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We're sick of reposting these examples to the always available hypocrites in MN who bemoan "gun violence."

We hereby dismantle ANY argument from ANY Minnesota public official, representative or activist who calls for new gun laws and more gun control.

You ALLOWED this to happen and then called it righteous while you left residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul defenseless and terrorized.
. Image
GANG MEMBER Jaqwan Lamar House was given plea deals in at least two gun cases leaving him free to commit more violent crimes.

Terry Lorenzo Brown, the St. Paul Truck Park mass shooter SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN PRISON.

Shivon Lee McCall indiscriminately fired shots in Uptown Minneapolis.

She was tossed a plea deal. ZERO time to serve.

Keith Dawson, a multi-time convicted VIOLENT FELON was repeatedly spun through the revolving door of Minnesota's system until he instigated a gun battle that KILLED A CHILD.

Multi-time convicted felon Danial Michael Levercom, Jr., who is prohibited from possessing firearms, was NOT charged with felon in possession after being found with a gun in Hennepin County.

"... Between 2013 and 2019, judges and prosecutors chose to NOT sentence minimum prison sentences in felony firearm cases 40% of the time.”

Repeat violent offender Abdimalik Hassan Abi was given a stayed sentence on a "mandatory" 5-year sentence for felon in possession of a firearm. He was repeatedly spun through Minnesota's revolving door to continue committing crimes.

Teigre Ramone Collins' 5-year 'mandatory' sentence on felon in poss'n of a firearm was stayed in November. Because MN is totally serious about gun crime.

He was just arrested after robbing/carjacking a Door Dash delivery driver at gunpoint in Duluth.
Troy Paris Payton
Five year "mandatory" minimum sentence on felon in possession of a firearm STAYED. Mille Lacs County.

Now charged in a new case with felon in possession.

Because Minnesota is totally serious about gun crime. Image

Mack Denaro Brown recently convicted on multiple felonies which will be served concurrently. In the PLEA BARGAIN, a charge of felon in possession of a firearm, requiring a mandatory 5-year sentence, WAS DISMISSED.
Brooklyn Park felon Markyse Maurice Wells has been federally indicted for possessing a firearm and a Glock "switch" that renders a gun to fire automatically, i.e. machine gun.

Of course, @MNCourts heretofore gave him stays on his prior violent crimes.
Violent felon Deandre Amaud Harrington was offered a plea bargain dismissing charges of felon in possession of a firearm in TWO CASES in 2019.

He has gone on to be charged with NUMEROUS new crimes in several cases creating multiple victims. Image

Yusuf Ahmed Yusuf of Eden Prairie shot his friend in the head inside an apartment while making a Snapchat video (prolly trying to pretend he's a gangster while endangering everyone around), yet he was only charged with reckless discharge of a firearm.
Guled Omar Farah has a history of violent crimes.
Convicted in 2020 on Felon in Possession of Firearm ("mandatory" 5 yrs).
Spun out on stayed sentence. Has had several probation violation warrants issued since, but probation not revoked.

Known gang member Gregory Dwayne Hamilton got a slap on the wrist in 2020 with a stayed sentence for a shooting at Winner Gas. Now he's in custody for 1st degree murder ++ related to a series of murders and shootings in north #Mpls last year.

Dajion Jakar Strickling received a stay on his 5-year "mandatory minimum" felon in possession conviction by Judge Wm Koch. Subsequently charged in several felony cases with violating no contact orders.
Courvoisier Corleone Prewitt convicted in 2017 on 5 violent felony counts related to gunplay - his sentence was STAYED. He's had several warrants and a probation violation since then and the stay has not been revoked.
Jasmine Latrice Simmons-Brown pointed a gun at a carwash attended while her wife and child were with her. Her 36-month felony prison sentence was stayed by...... oh, Judge Martha Holton Dimick 🙄 who is running for Hennepin County Attorney.

Daniel Curtis Elmberg convicted April 2019 on Felon in Possession of Firearm.
MANDATORY MINIMUM 5 yrs STAYED despite violent history.
Subsequently convicted on several violent crimes.
Now serving several sentences on those crimes concurrently.

Zaid Said Mohamed charged w carrying a firearm without a permit. Failed to appear at hearing, warrant issued. Arrested on warrant. Spun out on ZERO bail 5 hours later.
Two more warrants issued on failure to appear and his release has not been revoked.
Known gang member Jawan Contrail Carroll. In 2016 HC Atty Mike Freeman made a big show of charging dude w/multiple gang related felonies. Dismissed all charges & pled guilty to Disorderly Conduct.
Subsequently charged w murder in the #DTmpls shooting of Charlie Johnson. Image
Gang member Farhan Musse Ibrahim was charged in 2019 in two cases with gang-related attempted murder. For some inexplicable reason he was running around in society free to commit new violent crimes. Subsequently convicted w 2nd degree assault in another shooting. Image
Tasia Deanne White.
26 convictions. 10-time convicted felon, most violent.
Recently convicted on felon in possession of a firearm. She was granted a downward sentencing departure by Judge Paul Scoggin, AND was allowed to serve three separate felony sentences concurrently Image
Omar Fuad Abdi
Previously convicted on Felony Terroristic Threats after threatening to shoot up #Hopkins school.

Received a STAYED sentence.

Subsequently convicted on 8 felonies in 5 cases, including violent crimes. Some of the new convictions stayed, others concurrent. Image
NOTE: This thread only scratches the surface of the numerous violent offenders we've posted who've been spun through the door to create more victims. We're focusing this thread on gun related crimes & charges that have not been treated seriously by prosecutors or @MNCourts.
We will continuously add to this thread examples of gun criminals who have been spun through Minnesota's revolving door with few or zero consequences.

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Ask your reps why prosecutors coddle gang members.
Ask why judges stay sentences and spin gang members out the door.
Ask why gun crimes are not taken seriously in #MN.
All while our fake "leaders" bemoan the rise in "gun crimes."
Shove this in their face next time they cry.
Oh, and thanks so much to @MNCourts for this one.
Kenyatta Buckles previously used a shotgun in several armed robberies, beat and terrorized the victims.

Received a stay of imposition in a plea deal.

Went on to become a serial rapist.

Good job.
@MNCourts 33/
Violent offender Nicholas Robert Briski-Smith was previously convicted in Minnesota on possession of a short-barreled shotgun. He was tossed a plea deal, of course. Credited with time served.

Now federally charged in a new gun case.
Minnesota could not be more serious about tackling gun crime.

Right @SenRonLatz, @epmurphymn??

Maybe just one more law that your regime can ignore will do the trick, huh??

@SenRonLatz @epmurphymn 35/
Violent, predatory offender Cornell Oneal Young, 15 priors including 7 felonies.
Convicted on felon in poss'n of a firearm.
Despite history, his 60-mos prison sentence was stayed in a downward departure. 14 mos later, charged in new gun poss'n case.
Christopher Lee Schimmelman, 03/28/1997
Convicted in 2017 on felony poss'n of a firearm w an altered/missing serial number. He rec'd a stay of imposition. Several warrants & probation violations and the stay hasn't been revoked.
Now in custody on felon in poss'n of a firearm. Image
Lifelong violent offender Leontawan Lentez Holt was given a downward departure on a "mandatory" 5-yr sentence to 36 mos on felon in poss'n of a firearm in July 2020.

Now charged in an April 2022 murder in #UptownMpls.

Thomas Lenard Hunter was left free to kill by Minnesota's weak criminal justice system and
Hunter received a STAYED sentence on felon in possession of a firearm in 2015. He subsequently racked up numerous felonies and killed a man.

Cody Wayne White, 04/17/1979

White had at least six prior felony convictions, including violent crimes, when he was convicted on felon in possession of a firearm.

His 72-month sentence was stayed by Mille Lacs County Judge Sarah E Hennesy.

Totes serious about gun crime. Image
Cody Wayne White was subsequently convicted on 1st degree aggravated robbery (after receiving the stayed sentence), and is now a wanted fugitive.
Montreal Bernard Christensen, 20.
Convicted on felon in possession of firearm + 3rd degree assault in May.

Despite a prior conviction on a violent crime, Judge Catherine A. Trevino stayed the 60-month gun sentence.

Because Minnesota is totally serious about gun crime.
. ImageImage
Multi-time felon charged in the June shooting homicide of Taleen Tanna in Mpls had 2 recent convictions that should have put him in prison, including a gun crime.
Instead, Laundelle Jackson remained free on stayed prison sentences from MN judges.…
Tashawn Powell, 17, was on "probation" for a gun charge & failed to appear in court 4 times as part of probation.

Now charged w 2nd degree murder for allegedly shooting Fred Ulysses Walker, 15, at a #MplsDowntown LTR station on Aug. 2, 2022.…
Shamar Alon Ramon Lark, convicted in April 2022 on gross misdemeanor carry a pistol w/o permit following a shots fired incident near #UMN student housing. His 1-year sentence was stayed. Ordered to serve 2 days.

3 months later, now charged in the Mall of America shots fired. ImageImageImageImage
UPDATE/CORRECTION on Shamar Lark's prior conviction/stay. He had TWO gun cases last year. The stay was on a RamseyCo case (from 9/11/21).

On the UMN area shots fired (from 3/26/21), he received a stay of adjudication, which he rec'd AFTER being chg'd in the RamseyCo case🙄
Wayne Deonte Akis, convicted in Sept 2012 on felon in possession/firearm. The 60-mos sentence was stayed in a dispositional departure by Judge Rosanne Nathanson. Less than a year later, charged in new case with felon in possession/firearm and 1st degree aggravated robbery. ImageImage
Jamarcus Robert Tucker, self-admitted "gangbanger," has repeatedly had gun crimes dismissed or sentences reduced by @MNCourts in 6 different cases since Jan 2021, as recently as Jan 2022.

Now charged in the violent assault of Jack Nadeau in #MplsDowntown + felon in poss'n. Image
Tiwan Darnell Puller, 31, St. Paul, should have been in prison on a felony conviction of felon in possession at the time he was charged with killing Alexandra Joyce Renee Perkins at W Broadway/I94 in an apparent drug/alcohol fueled high-speed crash.
Justin Michael Kittleson was convicted on TWO separate gun crimes in Hennepin County in June & August 2022. Both convictions STAYED including felony 2nd degree assault where he fired a gun at someone.

Now charged w/armed carjacking & shots fired.
James Lee Norgaard is a chronic offender who had several open cases with numerous felony charges when he was sentenced in May 2022 for illegally possessing a gun. He was sentenced to time served & spun out the door.
Now charged with several felonies.

Lamont Michael Perez Evans, 05/17/1989. Lengthy history of felony convictions, yet on his 6th felony conviction, for felon in possession of a firearm, he was tossed a plea deal & rec'd a downward sentencing departure by Judge Ellen L. Maas.

MN is totes serious abt gun crime. Image
MN prosecutors & @MNCourts are not serious about gun & violent crimes.
Juvenile felon Ridge Kinney stole 9 guns in a home invasion. He was tossed a plea deal dismissing all the felon in possession chgs AND rec'd a stayed sentence. Charged in another home invasion 5 mos later. Image
Dakotah Lee Eastman
Oct 2019: Convicted on Felony Theft of Firearm
Rec'd stay-of-imposition by Judge Shawn M Moynihan, credit for time served & spun out. Warrants issued twice for probation violations, plus several warrants in a drug case. Still his probation is not revoked. ImageImage
Malcolm Edwards who is prohibited from possessing firearms was convicted on being a felon in possession of a firearm. His 5-year sentence was stayed in a downward departure & ZERO time to serve. He violated probation twice w/i weeks. Still not revoked.
Gerald Darius Smith is charged w multiple violent gun felonies. He was supposedly found "incompetent" to stand trial. So @MNCourts RELEASED HIM INTO THE PUBLIC TO CONTINUE VICTIMIZING. Now arrested after fleeing police in a stolen vehicle.
@MNCourts 54/
Antwan/won Marlo Davis had about 40 convictions when he was charged with felon in possession/firearm.
His 60-mos sentence was stayed.
NINE DAYS LATER, Davis committed a home invasion robbery & stabbed a man; sentence also stayed.
Probation not revoked on the gun conviction. ImageImageImage
Jerome Lee Swanson, 21, of Ham Lake was tossed a Dakota Co plea deal in 2020 dismissing a felony stolen firearm charge & staying a felony auto theft conviction.
Eight months later, he shot a man in #Mpls during a carjacking. @MNCourts are not serious.…
@MNCourts 56/
Minnesota is totally serious about gun crime.

Chronic offender Guntallwon Brown was convicted in two separate gun cases in two counties in two months.

Slap on the wrist in both cases. Spun out the door.

Probation violations in both cases + new charges, still not revoked. Image
@MNCourts 57/
Ramsey County plea deal and a downward departure on sentencing leaves Green Line LRT shooter Jacquez Jamarr Green FREE after being charged with attempted murder and 2nd degree assault.

Because Minnesota and @MNCourts are totally serious about gun crime.
. Image
Roger J. Wells was convicted in Aug 2021 for the 2nd time in 6 years on felon/possession/gun.
Sentenced to 60 mos.
HOWEVER, sentence was stayed by Judge Reynaldo A. Aligada, Jr.
Wells died in a high-speed traffic crash on Mon.
If @MNCourts had done their job, he’d be alive. Image
Roger Wells was also charged in November with four counts related to DWI and driving after revocation.

Yet, he was not probation violated on the gun case even though the terms of his probation prohibited alcohol/drug use and required him to remain law abiding.

Double Fail.
@MNCourts are not serious about gun crime.
Christopher Mark Olson was convicted in Dec 2019 on felon/possess/firearm, but his 60-mos sentence was stayed by Judge Tim D. Wermager.
Today, Olson was charged w felon in possession + drugs after fighting w St. Paul cops on Monday. Image
@MNCourts 60/
WANTED DOUBLE MURDER SUSPECT Martin Orea was tossed a plea deal on a gun charge in 2017 amending a carry gun violation to misdemeanor illegal transport/gun while hunting... in St. Paul... with a revolver... in April.

@MNCourts and prosecutors are a joke and a farce.
. ImageImage
Felon Jacob Ronald Lewis was found with a loaded gun during a traffic stop, plus drugs and other people's wallets, IDs and checkbooks. He was tossed a plea deal by Ramsey County and a stayed 60-mos prison sentence on felon in possession of a firearm by Judge Paul Yang. Image
Rolling 30s Bloods gang member Shantaello Leon Christianson was charged with felon in possession of a firearm & 2nd degree riot in 2013.
Felon in possession was dismissed and the 17 mos riot conviction was stayed.
He continued his criminal lifestyle.

Lifelong offender Theng Yang had 11 adult convictions including 4 felonies plus 2 juvenile violent felonies when he was allowed to serve 2 felon in possession/gun sentences concurrently. Now 8 felonies later, he's newly charged w felon in possession. ImageImage
This is the third time Theng Yang has been charged with felon in possession of a firearm (plus numerous other felonies). It's time for @DMNnews to step in and do the job that @MNCourts refuse to do and charge him as a career criminal.
Shawn Franklin Sunt, #NEMPLS history.
A repeat/violent/chronic offender we've posted several times.

17 prior convictions including 11 felony convictions since 2014--most stayed, others concurrent including a gun crime.

Your system isn't working. #3StrikesMN ImageImage
Brandon Pierre Johnson, 02/25/1989, a perp we've previously posted was granted a downward dispositional departure on a conviction for felon in possession of a firearm by Judge Tanya M. Bransford.
He's now federally charged with conspiracy to distribute fentanyl. Image
Talon Scurlock was granted a stay on carry a gun w/o permit in April 2022 by Judge Kellie Charles. He was granted a stay on a DWI injury crash + other DWI in Sept 2022.
NOW: Charged in 3 new felony cases in 3 counties since Oct 2022.
@MNCourts, your feelgoodery isn't working. ImageImageImage
@MNCourts 67/
Donte Raphael McCray was convicted in May 2022 on gross misd carry gun w/o permit (max sentence 1 yr). He was tossed a plea deal by HennCo prosecutors agreeing to a stay-of-imposition approved by Judge Jamie Anderson.
Now charged w 2nd degree murder of pregnant Kyla O'Neal. Image
@MNCourts 68/
Nathaniel Nahom Michael was convicted on first-degree sexual assault after charges say he raped a female while using a gun while impersonating a police officer. He was tossed a plea deal dismissing the gun & impersonation charges, and his 12-year prison sentence was stayed. Image
Joshua Matthew Goldman of St. Louis Park was tossed a plea deal on a gun pointing charge (threats of violence). Under the deal, the felony charge was downgraded to a gross misdemeanor. ZERO time to serve in a downward departure. @MNCourts is totes serious about gun crime.

• • •

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1. This is new. Another 5 people are charged in the Twin Cities with Medicaid fraud totaling over $10M (we'll come back to this).

2. The guy pictured (1) was charged in a prior theft by swindle case and the video shown was from a probation violation hearing in the case last year. His lawyer pictured in the video is former state Rep. John Lesch (pic 2-3) .

The fraud in the case John Lesch was defending for this guy, occurred WHILE John Lesch was a state rep.

It just seems dirty that someone who had a fiduciary responsibility to the people of the state ends up defending a criminal who defrauded taxpayers under that state rep's own watch (and this isn't new, it's just gross. See also Sen. Bobby Joe Champion for many more examples).

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Where is the @IRSnews prosecuting these people for receiving monetary benefits to which they are not entitled and failing to pay taxes on those benefits?Image
Everyone should listen to this GL episode from yesterday where Soucheray lays out the multitude of fraud committed under @GovTimWalz and calls for him to resign. Crime Watch seconds that call. Please add your voice to the call.…
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