For as long as I have followed politics, the term "tax and spend liberal" stood out as an effective shutdown argument against "progressive" policies.
Previously, Grover Norquist and the "NEVER raise taxes" pledge all Republicans sign to get funding and stave off primary challenges has made that mantra even more of a stonewalled nothing burger for progress
As people desperate for change, we see empirically that beyond rigged elections and paid off politicians, the people are steeped in the idea that the nation is broke, floundering in debt, incapable of doing great things and thus they do not unite to force the issue.
They settle for destitution. Just don't raise their taxes and they will overlook rotting teeth, strokes and poverty.
So when we discover that Federal Taxes serve to provide a sufficient condition to force the use of the dollar but not to "pay for stuff ", it opens a new discussion with the people... left, right, center. It changes everything.
Suddenly 10000 debates are terminated with that one truth.

Suddenly new alliances form.

Suddenly new possibilities emerge.
Without the people uniting and taking to direct action... nothing will change.

People say follow the money...

We show them federal taxes do not pay for stuff.

I hope they start to listen.


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Aug 26
For anyone looking at "where does the money come from" on the miniscule #StudentDebt point shaving experiment... no money was created. The institutions were already paid. A government backed debt was simply no longer pursued for 10k. Nothing more than a ledger entry -10,000.
The Fed Government held the debt. However, we know your hero @POTUS made discharging student debt through bankruptcy impossible and he also made regular bankruptcy more challenging for people to discharge as well. That is very different than medical debt which can be discharged.
So what happens when folks come asking... demanding... #Reparations? Did folks learn about how Federal Finance works? Do they understand how to fight for their cause? How about National Improved Medicare for All? Did anyone actually address the funding mechanism so people get it?
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Jun 11
One of the most important factors of a program like a Federal Job Guarantee or Medicare for All is that they cannot be "budgeted" for as programs like the #FJG are automatic stabilizers that rise and fall based on economic triggers that put them into play. Similarly with #M4A
If a pandemic sweeps through, a Federal Medicare for All would simply make payments and the costs would be irrelevant to the population.
Same with a Job Guarantee. If there is a downturn in the economy, triggers like unemployment would propel people onto the Federal Job Guarantee. Budgeting is irrelevant. It ebbs and flows based on the macroeconomic state of the economy at any given time.
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May 28
#MMT is here & now. The powerbrokers understand it & use it to serve wealth & ensure wealth stays intact. Neoliberalism is their ideology. They know capitalism demands nee markets & new areas to grow. So they destroy public services to create new private sector markets. #MMT 1/x
They are *M U R D E R E R S* and sadly disinformation has led to a sheep like adherence to the murderous ways and we believe the false scarcity narratives meant to keep us beholden and slaves to the bidding of elite capital.
MMT is not the problem it describes how the system works currently. Shows the evils, though many will make it appear these folks are just simply midguided or uneducated, the elites know what they are doing.
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May 20
In a time of unprecedented economic despair, a politician must Absolutely, Unequivocally know how Federal Finance works to save lives. No more Economically illiterate candidates.
We literally cannot afford it.

If we call it manslaughter or murder when we run over people with a car by accident or on purpose respectively, what is it called when you push for cuts to Federal Spending and kill thousands from austerity?

Manslaughter for the ignorant?
Murder for the informed...

And those who voted for them or tried to shut down truth tellers about the economy?

I call them accomplices.

Those innocently duped?

Let's hope we can educate enough in time before we find out.
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May 18
For anyone who thinks MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) is a subject that can be put off or ignored.

1. Because of that mindset we do not have healthcare in the USA.
2. Children, families and the elderly are burdened with 1.9 trillion in student debt
1/x Image
3. We do not have relief payments to families in the midst of a pandemic. No nationalized Payroll. No job guarantee.
4. Families are breaking up over Economic insecurity
5. We have no right by law to an education
6. We do not have paid family and medical leave.
7. We have no job guarantee
8. Banks are putting us in private debt because the Federal Government isn't spending on the people
9. Million die from hunger, exposure, preventable illnesses, unemployment and suicide
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May 14
I have come to the terrifying conclusion that you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. This is particularly true if you are a project - oriented person. 4 years ago, the IPCC gave us 12 years. We are down to 8 years and things have only gotten worse. Still so few talk #MMT
Honestly, once you make the decision... once you accept the science... climate catastrophe could lead to yet another mass extinction. We are not educating the world fast enough that we can afford to survive. Too many deniers of both climate crisis & #MMT to counter rampant idiocy
There is simply no time left to placate the precious sensibilities that serve as a gatekeeper to our collective survival. Every single day we allow the naysayers grown up status, we are that much closer to the brink. Our kids deserve better than #MMT and Climate Crisis deniers
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