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good morning from unceded Darug lands. Today on #Insiders are 9fax culture editor Osman Faruqi, TSP political corro Karen Middleton and murdoch editor James Campbell.
opening spiel: new cabinet sworn in, Albanese government “hit early” by energy crisis. No word on the causes of the crisis. #insiders
everyone knew energy prices would rise, but not by this much, says Speers. He claims that while the new government can not be BLaMeD for the crisis it will be JuDgEd by its response. #Insiders
montage is the changing of the federal government. Footage of new cabinet ministers being sworn in and just as much footage of Liberal Party and National Party room leaders. Clip of Sussan Ley saying what she says “to the women of Australia”. #Insiders
Chalmers and Bowen on the CRISIS that surely nobody believes has emerged in the last fortnight. #Insiders
#MakingNews is headlines that reflect the actual state of the economic mess the Liberals always leave behind. Price “the only Indigenous Liberal Party MP - on a referendum. #Insiders
Speers editorialises again that the Labor government will be judged by its response to energy prices and says again they are clearly not to blame. He again does not say who is to blame. #Insiders
the panel are asked to discuss gas supply and energy prices. Middleton says it she goes not know if selling huge amounts of gas off shore creates supply problems here. Campbell complains about a Gillard government decision a decade ago. #Insiders
after hearing Chalmers and Bowen explain the domestic supply trigger is not a magic wand, Campbell frames it as a magic wand. Clip of Bowen saying it is not a short term solution. Clip of Dutton claiming Bowen “has got the levers” and some vague personal attacks. #Insides
for Labor to invest in coal fired power cuts away from their commitment to renewables, says Faruqi, addressing actual policy settings so not sure he will be invited back #Insiders
and the Greens will say they are subsidising fossil fuels, chuckles Middleton. Faruqi canvases an energy payment to pensioners rather than supply side pricing mechanisms. Oh but who would qualify says Middleton. What about the petrol tax cut ending too. #Insiders
even if it does make sense to prop up fossil fuel power, says Faruqi, that does not help the long term shift to renewables. Middleton recaps - and all-sideses - the decade plus of wasted climate settings. #Insiders
some argy bargy around how Campbell seagued from renewables transition policy to inflation to the minimum wage submission the federal government made to the Fair Work Commission, which I missed. #Insiders
interview. Speers opens with congratulating the new leader of a minor opposition party and asks if he takes any blame for the gas price problem. Littleproud recites sun not shining wind not blowing and promoters government by talking to fossil fuel corporation CEOs. #Insiders
no regrets about what you did in the energy market over 9 years? asks Speers, also helpfully repeating a failed Coalition slogan. Littleproud says there is CCS just up the road from him. Okay then. #Insiders
this guy has stepped straight into the Joyce - Morrison mold. Blaming the states. Dodging responsibility. Repeating slogans. Spreading misinformation. Normalising government by corporate capture. Plagiarising Labor when it suits them. #Insiders
i can not see the point of this interview, other than to elevate failed Coalition ideology and give airtime for cheap shots at the incoming government - on the public broadcaster. #Insiders
should they pull the trigger should they pull the trigger? asks Speers, just on the trigger on the trigger he says. Who cares? What difference does it make whether Littleproud thinks the government should operationalise a particular policy lever. #Insiders
he should be asking if the Nationals plan to be wreckers on constitutional recognition. #Insiders
instead Speers asks what Littleproud thinks the Australian voters were saying about climate change. Nonsense stuff. There is three years until the next election. What matters is climate SCIENCE, climate ACTION. #Insiders
more on this what do you think about “the message” sent by 17 million people line ie journalists and politicians using “the voters” to push their own narratives and content creation. #Insiders
what about a federal integrity commission? Littleproud runs the pro-corruption National Party line. Integrity is bad for the careers of corrupt politicians, I think he is saying. #Insiders
a peculiar segue from “the sensible centre” to an Indigenous voice to parliament! Amazing. Are you opposed to constitutional change? Littleproud says he understands the “symbolism” and says he wants practical solutions which he then lobs to Jacinta Price. #Insiders
how many frontbench positions have you secured for the Nationals? He means shadow front bench. Did Joyce make the cut? No scoop for you David, says David. #Insiders
back to panel. Gas gas gas gas. Middleton paraphrases the practical solutions line from his referendum answer to the gas supply Q. Campbell comments on Littleproud’s facial expressions. Honestly. #Insiders
we have to start pivoting to renewables, says Faruqi. Middleton says there was divergence between Littleproud and Joyce and Dutton said bad government off we go to the good bloke mate mate stuff instead of policy discussion. #Insiders
he has not ruled out an Indigenous voice to parliament, says Speers, and plays a clip of Dutton making things up. Campbell says Tony Abbott was a one size fits all oppo leader in the outer suburbs when the teal seats were still blue. #Insiders
Campbell offers up the usual disparaging misinformation about Climate200, which he calls “Simon Holmes a Court”. Speers asks Faruqi about the outer metro seats. #Insiders
the small Labor majority is strong, says Faruqi, because there is no obvious pathway for the Liberals back to power. He says Labor is therefore “feeling bullish”. Middleton says let’s not just look at what the parties are saying but at what people are saying. #Insiders
she says Dutton “doing politics the same” is curious, as tho Dutton has the capacity to be better. He doesn’t. #Insiders
let’s talk about the government, says Speers, 44 minutes into a one hour show. Clip of Albanese on the appointment of Plibersek to environment minister. Do you think she is happy? Soeers asks Middleton. Idk but I would imagine… says Middleton. This show. I swear. #Insiders
environment does not have visits to schools surrounded by children or visuals to hospitals so it has less PR value says Middleton. She is guessing, she says, and guesses away about Labor internals. #Insiders
some particularly Insider-y granular detail on cabinet hierarchy from Campbell. These people never even ask the Coalition about its secret agreement that literally constituted the federal government for the last nine years #Insiders
Faruqi gets the home affairs question. Remember when Turnbull took the AFP off AG Brandis and gave it to Dutton to stave off a leadership challenge which failed and then Brandis cried in the Senate and the press pretended he was crying about islamaphobia lmao #Insiders
“talking about the government” includes canvassing the role of former assistant treasurer Sukkar in the Liberal Party room leadership machinations and factional hatreds or something. #Insiders
clip of Penny Wong on Pacific nations deciding against signing on to a regional partnership with China. Faruqi appreciates moving away from the paternalistic colonial model pf Aust “diplomacy” in the Pacific. #Insiders
the G20. Yes Albanese should go, says Middleton. Another segue I missed from Campbell, from Putin to Indonesia. #Insiders
#TalkingPictures opens with pictures of a Liberal Party backbencher and a National Party backbencher, both failures and losers. #Insiders
#TalkingPictures is with legend 9fax photographer Alex Ellinghausen who is a back to you David man. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 1 is Faruqi saying the final senate count will be interesting - David Pocock (ACT) and a possible second Lambie network Senator Tammy Tyrrell (Tas). #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Campbell saying Albanese should go to CHOGM because it is an opportunity to sit down and listen to leaders of African countries. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Middleton on the battle to get COVID-19 recognised as an airborne virus but I missed the actual point sorry #Insiders
the outtake is a Sky interview with Education minister Jason Clare and his son. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here.

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May 28
good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are former Liberal Party operative and 9fax columnist Niki Savva, political corro for the pro-Coalition editorialising AFR Phil Coorey, and murdoch reporter Clare Armstrong.
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Scott Morrison instructed Border Force to promote his OSB policy on election day.…
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useful as a Gaedjinquiry™️
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May 24
it takes courage to do this, before the voters change the government. Image
i mean I get why gallery journalists want to votersplain to voters what we achieved despite and not because of their ability or desire to communicate political meaning to the electorate.
by all means ask twitter to provide the raw materials for production of post facto semiotics 101 for a Morrison apologist. Why not. Where would we be without ScottSplaining from the Scottsquad.
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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on way💃🏼🥂
well done, comrades.
Annabel has discovered toxic masculinity is a thing in Coalition campaign strategy.
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May 21
lmaooo that graphic tho
“Bennelong and Reid are in strife” - ABC journalist on voters electing candidates who are not in the Liberal Party.
“none of them have turned blue just yet “ ABC journalist reporting that voters in Labor-held seats have re-elected Labor candidates.
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those values of fair go if you have a go - outgoing prime minister Scott Morrison with his usual soaring oratory.
conomy. Chievement. On every cayshon. He “believes in Straylans”.
who is Jen the journo with the dixer on stop the boats???
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