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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are former Liberal Party operative and 9fax columnist Niki Savva, political corro for the pro-Coalition editorialising AFR Phil Coorey, and murdoch reporter Clare Armstrong.
The interview is with federal Finance Minister Senator Katy Gallagher, who holds three interim portfolios: Attorney General, Minister for Women, and Health Minister.
This thread is not fact-checked.
Community independents ran in metro, regional and rural seats. #Insiders
opening spiel: the Coalition struggles to work out what just happened. #Insiders
new PM sworn in, new team goes to QUAD meeting, Treasurer warns the budget is a mess, Muruguppin family back to Biloela, Morrison back to the Shire. Speers calls the election result “extraordinary”. A Coalition win would have been “extraordinary”. #Insiders
the montage opens with a string of swearings in going back to Rudd. Clip of Biden greeting Albanese and of Wong in Fiji. Bit of nonsense sensationalism around Pacific politics. Soundtrack is New Day. #Insiders
#MakingNews more military and China reports. Littleproud to challenge Joyce and Dutton to be elected Liberal leader unopposed.
Speers editorialises that Labor is improving our foreign relations and domestic - Coalition-caused - problems are “a challenge to fix”.
first to Phil, who says there was speculation that Labor would be a soft touch. Who speculated this unfounded nonsense he does not say. Albanese and Biden are the same political stripe, says Coorey. #Insiders
next up is Savva who also says Albanese has shown he can acquit himself on the world stage, with Biden and “the other two leaders”. The Macron call.
Speers says Labor has to work on the massive sub payout to France that Morrison dumped on them [paraphrased]. #Insiders
still on foreign affairs, clip of Wong saying to Fiji that Aust support “doesn’t come with strings attached”. Armstrong says this is recognition that Australia has to do a lot more and how Labor will differ [from the vandal predecessors]. #Insiders
Speers raises a tweet from Baniramara on climate change. Coorey repeats his claim that Albanese has shown he will not be a soft touch. From what I saw, it was Coalition politicians and their media mates who created that narrative, without any evidence. #Insiders
less wedge politics, Speers says, as promised by Albanese. Savva says people have shown they are sick of wedge politics (destructive and otherwise pointless Coalition hyper-partisanship) and “culture wars” (aggressive bigotry and hate). #Insiders
a new politics? Mandate? Savva says Labor and the independents will claim mandates. Fact check: each MP has a mandate to represent their constituency. #Insiders
suggestion from Armstrong that O’Connor to home affairs would be a “clean swap” with Kenneally losing the seat she contested.
Did Coorey just call trade a “second tier affair”? Savva asks who will be the new speaker. Nobody knows. #Insiders
interview. Speers introduces “the finance minister Katy Gallagher” with a clip of the Treasurer on the budget. Gallagher says the Treasurer will say more about the challenges facing the economy and the budget. #Insiders
Q: was the charter of budget honesty accurate, or not?
A: well that is what the then government signed off on but we are looking at spending pressures coming up in health care, aged care…
Q: so the budget could be worse?
A: we are doing the work, David.
we can not have a situation of a trillion dollar debt and not enough to show for it, says Gallagher. Of budget pressures. We need to see an economic dividend for public spending.
Are you softening us up for spending cuts? asks Speers. She is not softening anyone up says Gallagher. But cuts? asks Speers.
Gallagher says they will look at budget allocations, and make sure there is a business model. She cites a $400 million barrel already cancelled. #Insiders
we have inherited the worst set of budget books, says Gallagher. Half the debt was borrowed before the pandemic. We red to make sure government spending is in the long term public interest not short term political interest, says Gallagher.

But cuts? asks Speers. #Insiders
seems Speers has swapped out “but spending?” with “but cuts?” in his notes for interviewing Labor Party politicians. #Insiders
fuel excise. Gallagher confirms the September cut off. She says it is a huge cost to the budget and the money will be redirected to more productive results [abbr] #insiders
power prices, business investment, emissions reductions. Speers cites what Ken Henry told the AFR that Boris Johnson is doing and demands to know why the Albanese government has ruled out whatever abracadabra Johnson genius windfall was claimed, which I missed. #Insiders
Q: why has he ruled out [Bojo windfall thing] before the whole cabinet has been sworn in?
A: he is the prime minister, David.
Q: is that how it is going to work?
A: that is not how Albanese runs a cabinet, no.
political donations and corrupted partisan public spending.
Do you support caps to stop the arms race in political donations and election spending?
Gallagher says it needs to be looked at and basically asks for some time to fix things. #Insiders
back to panel. The political spending cap Q starts with Palmer and Holmes a Court. Coorey says Clive got nothing, not a box of donuts lol and the “teals took six seats”🙄Speers says there were donors other than Holmes a Court (they mean other than Climate 200). #Insiders
it is all within the rules, we agree. Savva repeats the Climate 200 as Holmes a Court alone.
Real time disclosure would be better, Speers and Savva agree.
Coorey says Labor “narrowed its options from the start” on campaign finance reform and “will come under pressure”. #Insiders
lower house results. Clip of Albanese saying he is very confident Labor will form majority government. Savva says “maybe he will flop over the line” - you know, like Morrison did in 2019 with the backing of every major media outlet and was hailed as a master campaigner. #Insiders
more Greens colleagues for Bandt to negotiate ambitious climate policy, says Armstrong. Coorey speculates whether Greens Senators will vote with Canavan if Labor targets are too unambitious.

Fascinating, says Speers. Stop trying to re-start climate conflict, says me.
speaker? The panel canvas possibility of Tas independent Andrew Wilkie and think he would be a good speaker. Coorey says Speaker is a juicy role and factional prize. Ffs. #Insiders
let’s talk about the Coalition, says Speers. Clips of women expert Karen Andrews, coal lumps in parliament expert Dave Sharma, and coal dust as make up expert Matt Canavan. #Insiders
there was a clear abandonment of the Liberal Party by women who have previously voted for the Coalition, says Armstrong.
The shape-shifting around Liberals, Nationals, LNP, and Coalition failures really irritates me.
audio grab of Morrison and his fatuous nonsense about VOTERS wanting change like people change the curtains. Coorey says the common element in his conversations is dislike of the prime minister ie dislike of Scott Morrison. #Insiders
free publicity for Savva’s next book on the public broadcaster. Thanks, ABC! Clip of Joyce I think. I missed it. Savva says the “vote for Zimmerman is a vote for Joyce” campaign was very successful (congrats on that @deniseshrivell 👏🏼) #Insiders
some very Insider-y #Insiders on duelling Coalition/Liberal/National press conferences at ten paces. Nobody cares.
they - the Liberals - lost 12 inner metro seats and 5 outer metro seats, says Speers. At least he has stopped saying “teals” and “inner city seats”. Baby steps. #Insiders
god the relief at this show wrapping up after 55 mins. I can not tell you. The 90 min episodes were sooo draining. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 1 is Armstrong saying Labor should put their money where their mouth is a make sure women are well represented as advisors and COSs.
Well said, says Speers. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Coorey saying every incoming PM since Whitlam has made Indonesia their first port of call and observes Albanese had to go straight to the QUAD and has domestic challenges to sort out #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Savva saying she is a “great believer in Australians always getting it right” where by “it” she means federal elections. Accidentally calls Kylea Tink winning in North Sydney “Trent Zimmerman’s seat”.
No seat is owned, by anyone. #Insiders
the outtake is McMickMack suggesting the Labor Premier in South Australia won by taking his shirt off, a typical tory “joke” that trivialises and minimises Labor Party political skill and success. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
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May 26
Scott Morrison instructed Border Force to promote his OSB policy on election day.…
trashing the public sphere to the miserable end.
ABC radio is reporting this debased decision by the failed former federal Liberal leader as a “request”.
useful as a Gaedjinquiry™️
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May 24
it takes courage to do this, before the voters change the government. Image
i mean I get why gallery journalists want to votersplain to voters what we achieved despite and not because of their ability or desire to communicate political meaning to the electorate.
by all means ask twitter to provide the raw materials for production of post facto semiotics 101 for a Morrison apologist. Why not. Where would we be without ScottSplaining from the Scottsquad.
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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on way💃🏼🥂
well done, comrades.
Annabel has discovered toxic masculinity is a thing in Coalition campaign strategy.
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May 21
lmaooo that graphic tho
“Bennelong and Reid are in strife” - ABC journalist on voters electing candidates who are not in the Liberal Party.
“none of them have turned blue just yet “ ABC journalist reporting that voters in Labor-held seats have re-elected Labor candidates.
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May 21
those values of fair go if you have a go - outgoing prime minister Scott Morrison with his usual soaring oratory.
conomy. Chievement. On every cayshon. He “believes in Straylans”.
who is Jen the journo with the dixer on stop the boats???
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May 19
hey remember when every major media outlet bar the age and guardian aus told us to elect Tony Abbott so the Coalition could increase emissions and be crueller and more xenophobic than Labor.
then they said to elect Coalition leader Malcolm Turnbull - who never held a public office he did not entirely fail at - from the Republic referendum onwards - because Labor defending its own policy, universal healthcare, was too scary or something.
and three years ago the major fucking media told us their un/likeability index was a real thing that should determine our votes and also howzabout this Scott Morrison bloke [insert fabricated political image and campaign message for lazy journalists].
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