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#OTD in 1863 Andrew Johnson freed the enslaved people at his home in Greenville, Tennessee. Johnson was the state's Military Governor at the time. All enslaved people were emancipated in Tennessee on October 24, 1864. A 🧵 about Jonson's complicated legacy regarding slavery. Andrew Johnson's home in Gr...
Johnson was born into a poor family in Raleigh, North Carolina and grew up resenting the enslaving elite. His resentment did not keep him from enslaving others as an adult when he gained the financial ability to do so. In fact, Johnson very much supported slavery. Image
According to @flingsarahe, Johnson enslaved at least 5 individuals according to the 1860 slave schedule. Evidence suggests that Johnson was the father of two enslaved people named Liz and Florence. Their mother, Dolly, was listed as "black" while her children were "mulatto." Dolly with one of the Johns...
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قدسیہ بیگم (بھوپال کی خاتون حکمران)
بھوپال کی پہلی مسلمان دبنگ حکمران جس نےبھوپالی"Patriarchal Ruling System" کوشکست دی۔
بھوپال کےحکمران غالباًمردہی رہتےاگرنوجوان نواب نذرمحمدخان کی موت کےبعداسکی18سالہ بیوی قدسیہ کی بہادری نہ ھوتی۔
(1819 سے 1926 تک) چار غیر معمولی خواتین نے بھوپال کی شاہی ریاست پر حکومت کی جن میں سب سے شاندار اور بانی مسلم حکمران"قدسیہ بیگم"تھیں۔
قدسیہ بیگم (بوقتِ پیدائش نام اودھم بیگم) دہلی میں پیدا ھوئیں۔ تاریخ میں انہیں گوہر بیگم سے لکھا جاتا ھے۔ اسی نام سے بھوپال میں گوہر بیگم کے نام سے
"گوہر محل" بھی تعمیر کیاگیا ھے۔
1799 میں اپنے اوائل میں قدسیہ بیگم نے سیاسی زندگی کا آغاز کیا۔ اپنے شوہر کے سوئم پرخطاب سےپہلےقدسیہ بیگم نےاپنا پردہ ختم کیاجو اس وقت کی خواتین کیلئے مشکل ترین کام تھا۔
بھوپال کی تاریخ بدل رہی تھی۔ ایک لڑکی جو ابھی20سال کی نہیں تھی، جس نےروایتی طور
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Mahadaji Shinde (1730 – 1794) was a Maratha general and Raja of Ujjain (later Gwalior). He was also the architect of Maratha revival in northern India after Panipat.
He was the youngest of five sons of Ranoji Shinde, founder of the Scindia dynasty. Mahadji came into prominence following the deaths of his older brothers in Maratha campaigns in northern India 1750-61.
Mahadji provided the muscle (and troops) for Peshwa Madhavrao I and his adviser Nana Fadnavis political ambitions.
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A number of linguists maintain that Armenians, together with the Hurrians, Kassites and others, were indigenous Anatolian or Caucasian people who lived in the region of Hayasa in northern #Armenia until the arrival of the Indo-Europeans. 1/5
The Armenians adopted some of the vocabulary of these Indo-European arrivals. This explains why Armenian is a unique branch of the Indo-European language tree and may also explain the origin of the words Hai and Hayastan (“Armenia” in the Armenian language). 2/5
As evidence these scholars point to Hurrian suffixes, the absence of
gender and other linguistic data. Archeologists add that the images of Armenians on a number of sixth-century Persian monuments depict racial characteristics similar to those of other people of the Caucasus. 3/5
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29 جولائی 1981
"Wedding of The Century"
شہزادہ چارلس جارج اور ڈیانا فرانسس سپینسر کی شادی کا دن
یہ دن کئی لحاظ سے تاریخ میں امر ھوا۔
یورپ کے دوسرے بڑے چرچ "Saint Paul Cathedral" (لندن، انگلینڈ) میں پرنس آف ویلزچارلس اور 20 سالہ کنڈر گارٹن اسکول ٹیچر
لیڈی ڈیانا کے درمیان "Fairy Tale" کی مانند شاہی شادی منعقد ھوئی جس نے دنیا بھر میں مقبولیت کے نئے ریکارڈز قائم کیے۔
اس شادی میں 3500 سے زائد مہمانوں نے شرکت کی اور دنیا بھر کے 750 ملین سے زائد ابادی نے لائیو دیکھا۔ اس شادی کو 74 ممالک میں براہِ راست نشر کیاگیا۔
ڈیانا وہ پہلی برٹش
شہری تھیں جنہوں نے 300 سالوں میں تخت کے وارث سے شادی کی۔
1501 کے بعد شہزادہ آرتھر اور شہزادی کیتھرین کی شادی کے بعد پال کیتھڈرل چرچ میں ھونے والی یہ پہلی شادی تھی۔
29 جولائی 1981 کوقومی تعطیل قرار دیا گیاتاکہ زیادہ شاہی رعایا دیکھ سکیں۔
اگرچہ اس Royal Weddingمیں کل 27 کیکس تھےمگر
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2/ Lots of sun in Egypt, but at night & inside buildings ancient Egyptians relied on oil lamps. Houses had a few small windows in living rooms, other rooms were dark. Also dark in the inner sanctums of temples. This oil lamp on a stand is from tomb of Kha at Deir el-Medina. Image
3/ Scene from tomb of Pashedu at Deir el-Medina showing oil lamps in clay cups with double wicks. Left held by Udjat-eye & right by Pashedu. They lift lamps to illuminate Osiris sitting between them. twisted flax wicks coated in animal fat & sitting in oil worked like candles Image
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1/ It's day T-93 of Tutankhamun 100 day countdown celebrating 100 years since discovery of his tomb. Today its Box Day! #Tutankhamen #Toutankhamon #Tutancâmon #Tutanchamun #Tut #Tut100 #Tutankamón #ツタンカーメン #图坦卡蒙 #圖坦卡蒙 #Τουταγχαμών #тутанхамон #투탕카 توت عنخ آمون#
2/ Not Boxing day (Dec 26) for those in UK & Canada, but boxes, chests, & caskets from Tutankhamun's tomb. Egyptians didn't have wardrobes & dressers. Elite stored their stuff in boxes. Carter found dozens of wood boxes in the tomb from plain to lavish.
3/ Chests made from local woods like sycamore & exotic imports like cedar of Lebanon & ebony. Veneers of ebony, ivory, etc & gold leaf also applied to Tutankhamun's boxes #Egypt #Egypte #Egipto #Egito Αίγυπτος #Ägypten מִצְרַיִם# مصر# #Egitto #エジプト #이집트 #Египет #Єгипет
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Another Indian human being, a Muslim, killed over a cow by Hindutva extremists.

The cow has had a long, quite variegated history in Hindu traditions in South Asia. Buckle-up for this whirlwind 🧵… #Hindutva #cows #murder #India #History
Way back in the day, like 3,500 years ago, followers of Brahminical traditions sacrificed cows and ate beef. The Vedas--our earliest Indian texts--are quite clear on this.
Eating beef as part of religious practice continued for some time.

Then, in the first millennium CE, a new idea began to gain traction that not eating beef could be a mark of upper-caste status, especially being Brahmin. It was part of a larger set of prescriptions.
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سہون (سندھ)____تاریخ سے چند اوراق
پاکستان کا چپہ چپہ تاریخ سےمالا مال ھے۔
عہد قدیم کےحوالوں میں جس "سیوستان" یا "سیستان" یا فارسی "شیوآستان" نام کےشہر کاذکر ملتا ھےسہون ممکنہ وہی شہر قدیم ھے۔
دریائےسندھ کی شاخ ارول (Arul)، جو لاڑکانہ سےبہتی آتی ھے
کے کنارے واقع شہر سہون 600 سال پہلے کے صوفی اور معتبر بزرگ لال شہباز کی وجہ سے زیادہ مشہور ھوا اور مرکز توجہ بنا۔
بعض مؤرخین یہ بھی کہتےہیں کہ مقدونیائی حکمران (Macedonian King) اسکندر اعظم نے جس ھندوستانی پہاڑیوں کے راجہ سمبس (Raja Sambus/Greek King - 329 BC) کا شہر بتایاھے وہ
سہون ہی ھے۔
اسکندر اعظم کے حملے کے وقت (326 قبل مسیح) یہ خطہ "Pattala" کے نام سے مشہور تھا۔
سہون میں واحد عمارت وہ بیضوی شکل قلعہ ھے جو اب کھنڈر بن چکا ھے۔ یہاں سے پورا شہر نظر آتا ھے۔
خیال یہ کیا جاتا ھے کہ یہ قلعہ اسکندراعظم نے اپنے حملے کے دوران تعمیر کیا تھا۔
یہ یونانی عہد کا
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2/ The moon was just as meaningful as the sun to Ancient Egyptians. Thoth and Khonsu were both lunar deities. Khonsu was the eternally youthful god reborn monthly through lunar cycle. This statue from Karnak Temple depicts Tutankhamun as Khonsu. #Eygpt #Mythology #Archaeology Image
3/ Thoth, god of Wisdon & writing was also a lunar god. His sacred animals were the Ibis & Baboon ImageImage
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Maybe the most beautiful copy of Homer's #Iliad. The "Florentine Homer" is written by the scribe Ioannes Rhosos, a Byzantine Greek émigré from Crete and completed in Florence on 16 May 1466.
©British Library
#Archaeolgy #History Image
The frontispiece of the manuscript depicting Homer surrounded by the Muses! Isn't gorgeous? Image
The calligraphy of Ioannes Rhosos is just superb. Two decades later again in Florence, Demetrius Chalkokondyles and Demetrius Damilas, also Byzantine Greeks, produced the first printed edition of the works of Homer using typefaces.
*I like the calligraphy though. Image
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- Agrippina the Immortal 🧵-

Agrippina is known in history to have been an incredible political strategist and for being the main reason of Nero’s rise to Emperor (1/14) #svagaiature #SPQR #History @SNicotinus @ItaliaStoria @Varangian_Tagma #Roma #Rome #Historia @ancientwarfare
She was known as a poisons expert and was believed to have assassinated her husband Claudius with a poisoned mushrooms’ soup to open the road to the throne to his son Nero (2/14)
Agrippina had planned his son’s entire life, she even find him a wife, Octavia, who came from an important family and would’ve been fundamental in the political games of power. Of course Nero wasn’t happy of his mother’s interferences (3/14)
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Tokjaj Wine Region (Hungaria)
1063 AD
ہنگری میں واقع توکاج وائن کا علاقہ بین الاقوامی سطح پر مشہور ھے۔
اس علاقےکی تاریخ صدیوں پہلے شروع ھوتی ھے.
دراصل یہ شراب کی کاشت کا خطہ تھا اور ان زیر زمین گھروں میں شراب کو سٹور کیا جاتا تھا۔
توکاج کا قدیم ترین
تذکرہ قدیم ہنگری کتاب (Hungarian History Book) گیسٹا ہنگارورم (Gesta Hungarorum) یعنی "ہنگریوں کے اعمال" میں بھی پایا گیا ھے۔
1252ء کی ایک نامور ہنگری دستاویز"Hegyalja" میں اسی خطے کا ذکر "Hétszőlő" یعنی "قدیم انگوروں کے باغات" کے نام سے ملتا ھے۔
مختلف قسم کی مشکلات اوررکاوٹوں سے
نبرد آزما ھونے کے بعد دنیا کے پہلے شراب کے علاقے "توکاج وائن ریجن" کی ترقی اور مسلسل مقبولیت اس حد تک رہی کہ 2002 میں #یونیسکو نے اس خطے کو عالمی ثقافتی ورثے کی فہرست میں شامل کیا گیا جوکہ ایک انتہائی اہم ایوارڈ تھا.
اقوام متحدہ کی تنظیم یونیسکو کی فہرست میں صرف غیر معمولی، قدیم،
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#OnThisDay (2-3 Aug 1989), the Valvettiturai massacre occurred where 64 Tamil civilians were killed by the Indian Peace Keeping Force. The massacre was in retaliation of an LTTE attack on the IPKF that killed 6 soldiers.

#History #Srilanka #lka
"At the junction there were hundreds of IPKF soldiers. I saw there many cars smashed up. Most of the shops at the junction had been burnt down. I saw many dead bodies in front of the shops."
- Nadarajah Anantharaj
The IPKF did not accept responsibility for the massacre, rather blaming the deaths as results from the "crossfire" and not direct involvement from the IPKF.
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Interesting...from what I'm seeing, after the Kandyan Convention in 1815, the Sinhala numeral system fell out of fashion and where replaced with the Arabic numerals we know today.
#history #srilanka #lka ImageImageImage
Looking at some of Sri Lanka's oldest civil registration records done under British rule, it looks like only Arabic numerals are used (1822 Colombo Marriage Records). Image
Additionally, there was also a Tamil Numeral System (shown below) that was also used many centuries ago. It probably originated from India and you can probably find some modern examples of it being used. Image
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#TodayinHistory in 1944 & in 2009, two #PH presidents died respectively—President Manuel L. Quezon, while in exile in Saranac Lake, New York, & President Corazon C. Aquino, in Makati City. The former died while in office, the latter, after her term. THREAD. #history
With the Japanese invasion of the Philippines & entire Southeast Asia in December 1941, Quezon & select members of his Cabinet moved the seat of gov to Corregidor. After months, knowing imminent defeat, they were urged to escape. They left in March '42.
Quezon established the Commonwealth gov-in-exile in Washington, D.C. while campaigning for the U.S. reprioritization of the liberation of #PH under the Japanese. While doing so, his Tuberculosis worsened. The U.S. Joint Resolution 95 extended his term.
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As #Kissinger shouted at 1969 football game, "On what theory?"…

An alternative possibility—the "Ducks in a Row" approach:

Ambitious but failure averse, #Xi faces strong incentives to max forces before attempting one of (recent) history's greatest gambles.
"Ducks in a Row" model ≠ theoretical speculation.

#Xi himself has charged #PLA w/ achieving 2027 "Centennial #Military Building Goal" (#建军一百年奋斗目标).

DoD: "this would provide Beijing w/ more credible military options in a #Taiwan contingency."

>>… ImageImageImageImage
"Ducks in a Row" model allows ZERO room for complacency.

#Xi may well PREFER +-5 years more #PLA prep to attempt max-stakes mark on #history.

But many factors now in play, stakes high, margins thin.

#PRC rhetoric re @SpeakerPelosi trip suggests growing tensions moving forward. ImageImageImageImage
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Because all of us were not taught history properly in school. Many such things were not told so that the love of patriotism does not awaken in the minds of the children.

So this is a small attempt to know the correct history in a short summary form.

Thread of Threads
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The 1941 NKVD Prison Massacres in Western Ukraine.
During the German invasion of the USSR,NKVD brutally murdered between 10k & 40k political prisoners in Wstrn Ukraine over the course of 8 days,which sparked waves of ethnic violence following the German occupation of the region/1
Stalin ordered the NKVD to “remove” the prison population in the USSR’s occupied territories rather than allow them to fall into German hands. This was largely accomplished through the mass murder of prisoners at various locations in Western Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia,&Lithuania/2
The ethnic breakdown of casualties in Western Ukraine roughly corresponded to population demographics: 70 percent of the victims were Ukrainian, 20 percent Polish, and the remainder consisted of Jews and other nationalities./3
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شکار پور (سندھ)__تاریخ سے چند اوراق
تقریباً 600 سال پہلے
شکار پور دراصل قندھار کو جانے والی شاہراہ عام پر درہ بولان میں آتا ھے۔
گزرے زمانوں کاایک مالدار شہر بلکہ ایک وقت تھا کہ مالی منڈی کے اعتبار سے یہ شہر ملتان سے آگے نکل چکا تھا۔
شکارپور کی آبادکاری کا سہرا
داؤد پوتہ قبیلے کے لوگوں کے سر جاتا ھے جنہوں نے اس شہر کو آباد کیا۔اس خطے میں افغانوں، تالپوروں، کلہوڑوں اورانگریزوں کا غلبہ رہا۔
یہاں کےھندو مہاجن اور ساھوکار خاص طورپرمشہور تھے۔ شکارپور میں سب سےزیادہ اکثریت لوہانہ قوم کے(Lohanas) ھندوؤں کی تھی۔
بلاشبہ شکارپور افغانستان کےدرانی
حکمرانوں کے زیر اقتدار بہت اھمیت کا حامل رہا۔افغانیوں نے اس شہر کو زیادہ خراب کیا اور اسے ہر ممکن حاصل کرنے کی بارہا کوشش کی۔
یہ شہر لاھور پشاور کی طرح اپنے بےمثال آٹھ دروازوں سے مشہور ھے جنہیں مقامی میں در کہتے ہیں. ان دروازوں کےنام یہ ہیں.
لکھی گیٹ
ہاتھی گیٹ
ہزاری گیٹ
سی وی گیٹ
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“I died in hell, they called it Passchendaele” – “Memorial Tablet” by Siegfried Sassoon

📸 Library and Archives Canada/Brittanica/Canadian War Museum

#CAF #TBT #ThrowbackThursday #CanadaRemembers #Canada #Motivation #Inspiration #History A painting of Canadian Gunn...
Passchendaele is often remembered as one of the most horrific battles of the First World War. But it’s also a story of how Canadians earned a hard-fought victory against unimaginable hardships in the fall of 1917. 2/11 A photo of the battlefield ...
The Ypres area of Belgium—where Passchendaele is located—was the scene of many devastating battles, including the first recorded use of poison gas. Ypres was also the last portion of Belgium that was not in German hands, so it held great symbolic meaning to the Allies. 3/11 A soldier walking through a...
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🧵In a lot of American histories of #WWI campaigns, we hear of complaints that the French moved too slowly, causing undue casualties. A prime case study of that is the 1st and 2nd Division at Soissons. A recent history stated of the 19 July attack of the 6th Marines that;... Image
"The final hindrance for the 6th Marines was perhaps the most important. Once again, the 1st Moroccan Division, tasked with the mission of protecting the Marines’ left flank, failed to advance, as did the 38th Division on the right.
This combination of dire news meant that the #USMC and French tankers were attacking without coordinated artillery or air support, or support on either flank; moving across open wheat fields with little or no cover..."
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Today, the #FBI celebrates our 114th birthday! That's 114 years of fighting crime and terrorism, building partnerships, and providing victim assistance. We are proud to continue our work protecting the American people and upholding the U.S. Constitution. 1908-2022 // Celebrating 114 Years // This graphic also feat
Read about some of the #FBI's most famous cases and criminals at Arrest record for Al Capone, received from Miami Police Depa
At the #FBI, whether we're working with law enforcement, security, intelligence, academic, industry, or community partners, teamwork makes our mission possible. Learn more at Two FBI agents—including a member of a Joint Terrorism Tas
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Black July in Black and White

🧵TW: Violence

A look at the photos from Black July

#BlackJuly1983 #BlackJuly #SriLanka #History #lka
"Mobs of Sinhala youth rampaged through the streets, ransacking homes, shops and offices, looting them and setting them ablaze, as they sought out members of the Tamil ethnic minority." - London Daily Telegraph
"In Pettah, the old commercial heart of the city, row after row of sari boutiques, electronic dealers, rice sellers, car parts stores, lie shattered and scarred..." - London Guardian
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