#krdk fluff, first date, overprotective Hawks and Dabi, mentions of cheating, QL AU
The day was finally here and Kirishima was so excited. His date with Izuku. It was no secret to anyone that Kirishima had the biggest and most obvious crush on Izuku. But being the oblivious idiot Izuku is, Izuku just assumed Kirishima was socially awkward.
But then Kirishima confessed.

"Midobro! I really like you! Please go out with me!"

Izuku was a blushing mess. He could tell Kirishima was passionate. More passionate then Shindo Yo was when he asked Izuku out.

"O-ok! I'd really like that, Kirishima. Text me the details ok?"
Kirishima stared in awe before smiling brightly, feeling excited.

"You got it! This will be the best first date ever!"

Kirishima then ran to his dorm room as he cheered for his success.

And now a week later, Kirishima was looking back at that day while getting ready.
He picked up the bouquet of green and red flowers as he made his way to Izuku's dorm, wearing a nice button-up shirt, black jeans with some rips and nice pair of black and red sneakers. He knocked on the door, only to be greeted by Takami Keigo and Todoroki Touya.
But everyone knew them as Hawks and Dabi. Upperclassmen at their university and Izuku's honorary big brothers.

"Hi... um... is Midoriya here?"

Hawks let him in.

"He's just finishing getting ready. Take a seat."

Kirishima sat down on Izuku's bed while Hawks and Dabi glared.
"So... what are your plans with Greenie, tonight?"

"Well, I planned on taking him to that restaurant with the good katsudon..."

The duo remained stoic as they continued their questioning.

"Do you plan on cheating on him like that Shindo fuck?"
"Do you plan on getting drunk? You're both only 19!"

"Are you clean?"

"Do you have protection? You better practice safe se-"

They were cut off by Izuku slapping both their heads.

"You two need to stop! Kirishima's really nice! He's nothing like Shindo so back off!"
Izuku then approached Kirishima.

"I'm really sorry. They try to act like helicopter siblings, no matter how many times I tell them to stop."

"No, it's ok. I understand why they are protective."

Izuku smiled.

"Well then? Shall we get going?"

As they were leaving, Dabi grabbed Kirishima's arm.

"Hurt him and I swear I will wring out your neck so hard, you'll need a neck brace until after you graduate."

Kirishima gulped before Izuku pulled him away and stuck his tongue out at Dabi.
Izuku and Kirishima then went to dinner together and were having a good time.

"So, Kirishima. How long have you liked me... romantically?"

Kirishima started blushing nervously

"Since we met back in our first year of high school. I just wasn't manly enough back then."
Izuku smiled as he grabbed Kirishima's hand.

"If I'm being honest, I've liked you since then, too. I just never thought you felt the same. So when Shindo asked me out, I said yes to move on. Ioved Shindo. I really did, but when he cheated on me, I realized I needed someone-
-who loved me back."

Kirishima squeezed Izuku's hand in comfort.

"I'l never hurt you like that. I promise."

"I know you won't."

The waitress then brought over Izuku's katsudon and Kirishima's spicy takoyaki and the couple enjoyed their meals, even the trying the other's food.
After dinner, they then sat on a bench at a nearby pond in the park.

"It's so nice out tonight, Kirishima."

"Yeah, it is..."

Izuku then looked back at Kirishima.

"Thank you for tonight. It was really nice."

"Oh no problem. I hope that we can go out again."
"We will. After tonight, I can't imagine going out with anyone else. I really do like you, Kirishima."

"Same, Midobro..."

Izuku and Kirishima then slowly started leaning towards each other, their faces inches apart. Kirishima then cupped Izuku's face as they shared a kiss.
For both of them, fireworks were going off in their heads. They pulled apart and smiled as they touched their foreheads together.
When they got back to Izuku's dorm, Kirishima and Izuku hugged.

"Have a good night, Midoriya. See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah. See you tomorrow."

Izuku then entered his dorm and turned on the light and saw Hawks and Dabi glaring at him from his bed.

"Where have you been young man?"
"We've been worried fucking sick!"

"Did he hurt you, Izuku?"

Izuku rolled his eyes as he dragged both of them out of his room.

"Good night, dorks!"

He then slammed his door shut as he laid down. He saw a message from Kirishima on his phone and opened it to see a photo.
It was the selfie Kirishima took when they left the restaurant. And all Izuku could do was smile warnly as he responded by sending a heart emoji to his new boyfriend.


• • •

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"And... perfect!"

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"Aw, you're so sweet, Kirishima!"

Kirishima then gave his signature grin.

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"No problem! Be careful, Mrs. Midoriya!"

"Thank you so much!"

Inko then grabbed her purse as she began walking to the flower shop.
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