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Bakugo Katsuki was a great alpha and husband to his wonderful and caring omega, Izuku. However as a sire? Not so much. He loved his kids…from a distance. He left all the parenting to Deku because he was terrified he would fuck their kids up somehow.
But Izuku really wanted pups of their own after living out his dream of being a hero. Katsuki wasn’t done working but Izuku made it clear he wanted to retire and finally start a family. Katsuki didn’t want to lose him so this was their…compromise.
Katsuki would work, and anything Izuku needed, he would be there. But as far as actually raising the damn things? That was all Deku. He left all parenting decisions up to him. Katsuki even had his own loft above their home all to himself so he could get his peace and quiet.
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#bkdk #drama #omegaverse #agegap (Starts #rodydeku but bkdk endgame)

Based off the song “Rude” by Magic!

Alpha Bakugo Katsuki was given too much power he knew what to do with when the beloved Duke Toshinori Yagi passed on his land to him before passing away, on one condition:
He care for his treasure, his beloved son, Midoriya Izuku. Katsuki had helped care for the omega as a faithful aid to the Duke and was close to him as he grew up. He was only eight years older than him so he never really considered it babysitting. More guarding than anything.
But still, Katsuki took his responsibility seriously as the new Duke and the now caretaker of the 12 year old seriously. Deku was easy to watch out for. He was good and helpful. He was loved by everyone, but this took an unexpected turn when he became of age to marry.
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#bkdk #krbk #krdk #krbkdk #omegaverse

Izuku is an older omega, like 35 or something, and just lost his alpha a few months ago
Sadly he just realized that even with his death the insurance doesn't cover the full mortgage and with just one paycheck,
now it will be difficult to keep the house But Izuku loves this house, his husband changed it so much so it could be all theirs adding a shed in the garden so Izuku could grow food, changing the garage so Shindo, his husband, could work on cars which were his passion,
& adding rooms and stuff
This was their house and they Were happy and Izuku would be damned if he ever let the house go

So he writes an online ad for roommates, the house has 4 rooms so he ask for two roommates, the 4th room was Shindo’s office and it's too early still
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#bkdk #angst #drama #omegaverse Happy Ending as Always.

Katsuki was a proud alpha soldier. He was finally done with that god awful war. Unlike his colleagues, he was one of the few who didn’t drown his sorrows in alcohol but, he still had to join them in their outings.
That’s how he ended up in this seedy ass show omega lounge with his closest friends and colleagues Kirishima Eijiro and Kaminari Denki.

“Come on, Relax!” Eijiro encouraged him, shoving a beer his way as a little omega wearing next to nothing danced on stage while alphas gawked
“I’m just here to keep you out of fucking trouble.” Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“You know Kats” Denki leaned in, reeking of alcohol. “They say that the omegas here have business cards. If you wanna get a little ‘aftershow’” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“Fucking pass.” Katsuki scoffed.
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#bkdk #omegaverse
CW: Bondage, past slavery,🔁orgasms, toys, begging

Deku goes missing when he's 17 and 5 years later Katsuki finds him half-starved and tortured in an underground omega trafficking bust. The rehab was rough but now they were finally ready for more.
1 year after Deku'd been found gagged and stuffed on that disgusting breeding bench, Katsuki had the pliant omega blindfolded and spread open on his kitchen table. He hadn’t realized how much his little dogged attachment meant to him until it was gone.
Having his chosen mate back in his arms incurred a relief so insurmountable it could only be felt, never described, impossibly untranslatable.

Katsuki had him on his back, his arms tied under him and thighs spread open with a leather sling.
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#atsuhina #omegaverse
The winter of Atsumu's senior year, his family vacations in a countryside village. At the Christmas tree farm he meets a boy around his age with a smile as radiant as the sun on snow... and a powerful scent that triggers his heat.
When his suppressant doesn't work and there's no time to get help, Atsumu has to trust this redheaded alpha to knot him and dispel his heat. But he's not the only one affected--the alpha's inexplicably in rut & it takes several hours (and rounds) before their conditions subside.
Atsumu's overprotective parents end their vacation early and rush back to the city before he can even say goodbye. He's resigned to keep the encounter in his heart as a beautiful memory that will fade over time... until he discovers he's pregnant.
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With the end of last month, August arrives! Grab some new books from us--don’t be shy! 🌞📚💖
HAPPY KANAKO’S KILLER LIFE Vol. 1 | Toshiya Wakabayashi | full-color comedy, assassins + office politics | $14.99 | August 3, 2021… Image
THE STRANGE ADVENTURE OF A BROKE MERCENARY (LIGHT NOVEL) Vol. 1 | Mine and peroshi | fantasy, manga also from Seven Seas | $14.99 | August 3, 2021… Image
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Happy Lycanthrope day of the #MonstrousMayChallenge 🐺

I love werewolf books and have read so many it would be a very long list of recommendations.

But I’ve decided to go in a different direction. Namely: wolf dicks

Today I’ll be exploring Omegaverse fiction. Image
First off, Omegaverse: what is it?

OV is a fiction genre set in worlds where there’s a biological hierarchy of Alphas, Betas and Omegas. Each dynamic has certain characteristics related to werewolf elements such as knotting and estrous, or heat cycles.
Omegaverse can be traced back to 2010 in the Supernatural fandom. It was an extension of the werewolf MM fanfic and a writing prompt featuring Jared and Jensen (J2).
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#bkdk #bakudeku #Omegaverse


Class A is a pack, and once a month the omegas have a snuggle night in a big nest/pillow fort— no betas or stinky alphas allowed! but the conversation inevitably turns to their packmates anyway. They're eating yummy comfort food, +
talking about who's cute and who smells nice (and who they have to make sure they don't get close to before their heats because they'd start early!).

Ochako and Tsu have been sharing their heats for months now but they wouldn't mind bringing in an alpha if Mina +
or Tenya were ever interested. Kyouka has never been attracted to alphas, but she's delighted to disclose that she's been receiving increasingly personalized gifts from the pack's head beta, Momo. Denki has had a crush on most of his packmates at one time or another, +
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#BakuDeku #bkdk #ktdk #omegaverse
o!Izuku, a!Katsuki //age gap

Izuku finished up getting ready for the ceremony. Beautiful sheer material draped over himself, barely leaving anything to the imagination. He is the epitome of beauty, smooth, tan skin,
dusted With millions of freckles. He is perfectly sun kissed due to his kingdom being located along a coast. A dazzling headpiece, decorated with jewels and flowers are place perfectly to not disturb his bouncing green curls.

He’s informed the neighboring kingdom officials have
Arrived. He gives a nod and stands heading to the main room of the castle.

Izuku takes his seat beside his mother, the queen. He can’t help but eye the three people standing infront of them.

A yellow haired man, slender and kind looking steps forward and bows. “I am
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#bkdk #bakudeku #nsfw #omegaverse
Teacher!A!Katsuki student!o!Deku

🔥🥦Part 2🥦🔥

When class was over Katsuki dismisses everyone and leaned against his desk. “Midorya come see me”.

Deku swallowed and gathered his things before going over and standing in front of him.
“Y-yes sir?” He bit his lip and shifted in place already beet red.

“You missed 3, well, 4 lectures. Slacking off already?” Katsuki stared down at the omega, his eyes looking right through him.

“N-no sir! I-“ was too busy fucking my self on the biggest dildo I could find, was
Not an excuse he could use right now. “I couldn’t focus.. I’m sorry I’ll get the notes from one of my classmates!”

Katsuki let out a growl and went over locking his classroom door. “I’ve got the notes for you. But you need to show me you’re trying your hardest, De-ku” He sat at
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#bkdk #nsfw #omegaverse
Teacher!A!Katsuki student!o!Deku

Deku went to a private high school, a very competitive one at that. So competitive in fact that omega students that went into heat were still required to attend class via video call. Typically with the students muted
unless they had a question and of course with their cameras off. This ensured them missing the least Amount of lessons. At first, Deku wasn’t sure how well he could pay attention or how weird it would be. Until it came to be Mr.Bakugou’s period. Deku has quickly gained a crush
on his prime alpha teacher so when the lecture started Deku was already bouncing on a large knotted Dildo picturing it was his favorite teacher. He paid attention for as long as he could manage but watching his teacher and hearing his growl and snap at other students for not
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#ฟิค #marnor #markus #connor #detroitbecomehuman
ไม่ไหวแล้วโฟร้ยย fanart งานดีมากอ่ะ T T

ดวงตาสองสีลืมขึ้น กลิ่นหอมโชยมาจากทางด้านหน้าของเขา มันเป็นกลิ่น
ฟีโรโมนอย่างที่พวกโอเมก้ามี กลิ่นนั้นลอยทะลุผ่านกระจกใสบานใหญ่ซึ่งขั้นระหว่างร่างทั้งสอง
มือหนาพยายามกระตุกโซ่เส้นใหญ่ที่ล็อกแขนของเขาไว้กับผนัง กลิ่นนั้นมันดึงดูดเขาจนเเทบบ้า

โชคดีมันเป็นเพียงเเค่กลิ่นอ่อนๆ ถ้าหากว่ามันเเรงกว่านี้อีกนิด..เขาคงควบคุมตัวเองไม่ได้
"ขอโทษที่รบกวนครับ แคมส์กี้ใช้ให้ผมมาเอาเอกสารที่ลืมไว้"


ปลอกคอสีดำที่ถูกโซ่โยงไว้ มันดูน่าอึดอัดอย่างบอกไม่ถูก
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