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#bkdk #dbdk Hocus Pocus QL AU drabble where Izuku is the university sweetheart. Everyone loves him, but he's also very oblivious to two certain people's affection. Katsuki Bakugou, his childhood friend, and Touya Todoroki, his best friend's older brother, constantly try to woo-
-Izuku. Both always fail miserably everytime, but they never quit. Halloween is fast approaching and it's Izuku's favorite holiday. Their town is rich in magical history, with some believing that 300 years ago, witches roamed the town and Izuku is fascinated. Always has been.
So Katsuki decided to take Izuku to the old cottage in town rumoured to house the 3 most well known witches back then, Momo Yaoyorozu, Kyoka Jiro, and Toru Hagakure. A coven supposedly chased after eternal youth by suck the souls out of children and for killing a local villager-
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#bkdkangst #bkdk #dbdk | endgame | QLAU CollegeAU
I love this idea credit to them, this is my first story so lmk what you think
For as long as Izuku could remember he always had feelings for Bakugo. When Bakugo told him he wanted to be friends with benefits Izuku had his-
Doubts. But when it comes to a certain blonde, he couldn't say no.After all this was the next best thing to a relationship with him. Four months pass and Izuku told him he wanted more than just sex. Bakugo brushed off the comment every single time and Izuku was becoming tired.
Every single time Izuku brought it up, Bakugo would just change the subject or flat out reject the idea. "Kachaan we've been doing this for months already, why won't we just become official?" The blonde rolled his eyes as he was texting on his phone ignoring Izuku's presence
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#DabiDeku #DbDk

-Cry About it Later, Tonight I’m Having Fun-

Izuku who was excited to go home in his shared apartment with his boyfriend of almost 3 years was skipping happily on his way. Today marks their 3rd anniversary and he can’t wait to celebrate it with his lover.
Everything was set and ready, all that was left was to go to their reserved restaurant and enjoy themselves to the fullest until the night.

At that moment, Izuku was blissfully unaware of what would welcome him in their shared place.
When it comes to Katsuki, the greenette would always give his all because that’s how much he loves and trusts his Kacchan the most. If only his ash-blonde lover felt the same as him…

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#dbdk, vampire!Dabi, human!Deku, vampire!Katsuki, mean Katsuki, isekai
Requested by @Cassie19061988 on discord

When Izuku had wished that he could getaway from home for a day, this is not what he meant. He went to bed in his apartment and when he woke up, he was chained in a-
-castle dungeon and made the personal servant of it's ruler, Katsuki Bakugou. King of the Vampire Kingdom of Chinokawaki. That was a year ago and as far as he knew, Izuku was the only human in a land of vampires, ghosts, and other creatures.

"Get over here, meatbag!"
Izuku rushed over to King Katsuki's side. Katsuki shoved a scroll into Izuku's hand.

"Take that to the Draculain Chapel in town."

Izuku bowed politely and nervously.

"Yes, your majesty."

But before Izuku could leave, Katsuki grabbed his wrist tightly.

"And if you so much as-
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#dbdk, minor #dabihawks, mentions of #bakucamie, pining exes, asshole Enji, QL AU, cheating(not really), misunderstandings, angst

Request for @wenareads
Izuku sat alone at the airport, suitcase packed and a smile on his face. He finally got into the college of his dreams and he had the best boyfriend in the world. Only issue was said boyfriend was supposed to see him off at the airport and had yet to show up.
Growing worried, he pulled out his phone. He tried calling his boyfriend, Touya, but was sent immediately to voicemail.


Izuku was left confused as he decided to leave a text instead, but getting no response. He decided he would would then call Shoto.
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Lmaoo wait, what if Katsuki and Camie’s relationship is failing, so on top of him finally realizing he’s neglected his child, he wants Izuku back. she cheated on him and it made him realize he still had feelings for Izuku,
“Izuku probably waited for me, he’s always been so loyal and we’re meant for each other. Izuku, Katsuma and him can be a family, maybe expand it even more So katsuki shows up to Katsuma’s birthday party and gets a glimpse of Izuku, He’s beautiful
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#bkdk #ktdk endgame #dbdk
Cw// Omegaverse, neglected child, bad parent ktsuki

Au where Izuku and Katsuki have a child, they're not married, just together as a couple.
The thing is that they fight all the time and end taking different ways, of course, still being responsible for the child. For a time everything worked fine.
Katsuki was a wonderful parent and Izuku was happy that their relationship was healing, not in a romantic way, just a healthy co-parenting.
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#bkdk #tddk #krdk #overdeku #DbDk #endeavordeku #izuocha #mindeku #kmdk #shindodeku #srdk #togadeku #realitytv #omegaverse O!izuku ; A!Bakugo, A!Todoroki, A!Kirishima, A!Overhaul, B!Dabi, A!Endeavor, O!Ochako, B!Mineta, O!Kaminari, B!Shindo, B!Sero, A!Toga
Lights are everywhere, it may be 9 pm but the artificial spotlights make it as bright as day
The blond beta was reading his cards one last time before the producer makes him a sign from where he sits with a few cameramen in waiting and a pitcher of black coffee.
Aizawa always hated night shots but this show is so far the most famous coming out of their channel and with how much the network pays him he can sacrifice a few nights a year to film.
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#bkdk, angst, endgame #dbdk

Izuku sat at the park for hours and hours, constantly checking his phone.

"Too good to be true..."

He stood up from the park bench and put his phone in his pocket, and before he could even take a step, it began to pour rain.
"Damn it... can't one thing go right?"

He began running home and as he got home to his apartment, his phone dinged. He pulled out his phone from his soaked jeans and opened it to see a pic of Katsuki with his ex, Denki Kaminari.
"Son of a bitch!"

Izuku hurled his phone at the wall as he broke down in sobs. His roommates, Himiko Toga and Touya Todoroki, ran out of their rooms to see Izuku breaking down.

"Izu?! What's wrong?"

Toga rushed down to his side.

"He's an asshole..."

"Oh Izu..."
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#bkdk, slight #dbdk, truth or dare, jealous bkg

Deku was lying. Katsuki knows because /he/ was Izuku's first kiss. Not his goddamn ex!

The blonde let out a scoff, staring directly at Izuku who was just shifting uncomfortably in his seat, feeling the heated glare on him. Katsuki
broke the circle and stood up, much to the other players' dismay.

Kirishima was the first one to protest.

"Bro, what gives?! We only started. You haven't even had your turn yet!" the redhead said, muttering how unmanly it was.

"I'm not playing if some of you don't take this
seriously," he said snidely, eyeing Deku from his peripherals. He becomes exponentially pissed when the greenette just looked at him in confusion.

"But it's true! I really did deep throat a hotdog the night before my first date! You know! For science!" Denki exclaims. Of course
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A whole year. It had been one whole year since Izuku had walked in on Katsuki and Kirishima. One year since their divorce. One year since his kids had started giving him the cold shoulder. He knew why, too. He never told his kids why he and their Papa divorced so in Izumi's and-
-Kazuo's eyes, he ruined their family. But other than that, he fed them, gave them what they wanted for their birthdays and Christmas, and gave them their weekly allowance. Izuku would tell himself that he is a damn good father.
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#bkdk #ktdk #bakudeku #dbdk #dabideku a/b/o angst

Soon to be A!PH! Katsuki knocked up his O!QL! Childhood friend, Izuku. Their relationship was just for them to relieve each other’s heats and ruts even though Izuku feels different towards the blonde.
Katsuki told the Izuku to abort the baby as he does not want any child weighing him down.

Izuku didn’t want to though, because the child is now the only family he has and he can’t lose it, even if it means losing Katsuki who was never really his in the first place.
So Katsuki told him, "Do what you want with the child but don't think and expect that I would want anything to do with that brat. I'm close to being a pro hero, deku. Having a child at this age would just weigh me down, I know that you know that."
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#bkdk quirkless au ceo!bk angst w/ happy ending

Katsuki and Izuku had been together for years. And to outsiders, they were the perfect couple. Hell, even Izuku thought they would be together forever. So, when he arrived outside his boyfriend's office to surprise him for their-
-anniversary, he was shocked to hear what Katsuki was saying.

"The nerd's gotta go. Love him to death, but I need my company to thrive, and he is just a distraction."

Another voice rang out. It was Kirishima.
"Look dude. All I'm saying is don't be so quick to drop Midoriya from your life just 'cause you want to be successful.".

Katsuki scoffed. Kirishima sighed and turned, leaving the office. After he closed the door, he turned, only to see Izuku, stunned in silence, tears welling-
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Heute beginnt die #dBDK21 der @Die_Gruenen
Für uns als @FridayForFuture ist klar: Auch diese Partei hat noch kein 1,5 Grad-Programm! Die Forderungen an unsere hiesige MdB @KatjaKeul daher im #Thread
#NoMoreEmptyPromises 1/11
1. Es braucht ein klares #CO2Budget. @Umweltrat hat errechnet, dass 🇩🇪 noch ca.4,2 Gt CO2 übrig bleiben und wir somit 2035 klimaneutral sein müssten. Dazu braucht es ein klares Bekenntnis, schnellstmöglich reicht nicht aus @KatjaKeul @Die_Gruenen
#dBDK21 2/11
2. Es braucht einen Stopp des Baus von neuen Autobahnen. Beim Thema #Danni haben @Die_Gruenen dabei Vertrauen bei uns verspielt. Eine echte #Verkehrswende braucht Verkehrsverlagerung und keine neuen Autobahnen @KatjaKeul
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