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USA hat 5 Mrd. investiert um "Ukraine zu ändern", "Maidan USA finanzierter Putsch", USA/EU sind "ultraimperialistisch", in der Ukraine ist Russisch verboten, Westen hat 1999 Krieg zurück nach Europa gebracht, Russland hat 2014"reagiert", Highlights Ö1 Interview mit Erhard Crome🧵
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@amel_jsvc @The_Mdawini So your "argument" is that's what the NATO propaganda said

Especially Hillary Clinton

So it must be true

Firstly these "men & boys" were in Srebrenica

Which was a Bosniak GARRISON TOWN (from which Oric admitted he & his men committed atrocities against the neighbouring Serbs) ImageImageImageImage
@amel_jsvc @The_Mdawini Secondly there are at least two sides of every story

Especially in war

More especially with propaganda

More so somewhere like the Balkans

But this is NATO propaganda in the full dress rehearsal for future regime change

And #Srebrenica was the #WMD😱🤦‍♂️…
@amel_jsvc @The_Mdawini #Srebrenica's #WMD/ #BabyIncubators of #BosnianWar as #Racak for #Kosovo

And hardly surprising illegal #VictorsJustice NATO "courts" (that US refuses to accept jurisdiction over it & threatens force against if arrest any US Citizen)

"Confirmed" Genocide!…
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Today, as every year on April 30, I commemorate the liberation of the #Ravensbrück concentration camp—78 yrs ago.
On that day, my mother, who was there, was "celebrating" her 25th birthday.
I pay tribute to her today.
On that day, Hitler killed himself in his bunker.
1/13 ImageImage
Mom was a member of the #Resistance in Belgium. She was arrested by the Gestapo in 1943 after her network was denounced. She went from prison to prison as a Nacht und Nebel political prisoner.
Her false papers concealed her Jewish origins.
Her last stop was #Ravensbruck.
2/13 Image
When she was released, she was suffering from typhus and tuberculosis and weighed 30 kilos.
She was taken in by the Swedish Red Cross and gradually recovered in #Sweden.
Forever my gratitude to the wonderful persons who took care of her.
3/13 Image
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Hoy es el día de la estadidad de #Bosnia Herzegovina, aniversario de la sesión de 1943 en que el Consejo Estatal Antifascista para la Liberación Nacional declaró voluntad autonómica.
Pero también es el aniversario de la muerte de #Maradona.

¿Hay relación entre Diego y Bosnia?🤔
En principio, este hilo es la segunda parte del de más temprano
#Bosnia declaró su independencia en 1992 y ese mismo año nació su asociación nacional de fútbol. Pero digamos que, de facto, en la realidad, no fue un país independiente hasta 1995, con el final de la guerra.

El 1° partido oficial fue contra Albania, el 30/11/1995.
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27 years ago, on 11 July 1995, the Srebrenica genocidal massacre began which resulted in the killings of more than 8000 Bosnian Muslims at the hands of Bosnian Serbs
It was a cold blooded genocide which happened in a UN designated safe area

#Srebrenica #SrebrenicaGenocide
Dutch soldiers of the UN who were supposed to protect civilians in the safe area didn't move a muscle as the Serbs conducted the killings. The designated "safe area" became a vast killing field as a result of this indifference/cowardice.
The murderers shared the same land and ethnicity with their victims. They shared linguistic and cultural bonds dating back centuries.
But all that didn't matter to the murderer Mladic and his thugs as they "cleansed" Srebrenica of "Islamic vermin"

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Por estos días se cumplen 27 años de la masacre de #Srebrenica (#BosniaHerzegovina), la mayor y más sistemática matanza en Europa desde el fin del nazismo.

Hilo 👇 Image
Yugoslavia se había partido desde 1991 con las independencias de Eslovenia, Macedonia, Croacia y Bosnia.

Pero Bosnia era un tanto particular, un poco porque tenía la composición étnica más heterogénea y otro poco porque estaba en el medio, entre Serbia y Croacia. Image
Bosnia se convirtió en un campo de batalla entre tres partes: los bosniacos (musulmanes), los serbios (cristianos ortodoxos) y los croatas (católicos). Las élites quisieron mantener el poder y explotaron los nacionalismos. Cada uno fundó su país: Bosnia, Srpska y Herceg-Bosnia. ImageImageImage
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Niemals vergessen!

"27 Jahre sind seit dem Genozid in #Srebrenica vergangen. Es gilt als das schwerste Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit in Europa nach 1945. Das Massaker -es ereignete sich während des Bosnienkrieges- zog sich über mehrere Tage hin –im Kern /1
vom 11. bis zum 19. Juli 1995– und verteilte sich auf eine Vielzahl von Tatorten in der Nähe von Srebrenica. Mehr als 8000 Bosniak*innen wurden ermordet. Das jüngste Opfer war ein Mädchen im Säuglingsalter. Das Verbrechen wurde unter der Führung von Ratko Mladić /2
von der Armee der Republika Srpska, der Polizei und serbischen Paramilitärs verübt.

Obwohl Srebrenica eine UN-Schutzzone war und die Menschen davon ausgingen, in Sicherheit zu sein, sahen die niederländischen Blauhelme tatenlos zu. /3
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11 جولائی 1995, آج سے 27 سال قبل, بوسنیا کے شہر Srebrenica کا گھیراؤ سرب فورسز نے کیا ہوا تھا۔ مسلمانوں کا دفاع کرنے کے لیے اقوام متحدہ کی فوج تھی جس کا دعوی تھا کہ یہ شہر دنیا کا پہلا 'safe area' ہے، یہی وجہ ہے کہ دیگر علاقوں سے بھی مسلمان جان بچانے اسی شہر آئے۔ 1/6
مگر پھر تاریخ گواہ ہے کہ کس طرح امریکہ اور روس کے درمیان سربرنیسا مسلمانوں کی جگہ سرب کو دینے کا فیصلہ ہوا, کس طرح اقوام متحدہ کے محافظ دستوں نے ناچتے ہوئے شہر سربوں کے حوالے کیا، کس طرح مسلمان مردوں اور عورتوں کو الگ کیا گیا 2/6
کس طرح شہر کے تمام مردوں کو شہید کیا گیا جن کی لاشیں آج بھی اجتماعی قبروں سے مل رہی ہیں, تقریبا اگلے دس دن قتل عام جاری رہا جس دوران 8372 مسلمان شہید کیے گئے. جہاں تک عورتوں کی بات ہے تو ان میں سے جوان عورتوں کو زیادتی کا نشانہ بنایا جاتا رہا یہاں تک کے وہ حاملہ یا شہید ہوگئیں3/6
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A partire da oggi, ventisette anni fa, al di là dall'Adriatico, a poche centinaia di chilometri dall'Italia, i serbi di #Bosnia massacravano, in pochi giorni, oltre 8.000 bosniaci di religione musulmana. A #Srebrenica, dopo aver proceduto al loro censimento etnico. >
Pochi allora compresero che, nel cuore dell'#Europa, stava avvenendo la più gigantesca #puliziaetnica dalla seconda guerra mondiale. Molti - che pure scesero in piazza contro il successivo intervento militare della #NATO nella #exJugoslavia - si voltarono dall'altra parte. >
27 anni dopo viviamo la stessa impotenza, avendo sviluppato - nonostante venga da quella tragedia la proposta di #AlexLanger e dei #movimentinonviolenti dei #Corpicivilidipace - nient'altro che la fallimentare e controproduttiva potenza militare per intervenire nei #conflitti
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July 9, 2022 Bratunac - Potočari, Republic of Srpska, B&H

In response to the new necrophilic parade of Bosnian Muslims that will be held in a 2 days, the Serbs recalled the killing of 3,267 Serbs killed by members of the 28th Division the so-called Army of B&H from #Srebrenica.
In 2 days, another propaganda event paid by Western Muslim lobby will be held in Potočari to promote the fake genocide in Srebrenica. The death toll rises year by year, dragging corpses from all over the country, burying them as the victims of the July 1995 shooting.
The director of the so-called Bosnian Muslim memorial center for the victims of July 1995 in Srebrenica, the victims of the so-called genocide, Emir Suljagić, buried his father there, even though he died in a battle outside Srebrenica, 3 years earlier.
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This week we remember the #Srebrenica genocide victims.

This is a nomadic art installation from Aida Šehović called Što te nema (Why aren’t you with us?) reminding of the suspected 8372 men and children systematically killed in the week preceding the 11th of July 1995.
With the ongoing Russian invasion on #Ukraine, the spotlight should be again on this troubled community.

#Srebrenica #SrebrenicaGenocide
Now in Bosnia-Herzegovina, #Srebrenica happens to be located within the Serb entity, which represents 49% of the country. On the image above you can read in Cyrillic "Protectors of the orthodox faith" showing Milorad Dodik (Serb Presidency Member of BiH) and Putler together.
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Niz o tome kako je "koljač iz Glogove", notorni ratni zločinac, član SDA i komandant brdske brigade 28. Divizije ArBiH u #Srebrenica Ejub Golić sahranjen 2010. u Potočarima kao žrtva navodnog "genocida" iako je poginuo 15.7.95. u borbama sa srpskim snagama u rejonu Baljkovice.⤵️
O njegovim kriminalnim aktivnostima u svom izvještaju upućenom Rasimu Deliću svjedočio je i muslimanski general tzv. #ArBiH Jusuf Jašarević. On je posebno podvukao Ejuba Golića kao dio kriminalne grupe Nasera #Orića koji su činili zločine. ⤵️
Spisak njegovih zločina ni do danas nije rasvijetljen, jer se tužilaštvo uglavnom sa tim nije bavilo. Kao komandant bataljona u Glogovi Ejub Golić je organizovao napad na Kravicu 7.1.1993., a predvodio je i napade na srpska sela Ježesticu, Magašiće, Pajiće, Zagone, Hranču i dr.⤵️
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In the 🇩🇪 discourse on sending heavy arms to 🇺🇦, political theorist Jürgen #Habermas weighed in through an article in the Süddeutsche today. A quick🧵with a summary and some thoughts in English, for my non-German-speaking colleagues. Original article here:…
Habermas begins that 77yrs after WWII and somewhat threatened peace, war returned to our doorstep unleashed by 🇷🇺. The war dominates our media in an unprecedented way, and the ‘calculated publicity of an unpredictable war‘ may impress the older gen more than media-native young 1/
Habermas argues that with drastic sanctions against 🇷🇺, 🇩🇪 became party to the war. That is why every military step should consider if it constitutes formal entry/participation in the war by Putin’s definition. As such, there is no space for ‘risky gambling’ in decision-making 2/
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Il presidente serbo #Vucic, fresco di rielezione, ha definito "insensate e immorali" le sanzioni contro la #Russia, aggiungendo che Mosca "ci ha sempre sostenuto sul tema dell'integrità territoriale. Non dimentichiamo il 2015 e l'iniziativa britannica di dichiarare i serbi 1/10
colpevoli di genocidio".
Di cosa parla #Vucic? Della volta che la Gran Bretagna propose al Consiglio di Sicurezza #Onu di approvare una risoluzione sul massacro di #Srebrenica, avvenuto l'11 luglio 1995 ad opera delle forze militari serbo-bosniache guidate da Ratko #Mladic 2/10
contro migliaia di musulmani bosniaci. Le vittime furono 8.372.
Erano i giorni della guerra di Yugoslavia, con la zona di #Srebrenica sotto la tutela dell'ONU, la cui presenza era incarnata da tre compagnie olandesi di caschi blu. Il 9 luglio le truppe di Mladic iniziarono 3/10
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Thread on the another crazy weekend in Serbian gov-controlled media landscape: Firstly, here's a front page of Serbian gov-owned tabloid carries an "interview": "#Srebrenica, #Recak and #Bucha are a face of same propaganda". Genocide denialism at its worst. (1) Image
Yesterday, the main title in another tabloid: "DRAMA! NATO fighters are threatening Air Serbia civilian flights". The article says Westerners are "dangerously provoking" Serbian airliner because it dares to continue flying to Russia. (2) Image
Another crazy gem: While Swiss police has actually declared ex Swiss politician Dick Marty is under protection due to credible assassination threats by the "radical elements of Serbian intel", Serbian tabloids are blaming MI6 for a special operation to make "Serbs look bad." (3) Image
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There’s been discussions about #time and #accountability lately, and I’ve gotten questions about it. “When could trials begin?” “Could #Putin be prosecuted? When? Where” I’ll leave the “where” aside now but here’s a short 🧵on time. #Russia #Ukraine #Justice
There is, naturally, a sense of urgency when we see injustice and victims like those in #Bucha, #Mariupol, etc. People want justice and they want it now. But time can be a friend of justice, not always an enemy, especially in leadership cases. Let me tell you how.
In one article, I talk about #RadovanKaradzic and #RatkoMladic - high-ranking officials charged with crimes in Bosnia, e.g. the siege of #Sarajevo and the genocide in #Srebrenica. They were fugitives for years and most of us did not expect them to be arrested. We almost gave up.
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🧵 ./1 Man mano che le forze di occupazione russe si allontaneranno verranno scoperti altri siti di atrocità
compiute in Ucraina e possiamo anticipare che la 'fase di negazione" della campagna russa seguirà uno schema familiare.

#CriminiDiGuerra #UkraineRussiaWar
./2 Anche in questo caso il negazionismo nazionalista serbo del genocidio bosniaco è istruttivo. Nonostante le scene caotiche di #Bucha, il primo passo di questo processo è già avvenuto. Le forze russe hanno già preso misure per oscurare l'entità delle loro uccisioni di massa.
./3 Nei prossimi giorni/settimane aspettatevi fosse comuni occultate che verranno alla luce. È possibile che nelle aree lungo il confine #Bielorussia/#Russia, persone e corpi siano stati effettivamente trasportati oltre confine per essere uccisi/seppelliti lí.
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In 2016, my feminist sister & comrade @AhNidzara took me to #Srebrenica where Bosnian Serb forces systematically murdered 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men & boys in the worst crime of the Bosnian war. It remains the only massacre on European soil since World War II to be ruled a genocide
As many have pointed out, media coverage and political statements around #UkraineRussiaWar remind us that sympathy and support during war is never equal: it depends on how you look and how you pray and is undergirded by white supremacy, anti-Blackness, and Islamophobia.
All of Europe—the entire world—knew of the horrors that Bosnian Muslims were being subjected to right there in Europe. But they were the “wrong” kind of “blonde and blue eyed” and “civilized” Europeans.
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To think about
It is not Ukraine. It is Belgrade under US/NATO bombing in 1999 for 78 days almost continuously.
At least 6,000 civilians were killed.
17 years ago today, on March 24, 1999, NATO began a 78-day deadly & devastating US-backed intervention of Yugoslavia. It was the first time in history that the NATO decided they would attack a country without the approval of the UN Security Council.…
The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (#ICTY) in The Hague has quietly cleared the late Serbian president, #SlobodanMilosevic, of #warcrimes committed during the 1992-95 Bosnian war, including the massacre at #Srebrenica.…
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People in Sarajevo, Srebrenica, Jajce and other places are scared. For the second time in less than 30 years, our country is threatened to fall apart.

That's why I told @MersihaGadzo I'm worried. Peace in BiH is at stake - and we all know what that means.…
Ahmed Hrustanović (@E71HRG), an imam from #Srebrenica told @AJEnglish it would be a defeat of humanity if the Republika Srpska forms an army that committed a genocide.

His father, both grandfathers, four uncles and other relatives were killed during the #Srebrenica genocide.
Munira Subašić, president of the Mothers of Srebrenica association said the current situation reminds her of the 1990s before the war broke out:

"Dodik is doing his job, he’s not going back, but the international community which betrayed us in 1995 is trying to betray us again."
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In the 1980s and 90s the Seiko 5 Automatic wristwatch, which used the motion of the wearer to stay wound up and working, was popular among Bosnians.

After the #genocide in #Srebrenica, investigators used these watches to estimate the time and date their owner had been murdered.
Bosnian Serb forces had denied they had committed a genocide executing innocent civilian Muslims. They claimed the mass graves contained men killed in battle as part of the war.

However, investigators found evidence the men and boys in the graves had been blindfolded...
... Some were naked or wearing civilian clothing.

Several Seiko watches were also found. As they were kept wound up by motion, the watches stopped 36-48 hours after the wearer stopped moving.
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High Representative #Inzko used his so-called Bonn Powers to amend the 🇧🇦 Criminal Code & introduce sanctions for “glorification of war criminals convicted by final and binding judgments and the denial of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.”

My thread🧵👇🏼1/18
Survivors & families of war victims, individuals & institutions active in human rights, remembering the past & reconciliation #welcomed #Inzko’s #decision. Most of them advocated for such legislative changes for years. Even Inzko promissed them many times to make it happen. (2)
As reported by the #Srebrenica #Memorial, denial & glorification of war crimes, incl.genocide, take place on regular & systematic basis in 🇧🇦 & the region =🇷🇸.
Ministries finance books on or by convicted war criminals, governments commission reports full of denial of facts.. (3)
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Photo from #Srebrenica when Milo and Cedo are carrying a coffin got our attention. We wonder if they knew that they actually carry the coffin of the Muslim army soldier killed in a minefield? Read this very important thread about the deception called "Genocide in Srebrenica" ⤵️
In the photos where the two of them wear a coffin, the coffin is numbered with 1. We saw from the Muslim #Bosnia media that´s the coffin of the youngest victim who was buried this year and whose story traveled the world and became a symbol of yesterday's funeral in #Potocari⤵️
The coffin contained the remains of a young man born in 1979th in #Ljeskovik named Azmir (Aziz) Osmanović, who was only 16 years old in July 1995, and was buried yesterday as the youngest victim. His remains were found two years ago at the Poljanci site⤵️
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Tarihin, en acı olaylarının yaşandığı ve insanlık dışı katliamlarının yapıldığı yerin adıdır #SrebrenitsaImage
İnsanlığın kendini inkar ettiği, Ortodoks ve katolik batı dünyasının kirli ittifakının neticesi 8.500 Boşnak Müslümanı katletmenin, kadeh tokuşturarak kutlandığı katliamın adı…
Kazıklı Voyvoda’nın torunu Ratko Mladic’e;  Hollandalı komutanın, silahlardan arındırarak teslim ettiği ”Mavi kelebekler”diyarıdır Srebrenitsa…
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