#bkdk, #kacchacko, mama bear Inko, #krdk, cheating, anniversary angst, QL AU

"And... perfect!"

Inko stepped down from a step ladder she had set up in Izuku's living room, helping set up for the special anniversary dinner Izuku had planned for Katsuki.
"Looks awesome, Mrs. Midoriya!"

Inko smiled over at Kirishima, who waz also helping out.

"Aw, you're so sweet, Kirishima!"

Kirishima then gave his signature grin.

"Ok. I just need to go pick up the bouquet that Izuku had specially made for Katsuki.
Do you mind just helping Izuku finish getting ready in his room?"

"No problem! Be careful, Mrs. Midoriya!"

"Thank you so much!"

Inko then grabbed her purse as she began walking to the flower shop.
While walking, however, she noticed something... odd. She saw Katsuki entering a fancy restaurant, but he wasn't alone. He was with Uraraka, Izuku's best friend and they were both dressed in elegant clothing.

"What are they doing...?"
Inko stayed on the other side of the street as she watched them. She saw Katsuki pull her seat out for her, order themselves some champagne, but the final nail in the coffin was when he leaned over and kissed her. Inko pulled her phone out and sent it to Kirishima.
/Show this to Izuku, please. And please comfort him./

She then put her phone away as she stormed into the restaurant, completely ignoring the hostess as she stormed into the restaurant and towards the table. She then grabbed the bottle of champagne as she dumped on the couple.
Katsuki stood up angrily, not knowing who did it.

"Are you kidding- Auntie?!"

"Having a nice dinner?"

"Auntie, it's not what it looks like!"

"Oh, so you take all of my son's friends on date and kiss them?"

Katsuki remained in silence.

"Thought so. Stay away from my son."
She then turned to Uraraka.

"That goes for you, too. If either so much as even look at my son, then you'll have so much worse to worry about."

She then turned to leave.

"Please don't tell Deku! I-I can't lose him... Please..."

"Trust me. I won't be the one telling him."
Inko then left as Katsuki and Uraraka starting wiping the champagne off of their clothes and leaving, embarrassed.

TBC when I get home
Kirishima couldn't help but stare at the picture Inko had sent him. How could Bakugou do such a thing? And with Izuku's best friend? Kirishima slowly walked to Izuku's room, seeing Izuku wearing a nice dark orange button-up.

"Oh, Kirishima! Do you think Kacchan will like this?
I picked this out cause I know he likes orange."

Izuku then saw the look on Kirishima's face.

"You think it's a bit much, don't you? I can tell by the look on your face!"

Kirishima then panicked a little.

"Midobro, you look great, it's just-"
Kirishima didn't even finish his thought as he showed Izuku the photo. Kirishima could see the color just drain from his face.

"Oh... I guess that's why he didn't say 'happy anniversary' to me. Heh... guess I'm an idiot, huh?"

Tears were threatening to spill down Izuku's face.
"You're not an idiot, Midoriya. He's the idiot. You went out of your way for him and he decided to be with her."

Izuku simply sat down on his bed, his head hung low. Kirishima sat down next to him.

"You can cry, Midobro. It's ok to not be ok."

Upon hearing that, Izuku broke.
He immediately began breaking down, laying his down in Kirishima's lap as the red head comforted him.
After a few hours, Izuku had passed out and Kirishima sat in the living room with Inko, telling Kirishima what she did to the couple at the restaurant. Izuku woke up and made his way to the living room.
Inko rushed to her son, concerned.

"Oh honey. Are you ok..."

"I'm sad. I'm angry. I'm hurt..."

"I'll be here for you, ok sweetie. You just need to relax, ok?"

However, before Izuku could respond, there was a knock on the door.

"Deku, are you here?!"

"Mom, take Kirishima.
Go to my room and close the door."

Inko, though hesitant given that Katsuki was here, complied as Kirishima followed her. Once he heard the bedroom door shut, he answered the front door, a fake smile on his face.
"Hi, Kacchan! Come in. I have dinner ready."

Izuku let Katsuki inside and Izuku could see Katsuki was a nervous wreck. They both sat down after Izuku set the table.

"Happy Anniversary, Kacchan."

Katsuki's eyes widened

"H-happy anniversary, nerd."
They then began eating in silence for a few minutes until Izuku wiped his face and broke it.

"How long?"

Katsuki looked confused and nervous.


"How long?"

"How long what?"

"You and Uraraka. How long have you two been lying to me?"
"Look, Deku. I know made a mist-"

"Answer the question."

"...Since your birthday..."

"My birthday? My goddamn birthday?! So you have been cheating on my for nearly 10 months?! And you want to sit here and say it was a mistake?!"
"Deku, I'm sorry! I was dumb and I-"

"How can you sit there and possibly justify cheating on me?! Was I too boring?! Not good enough for you?!"

"Don't. Fucking. Call. Me. That."

Katsuki has never Izuku this angry. Frankly he doesn't know why he cheated. One second he and Uraraka are decorating for Izuku's party, the next they are kissing each other like their lives depended on it.
"And on our fucking anniversary, you decide to take her out to dinner while I'm here, trying to throw a romantic dinner."

The room fell silent.

"Leave. We're over, Bakugou. We aren't together. We aren't friends. I want you to leave me alone. For good."
Katsuki remained silent as he stood up from the table and left, giving Izuku one last longing look before leaving. Izuku then shut the door as he pulled out his phone, blocking his number. He then proceeded to text Uraraka.

/Fuck you./

He then blocked her as well.
Inko and Kirishima came back out.


"I'll be ok, mom..."

Inko then went and hugged her son.

"Thank you for telling me, mom. You too, Kirishima."

"Oh honey, no one messed with my son and gets away with it."

"Yeah, Midobro. You're mom really went Momzilla on'em."
Izuku looked at his mom confused.

"I poured a bottle of champagne on them."

Izuku chuckled a little bit.

"Well, we might as well clean up. Not much use having all this set up now."
Izuku, Inko, and Kirishima then took down the decorations as they talked and laughed together to help keep Izuku's mind clear.



It had been a few months and Izuku had pretty much moved on. It took a bit of time for him to realize that someone who wasn't loyal wasn't worth his time, but he got there. He and Kirishima had also gotten closer, too. They hung out pretty much everyday.
They were now sitting at the edge of a pier on the beach as the sun was setting on the horizon.

"Hey, Midobro? Can I tell you something?"

"What is it, Kiri?"

"Well um... well I- well you see. I um... I really like you. Like like you like you. And was wondering if I could-
-maybe take you out? If not, that's totally cool, too! I just really want-"

Izuku couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh no... I said something embarassing..."

"No, Kiri! It's just... I really like you, too. You've been there this whole time since I found out about Bakugou and Uraraka.
I really aporeciate it. I would love to go out with you."

Kirishima and Izuku were both blushing as Kirishima held Izuku's hand, intertwining there fingers. He then looked into Izuku's eyes.

"May I?"

Izuku nodded and Kirishima placed his lips upon his. They broke apart.
"I promise I won't hurt you. Especially since I know your mom will hunt me down."

"I know you won't, Kiri."

They then watched the sun set as Izuku rested his head on Kirishima's shoulder.


• • •

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