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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Guardian Aus editor Lenore Taylor, Ch10/ABC host Waleed Aly and ABC politics editor Andrew Probyn. The interview is with opposition defence spokesperson handy Andrew Hastie.
more Andrews than women this morning. Like a corporate board. #Insiders
opening spiel is “China shows its force” - the Pelosi visit - and Labor “celebrating” passing a 43% emissions reduction target by 2030 in legislation. #Insiders
Speers editorialises the Pelosi visit to Taiwan and military “exercises” response from China by linking it to the federal government defence spending review. #Insiders
the montage is also all about China and the Taiwan Strait and the defence budget review. Soundtrack is Girl You Really Got Me. Ffs. A few nobodies get a say on bagging Steven Smith. #Insiders
preview of a Parkinson mashup. #MakingNews is rolling scandals in the NSW Liberal Party and Coalition government and two more bits on China and its “military exercises”. #Insiders
then Speers editorialises about whether the speaker of the US Congress should have gone to Taiwan. #Insiders
lol no doubt Pelosi is listening carefully to what Waleed Aly and David Speers think of her travel itinerary. Aly calls the visit “gesture politics” in a “febrile environment”. #Insiders
ill-advised, says Taylor. She points to efforts to “persuade China not to back Russia” in its invasion of Ukraine. Probyn thinks the Pelosi visit “keeps China on its toes”. He repeats the POTUS promise to back Taiwan militarily. #Insiders
and how the POTUS promise to back Taiwan has been repeatedly walked back. Clip of Wong setting out risks and “encouraging” de-escalation. Speers says this is about the power that China has. #Insiders
Lthe Russian invasion demonstrates what a bad idea it is to invade neighbouring countries, according to Aly. It is complicated, too. Great risks involved for both sides, says Speers. A “politics of posturing” says Aly. #Insiders
clip of former CDF - was it Angus Houston? - I missed it. Probyn recites “posture” too. Morrison used to talk about military “posture”. Taylor speaks to the defence spending review, which she says makes sense because “defence kit is really expensive”. #Insiders
the blokes mention porcupine defence a couple of times. Drones and missiles. Probyn says the defence of Ukraine includes non-traditional defence that is “not kinetic it is electronic” whatever that means. #Insiders
interview. Hastie says the outlook is very bleak and describes the Chinese missile “exercises” around Taiwan as showing that Australia “needs to respond”. He then praises Houston and bags Smith on the defence spending review announcement. #Insiders
concedes that leasing Darwin Port was a Coalition mistake. Hastie refers to defence spending under the “Morrison Turnbull and Abbott governments”. He says we need more ammo stocks because Ukraine. Ffs. And drones and missiles more more more #Insiders
sovereign missiles, says Hastie, twice. What about submarines? asks Speers. Hastie has more advice for Defence Minister Richard Marles. He should wake up thinking about submarines, says Hastie. And go to bed thinking about submarines. And dream about submarines. #Insiders
all this weaponry porn is dreary as fuck. The world does not care what minor Australian politicians and vainglorious journalists think about “sovereign missiles” or whatever. BRB. #Insiders
“the era of the lucky country is over it is dead and buried” says Hastie. #Insiders
He advises the federal government to look to Israel - as Israel is murdering civilians in Gaza again, as we speak - because it is a “small” country. Nothing on the $3 billion worth of killing machines the US gives Israel every year. #Insiders
asked if he will visit Taiwan, if he is invited, Handy says he has a “very full dance card” and uses his “young family” to avoid the question. #Insiders
what about the war crimes documented in the Brereton report [paraphrased]? Hastie says the ADF represent Straya overseas and are accountable. No word on how war criminals are held to account. Defo litigation maybe. Hur hur. #Insiders
the Royal Commission. Hastie says the usual platitudes about resilience or whatever. Asked if he agrees with Dutton that we should move on from war crimes but I missed the answer sorry. #Insiders
another journo book based on insider leaks from cabinet is coming out, this time from Morrison buddy and murdoch editor Benson, with the juice on how national security committee made covid decisions under Morrison. #Insiders
more defence spending and some hearty chuckling over French subs. It takes until well past the half way mark to get thru all this war porn chit chat and discuss climate change #Insiders
clip of the parliament passing legislation on the 43% emissions reduction by 2030 target. It is a floor. It can be increased. Taylor says also the Climate Authority has been reconstituted and the government will take expert advice on climate, an exciting development. #Insiders
the safeguards mechanism on 200+ biggest emitters. Clip of Probyn asking the Q is the safeguards mechanism a de facto way to ban new coal and gas being opened up? Albanese says no but Speers and Probyn know better. Hopefully they are correct. #Insiders
if those 215 companies have to lower emissions how are new coal and gas projects going to get approved? Taylor revives the stranded asset and trade exposed industry analysis which I thought was Garnaut in the late 00s but Probyn says it is from the 80s #Insiders
the target being legislated is fascinating says Aly. IAAL says Aly and there is no compulsion or enforceability [paraphrased]. He starts explaining the process judicial review and the others cut him off. #Insiders
you are being too much of a lawyer says Taylor. The point of the legislation is certainty. It enables business investment. David and Andrew cut in too and Aly says they are underscoring his point. A pause as we wonder if Aly is way smart or just a smart arse. #Insiders
clip of Birmingham pretending he would support a robust climate policy lmao sure Si. Taylor says weaponisation of climate policy is done. Speers says Dutton is just trying to hold it all together and he has a tuff job.
Yeah because the Coalition is bitterly divided. #Insiders
on the politics of the strategy on the floor, says Probyn, Labor wants the Teals happy. He describes a standard negotiating practice - start here, give a bit there. #Insiders
on the Coalition, says Speers, the temporary fuel excise cut is due to expire. Clip of Dutton saying the cut should be extended. Clip of Angus Taylor fumbling and bumbling over the Coalition fuel excise “position” - which is divided, like on everything else. #Insiders
this trope about PMs doing politics and Treasurers doing policy is repeated by Probyn. The idea that Frydenberg ever did policy is laughable. The flagship “policy” of Morrison’s time as Treasurer destroyed thousands of lives. #Insiders
#TalkingPictures is up. Ellinghausen is a back to you David man.
#FinalObservations 1 is Aly saying Australia has all our eggs in the US defence basket. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Taylor saying the Young Liberals have written a submission clearly stating that climate policy cost the Liberals at the 2022 election. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Probyn plugging yet another ABC output that sounds like more journalists talking to journalists. Taylor objects to final observations being used for a plug. Speers says it is a good plug. #Insiders
the outtake is Kooyong MP Dr Monique Ryan correcting a voting error in the House. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here.

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Jul 30
good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders and live from Garma on Yolngu lands are ABC Indigenous Affairs editor Bridget Brennan, Guardian Indigenous affairs editor Lorena Allam, and QandA host Stan Grant. The interview is with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.
the show opens with a Welcome from Jarwu Yunupingu in Yolngu and English, who asks the audience to spread their culture from Garma. #Insiders
opening spiel is that it has “also” been a big week with the first sitting week of the new Parliament. The montage is politicians and journo claims, mostly about the 43% emissions reduction being legislated and the inflation rate. #Insiders
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Albanese is up. He opens with acknowledgement in language. Tribute to dancers and elders. It is his fourth visit to Garma. “On what is was and always will be Aboriginal land” - applause.
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Jul 25
someone should tell the ABC. They played the worst extraction industry ad ever made just yesterday. For free. On the public broadcaster.
i sometimes link to the #Insiders outtake but not yesterday, for the reasons stated:

maybe ABC management does not weigh up the implications of amplifying failed Liberal Party politicians who campaign for gruesome death industries. Or they do, and decide to legitimise corrupted profiteering anyway. I bet they rely on a weak “satire” rationale.
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Jul 23
good morning from unceded Darug lands🥶today on #Insiders are Guardian politics editor Katharine Murphy, Canberra Times columnist Professor Mark Kenny, and 9fax (AFR) politics editor Phil Coorey. The interview is with Arts and Workplace Minister Tony Burke.
opening spiel: the new parliament is about to sit. I shoulda said Burke is probably the interview as new Leader the House. Speers then lists a roll call of disasters. #Insiders
there will be plenty of focus on the new parliament, says Soeers, of his colleagues. He then equivocates cost of living with the plagues and climate catastrophes. #Insiders
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Jul 22
tuning into #TheDrum for some US insurrection discussion.
“the secret service has final say over the presidents person” is one for the West Wing brain crew (I was West Wing brain crew once upon a time) #TheDrum
“it’s the presidents job constitutionally to defend every law in America” is West Wing brain swoon lol #TheDrum
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good morning from unceded Darug lands🥶today on #Insiders are 9fax cultural editor Osman Faruqi, 9fax (AFR) columnist Jennifer Hewett and embattled ch10/murdoch politics Professor Peter van Onselen.
The interview is with Greens leader Adam Bandt.
this thread is not fact checked. It is not neutral nor unbiased. IANAJ. All tweets hashtagged for your muting convenience✌🏼
opening spiel: the first prime ministerial policy reversal - as the latest omicron wave hits. #Insiders
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