#bkdk #tddk #krdk #overdeku #DbDk #endeavordeku #izuocha #mindeku #kmdk #shindodeku #srdk #togadeku #realitytv #omegaverse O!izuku ; A!Bakugo, A!Todoroki, A!Kirishima, A!Overhaul, B!Dabi, A!Endeavor, O!Ochako, B!Mineta, O!Kaminari, B!Shindo, B!Sero, A!Toga
Lights are everywhere, it may be 9 pm but the artificial spotlights make it as bright as day
The blond beta was reading his cards one last time before the producer makes him a sign from where he sits with a few cameramen in waiting and a pitcher of black coffee.
Aizawa always hated night shots but this show is so far the most famous coming out of their channel and with how much the network pays him he can sacrifice a few nights a year to film.
He checks his watch one more time before giving a second sign to his boyfriend standing in front of the house.
“60 seconds before live!” shoots the man and watches everyone scramble around like they didn’t rehearse the shoot all week long so the first episode could be live and have the best reactions out of everyone.
“30 seconds” shouts Vlad, the alpha in charge of the show Livestream

“10 seconds” finally shouts Aizawa as cameraman number 3 stands in front of the blond man.

They all count in their heads and the online light of the camera finally comes on.
“Welcome to “Mate Me Yours” season 8, I am Yamada Hizashi, your host for the next few weeks,” starts the blond with energy, walking closer to the camera as if to embrace the audience-
-And this year I welcome you to a special season, because for the first time on our show and in Japan, our bachelor is an omega!
He’s young, he’s adorable, he’s a perfect omega looking for the perfect mate, and he’s joining me on the court of that beautiful castle where we will watch him look for love, dear viewers and listeners, welcome Midoriya Izuku!” ImageImage
The manor doors open to let a young man out, a tight dark green suit on him, his green curls bouncing as he walks along the pavement of the court to join the beta with a nervous smile,
His eyes going from the pavement to be sure not to fall or stumble, to the beta, to the camera, and back to his feet in rapid movements.

“Good evening Yamada-san,” says the greenette with a soft voice as he finally stands next to the host.
“Good evening, Midoriya-san, and welcome to “Mate me yours!”

“Th-thank you for having me. I’m sorry I’m a bit nervous,” stutters the omega

“Oh I can imagine,” says the blonde with a smile, “being nervous is normal, but I hope you’re excited too!”
“Very much so!” says the omega with a smile

“Tonight we will meet half of the alphas, omegas, and betas that will do their best to seduce our dear Midoriya,” says Hizashi, turning back to the camera,
“but As you know on this show, our viewers are active participants, so we ask you, dear viewers, to choose the first three contestants that will have to battle for our charming bachelor’s love.-
The rules are simple we have twelve single people which will be separated into 4 dates of three. We will ask you to choose the first three among 6 of them, those will be the first and third groups. Then we will give you the 6 others and you will vote for the 2nd and 4th date”
“And so it begins: the first 6 will be picked randomly by Izuku as he draws their names from that bag,” continues the beta pointing to a velvet button bag resting on the side of the fountain in the middle of the court,
“the voting will open as soon as the episode finishes and the date will be held tomorrow at a zoo !!”
Gently the blonde put his hand behind the omega’s back and guide him to the fountain to pick up the bag and dramatically present it to Izuku.
“Please Midoriya-San, we can’t wait for you to draw the first group that you will meet tonight and among those, three of them will be your first date !”
Nervously Izuku plunges his hand into the bag and feels a few metal pieces rubbing against his fingers. He takes one and pulls his hand out to see a dog tag in his hand

“So who is the lucky first ?” asks the host
Izuku looks up from the tag and smiles at the camera like he was instructed during his short tv training
“Kirishima Eijiro,” says the omega showing the tag to the camera before diving back into the bag and grabbing five other tags to get his first 6 suitors, “and Uraraka Ochaco, Yo Shindo, Todoroki Shoto, Todoroki Enji and Hanta Sero.”
“And here we have it people : the lucky six who will meet our bachelor tonight! The cars bringing them will arrive soon while the cars that contains the other 6 suitors will bring them to a hotel until the end of the first date!
So people, let’s welcome together our first potential mate, alpha Kirishima Eijiro!” shouts the beta as the camera suddenly turns toward the end of the court where two big doors open to the road,
only a few seconds after the doors open a black limo comes in slowly and stops a few steps away from the host and Izuku who feels his hands getting sweaty and his heart beating fast.
The car’s door opens and a literal giant steps out of it, the first suitor, Kirishima Eijiro has at least one full head on Izuku, standing in his bright red suit, just as red as his hair which falls around his face,
a low ponytail keeping most of it slicked back, a bright smile covers his face and Izuku relaxed, this man may look like a giant but he feels like a puppy

“Good evening Midoriya-san,” says the alpha approaching the omega. Ignoring the host for now as instructed by the production
“Good evening Kirishima-kun,” answers the omega, bowing a little to the young alpha who smiles even brighter.

“Please Kirishima-san, go stand up behind Midoriya-san to wait for the next suitors,” says the host, pointing to one of the crosses on the floor that stands behind Izuku
As soon as he takes his position, a new car arrives to replace the one that brought the redhead.

• • •

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