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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are ABC radio host Pat Karvelas, Perth radio host Garth Parker and AFR economics editor John Tehoe. The interview is with federal NDIS minister Bill Shorten.
opening spiel: the Albanese government has “sorted out relations with France by negotiating a payment of $3.4 billion for Morrison’s mistakes. Cost of living. Energy CRISIS. #Insiders
“another interest rate rise”. The montage opens with aerial footage of wealthy suburbs and spliced clips of Chalmers, Albanese and Gallagher explaining interest rate impacts. Soundtrack is Farnham - Take The Pressure Down. #Insiders
lmao opposition Senator Hume telling the federal government what to do, as shadow Treasurer Taylor tried to do too. Clip of him overlaid with crickets chirping. Failed opposition leaders Dutton and Littleproud (saying “mature” over and over) also free with their advice. #Insiders
#MakingNews opens with another figure for Aust payments to French weapons manufacturers - $834 million for “nothing” says headline. #Insiders
#MakingNews also has some WA Liberals plan to recruit cricketer Justin Langer? Wtf? Speers editorialises that the federal government will have to deal with questions of coal, gas, nuclear, and “the switch”. #Insiders
coal coal coal, says Tehoe. Coal coal coal, echoes Speers. Conflict journalism, says me. The climate wars are not over, says Tehoe, as tho “climate wars” are not fuelled by journalists. #Insiders
sun not shining wind not blowing recites Parker, in the course of supposedly describing the WA mechanism for ensuring supply in the domestic (state) gas market. What about the politics tho say Speers and Karvelas. #Insiders
Dr Kerry Schtott cited repeatedly. Karvelas shares responsibility for the energy crisis across the states and the former federal government. Clip of Bowen. Coal is out? Tehoe also recites Coalition slogan sun not shining wind not blowing. Speers does too. #Insiders
gas. Parker says WA established gas reservoirs after a plant failure caused supply constraint. He says you pay for it but better than prices going up 10-20% overnight or the lights going off. He says guaranteed domestic supply is an accepted feature of WA energy policy #Insiders
fossil fuel corporations know that any gas project must have a domestic supply commitment before exploration and development approval. Karvelas raises the Coalition-designed “trigger”, which “we have now learnt” is unworkable. #Insiders
clip of King on the review of the Aust domestic gas security mechanism, which Tehoe says is not a trigger and Speers says is more like a series of smoke signals. Should the commitment be triggered by supply or a price signal? #Insiders
people on talk back radio are really angry, says Karvelas, about gas extracted here all going overseas. It is a nationalist sentiment, she says. Colonial sentiment more like (Ed). #Insiders
political tension with the Greens, says Speers unhelpfully, on the federal government working to resolve energy supply and cost problems. Bowen says the Greens are at the table, counters Karvelas. #Insiders
interview. Speers opens with coal and gas. Shorten is the NDIS minister but he is across the issues. Notes coal mines have flooded, nine years of bad energy policy and climate policy stasis, calls the “trigger” designed by Turnbull “blunt as a basketball” #Insiders
lmaooo Shorten is sure Malcolm will be reading the transcript of this show wherever he is in the world #Insiders
NDIS. Shorten says it has become a bureaucratic nightmare a maze of red tape, that the previous government spent $40 mil fighting disabled people on the scheme. He has been briefed on Organised crime accessing peoples details and defrauding the Commonwealth #Insiders
ghost payments, similar criminal strategy as the corporatised child care payments. Shorten says the Coalition left the back door open to crime syndicates. Overpayments? asks Speers. Yes $500 to mow a lawn, exploitation, fraud #Insiders
are you saying there should be fewer participants? No. #Insiders
people with disabilities do not have financial clout and do not have political voice. Shorten describes hospital blockages were NDIS should be funding recovery accomm etc. Speers wants to talk Commonwealth state responsibility. #Insiders
unregistered providers. Shorten explains that the client should be empowered to design their package that meets their needs. He says registration has become a red tape maze. Personal care services have to be paid at the proper award says Shorten #Insiders
what about gig economy care workers recruited thru online platforms says Speers. Are you saying you will stop that? The internet has been invented, says Shorten. But care workers should be paid properly. #Insiders
affording the assessments. What can you do? Shorten says the aim of NDIS is to give people control over their own lives. It is not meant to be a full time job just getting on the NDIS. #Insiders
all the AAT matters. Shorten says he will be meeting with Legal Aid and other stakeholders to investigate how Commonwealth litigation is being run. He says top tier law firms were being paid to drag matters out so people give up on their claim. #Insiders
we will run the schemes more efficiently and more empathetically, says Shorten. He cites ROI and says people on NDIS should be able to work in any industry, it has to be smart and outcome-measured. #Insiders
back to panel. Karvelas endorses the “restore trust” principle Shorten cited first up. She reviews his points on red tape, organised crime, provider registration and says the NDIS was not meant to solve everything eg schools still need to fund support for disabled kids. #Insiders
states and feds again, plus costs v outcomes, and humanity of disabled people. Speers says disabled people should not just be seen as a cost and cites a Per Capita report, saying maybe the benefits should be better communicated. #Insiders
debt. Budget repair. Cost of borrowing. Whether economic growth will pay down the [trillion dollar] debt.

It is quite incredible what a change of government has done for the economic literacy of political journalism. #Insiders
franking credits. The question for Labor is whether they announce they will have to do some tough things, says Tehoe, implying/speculating via context - taxing multinationals - that Labor will raise taxes. #insiders
inflation and interest rates. Parker says people who have huge mortgages bought a house in the past 5 years “to put a roof over their head and want to be within cooee of where they work and want to send their kids to school”. Both absolute privileges. #Insiders
clip of Chalmers on cost of living. He is lowering expectations, says Karvelas, because there are rising costs of NDIS “and all of that” and “no levies on any of that” and how are they going to pay for it lol the urge to falsely paint Labor as high taxing is so strong. #insiders
multi billion dollar cost of non-submarines. Parker says Albanese has a good story to tell here, he has wrapped the French sub problem. It was very quick, says Speers. Description of the Ardern optics from Karvelas. #Insiders
what Dutton says about Dutton blundering around on classified information and flailing about as opposition leader. Speers takes the point Dutton raised seriously. #Insiders
a big mistake but training wheels, says Karvelas, it is a blunder because Dutton has weakened his serious defence guy image. #insiders

That’s not the issue, Pat.
the Americans will not be thrilled at being dragged into a domestic political fight over it, says Parker or Tehoe, I missed who, on the mess being made by the opposition leader. #Insiders
#TalkingPictures with ZoeNorton Lodge is up. Zoe is a back to you David laydee.
#FinalObservations 1 is Tehoe saying Albanese was wobbling about on a bamboo bike and he has played tennis with Albo #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Karvelas saying the shadow AG Julian Lesser has a meeting scheduled with Indigenous Affairs minister Linda Burney and is “close” to Uluṟu Statement envoy Senator Dodson. It has to be landed this term, she says. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Parker looping back to the WA gas policy which sounds smart but I missed the detail sorry. #Insiders
the outtake is a clip posted by Indonesian President Joko Widodo to his 7 million followers on twitter. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here.

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Jun 10
Gillard went to the backbench until the 2013 election. It is senior and disgraced Liberal Party losers who sulk, cause by-elections, threaten a minority government, lose previously safe seats etc - see Howard, Abbott, Turnbull, Frydenberg, Bishop, Porter.
Keating, Rudd and Gillard left the parliament after Labor lost government, and Labor retained those seats. Howard lost government and the Liberals lost the seat. Turnbull stormed out and the Liberals lost the seat. Abbott stayed and the Liberals lost the seat.
to clarify, there is an empty field of fucks I give about whether Morrison stays or leaves the parliament.
My gripe is with constant and consistent bothsidesing that elevates Liberal Party losers way above their pay grade. Its purpose is to [falsely] dominate legacy narratives.
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Jun 9
another Speers vehicle. So many. Image
it grinds my gears that we fully fund the career aspirations of this mediocrity.
702 Drive - he was just on mocking Chris Bowen’s pronunciation of nuclear. RN Breakfast - his regular murdoch reunion with Maiden is on tomorrow morning. It is impossible for ABC audiences who follow politics to avoid the man.
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Jun 4
good morning from unceded Darug lands. Today on #Insiders are 9fax culture editor Osman Faruqi, TSP political corro Karen Middleton and murdoch editor James Campbell.
opening spiel: new cabinet sworn in, Albanese government “hit early” by energy crisis. No word on the causes of the crisis. #insiders
everyone knew energy prices would rise, but not by this much, says Speers. He claims that while the new government can not be BLaMeD for the crisis it will be JuDgEd by its response. #Insiders
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May 28
good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are former Liberal Party operative and 9fax columnist Niki Savva, political corro for the pro-Coalition editorialising AFR Phil Coorey, and murdoch reporter Clare Armstrong.
The interview is with federal Finance Minister Senator Katy Gallagher, who holds three interim portfolios: Attorney General, Minister for Women, and Health Minister.
This thread is not fact-checked.
Community independents ran in metro, regional and rural seats. #Insiders
opening spiel: the Coalition struggles to work out what just happened. #Insiders
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May 26
Scott Morrison instructed Border Force to promote his OSB policy on election day.…
trashing the public sphere to the miserable end.
ABC radio is reporting this debased decision by the failed former federal Liberal leader as a “request”.
useful as a Gaedjinquiry™️
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May 24
it takes courage to do this, before the voters change the government. Image
i mean I get why gallery journalists want to votersplain to voters what we achieved despite and not because of their ability or desire to communicate political meaning to the electorate.
by all means ask twitter to provide the raw materials for production of post facto semiotics 101 for a Morrison apologist. Why not. Where would we be without ScottSplaining from the Scottsquad.
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