PTI has 48% seats in Punjab, 66% in KP, 18% in Sind, 13% in Balochistan, 67% in GB and 60% in AJK. IK is the soul of PTI and the only national leader who commands reverence across Pak.
Is IK a threat to many coz he has across-Pak reach? #ہلاکو_خان…
Are some people threatened that a popular leader with a truly national following will have power to make them pay for their misdeeds?
Are the traitors worried that their efforts to fan the flames of provincialism and sub-nationalism would fail miserably b4 the national tsunami?
Are some people worried that their monopoly on across-Pak patriotism will now be weakened with the emergence of a truly All Pakistan political force?
Are some foreign powers worried that Pak might be unified in defence of its own interests under IK?
Is that why we are seeing the unholy and unlikely alliance against IK comprising of traitors like Dawar, thieves like Zardari/Sharifs, Molvis like Fazlu/TLP, Generals like Bajwa, and foreign powers like the USA?
Everyone looks worried!
Fazlu: How to play the sectarian/Islamic card if IK is seen as the super-Islamist by maj of pop?
TLP: How to use the namoos-e-risalat (SAW) card if IK is seen as the leading defender of this cause?
Dawar: If Pak wakes up, I ll find myself on the gallows!
Zardari: How will I keep looting and oppressing Sindh if IK brings down the whole weight of Pakistan to bear down on me?
Sharifs: We might not even be able to run to London this time as it isn't an "illegal military dictator" but a genuinely popular leader who is after us?
Bajwa: How will my power survive if the army n populace are united as one under a popular leader? How will I milk the "civil-military" divide if none exists anymore? and what will the US think of me if I fail to deliver a servile Pakistan to them?

• • •

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Aug 21
My brothers and sisters of Pakistan: It is time to eliminate these bullies, these thieves, these bigots and these traitors!
And if IK betrays us afterwards, we ll do the same to him!
Let the people awaken!
Let the people defend their homeland and their ideology!
Let the people fight all those who come in our way!
We will have our Pakistan: Not the one which was only a vehicle for elite rent-seeking but the one Iqbal envisioned and Quaid promised!
We will have our Pakistan which will be unapologetically Muslim, which will fight for Kashmir and Palestine.
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Aug 20
Today, we remember our budding flower, the boy martyr, the "kam-sin Shaheed" Rashid Minhas on his Shahadat anniversary.
Here's a link to "Tarikh aur Tajziya"'s tribute to 2 young shaheeds of Islam and Pakistan: Rashid and Aitezaz
Interestingly Matiur-Rahman is remembered in Bangladesh as a national hero as well. I don't know whether trying to trick a 20 yr old, breaking the sacred oath, and working in cahoots with Hindus is heroic. Anyway, Pak air force even held a proper funeral for that traitor and...
even sheltered his family who had taken shelter inside the Indian consulate at Karachi. True to form, the Hindus kicked out the traitor's family out in the cold after the failure of his nefarious deed.
Still, the PAF provided suitable accommodation to his family and didn't ....
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Aug 20
This analogy is inaccurate and not pertinent here.
Rashid Shaheed clearly knew that Matiur-Rahman was a traitor. Every officer knew what was going on in East Pakistan and that's why Matiur Rahman himself was grounded then.
Military officers have to follow orders unless those orders are clearly treacherous. Even if a subordinate doesn't agree with detrimental orders there is a proper method of dissent.
If anyone was looking for an example in our history where an exemplary officer refused to obey an illegal order then General Sahibzada Yaqub is a much better example.
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Jul 12
General Tariq Khan has written a very interesting and moving article on the current situation in Pakistan. He has identified the problems in our society and polity with remarkable precision and he deserves to be lauded for it. However...
his proferred solutions are somewhat problematic as well. Technocratic governments, small cabinets, military/judicial oversight, management of religion, industrial reforms directed from above etc. All this appeared eerily familiar to me.

It reminded me of a patriotic Pakistani army officer sitting inside London’s Dorchester Hotel on a quiet night in 1954.
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Jul 11
27 years ago, on 11 July 1995, the Srebrenica genocidal massacre began which resulted in the killings of more than 8000 Bosnian Muslims at the hands of Bosnian Serbs
It was a cold blooded genocide which happened in a UN designated safe area

#Srebrenica #SrebrenicaGenocide
Dutch soldiers of the UN who were supposed to protect civilians in the safe area didn't move a muscle as the Serbs conducted the killings. The designated "safe area" became a vast killing field as a result of this indifference/cowardice.
The murderers shared the same land and ethnicity with their victims. They shared linguistic and cultural bonds dating back centuries.
But all that didn't matter to the murderer Mladic and his thugs as they "cleansed" Srebrenica of "Islamic vermin"

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Apr 10
I love the Pak army. I really do. But I have always believed that our army's intellectual slavery to the west will always handicap us in our struggle to cast off the colonial baggage and attain true sovereignty.
The army isn't alone in this at all. But as the most stable and powerful institution in the country its failure to stand up to the west causes the most damage to our national prestige, honour, and power.
From Cento, Seato, Badaber to our slavish collusion with the US in fighting "their" war by killing "our" own, the list is long. This list represents a chain of events that has fettered our army to the wrong allies, the wrong worldview, and the wrong concepts!
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