2007. A bit misleading, says Speers, and repeats the gallery fave lie about Medicare in 2016 #Insiders
another Speers-curated vox pop segment. Some dude who has swallowed Liberal Party lies repeats them for camera. The sound track is an excruciating tinkle. Integrity commission features repeatedly. #Insiders
it really irritates me the way Speers goes to seats that are not Cook or Grayndler and asks people what they think of Morrison and Albanese. #Insiders
NSW was meant to be the state where the Liberals offset losses elsewhere, says Speers. Maybe Lindsey (Penrith), says Tingle, maybe Parramatta. Van Onselen says they have lost Reid and might jag Gilmore. I doubt it. #Insiders
the #Insiders twitter person seems to be off duty today. No clips are up yet. #TalkingPictures is with Mark Humphries who finally cracks a bloody nose joke. #Insiders
Humphries is a back to you David Speers. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 1 is Martin saying to watch the seat of Gray in SA.
2 is van Onselen saying a million postal votes have been cast? And a lot of people will not be swayed by the final week. Or the launch, says Speers. He means the Liberal Party launch. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Tingle saying the exit polling on climate will produce important data for the incoming government #Insiders
the outtake is Scott Morrison at a bowling green. #insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
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May 15
bizarre rambling from Barnaby at this Coalition love in. He tried his hand at political philosophy by saying Labor Labor Labor [abridged].
the Liberal Party are playing Liberal Party ads at a Liberal Party event and the ABC is running them for free.
lmao Frydenberg comes out to extended applause and blunders immediately. If only I got that reception in Kooyong, he says, and then tries to cover up what a massively defeatist error it is to say that out loud.
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May 13
more than two million votes cast in five days. I wonder what that figure will be after tomorrow and before the Liberal Party “launch”.
when the party’s campaign “launch” is the leader’s swan song🤞🏼
he will float another coupla balloons tomorrow - racist defence schtick here, phony contrition or fake remorse there - knowing the entire media ecosystem will live test it in real time, for free. Then they workshop the final week slogans.
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May 12
Workman telling ABC Sydney we are two weeks out ffs we are a week and a day out and almost a million votes have already been cast. They want to draw out the contest. Self interest as usual. Vested murdoch clowns masquerading as experts. On the ABC. Again.
keep giving a platform to people who have aggressively promoted the necropolitick of Scott fucking Morrison for over four years. Step aside democracy, punditry must survive.
this arvo I heard an ABC segment promoting an ABC project called secret campaign or something that bothsided what Frydenberg said last week with what Albanese said as infrastructure minister in 2013.
In case you were wondering how media are coping with the likely 21 May result.
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May 12
they are still reporting his lies and self-contradictions like each event is an isolated and valid act that requires press gallery journalists of all people to #ScottSplain the most sanitised possible version of his “meta message” and “what he is doing”. My god. Fuck. WE KNOW.
Annabel Crabb is literally stepping us through how media are distributing transphobia for Morrison, as tho she is not media explaining media on the media, neutralising and invisibilising the human agency in newsrooms, the people who make these choices.
they seem to think voters have absorbed their 4 years of careful noise and mopping up for the Liberal Party. No admissions of error, more like conjuring up imaginary ignorance in voters to start walking back a bit of their own bullshit - yet retaining the pro-Morrison frame.
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May 11
pivoting to delivering goods and services during a pandemic is literal productivity. It went to CEO bonuses and passive income dividends, to people in large plague-safe houses and neighbourhoods while frontline workers were policed for leaving their homes.
the greed and narrow minded ignorance of comfortable ruling class mouthpieces as they trouser pandemic productivity dividends that cost low income workers huge stress, extreme hardship, whole lives.
this media eagerness to jump at a “real” election contest on the majors traditional stomping ground - bosses v workers - instead of find some kind of moral centre, a peg to decency, an anchor in the humanity of heavily policed front line workers - is disgraceful.
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May 11
hearing glover trying to exceptionalise every seat the Liberals have recently lost to their deranged vanities is short circuiting my brain.
as @timdunlop observed earlier, the incumbent tory voice has kicked into overdrive without blinking. They do not have to conspire, or even consult each other. These people are lifetime-trained to reflexively and aggressively protect their own ruling class power.
not seeing journos concern trolling Mr Joyce and his nose bleed on national telly today. No BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN for our man Barnaby. Unlike their deep and abiding concern for dead Labor Senator heart attacks and isolating Labor leadership covid diagnoses.
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