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Raksha Bandhan:

Shravan Purnima is on August 11, Thursday.
Bhadra too is on August 11 (Thursday) which is considered inauspicious.
#rakshabandhan2022 #RakshaBandan
As per religious beliefs, auspicious work is not done in Bhadra Kaal. This is the reason that even Rakhi is not tied in Bhadrakal.

Here's the correct date and time for Raksha Bandhan 2022.

Raksha Bandhan 2022: Date, time and shubh muhurat
#rakshabandhan2022 #RakshaBandan
Purnima Tithi begins: August 11, 2022 (Thursday) - 10:38 am

Purnima ends: August 12, 2022 (Friday) - 07:05 am

Bhadra time: August 11, 2022 (Thursday) - 10:38 am

Bhadra ends: Aug 11, 2022 (Thursday) - 08:51 pm

So tie Rakhi on 12th instead!
#rakshabandhan2022 #RakshaBandan
Significance of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan comes from Sanskrit “Rakshabandhanam”. Raksha means “To protect” & bandhanam is Bond. Raksha Bandhan - Bond of Protection; widely celebrated in North & West India, falls on full moon day of Shravan
#rakshabandhan2022 #RakshaBandan
#RakshaBandan is celebrated during the day as per Mahurat declared by Pundits. Girls tie a thread on wrist of their brothers, praying for their good health & long life. Brothers give them a gift, thus promising them to protect them in adverse situations.
In Hinduism, people believe that everyone has a destiny to fulfill and it is based upon one's good & bad karma. Punya karmas mean happiness & prosperity, paap karmas yield sufferings, miseries, diseases and even death.
#rakshabandhan2022 #RakshaBandan
During this, even tying a rakhi doesn't change the reality & a sister can't get any help from brother. What of girls who don't have a brother? Viewed thus, those girls can never expect protection from anyone.
#rakshabandhan2022 #RakshaBandan
Imagine the heartache those girls must be feeling when they see other girls tying rakhi to their brothers.

When a girl ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist she expects him to help her during adverse circumstances.
#rakshabandhan2022 #RakshaBandan
A saint said that if you really want to tie a rakhi to someone, tie it to Supreme God who alone can worldly & spiritual problems. He is the rescuer of all, the one who can be looked upon for help during sufferings.
#rakshabandhan2022 #RakshaBandan
It not only causes pain to those who can't celebrate it; also leads to unnecessary expenses undertaken by people to fulfill traditions. No one in this world, is capable of protecting themselves, then how can they be expected to protect others?
#rakshabandhan2022 #RakshaBandan
If you really want protection, take shelter of supreme almighty as only he is capable to doing anything and everything. There is no word like “IMPOSSIBLE” in his dictionary.
#rakshabandhan2022 #RakshaBandan

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How can I see auras?

You may not SEE auras - because, in reality, no one sees auras/subtle energies; they perceive them, but they don’t use their eyes. Seeing them is a result of a synaesthetic illusion...
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- some people perceive things visually, while others may perceive them in a tactile sense, as a scent, or a sound, etc; but don’t worry, regardless of how your brain handles the input, you can get the same information from it once you learn to interpret it.
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According to the tradition of the Kashmir Shaivism, Shiva established 64 systems, of philosophies, some of them monist, others dualist and few of them monist-dualist.
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The key to enlightenment is attention.

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Sri Ramana Maharshi, Reality in Forty Verses, Verse 35.
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Its the only true accomplishment; all others are like getting something in a dream.

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The third eye is the eye of wisdom and insight (jñānacakṣu). The demons represent specific aspects of ignorance (ajñāna) which we need to grapple with.
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His most famous act of destruction is of Kāma-deva the God-of-Desire who had been sent to arouse him - with his 3rd eye he destroyed Kāma-deva. Later, Kāma-deva is resurrected as Ananga - the limbless one which indicates the subtle nature of desire and craving.
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#Spiritual #meditation Image
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What is the effect if there is no planet in the 9th house of astrology?
#astrology #VedicAstrology Image
The ninth house is the house of fortune, father, prestige, morality, wisdom, grandchildren, long journeys, law, higher knowledge.

The ninth house is the house of dharma (dharma-bhava), characterizing our core values, principles and ideals.
#astrology #VedicAstrology Image
This is the father's house, reflecting his fate and character.

In addition, he points to authority figures who guide and inspire us.
#astrology #VedicAstrology Image
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