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[Thread] 1. MORE INFO: The hlth dpt says the 300 000 cleared doses are the doses for teachers + school staff, so these are part of the 480 000 doses for educators. The doses have been reduced to 300 000 because of the short time left to use them before they expire on 28 June.
2. The 480 000 doses for school staff had been reduced to 300 000 before the FDA approved the extended shelf life for #JnJ from 3 to 4.5 months (so they'd now last beyond 28 June). But the doses can't be increased to 480 000 again b/cause JnJ doesn't have enough stock left.
3. How long do we need to use 300 000 #JnJ doses? If we go by how many #Pfizer doses (350 000 - 400 000/week), we need about a week, says the hlth dpt.
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[Thread]. 1. The FDA has announced 60 million doses of #JnJ produced by the manufacturer Emergent Biosolutions in Baltimore are unsuitable for use and therefore have to be destroyed. What does that mean for South Africa?
2. SA has procured 31.2 million #JnJ doses. At least 2 million of those doses were sent to Aspen in Gqeberha to put into vials and packaged. These doses were made from batches of ingredients that the FDA investigated for quality.
3. Are the 2 million doses in Gqeberha among the 60 million which are unsuitable for use? The FDA has not yet released a report with the batch nrs, so we don't yet know, but the hlth dpt has been told that some of the doses will almost certainly be affected.
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#Lareb heeft het overzicht van bijwerkingen van de #corona #vaccins bijgewerkt t/m 6 juni

Nieuw overzicht in een kort draadje!
-Er zijn 196.945 bijwerkingen bij #Lareb gemeld (werkelijke aantal ligt hoger)
-80,6% vd vrouwen heeft bijwerkingen tov 19,4% vd mannen
-Bijwerkingen komen in alle leeftijdsgroepen voor met name in de leeftijd 60-69 jaar
-Er is 463 keer 'n ernstige bijwerking gemeld
-Er zijn 28.337 bijwerkingen bij #Lareb gemeld (werkelijke aantal ligt hoger)
-79,7% vd vrouwen heeft bijwerkingen tov 20,2% vd mannen
-Bijwerkingen komen in alle leeftijdsgroepen voor met name de leeftijd 20-29 en 50-59 jaar
-Er is 13 keer 'n ernstige bijwerking gemeld
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1,295 deaths after 💉 reported to #MHRA in UK🇬🇧(as 2/6/21)

Reactions 717,250
Deaths 863 (+32)
Blood clot death 66 (+5)

Reactions 193,768
Deaths 406 (+10)

Reactions 9,243
Deaths 4

Reactions 2,335
Deaths 22

Latest 🇬🇧UK vaccine numbers:

1st dose:

#AstraZeneca - 24.5m
#Pfizer - 14.7m
#Moderna - 0.5m
Total 39.7m

2nd dose:

#AstraZeneca - 15.7m
#Pfizer - 10.7m
Total 25.7m

1,295 fatal events
922,596 adverse reactions

These are estimates up to 2/6/21
372 #Bloodclot reports
66 #Bloodclot deaths following #AstraZeneca 💉

7 aged 18-29
10 aged 30-39
10 aged 40-49
20 aged 50-59
10 aged 60-69
5 aged 70-79
1 aged 80-89
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Thread discussing the proposals of #Lockdown4, thread will include👇

-Intro into rising cases, deaths and hospitalisations
-How we failed with the last 3 lockdowns?
-How we can learn from abroad?
-What #Lockdown 4 should look like?
Introduction to data 👇👇

The situation with #B16172 (Delta)
-Cases since May have been rising
-Have overtook #B117 (Kent) as the dominant strain in the U.K.
We know that #B1672 has significant resistance to both #AstraZeneca and #Pfizer especially with one dose as it’s only 30% effective.
Second dose is around 70% effective (20% drop from other VOC’s…
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The situation in the North West is not good and from the looks of things the rest of the U.K. is catching up. The current wave is slowly mirroring to that of the Autumn/ Winter wave. This is quite clear that #COVID19 is not a seasonal virus. This is evidence we need #ZeroCovid
Cases are on an upmost slope to that of the Autumn wave back in 2020. As you can see the surge began to pick up at 2k cases in Autumn. This wave due to #B16172 seems to be picking up a lot faster and catching up to Autumn rates. 👇👇
Hospitalisations are extremely worrying, steady rise in comparison to Autumn. As you can see this wave is rapidly catching up. It’s worrying to take into consideration that many hospitalisations are young and vaccinated individuals too (many fully vaccinated). 👇👇
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[Thread]. 1. Where are we at with #VaccineRolloutSA?
* People who had received 1 #CovidVaccine dose by 7 Jun = 1, 524, 589
* Of those, only 31% (479 768), have been fully vaccinated (they got a #JnJ jab via #Sisonke)
* The rest (1, 043 278) have received the 1st of 2 #Pfizer jabs
2. Here’s a summary of our #VaccineRolloutSA figures so far:
* Total doses = 1, 524, 589
* Total #Pfizer 1st doses = 1, 043 278
* Nr of #Pfizer doses given on Mo, 7 Jun = 82 641 (this is the highest nr of daily doses so far)
3. Where do the 1, 524, 589 doses SA had given by 7 Jun place us in #Africa? @mediahackza tracks 51 countries, SA is 4th:
1. Algeria: 2, 500, 000
2. Nigeria: 2, 225, 765
3. Ethiopia: 1, 856, 968
4. SA: 1, 524, 589

Here's more:
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Tread highlighting
-The situation with #B16172 (Delta)
-21st delay and why the delay is needed
-How we should be locking down going forward (especially over the winter)
The situation with #B16172 (Delta)
-Cases since May have been rising
-Have overtook #B117 (Kent) as the dominant strain in the U.K.
We know that #B1672 has significant resistance to both #AstraZeneca and #Pfizer especially with one dose as it’s only 30% effective.
Second dose is around 70% effective (20% drop from other VOC’s…
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Nieuwe draad.
@ADnl pakt het op: ziek na vaccinatie
Oa mensen met verzwakte afweer bv kankerpatiënten aan chemo/immuno-therapie!
Probeer hier al lang bewustwording voor te krijgen @hugodejonge @MinPres @GGDGHORNL @rivm ...zie draadjes/tweets
Blijft verontrustend dat kankerpatiënten onder behandeling (oa chemo-, immuuntherapie, immuunonderdrukkende medicatie) algemeen advies krijgen #coronavaccinatie
Kankerpatiënten in trials uitgesloten.
Elke kankerpatiënt is uniek, dus maatwerk nodig!
#Covid_19 #Vaccinatie
Veel artsen volgen algemene richtlijnen/protocollen.
Dus ook algemeen advies eigen "koepel" ook tav nieuwe #mRNA
Dit terwijl kankerpatiënten uitgesloten waren van vaccin-trials en geen/minder immuunrespons te verwachten is bij bv chemo/immuuntherapie.
#Vaccinatie #Covid_19
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Every week I publish the #MHRA #YellowCard stats..

Most people dismiss them..

Here brave #LouiseHampton raises the bar & informs people over a MEGAPHONE📢 while they Q for the jag..💉 👏

1253 deaths
30,595 respiratory disorders
12,684 blood disorders
1,582 cardiac disorders
I really want to box the Freddie Roach look-a-like ......🥊🥊
1,253 deaths after 💉 reported to #MHRA in UK🇬🇧(as 26/5/21)

Reactions 695,214
Deaths 831 (+25)
Blood clot death 61 (+2)

Reactions 183,752
Deaths 396 (+14)

Reactions 7,014
Deaths 4

Reactions 2,216
Deaths 22

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¿Las madres vacunadas pueden proteger a los niños mediante la lactancia materna? Abro hilo:
@SaludDGPS @covidmx @SSalud_mx
La lactancia materna representa una herramienta muy importante para disminuir el índice de mortalidad en los neonatos, ¿Por qué?
#mortalidad #neonatos
La leche materna contiene componentes de la inmunidad innata y adquirida que protegen a los bebés contra agentes externos. ¿Podrá protegerlos contra la COVID-19?
#anticuerpos #inmunizacion
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Government regulators: “Be rest assured that we have done rigorous testing for the #vaccine’s safety & efficacy, and it’s also really safe for children and pregnant women. Just get the shot.” #Pfizer #Moderna #Janssen #AstraZeneca
P2… These are the charlatans and #BigPharma mattress backs who are responsible for waving through this insane experimental mRNA gene cocktail…
P3 - If you’ve made it this far and are still feeling cool about being a human guinea pig for the Pharmaceutical Industry, then this next clip is specially for you…
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Man will es nicht glauben! Für eine Studie mit einer dreifachen Covid-19-Impfung werden nun todkranke, immungeschwächte Kinder ab 2 Jahren gesucht.…
🇺🇸Die Originalquellen bei Pfizer und der US-Regierung
Zum Beweis dafür, dass wir die Geschichte nicht einfach erfunden haben, hier die Studie, wie sie auf der Seite von Pfizer beschrieben ist:…
1/3👹Es ging uns bei dieser Geschichte wie Tucker Carlson angesichts des #widerwärtigen Studiendesigns in den #USA („Föten-Kopfhaut an Ratten genäht: US-#Coronapapst Dr. #Faucis Experimente„). Man will es nicht glauben. Man schüttelt den Kopf. Man #zweifelt an der #Menschheit.
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[Thread]1. When can a province start to vaccinate people of 40+? When 70% of people of 60+ in a province had been vaccinated, @HealthZA said in a presentation this week. #VaccineRolloutSA
2. How many people of 60+ are there? About 5 mil. How many have we vaccinated? We only know we had given 713 584 #Pfizer jabs by Wed, @healthza hasn't given a breakdown of how many are #HealthWorkers and how many are people of 60+. #VaccineRolloutSA
3. What do we know? We have a breakdown of registration figures. 2 247 753 people of 60+ have registered on the EVDS, so about 45%. We've given 713 584 (that's 14% of 5 mil) shots so far (some = HCWs), so we've got a long way to go before we've reached 70% of people of 60+.
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[Thread] 11. LATEST #VaccineRolloutSA figures:
1. The total nr of #JandJ + #Pfizer 1st (of 2) shots by Wed: 1 193 352
2. Nr of #Pfizer shots on Wed: 1 193 352 - 1 117 569 = 75 783 (on Tue 72 456 shots were given).
3. Total nr of Pfizer shots: 637 801 (Wed) + 75 783 = 713 584
2. Can we do more than +/- 75 000 shots/day?
@HealthZA's Nicholas Crisp says no, not until we get our #JandJ jabs (or additional Pfizer/other brands). Why? Otherwise we run the risk of using up the jabs before the next #Pfizer batch arrives, and will have to stop and start.
3. How many #Pfizer jabs have we got?
* By Jun 1 we had 1,937,520 doses
* Of the 1,937,520 doses, 1,294,020 have been distributed to sites (we had used 713 584 of the 1,294, 020 by Wed)
* The batch of 636,480 of 31 May is still under quarantine
* Next batch: 636 480 on 7 Jun
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#CDC has recently reported myocarditis & pericarditis cases following #mRNA #vaccination in adolescents & young adults in the US. Are these the first reported cases of cardiac involvement following mRNA vaccines? 1/…
Fortunately, these incidents are extremely rare events. But, have the agencies overlooked earlier signals? Are these cases indeed related to mRNA vaccines? Are the vaccines responsible? If yes, what could be the probable mechanism? 2/
Few cases of post-vaccination myocarditis, heart failure & heart attacks have been reported in #Israel since December soon after the launch of #Pfizer mRNA vaccine. Health officials referred them as “A murky wave of heart attacks” 3/…
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1,253 deaths after 💉 reported to #MHRA in UK🇬🇧(as 26/5/21)

Reactions 695,214
Deaths 831 (+25)
Blood clot death 61 (+2)

Reactions 183,752
Deaths 396 (+14)

Reactions 7,014
Deaths 4

Reactions 2,216
Deaths 22

Latest 🇬🇧UK vaccine numbers:

1st dose:

#AstraZeneca - 24.3m
#Pfizer - 14.0m
#Moderna - 0.4m
Total 38.7m

2nd dose:

#AstraZeneca - 13.4m
#Pfizer - 10.6m
Total 24.0m

These are estimates up to 26/5/21
61 #BloodClot deaths following #AstraZeneca jag💉 now reported to MHRA (from 348 blood clot events)

An increase of 3 in the week, including 2 in the 40-49 age group (currently NOT being given to under 40s ....🤔)
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1/ Des cas d'infection respiratoire aigüe, surtout en Bretagne, Grand-Est, Nouvelle Aquitaine: 0.4 pour 1000 habitants mais seulement 0.05 pour 1000 habitants sont #COVID19 (une diminution continue observée depuis mi-mars)
2/ Si reprise il y a, la crainte porte sur de nouveaux variants. Face à cela, la couverture immunitaire découverte comme DURABLE et CROISÉE reste l'immunité humorale... tandis que la vaccination offre une couverture de durée et d'efficacité indéterminées…
3/ Spike, révélé comme l'agent pathogène du #SARSCoV2
(a) Thread du 22 avril, rapportant l'activation -PAR SPIKE- d'un autre agent pathogène: Env du virus HERV-W
(b) Analyse article du 7 mai…
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I wonder whether, when @cydneyyeates of @Metro_Ents began her career in journalism, she really believed she would end up resorting to writing complete fabrications.

I don’t mean “I didn’t like what she wrote” I mean total lies👇🏻…
Firstly, the 2nd and 3rd paragraph have just been copied and pasted from any government press release on vaccines. It gives a glimpse into the lack of actual “journalism” happening here. As a former journo myself, I can tell you that “word herder” is a far better description.
But of course the main lie here is the attempt to completely switch realities and discredit the only person in that discussion (@beverleyturner) who was actually speaking the truth. Not my truth, the unarguable, demonstrable truth.

I’m sick of the mainstream media lying so👇🏻
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My dear fellow coolies.
Sorry to doubt our Lord and massa America (PBUH), but 3 months ago #PfizerVaccine needed -70 deg storage. Suddenly they say 2 deg C is OK. Can someone point me to non Pfizer funded academic papers proving this conclusively with data?
Yours Grovellingly
Tomorrow if #Pfizer is not working in India they will blame us coolies (guilty and despicable as we are) for improper storage while we forgive them their trespasses against us. So help me gawd.
For those who point me to #PfizerVaccine data sheet I am asking, "What is the proof that those who have received Pfizer vaccine stored at 2-8 deg C actually developed antibodies. I apologize for using such vulgar language and bad words.
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657 115 vaccinations ont été réalisées hier (nombre provisoire), deuxième jour le plus élevé depuis le début. Dans le détail :
-340 309 premières doses
-166 965 deuxièmes doses
-42 951
-20 075
-2 852
-64 820
-19 105
-38 (*)
Comme on le voit sur ces deux graphiques (primo-injections à gauche, toutes les vaccinations à droite), #AstraZeneca n'est quasiment plus utilisé que pour des deuxièmes injections.
Au 1er juin, près de 38 millions de doses de vaccin ont été administrées au total. Près de 29 millions d'entre elles sont du #Pfizer. Et plus de 26 millions de personnes ont reçu au moins une dose de vaccin.
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Amid reports that the Indian government may grant indemnity to #Pfizer and #Moderna so that they export their vaccines to India, here's an explainer on what indemnity for vaccine makers means.

#COVID19 #COVIDVaccination #pandemic #CoronaVaccine…
𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗺𝗻𝗶𝘁𝘆?

Indemnity is protection to vaccine-makers from legal proceedings, which means that they can't be sued in India.

No other #vaccinemaker in India enjoys this clause.
𝗖𝗮𝗻 𝗚𝗼𝗜 𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗻𝘁 𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗺𝗻𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝘁𝗼 #𝗣𝗳𝗶𝘇𝗲𝗿?

Pfizer has indemnity in all the countries it has exported its vaccines to. The government of India can extend indemnity on the lines of what other countries did, reports suggest.
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#Vaccin & #myocarditis chez les jeunes?
📢«Je suis convaincu qu'il existe une relation» dit Dr Mevorach.
➡️En l'occurence: un taux multiplié entre 5 et 25 fois chez les vaccinés…
📢"Une possibilité: que les niveaux d'anticorps très élevés,générés par les vaccins #Pfizer et #Moderna chez les jeunes puissent-dans de rares cas-conduire à une sorte de réaction immunitaire excessive qui enflamme le cœur"
➡️Rare?C'est déjà trop pour une population pas à risque
A cela,Mevorach ajoute qu'il soupçonne que l'ARNm lui-même joue un rôle!
📢"Je pense qu'en fait l'ARNm est une sorte d'adjuvant naturel",qui accélère la réponse immunitaire,dit-il
➡️Un adjuvant "naturel" on ne peut plus "synthétique" qui a déjà conduit à combien de décès?
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La vaccination en France, mois par mois :
-1,7 million d'injections (premières et deuxièmes doses confondues) en janvier
-3 millions en février
-6,9 millions en mars
-10,6 millions en avril
-14,6 millions en mai
💉 #Covid19 ⤵️1/8 Image
Les données de la vaccination sont communiquées à J+1. Ce mardi 1er juin, on dispose donc de celles jusqu'au 31 mai. Je ne fais pas apparaitre les 365 deuxièmes doses #Janssen, il pourrait s'agir d'erreurs de saisies.
Alors qu'AstraZeneca était monté à plus de 30% des vaccinations en mars, #Pfizer redevient très largement majoritaire avec plus de 80% des vaccinations en mai.
3/… Image
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