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the #pfizer vaccine ruined my life 10 months ago and i am not going to shut up about it from now on. i never told my story. i used the #longcovid community to find a place and a voice but this is not the whole picture. let's talk about #VaccineSideEffects and #VaccineInjured ⬇️
my name is poupy, im 24 yo and i am an athlete, runner, hiker, i am a master student, a worker, a daughter, a grandchild, a friend for some. i am a vegan cook, a pianist and a writer. i am full of life, i am healthy, happy, ambitious and adventurous. or should i say I WAS ?
my life stopped July 29th 2021. until then i was living in sweden for my study. i came back in france at the beginning of the month to get vax bc i wanted to protect my family and fragile people. i did it for the good will and freedom. i don't wanna be judged on that.
i had my first shot on july 7th and had no side effect at all except a stiff arm during 2 days. i waited 3 weeks (this was the delay at that time) and had my second shot. this didn't go that well. the first night was not a signal for me, i had shills, fever, sweat and insomnia.
but i was better on the morning and during the next day. i even exercised and hang out with friends. 48 hours after it, i was sick again. flu symptoms appeared with a sore throat, then fever and chills, muscles pain, eyes allergy, stuffy nose and ears... the whole package.
this lasted 14 days with an astonishing and abnormal fatigue. i tested negative on day 7. at that time, the vaccine was not an option for me. i was almost laughing about it. i tried to exercise again but my heartbeat was higher than before. i had anxiety and shortness of breathe.
i almost fainted doing basic yoga. okay, i thought. give your body time to recover. my heart was bumping in my chest, i was still walking miles but was feeling so drunk, i couldn't see clear, i was dizzy, i couldn't talk while walking anymore. that "better" state lasted 10 days.
then, around august 20th, after a party, i got sick "again". same flu symptoms, 10 days all over again. i now call this my first PEM. i tried not to let myself stay in bed too many days tho and went biking. this got worse. i realised there i couldn't work out at all anymore.
i worked out 2 hours a day for the last 10 years and i couldn't do shit. i had a weekend close to the sea with my friends and tried to survive there. i got myself so drunk i felt me again. the next part was not that funny though. i came back home feeling better but only a day.
i NEVER recovered from that weekend. now i think alcohol only made me feel good thanks to adrenaline and maybe improved blood circulation. two days after that weekend, i was stricken by some pain in my neck. i almost threw up. i couldn't watch tv, i couldn't eat. i was so scared.
i thought about meningitis but i had no fever. i went to the physio, i got worse. i couldn't leave my bed. i was so exhausted and in so much pain. that wasn't funny anymore. i went to the ER after some shaking crisis, then a second time bc of tachycardia and legs pain.
i couldnt sleep because my heartbeat was so high. i couldn't turn off my phone bc i was scared to die, i needed to be able to call the ER. i struggle to remember that time but things were happening fast and i couldn't stop wondering if that was all made up in my head.
doctors gave me anxios, magnesium, they told me to exercise and walk. i couldn't do groceries or cooking anymore so i decided to go back to my parents. i did a 600km train trip with nausea, vertigos, tachycardia, that was a horror movie. my dad drove me directly to the ER.
i went home. that was at the start of september. nobody was taking me seriously. i spent the month barely conscious, unable to sit, stand, walk. i was bedbound for the first time of my life. my symptoms at that time were FATIGUE, muscles and joints pain, flu symptoms especially
eyes, ears and sinus pain, i had POTS (i understood around that time), asthma and digestive tachycardia. i was sleeping better, 13 hours per night but still couldn't function during the day. i had blurry vision, couldn't focus, couldn't work, read, i had terrific migraines.
i had to go back to my apartments for my back to school. my last year of master. i struggled from october till december to keep myself in a state where i could go to school during 6 hours and then sleep until the next day. i was bedbound all the time except those hours.
that was a perfect nightmare but i kept pushing. i learned about PEM but that was not an option to give up. after christmas holidays and the massive crash i experienced, i had to find a back up plan. i had to accept i would end up bad if pushing more.
my school was probably the biggest disappointment i had this year. they tried to kick me out instead of helping me (private school 10K a year) they said i was making my parents losing money. they threatened me to refuse my internship even if i succeeded until the end of class.
i fought and they accepted to give me a few hours remotely. thanks for the effort lads. i pushed myself until the end of march 2022. regarding symptoms, new babes i forgot to mention were now part of me. i had a regular flush on my face each evening at the same time.
this was linked to food and it stayed during 7 months. it was coming with headaches, blurry vision, headpressure, i was red and BURNING. had this too on my hands and feet. from october, i became allergic to everything. had to let go of my plantbased proteins diet.
had to let go of everything basically. i immediately started to follow a low histamine diet but even now this is my main issue. i probably developed #MCAS and #MECFS which got worse from january. my food allergy symptoms were a shortness of breathe, a pressure on my throat and
chest. my eyes were exploding and i had big flu symptoms on the morning, all that in addition to my regular flush. my crashes were becoming hard to handle, i was struggling more and more to clean my place and do the daily task.
i haven't mentioned it but i was a freelance worker for the company i worked with in sweden and i had to let go of this too in mid november. so basically my life was surrendering to everything.
regarding healthcare, i went to almost 50 appointments in 10 months, i saw plenty of specialists, most of them gaslighted me. it took my few energy but i tried to maintain my mental health in a good state. i am proud of that. i lost most of my friends, gave up on social life.
i took every supplements possible, some did nothing, some probably improved a little. but no breakthrough. i am now on 3 diff antihistamines which i believe help. i do my best. positive aspects is my POTS that improved on month 9, breathing issues slowly improved too
with a lot of mediation, specific diet, deep breathing exercise, theta waves etc. i do very slow and safe exos only to move my back, arms, neck which is where the inflammation is worse for me.
but that is all. ALL the other symptoms remain and are very debilitating for me. i also experience awful crashes 1 week (at least) out of 3 because of my period and hormones. i can't live my life and i want people to hear that.
for the last 2 months, i am finally learning to manage PEM because i am finally free of obligations. but i am supposed to start a 6 months internship to graduate so fighting is not over.
finally, my mental health has never been this good. this disease is not psychosomatic. this is not depression or anxiety. this is a severe immune reaction & illness. we need research, we need treatments. we need our life back. and we need support. thanks if you reached this part.
okay, before i receive anything i am just gonna specify a few things before getting remarks:

- YES i might have caught covid at some point, long before or between the jabs. but not that i am aware of. i never tested positive and never got symptomatic before the vax.
YES the vaccine saves and saved lives and i acknowledged this with honesty. im not an antivax or whatever that is called. i only say we need to be warned BEFORE. i asked for testing my antibodies BEFORE getting the jab and they REFUSED saying if i never tested + i should take 2.
YES i ignored my symptoms first bc nothing prepares for this. no doc. no book. no thought. YES i enjoyed time with 4 friends twice in an apartment. YES i overdone and drinking probably made it worse but this is not at all my point there and i have no regret about that.
and i had still so many antibodies 6 months after the second dose that i am pretty sure about my adverse reaction, covid or vaccine this is a reality we need to talk about. sending love to all the people living the same situation, i stand with you 💜
for those telling vax long hauling isn't real ↩️

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