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#LongThread #Thread #History
Kurma Devi defeated Qutb-ud-din Aibak
Samar Singh was killed in the 2nd Battle Of Tarain (1191-92 AD) fought between the forces of Prithiviraj Chauhan and Muhammad Ghori, who had returned to conquer India.
Both Samar Singh Deva and his eldest son,
Kalyan Rai, died in the second battle of Tarain, and, when Prithabai received the news of her double loss, she immediately mounted the pyre to rejoin her husband. Kurma Devi would eventually follow her, but first she had unfinished business to tend to. She had to ensure that
her son Karna seamlessly succeeded his father and that his seat on the throne of Chittorgarh was secure.
By this time Muhammad Ghori had retreated to Multan having left Qutub-ud-din Aibak, his chief general, in charge of Delhi and Ajayameru (Ajmer). During this time Kurma Devi
consolidated her forces, forging new alliances with Rajput rulers of the neighbourhood. When his father Samar Singh died, Karna Singh was still a minor, around 12 years of age. The succession encountered no serious obstacles, and Kurma Devi became regent during the remaining
year of her son’s minority. Inspired by the example set by her own mother, young Kurma Devi was an able ruler and re-strengthened her forces following the loss suffered in the 2nd Battle of Tarain.
When the boy king Karna reached his 13th birthday , she led the army and marched
northward in search of the man who had killed her husband, in 1194 CE in the month of Asoj (Aswin) following Dassera, the traditional beginning of the warfare season. Nine rajas and eleven chiefs with the title of rawat with their men accompanied her on her march towards Delhi.
As per the battle described in Prithvi Raj Raso, young Kurma Devi and her forces encountered Qutb-ud-din and his army near the old Amber fort.
At the head of her army, leading the charge herself, just like her mother, brave Kurma Devi drove deep into the ranks of Qutub-ud-din’s
Army, deep enough for her to confront the general himself and to challenge him in a personal duel.
During the mounted duel, she managed to bury her sword deep into Qutb-ud-din’s flesh, wounding him so severely that he tumbled from the saddle.
Seeing their General fall, and his
body being carried away from the fight and, consequently, believing him dead, the Muslim army went into a complete disarray and fled from the battlefield.
Having believed She had killed Qtub-ud-din, and seeing his army fleeing the battlefield, Kurma Devi regrouped her army and
led it back south.
Returning to Chittorgarh, she mounted the pyre and, like Prithabai.
Source - Booksfacts

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Jul 9
Surya Arghya – Offering water to Sun, Procedure, Mantra & Health Benefits
Sun is the source of energy for the entire universe.
In Vedic Astrology, Sun is considered as the significator of Body, Image
Health, Eyes, Social Status, Father, Political Career, Ancestral Properties, Influencial Family Name and Profession.
That is why Surya Arghya offering at sunrise was given importance.
Whenever SUN goes weak in one’s
horoscope or during transit, these issues will be effected considerably. Due to its immense power to rejuvenate life on earth, SUN is considered as GOD in Hinduism and few other religions.
Even temples like Konark Sun temple in Odisha, Surya Narayana temple in Andhra Pradesh
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Jun 25
108 Buried Shiva Mandirs found at Siddhavatam
After the surfacing of five ancient Siva Mandirs partly in sand dunes along the Pennar river in Jyothi village in Siddhavatam mandal has led to the discovery that as many as 108 Shiva Mandirs have been buried under sand at the place.
Besides the rare presence of 108 Shiva Mandirs dating back to atleast 1213 A.D., a silver chariot and a diamond crown said to have been presented to the Jyothi Siddhavateswara Swamy Mandir by Kakatiya Rudrama Devi were present in Jyothi village, according to inscriptions
discovered here. 108 Shiva Mandirs were said to have been constructed by King Rakkasi Gangarayadeva and his aide, Jantimanayakudu, in the 12th century and were buried under sand during the Muslim Kings’ rule.
The site is in Cuddappah district, Andhra Pradesh state, India.
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Jun 24
विष्णु सहस्रनाम में भगवान का एक नाम आता है, "अक्रूर". इसका अर्थ सरल है. व्याख्या की आवश्यकता नहीं. किंतु यह शब्द सुनते ही भागवत के एक चरित्र की बरबस ही याद आ जाती है. अक्रूर जी भगवान कृष्ण को मथुरा ले जाने गोकुल पहुंचते हैं. परम भागवत अक्रूर जी के मन मे यह धुकधुकी थी कि नंदलाल
भला उनको स्वीकार करेंगे कि नहीं? अथवा कंस के संसर्ग से उत्पन्न दोष से उन्हें कहीं विमुख तो ना कर देगे.
गोकुल पहुँच अक्रूर जी ने देखा कि श्री कृष्णचन्द्र जी गौओं के दोहन स्थान पर बछड़ों के साथ विराजमान हैं. वहां उनका हासयुक्त मुखारविंद पूरी दिव्यता के साथ सुशोभित हो रहा है.
अक्रूर जी ने वहां पहुँच गोविन्द के चरणों में झुक किंचित झिझक के साथ अपना परिचय दिया. किंतु यह यह क्या.. ब्रजेंद्र ने अक्रूर जी को प्रीति पूर्वक खींचकर गाढ़ आलिंगन किया. गोपीजन वल्लभ की यह जादू भरी झप्पी सारे भेद, संशय, संकोच मिटा देती है. सुदामा हो या अक्रूर उन्हें इसी गाढ़
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Jun 23
Anant Basudev Mandir of Odisha - The Mysterious Temple of Shri Krishna made by his Grandson. ❤️💗

उड़ीसा के भुवनेश्वर में स्थित श्रीकृष्ण को समर्पित "अनंत वासुदेव मंदिर"। यह कृष्ण के प्राचीन मंदिरों में से एक माना जाता है।
अनिरुद्ध के पुत्र, प्रद्युम्न के पोते और Image
कृष्ण के पड़पोते 'वज्रनाभि' मथुरा के राजा और यदुवंश के नेता थे। उन्होंने श्रीकृष्ण के विषय में बहुत कुछ सुना था, जिन्हें प्रेम से 'श्याम' कहा जाता था। इसलिए वे यदाकदा सोचते कि उनके विख्यात पूर्वज वास्तव में दिखते कैसे होंगे?🤔
दुर्भाग्यवश, उस समय ब्रज में श्रीकृष्ण को
स्वयं किसी ने भी नहीं देखा था, जिन्होंने देखा था वे मृतप्राय थे।

वज्रनाभि ने कुरुक्षेत्र में गंगा के तट पर स्थित हस्तिनापुर नगर जाकर श्रीकृष्ण के बारे में पूछताछ की। अर्जुन के पोते और अभिमन्यु के पुत्र राजा परीक्षित बोले, "जब वे यहां आए थे, तब मैं बहुत छोटा शिशु था।"
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Jun 21
#Thread #longthread
Mantra (मंत्र) means a self advise.
‘Mananat trayate iti mantrah‘ is how Mantra is defined in Sanskrit.
It means that by repetition (mananat) of which, you overcome/protected (trayate) [overcoming or protection from bondage/troubles/cycles of birth and death] Image
is (iti) called Mantra.
The word Mantri (advisor/minister to king) is also derived from Mantra as his job was to advise and direct the Raja. It is a sacred utterance, numinous sound, or a syllable, word, phonemes, or group of words set in an order to produce certain
vibration in atmosphere, which gives the desired effect to the person who practices it with concentration.
There are many mantras like Narayana Ashtakshari, Siva Panchakshari, Gayatri Mantra etc and each mantra is very profound and carries immense amount of knowledge.
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Jun 17
#Longthread #Thread #Kashmir
Kashmir King who killed Sri Lanka King in 7th century BCE
Mihirakula, son of Vasukula ruled Kashmir between 704-634 BCE and belonged to Gonanda Dynasty.
Indian historians have wrongly identified him as Huna (Mongol) king and son of Toramana.
Infact, Toramana was twin brother of Hiranya, who ruled Kashmir between 16 BCE – 14 CE. Both brothers ruled alternate years before Hiranya got Toramana arrested. Toramana’s son was Pravarasena-II, who ruled between 19-79 CE.
Mihirakula was only son of Vasukula and he developed a passion for war, physical training since childhood.
Vasukula understood intentions of his son, kept himself under house arrest for 10 days and starved to death. During these 10 days, Mihirakula slowly took over the
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