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tuning into #TheDrum for some US insurrection discussion.
“the secret service has final say over the presidents person” is one for the West Wing brain crew (I was West Wing brain crew once upon a time) #TheDrum
“it’s the presidents job constitutionally to defend every law in America” is West Wing brain swoon lol #TheDrum
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1/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine

May 2012: then foreign minister @bobjcarr expelled Syrian diplomats after the US blamed Syrian govt for 'the Houla #massacre'.
#auspol #ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners…
2/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine
An investigation into the #Houla #massacre pointed the finger at anti-govt extremists. But there was no debate by #auspol.
#ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners…
3/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine
Few questioned MSM narrative on Syria: govt bad; US supported 'rebels' good.
But @TurnbullMalcolm raised questions.

Ref: ……

@bobjcarr #auspol #ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners
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press gallery journalists obediently ensuring that a slur - so unparliamentary his mic was turned off - is crystallised in the minds of low engagement voters, by repeating it constantly. Same MO as his tax lies. Morrison will be pleased.
they are incapable of attaching the lies Liberals tell to the Liberals; or a rebuke of the prime minister to the prime minister; or economic and public health and national security vandalism to its factual source.
under cover of the pandemic they pretended that audiences and readers - expressing disgust as we came to comprehend exactly how press conferences work - just do not understand how press conferences work. Morrison grade gaslighting.
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Yes, we are. I am one leaving the profession.

It’s not the pandemic: I have deliberately avoided working in GP during the pandemic.

It’s the lack of appropriate remuneration, respect and time to do our work as we need that has burnt me out 🧵/2
When I work as a locum GP anaesthetist or in Emergency I get paid 33% more than GP for less than half the number of patient interactions & I am far less exhausted. More money for less cognitive stress? Tough decision (not). /3
I’ve just worked my first day in GP for over 18 months. It took minutes to remind me why I am seeking a career change.
I love the work.
I love the sense of helping people.
I hate the time pressure. 10-15 min to provide top-level healthcare to complex patients? Impossible. /4
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As a periodic Warringah resident: It is a very affluent Sydney seat & residents rarely need anything from Govt which is why Zali could be a pretty mediocre/low energy local MP & still get reelected. At the same time, Gladys would have enormous appeal to the non-broken majority.
If you know the Northern Beaches well, there is nothing Zali has really done except send an occasional letter promoting green stuff (scripted by her campaign's donors?). This said, no one in Warringah needs much from Govt & probably never thinks much of her except skiing bronze
I suspect that Mike Baird would also win Warringah if he ran. He would win all Abbott's voters and would get a lot of Zali's who see Mike as the young youth minister from the many churches up and down the northern beaches. Mike could get in a Tesla & do all the green stuff too
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Great questions on #thedrum put to Prof Lewin. She confirms that once we are at 70-80% vaccination, whether we start off with 30 cases, or 100's of cases, we're in essentially the same situation. 'We're catching the same curve, just getting to the peak quicker', to paraphrase.
She's pretty clear on this. @bairdjulia asked the question a few times to confirm.
Re kids: Prof states modelling examined benefits of targeting different population w/vaccinations, and impact on transmission/hosp/deaths. 20-29, big pay off. 12-15's not as much. Affirms they SHOULD be vaccinated. But modelling says it shouldn't impact opening up plans.
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As it is June 30, and the Australian financial year ends, as does "month 18 of 2020", and Sydney and other large cities are locked down, it is time for all of us Australians to review the simply abysmal Vaccine procurement and roll-out. Here we go ....
As JFK said, victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan. But this failure has many parents as well. I started my own Vaccine (non) Rollout thread on Jan 4, when we ivo Sydney's northern beaches were locked down. No one cared....
On Jan 4, it was plainly obvious that the Australian vaccine rollout was headed to our current dead-end. No one in January could explain the step-by-step of how a pallet of Pfizer landing at Sydney Airport tonight would end up in an arm in Adelaide. This was a logistical task.
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The COVID-19 situation in India is heartbreaking.

India is the country I first called home, before my parents embarked on the long and lonely journey with me in their arms, as they packed up their lives to find a new home in Australia in the 1980s.
Australia is my home now, but I feel an enduring connection to India. I feel connected to its peoples, its customs and ultimately, to India's vital and lasting contributions over millennia to world thought and culture.
It is for this reason that seeing the COVID-19 situation in India feels so tragic and heartbreaking. Beyond the personal stories of hearing about extended family members suffering from COVID-19, the country is grappling with a catastrophe.
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THREAD: ANZ says they'll stop funding the Port of Newcastle, the largest coal export port in the world.

"Certainly we've heard, our major customers, all of the major companies in the world are embracing the Paris Agreement.

Coal is dead man walking". - @TimBuckleyIEEFA (1/3)
"It is absolutely beholden on the Port of Newcastle to diversify, and if they can't because of legal constraints of trade, they are a clear stranded asset." -@TimBuckleyIEEFA
#TheDrum (2/3)
"The idea that ANZ - or any other financial institution - is going to ignore the biggest shareholder in the world, or the financial stability board and ignore what APRA is telling them to do is ludicrous." - @TimBuckleyIEEFA #TheDrum (3/3)
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#ICYMI: Tonight we discussed a new report from Opposition MP Julian Hilll - which compared Australia to the rest of the world.

"The question should be: 'how well are we doing in relation to how good we could be'?" - Jan Fran.
#TheDrum (1/6)
"In relation to COVID, particularly for my generation, I'm a millennial, but also the generation that comes after me,
wealth inequality is something that has been increasing well prior to the pandemic. - Jan Fran
#TheDrum (2/6)
"Our actions or - lack thereof - on climate change is something of increasing concerns for my generation and the next generation, and particularly those who come after."
#TheDrum (3/6)
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THREAD: GP Preeya Alexander says Facebook hasn't done enough to correct misinformation on its platforms - especially in a public health emergency.

"As a doctor, it is frightening the amount of misinformation that is allowed to go on these platforms."

#TheDrum (1/4)
"I do see it as imminent harm because there is a lot of people with really large following bases who can spread a lot of lot of dangerous misinformation.

I've read this oversight board's decision. It's really transparent. I really like that about it." #TheDrum (2/4)
"But I like the recommendations also. One of them was Facebook needs to define health misinformation better for consumers. I think that's really important.

I report loads of stuff on Instagram and nothing gets done." #TheDrum (3/4)
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As I said on #TheDrum last night, the disheartening thing about the @MediaDiverseAU report is not the numbers - those should be obvious to anyone who consumes TV, radio or print in Australia - but rather the defensiveness with which the report was received.
That shows that networks still don’t see the obvious opportunity in diversity. At any network upfront they’ll tout “innovation” from start to finish but demonstrate one metric by which they're identical to their competitors and all of a sudden “innovation” isn’t so important.
Networks will decry declining audiences, shrinking ad revenues and contracting markets but demonstrate one area proven to grow audiences and reach new markets and they inexplicably refuse to acknowledge it.
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3 thoughts I ran out of time to share on #TheDrum tonight:
1/ If Vic has a #HotspotLockdown, they should occur along borders that aren't jurisdictional, but make epidemiological sense. Locking down 6 gigantic LGAs, 20% of Melb's population seems inefficient.
#COVID19Aus #auspol
2/ Lockdowns must BE fair and SEEM fair. It's one thing to lock down a state. Another to lock Coburg while Toorak thrives. If the need for this approach to lockdowns isn't communicated well, people will resist. And we'll need more enforcement. Let's avoid friction #covid19aus
3/ Granular lockdowns require granular social support. As this (small) survey during Ebola showed, people's acceptance depends not only on the levels of contagiousness/lethality, but also provision of support services #covid19aus #auspol…
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“I have been fighting fires since 1972. There's been nothing like this before. We've lost nearly three times as many homes in New South Wales as the worst previous year in 2013 and we're not even really into summer.” Greg Mullin #TheDrum
“It's the most disgusting, catastrophic fire I've ever been involved with. When you're stopped in the shopping centre by a couple that has lost everything, you soon find out you need to cry on their shoulder as much as they do on yours.” David West #TheDrum #bushfiresNSW
“Unfortunately, I am one of 680-odd people and families that everything has changed a lot for. We're just processing what's happened at the moment. That's all that you can do.” Kim McDonald lost her home in fires #bushfiresNSW #TheDrum
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THREAD: Am increasingly concerned about the unwillingness of many on this platform to listen to any divergent views. Hate is poured on those whom they disagree with. Contempt on those who speak to, publish or broadcast commentators or experts with different conclusions. 1/2
My as a journalist jobs have included oped editor (SMH), Ideas Editor (Newsweek), columnist (NYT, SMH, Newsweek etc), and panel moderator/ presenter. In each job I have sought to air different views, various opinions, especially those that make my blood boil, or brain hurt...
I LOVE hearing different opinions. Crowd thought makes my professional skin itch. Bold thinkers are rare. We so rarely challenge our own thinking; silos abound and it makes for boring debate. The way to change ideas is to openly wrestle with stale, dangerous or incorrect ones.
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Great discussion on climate change, Australia's record the EU experience and #UKnetzero @ABCthedrum today with @AnikaMolesworth, @KetanJ0, Aylin Cunsolo, @tony_r_wood & @EwenJonesNQ
Couple of additional things. Costs of decarbonisation came up - here's a recent blog we carried on @ECIU_UK where @RozPidcock shows why it's proven cheaper than government advisor @theCCCuk estimated…
Secondly, many thanks to @ellenfanning for mentioning my recent book on the rise and fall of the UK's climate contrarians. Available here… #TheDrum Image
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Huh? I deliberately did NOT Retweet the @AngusTaylorMP allegation thread because the allegations were unsourced. What’s going on, Angus?
2. Here’s the full letter from @AngusTaylorMP lawyers sent to @NoFibs which falsely claimed I tweeted a thread on allegations against him.
3. Wondering if a lawyer Tweep would agree to act for me pro bono to sort out this mess? I believe I did not Tweet or RT the thread in question.
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1/ I'm thinking out loud here

Yesterday @JoshFrydenberg releases ridiculous Morrison-hostage-style video

Today, he & @SenatorCash release a joint statement & Joshie does serious media on 2GB/Sky/ABC radio+tv/Courier Mail/6PR about $2 BILLION (there's that word again!)
2/ investment in & establishment of a ongoing fund to prop-up non-bank lenders for small biz loans.

On ABC this am he said the hostage-video had 'achieved the desired result'- which was what? smoke & mirrors? Distraction from today's announcement?
3/ Joshie says we have 'immature or underdeveloped securitisation' in Aust.

What this means is: non-bank lenders who lend to small biz charge high rates bcuz it's high risk, their debt can't be sold on. So, Joshie wants to effectively buy their debt.…
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OK, I've been doing a bit more digging on @stuartrobertmp , you might want to listen up to this @ScottMorrisonMP

Late yesterday, Friday 12 Oct 2018, Stu said he had repaid $37,975.00 regarding his internet expenditure charged to the taxpayer for home internet.
#auspol #insiders
I decided to double-check Stu's figures, because quite frankly, I wouldn't trust Stu as far as I could throw him and I'm not real confident in the Finance Dept either, just quietly @MathiasCormann.
Stu was elected in 2007, MP for Fadden, QLD. He assumed office on 24 November 2007.

Robert served in both Abbott & Turnbull's Ministries, holding various portfolios including Minister for Human Services. Robert is currently Assistant Treasurer in the Morrison Ministry.
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I wasn’t planning on having anything more to say about the unsupported #EmmaHusar allegations which served to destroy her career, but it seems I’m going to have to clear some things up thanks to comments by @farrm51 @annabelcrabb on #TheDrum. Thread.
In the discussion of whether journalists should publish allegations before they are proven, and how false allegations can become fact (#fakenews), both took a swipe at Twitter users (the audience) for being responsible for spreading the allegations. Yep, that’s what they said.
@farrm51 specifically called Twitter users ‘digital idiots’ in this swipe. So let me go back a sec. How on earth does a discussion of ‘should the journalist have published?’ become yet another platform to criticise the audience of the news, rather than the journalists?
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@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar #4corners #abcnews #TheDrum #qanda #mediawatch #Russia #RNBreakfast
Will #4corners present James Clapper as credible? He supported bogus intelligence that led to Iraq war.
Is trusting Clapper a lazy way of showing contempt for Trump?…
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar #4corners #Russia
'Mainstream liberals who despise Trump and yearn to drive him from office hold up Clapper as a man of unquestioned authority, integrity and patriotism — but no such qualities are available these days.'…
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