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Dec 6, 2022 62 tweets 9 min read
#ShojiDeku, small angst, fluff, getting together

Shoji stared at the message on his phone from his mother in his dorm room.

/Family is coming to town. I hate to ask this of you, but please don't visit for the holidays. You know how they feel about your quirk. Sorry, honey. Visit when they leave. Dad misses you, too./

If he were anyone else, he would feel something. Sadness. Anger. Maybe he would cry. But he was used to it. His whole village didn't like him.
Nov 8, 2022 21 tweets 4 min read
#bkdk, Dadzawa, Jealous Kirishima, su/cide attempt, angst

Izuku and Katsuki are together and truly in love, but someone is jealous. Kirishima always wanted to be with Katsuki and the BaluSquad felt the same. Kirishima was such a better fit for Katsuki. So they hatched a plan. Sero knocked on Izuku's dorm room door. Izuku answered and asked what Sero wanted. Sero askes to come in and Izuku let him. Sero then told Izuku that Katsuki was planning on breaking up with Izuku to be with Kirishima. Izuku was confused he thought Katsuki loved him.
Oct 14, 2022 28 tweets 5 min read
#bkdk, #bakucamie, hurt no comfort, mean 1-A, QL AU, MCD

⚠️TW: suicide⚠️ Read at your own risk It had been about 2 weeks since Katsuki's accident. 2 weeks since the strange yet familiar greenette Camie and his friends had warned him about had shown up to his hospital room, claiming they were engaged. Since then, he just... disappeared.
Oct 5, 2022 13 tweets 3 min read
#bkdk #dbdk Hocus Pocus QL AU drabble where Izuku is the university sweetheart. Everyone loves him, but he's also very oblivious to two certain people's affection. Katsuki Bakugou, his childhood friend, and Touya Todoroki, his best friend's older brother, constantly try to woo- -Izuku. Both always fail miserably everytime, but they never quit. Halloween is fast approaching and it's Izuku's favorite holiday. Their town is rich in magical history, with some believing that 300 years ago, witches roamed the town and Izuku is fascinated. Always has been.
Aug 15, 2022 7 tweets 2 min read
#bkdk #kacchako QL AU cheating hanahaki angst where Izuku has known for awhile that Katsuki and Ochako have been having an affair and develops Hanahaki. However, when given the nearest date for the surgery, it falls on his and Katsuki's wedding day and Izuku has to make a choice. Keep the memories and get married. Or get the surgery, forget Katsuki and leave him on the altar. Izuku doesn't want to embarrass anyone like that, bit decides he can't handle the pain anymore and makes the appointment.
Aug 12, 2022 24 tweets 5 min read
past #bkdk, #krbk, QL AU, mentions of cheating, angst, mentions of #rddk Izuku looked around at all the stunned faces after his speech and set his glass down after his toast. He immediately began leaving the venue, fighting back all the emotions he had just unleashed upon the crowd. Kirishima leaned over to the blonde.

"Go talk to him."
Aug 11, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
#bkdk break-up cheating(not really) angst where the BakuSquad, minus Katsuki, are all playing truth or dare together. Mina asks Kirishima and he says dare. Mina dares Kirishima to start a rumor about Izuku. Something that will keep the school talking for a couple of days. Kirishima accepts. The next day at school, Kirishima has started a rumor that Izuku and Monoma had been caught making out in the stairwell and it spreads like wildfire. Katsuki, who has been dating Izuku for a year now, overheard someone talking about it and can't believe it.
Aug 10, 2022 38 tweets 7 min read
#dbdk, vampire!Dabi, human!Deku, vampire!Katsuki, mean Katsuki, isekai
Requested by @Cassie19061988 on discord

When Izuku had wished that he could getaway from home for a day, this is not what he meant. He went to bed in his apartment and when he woke up, he was chained in a- -castle dungeon and made the personal servant of it's ruler, Katsuki Bakugou. King of the Vampire Kingdom of Chinokawaki. That was a year ago and as far as he knew, Izuku was the only human in a land of vampires, ghosts, and other creatures.

"Get over here, meatbag!"
Aug 9, 2022 19 tweets 4 min read
#krdk fluff, first date, overprotective Hawks and Dabi, mentions of cheating, QL AU The day was finally here and Kirishima was so excited. His date with Izuku. It was no secret to anyone that Kirishima had the biggest and most obvious crush on Izuku. But being the oblivious idiot Izuku is, Izuku just assumed Kirishima was socially awkward.
Aug 8, 2022 42 tweets 8 min read
#dbdk, minor #dabihawks, mentions of #bakucamie, pining exes, asshole Enji, QL AU, cheating(not really), misunderstandings, angst

Request for @wenareads Izuku sat alone at the airport, suitcase packed and a smile on his face. He finally got into the college of his dreams and he had the best boyfriend in the world. Only issue was said boyfriend was supposed to see him off at the airport and had yet to show up.
Aug 3, 2022 18 tweets 4 min read
#krbk, #dabihawks, deku angst, tokoyami, shoji, monoma and hatsume basically become the new Dekusquad It had been a week and this quirk was still going on. Every negative thought, every single gripe people have with him now revealed to Izuku, whether they all knew it or not. The class had finally been given time to visit their families and Izuku was dreading it. What did his mom-
Jul 24, 2022 11 tweets 3 min read
#bkdk angst where Izuku and Katsuki, who are together, are announced as the No. 1 and No.2 hero respectively. Katsuki, in a bout of anger and frustration, yells that Deku is only No. 1 cause All Might took pity on a quirkless fuck, just like everyone in Deku's life. That Deku is- -nothing without that damn quirk that was given to him. He then says that he doesn't deserve it as much as the people actually born with their quirks. All of this is said on stage. The rest of the ceremony is awkward and Deku is fighting back tears with a fake smile on his face.
Jul 13, 2022 32 tweets 6 min read
#bkdk, #kacchacko, mama bear Inko, #krdk, cheating, anniversary angst, QL AU

"And... perfect!"

Inko stepped down from a step ladder she had set up in Izuku's living room, helping set up for the special anniversary dinner Izuku had planned for Katsuki. "Looks awesome, Mrs. Midoriya!"

Inko smiled over at Kirishima, who waz also helping out.

"Aw, you're so sweet, Kirishima!"

Kirishima then gave his signature grin.

"Ok. I just need to go pick up the bouquet that Izuku had specially made for Katsuki.
Jun 14, 2022 12 tweets 3 min read
#dabihawks fluff w/ some angst

It had been years since the final battle. Many thought they knew the final fates of the heroes and villains that had been involved. Heroes would praises. Villains would be jailed. But society was blindsided. Villains would be given second chances,- -albeit with extremely tight restrictions. Among the villains given a chance was Dabi, who opted to go by Touya after Eri had rewound his scars and he made amends with his family. However, he never visited after he apologized. He was too ashamed at what he became.
Jun 13, 2022 25 tweets 5 min read
#bkdk, angst, endgame #dbdk

Izuku sat at the park for hours and hours, constantly checking his phone.

"Too good to be true..."

He stood up from the park bench and put his phone in his pocket, and before he could even take a step, it began to pour rain. "Damn it... can't one thing go right?"

He began running home and as he got home to his apartment, his phone dinged. He pulled out his phone from his soaked jeans and opened it to see a pic of Katsuki with his ex, Denki Kaminari.
Jun 12, 2022 22 tweets 4 min read
The Black Knight PART 1
#bkdk, some angst, QL AU, based on Sonic & The Black Knight.

Here is a link to the cutscenes so if you guys want to understand the story better.

Izuku and Katsuki were running late for their presentation for their class, discussing King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

"Deku! Hurry the hell up! We're gonna be late!"

May 11, 2022 119 tweets 21 min read
#bkdk, #krbk, #dbdk(?), angst

Based on:
A whole year. It had been one whole year since Izuku had walked in on Katsuki and Kirishima. One year since their divorce. One year since his kids had started giving him the cold shoulder. He knew why, too. He never told his kids why he and their Papa divorced so in Izumi's and-
Mar 11, 2022 15 tweets 3 min read
#bkdk break up drabble

Katsuki and Izuku are in their second year of UA, Katsuki in the Hero Course and Izuku in the Support Course. They have been dating since 2nd year of middle school. However, Katsuki had asked Izuku to keep their relationship a secret when they started- -at UA. Izuku agreed, saying that as long as they loved each other, he didn't mind. But when 2nd yeat started, Katsuki started to seemingly grow distant. Whenever he texted Katsuki to meet up, Katsuki always said he promised to hang out with his friends. At lunch, Izuku would-
Mar 11, 2022 8 tweets 2 min read
Pokemon AU Drabble #5

Izuku and Darkrai go on a trip with Toga and Dabi to visit the Sinnoh region while Katsuki continued training for the Pokémon League. Once they arrived in Canalave City, they decided to look around the city before making their way towards their hotel. While sleeping, a scream echoed throughout their floor, waking all three of them up. Izuku and Darkrai leave their room to see the power out and meet up with Dabi, Toga, and Toga's Froslass. They walk towards the source of the sound.
Dec 18, 2021 233 tweets >60 min read
#bkdk quirkless au ceo!bk angst w/ happy ending

Katsuki and Izuku had been together for years. And to outsiders, they were the perfect couple. Hell, even Izuku thought they would be together forever. So, when he arrived outside his boyfriend's office to surprise him for their- -anniversary, he was shocked to hear what Katsuki was saying.

"The nerd's gotta go. Love him to death, but I need my company to thrive, and he is just a distraction."

Another voice rang out. It was Kirishima.