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Have you ever dreamt of going to United states for holidays or getting settled there with your family?
Have you ever thought of doing business or studying in United Kingdom?
Nowadays travelling abroad or settling in foreign countries is biggest
dream of Indian Youth. People want to travel abroad for varied purposes ranging from education, job or business. But have you ever wondered why everyone can’t achieve his dream of settling abroad? The answer lies in our horoscope itself.

There are certain yogas in horoscope
which can send us a person abroad and settle them permanently.

The houses responsible for foreign travel are 12th,9th,7th & 4th.
12th house in chart shows foreign country. Placement of 9th or 4th lord in 12th house shows foreign travel & permanent settlement in foreign country.
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Mauni Amavasya - Do’s and Don’ts - 01-02-2022

The word AMAVASYA is made up of two Sanskrit words-ama + vasya where ama means together and vasya means to conjoin. Astrologically, Amavasya is a day when sun and moon conjoin in a same sign and this phenomenon happens every month.
The Amavasya which falls in the month of magha is called mauni Amavasya. On this day sun and moon conjoin in sign of Capricorn. Though mauni Amavasya holds great importance which can be utilized for overall prosperity and well being in life.

Mauni Amavasya as the name
suggests is good for keeping Maun or complete silence. In ancient days, our rishis used to keep complete silence for years. No doubt they possessed immense power and mental strength. When we just listen rather than speaking, we are actually purifying our internal system and
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Saturn🪐( Shani ) - The King Maker

🌟SADESATI the word makes everyone frighten but the truth is Saturn’s Sadesati could be the most beneficial time for any native BUT it comes with some restrictions

#ASTRO #Saturn #astronomy Image

Sadesati takes on the entire list of Karmas ( Good/Bad ) you did & it results according to it.During Sadesati the native could face challenges related to the things they feel restricted/hidden for e.g - False manipulative finances, cheating someone, uncared health, etc

🌟If Sun is the King of all planets than Saturn is the King Maker. And with discipline, dedication & patience lord Saturn becomes more stronger and gives its earthy blessings. Saturn simply represents your Karmas and gives a very unbiased result in its Sadesati or Dasha
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Why Venus is elevated and powerful in Pisces and weak in Virgo:

The Kama triangle is 3rd, 7th and 11th houses. The Kama may be described as either or a combination of love, sex and pleasure. The way of living through pleasure is ‘The Kama’. The Kama, the primary feebleness of
the human mind, is both an effort and one of the six enemies of the human mind (Arishadvarga or Shadripu) is also an important factor of conjugal life. The 6th house is called Ripu Bhav or Roga or the Disease, and the Kama is the prime of diseases. 11th house is the most strong
in the Kama triangle and holds the key to a happy conjugal life. As Venus signifies the seed, it is the factor of the Kama. Pisces is 6th sign from Libra and 11th sign from Taurus, hence Venus is the most powerful in Pisces because Libra and Taurus are respectively the original
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Astro Remedies: Charity /Donation /Daan

There is a wide spread belief that one gets good or bad results, depending on one's Prarabdh or fate, which in turn depends on our actions of past or previous lives. There is another universal belief that charity is the best virtue to
overcome bad phases of life or astrologically it propitiates
adverse effects of malefic planets. However charity should be given of specific items to appropriate, deserving and needy persons. All religions and saints have spoken in praise of philanthropic/ charitable activities.
In succeeding paras are given what should be offered to whom for propitiation of malefic planets.

Sun: It is a Kshatriya planet & signify father, boss, Government official or priest. Sun is strong at noon.Therefore, charity should be offered at noon to a middle aged kshatriya,
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Remedies for Uttara Falguni Nakshatra:

- Make ur elders happy, take ur family out for an outing.
- Give 6 kilograms (Approx) of wheat in any temple & donate a white pearl to ur father or at a Krishna Temple.
- If it falls in Virgo, then feed a reddish brown Gau Mata, soaked
Green moong lentils.

- Nakshatra deities to worship: Aryaman, Solar Deity of Patronage & Kindness. Worshiping Aryaman when Moon transits Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra gives victory, will be well liked by the people & be blessed with wealth.
- This Nakshatra people should worship
the Sun by offering Argya (water) soon after Sunrise & chant the Shree Gayatri Mantra.
- It is also good to worship & honor the following trees / plants: Payari, Rose Laurel and Juvvi Tree.
- Chant the root (Beej) mantra “Om Chham” & “Om Im” 108 times during the lunar transition
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According to vedic astrology, starting frm sunrise to sunset every hour has its own importance based on the planet that rules that hour.Each hour is called a hora & according to the nature of the planet that rules the hora, we can determine the quality of that time period.
During Saturn hora you could experience delays and obstacles. But, if you're aware of this it could be avoided through proper planning. It would wise to be extra cautious in your daily activities during Saturn hora. This is the best time to work hard and be disciplined.
If you're feeling uneasy or restless without any reason, then direct your energy towards something positive and constructive and this may help rid any negative feelings. Saturn hora is strong on Saturday.

Jupiter represents wisdom, knowledge, children, optimism,
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Core Planets and their responsibility in term of education in commerce and management:

The Sun is the planet about authority, with a strong sun in the horoscope makes leaders and all administrative work. With the strong Sun Jatak can have energy, enthusiasm and a strong
will to tackle any problem in the
respective work. The Sun is the only planet who makes Jatak determinative in nature.

A strong Moon always represents his or her minds stable in only one field. It means that Jatak cannot be confused to select a career in his or her life.
The mind is everything what we think we become said by Lord Buddha 2500 years ago. If the Moon is weak Jatak is always confused for his or her career.

Mars has a very commanding feature. With a strong Mars any person can definitely become the Managing graduates from most
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Vishwaghasra Paksha - Prediction For (Trayodashi - 13 day fortnight)

Vishwaghasra Paksha will take place from September 8 to September 20, 2021, as determined after the meticulous observation of the dates of Vikram Samvat 2078.

Holy Scriptures describe the effect of this lunation as terrible, harmful, and inauspicious. The short period is called a ‘Vishwaghasra Paksha’of the lunar month and, it indicates terrible events & manslaughter! One such occurrence was in Kartik month of 1941, resulting in

a tremendous human loss in Second World War. Generally, after mathematical calculation of sun and moon, Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha (lunar fortnight) in the Indian calendar gets 14, 15, or 16 days. In the case of the waning of a day, a fortnight gets 14 days.
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The 12th House:

This House has perhaps an even more ominous reputation. Like the 6th, its cadent receives no light from the ascendant. Ancient astrologers called it the "House of the Bad Spirit". This house is famously & mysteriously referred to as the "House of Self-undoing".
We can already tell that we are in interesting, if trepidatious, territory.

Traditional associations for this house include danger, enmity, exile, imprisonment, and the house of one's secrets and secret enemies. Modern significations include prisons, hospitals, seclusion,
service and self-sacrifice, totality with the universe, and the collective unconscious. Two themes give us clues into a deeper meaning of the 12th House. The first is vulnerability. While the 6th House corresponds to the Sun's symbolic entry into the underworld each day at dusk,
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The Sixth House

By tradition, associations with the 6th House include servitude, servants, labour, toil, illness & small animals. Modern astrologers tend to transform these negative associations into more positive versions, including everyday working life, our place and methods
of working, daily rituals and habitual routines, physical health, hygiene and pets. What unites many of the ancient and modern meanings in a spiritual context is the concept of self-perfection through sacrifice and surrender. The 6th House describes how and why we surrender to
the demands and necessary adjustments of daily living. This house asks, how well are we at living life on life's terms? How well do we handle our responsibilities, in essence, our karma? The theme of surrender is evidenced by the tension inherent in the natural square the 6th
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1-ॐ सूर्य सुन्दरलोकनाथममृतं वेदान्तसारं शिवं

ज्ञानं ब्रह्ममयं सुरेशममलं लोकैकचित्तं स्वयम् ।

इन्द्रादित्यनराधिपं सुरगुरुं त्रैलोक्यचूडामणि

ब्रह्माविष्णुशिवस्वरूपहृदयं वन्दे सदा भास्करम् ।। (1/18)

2-Om Suryam sundaralokanathamamritam vedantasaram sivam,

Jnanam brahmamayam suresamamalam lokaikaphittam svayam;

Indradityanaradhipam suragurum trailokyachudamanim,

Brahmavishnusiva svarupa hridayam vande sada bhaskaram (2/18)
3-I always adore #Surya, the #Sun,

the beautiful Lord of the world,

the immortal,

the quintessence of the #Vedanta,

the auspicious,

the absolute knowledge,

Lord of the gods,


the one true #consciousness of the world himself, (3/18)

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1-What could be a man’s point-of-opening into the #Vedic Corpus?

For me it is #Ayurveda, #VedicAstrology and #Vastu. (1/16)

2-Vedic #Astrology that ways is well & truly a #Vedanga…for it virtually has answers to every question one might have

If one has a subtle enough perception! (2/16)

3-Consider this from the works of #Parashara.

This is used as a tool for #BirthTimeRectification and #PrashnaAstrology by #Jyotishis

..especially in the #Tamil School of #VedicAstrology. (3/16)

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As per Jatak Narayaneeyam , the somya grah ( natural benefic - Ju, Ve, benefic Mo and Me ) becomes doshi if they own a kendra. The extent of dosha in descending order is -- 10H, 7H, 4H and then lagna .
Common perception- the grah having kendradhipatya dosha becomes malefic
Other belief - the grah with kendradhipatya dosha ceases to give benefic result.
Before reaching any conclusion, we need to understand the importance of kendra and kona.
Kendra are said to be the Vishnu sthana, the pillars of the chart that provides sustenance .
Kendra houses are about ones intelligence/identity/ego/ character ; sukha/santushti; desires/partnership ; name/ fame/recognition etc. The kona are about dharma/punya and elevating oneself .
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1-Today we shall continue to dive deeper into the aspects of #Past #Life #Astrology.

And the very first word that comes to mind is #Karma.

#Karma is actually a poorly understood term.

Most people think of Karma and might think of punishment and retribution. (1/25)
2-The fact is Karma is like a #Cosmic, ongoing, Instruction Design of God.

Karma is rather concerned with #Evolution and #Growth.

@BabaRamDass used to often say, “May be the #Law of #Karma itself is #God” (2/25)

3-Just like Ether, Karma is all-embracing and has a myriad of #Manifestations

The #Cosmos operates at different levels of #Karma –from Personal Karma to the Karma of entire nations or communities. (3/25)

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Mystery of Mulatrikona

As per #astrology (vedic) #shani is the outermost #Graha which is visible (drik siddhant) .
Shani is also stated as karmkarak and is the lord of 10H and 11H in the kalpurush kundli.
#Surya is stated as the atmakarak with all the grah revolving around
The journey of the soul from shani to surya is the essence of life/births/rebirths. All our #vedanta postulates karma theory for the same.
Due to karma (Sa), jeeva(Ju) takes a shareera (Ma-ego) in accordance to his past life vasanas ( Mo) to either enjoy the fruits of past deeds(Ve) or to have bhakti which propels buddhi( Me) to reach the Atman(Su) . Ra-Ke being the nodes can bring the turning point in the manas
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1-Today is the #Birth #Anniversary of quite possibly the most interesting #God in the #Sanatana #Pantheon - #Ganehsa!

For #AyurvedicAstrology and #VedicAstrology #Tradition in general – Ganesha is the central #God controlling all the #Planets.
2-The Puja timings at most places today in #India are between 11 and 1 during the day.

No tradition is as rich in #Mythical #Symbolism (that if properly meditated upon – can point to the reality) – as the Vedic Tradition.
3-According to the #Vedic Traditions of #Yoga, #Vastu, #Ayurveda and #Jyotish

..the following are the #Metaphors and #Allegories associated with #Ganesha
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Most underrated and least talked about yet highly effective remedy is Maun #Vrata .
Mauna vrata doesn't mean not talking for a day or few hours. #Mauna - means silence. When all your thoughts get silenced, you become a mere observer , this is the actual mauna . 2/n
Benefits - improves your buddha, guru and chandra . Mind becomes stable and wise. Focus improves. Talking cause loss of prana and ceaseless thoughts can be draining to mind , body and soul. Results - we can't concentrate nor contemplate. 3/n
One can start with keeping mauna for one hour initially. Nothing can beat being with yourself completely. This can open new realms of understanding and this is one of the best remedy to make buddha positive. #jyotish #VedicAstrology #vedicwisdom
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1-Through the #Grace of the #Godeess ,we have been on a cosmic #Joyride since quite some time now!

Let’s continue with the same with the discussions on some more #Shakti #Mantras! (1/21)

2-Let’s begin today with #Klim

Klim – pronounced as #Kleem is about the wonderful, seductive #God - #Krishna

#Klim is blissful and full of #Ananda – because Krishna is #Bliss (pure #Ananda!) (2/21)

3-#Klim also relates to #Sundari the #Goddess of #Love, #Beauty and #Transcendence

#Klim activates #Desire, #Love and #Attraction

In #VedicAstrology #Klim is used to invoke #Venus and sometimes #moon. (3/21)

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1-It is #Saturday!

Time to understand and appreciate one of the most #Mystical #Planets - #Saturn!

Let’s dwell upon an event

..which at any given point of time

..close to 20 to 25% people in the #Zodiac circle go through – the #SadeSati! (1/19)

2-Everyone in #India knows, that one of the most important way through which #Saturn influences our lives is through #SadeSati

#SadeSati means a period of Seven –and-a-half years in #Hindi.

In the #Gujrati community it is called #Panoti. (2/19)

3-And though none of the standard classical texts of #VedicAstrology talk about it

..millions of Indians are paying their #Astrologers some way or the other – about matters relating to #SadeSati

What is the #Astrological #Event behind the #SadeSati?! (3/19)
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thinking about dhanishta nakshtra 😌💗 i rlly do b lovin dem so lets discuss some more about how this nakshatra works #dhanishta #vedicastrology #siderealastrology am i taggin this right
essentially, its represented by the drum and is known as “the brightest” or “the illustrious”; famous natives are marilyn monroe, gigi hadid, uma thurman, victoria beckham, princess diana, sophia loren
dhanishta’s sutra is vasunam sravisthah bhutam parastad bhutir avastat - smthing along the lines of “desirable objects need tangible resources to become wealth” (this is a translation of vic dicara, whos youtube channel i suggest checking out if ure into vedic astro)
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Gemstones are one of the most powerful tools in #VedicAstrology to harness powerful cosmic energies of planets in our life. Every planet has a gemstone associated with it and that gemstone strongly radiates its energies. Image
2. An experienced astrologer can easily identify the best gemstones to boost positive energies by seeing your horoscope. Yellow sapphire is deemed as a gemstone for planet Jupiter, the major karaka for wealth, education, marriage (for girls), finances, dharma etc. Jupiter is the
3. most benevolent planet and benefic placement of Jupiter can give you lot of happiness in life. Yellow sapphire can increase the positive energy of Jupiter in your life which will ensure success and prosperity in all life events. It also minimizes hurdles in our path and
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(Based on Planetary Speed & Corresponding Cycles)

Moon- Daily Cycle

Sun- Monthly Cycle

Jupiter- Yearly Cycle

These are like the Hour hand(Jupiter), Minute hand(Sun) & Second hand(Moon) of our COSMIC clock.

Moon(Mind) takes approx. 1 month to pass through 360 deg Zodiac

Sun(Soul) takes approx. 1 year to pass through 360 deg Zodiac,

Jupiter(life force) takes approx. 12 years to pass through 360 deg Zodiac

Saturn(Karma) takes approx. 30 years to pass through 360 deg Zodiac


Mind(Moon), Soul(Sun), life force(Jupiter) & Karma(Saturn) all vibrate at different periodicity/frequency

This is why it's impossible to MANIFEST INSTANTLY in this realm

You either need to MANIFEST from a different realm(not possible for 98% of physical beings)


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#Retrograde planets in your BirthChart?

There is a lot of fear and confusion regarding retrograde planets in Astrology.
People think it makes them weak which is a myth.
Follow the thread for interpretation of all retrograde planets in your birthchart as per #VedicAstrology
Note: Luminaries - Sun & Moon are never Retrograde in motion
When a planet is Rx it will behave like its in the opposite sign. Example Venus retrograde in Leo would behave like it is in Aquarius (180 degree opposite) Mirror image. Retrograde planet gives good results after 32yrs
Person with retro Mercury is constantly thinking. Replays old conversations in mind to analyze all aspects, very perceptive of people around them. Words become very important.
Vedic Remedy for Harmony: Maintain a daily journal of your thoughts, feed birds
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