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Modern Liberal Democracy entails:
1. Effective participation
2. Voting equality
3. Enlightened understanding by the electorate
4. Control of the legislative agenda through voting
5. Inclusiveness

Does American democracy meet any or all of these criteria? #election2020 1/9
In a real democracy the person who wins the most votes wins. In America the EC/SCOTUS handed the election to GWB, in a nakedly partisan manner, then Trump. The Democrats had 16-yrs to rectify the situation, but did nothing, b/c impotence is their M.O. 2/9…
Under Obama @TheDemocrats "share of seats in the United States Senate has fallen from 59 to 48. They’ve lost 62 House seats, 12 governorships, and 958 seats in state legislatures." How was that possible? 3/9…
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Folks in my mentions are claiming the #ACA is insurance. No, the ACA is a LAW governing insurance. It protects #PreExistingConditions. It provides the healthcare marketplace, which offers private insurance options and tax subsidies or #Medicaid access for people who qualify.
Those of us who remember insurance BEFORE the #ACA was passed a decade ago also remember that being female was itself a #PreExistingCondition. Women were charged more for insurance and not one prophylactic for women, including PAP tests and mammograms, was covered. Nor maternity!
If we lose the #ACA--which is Trump's intent--women will go back to not being covered. #Medicaid will be less available. Fewer people will have access to buying affordable insurance coverage. We need to secure the #ACA to protect existing coverage until we can get #M4A.
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@carmenxbrook #MedicareForAll Act of 2019: Introduced in the House 2/27/19.

House members who support the bill: 118. Number of additional House members needed for passage: 100.…
@carmenxbrook #MedicareForAll Act of 2019: Introduced by #Bernie 4/10/19.

Senators who support the bill: 15. Number of additional Senators needed for passage: 45 w/ filibuster, 36 w/o filibuster.…
@carmenxbrook IF #Republicans hold the Senate, NO #healthcare bills will pass. McConnell & the GOP are killing 400 bills, most bipartisan, passed by the House incl'g multiple bills on rx drug prices, #vets' healthcare, preexisting conditions. See the list here:…
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Same people, different name. The Green Party has been in place for 35yrs. It has gone nowhere. Why? Why did we lose our Socialist Party? The US is not a parliamentary system. But look at what a mess those are thru/out Europe. And the UK destroyed Labour.…
I thought about attending this, but it's all the same voices I've been hearing and these are still voices of privilege. How is that distinct? Many of these privileged DemExit leaders claimed Trump would jumpstart revolution. But look what happened to the most vulnerable of us.
Cornel West now saying he will vote for Biden after 2016 highlights the hypocrisy. He knew all this in 2016, but voted for the explosion instead of the woman we could push left. So many of us have been hurt or even died in these 4yrs. I want real change, not another vanity run.
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I think it's clear at this point that the American Left has really become more of a "hyperliberalism."
AOC calling for a Goya boycott, the rise of Antifa moms, Joy Reid "supporting" the very symbolic M4A issue now because it no longer confers political power, and lefties joining every silly online panic — total and complete fusion. Cultural liberalism has swallowed the left.
It's very reminiscent to me of the 2000s era liberal activism, with the focus being on Democrats being "tougher" and showing some "backbone," but now with an extremely woke edge added for emphasis.
Read 11 tweets's been a good while since I've done a good tweetstorm, but since it now appears that the #HEROESAct will soon be passed as the second stimulus package, it's time to talk about the #HazardPay section and how it may affect those of us #EssentialWorkers.

As far as publicity is concerned, #HazardPay has been the stepsister in the basement, at least compared to the rollicking debates over the stim checks and the $600/week fed UI extension.

But, it actually may be the most impacting for #essentialworkers down the line.

Until recently, it seems that not even the parties in DC now negotiating and fighting over the details of the stim package have given #HazardPay its due analysis. Nor has the media.

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It’s time for a #MedicareForAll thread! We have an atrocious system that is far and away the most expensive in the world with some of the worst outcomes, middle of the road wait times. We can do better. #kssen #ksleg #M4A 1/
Current #healthcare:
1.Burdens businesses
2. Too expensive and economically wasteful
3. Has worse outcomes than other nations
4. Limits individual Freedoms
#M4A #kssen
#healthcare expenditures are a drag on business. Healthcare costs have outpaced the growth of the economy & businesses pay more. Reducing our healthcare expenditures & ending employer-provided plans will allow American businesses to be more competitive internationally. 3/
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Back in 2016, @thomasfrank_'s "Listen, Liberal!" forcefully explained that "liberals" are not leftists, and that while we on the left might sometimes ally with liberals, we are not on the same side.…

This is something that most of the world outside of the USA knows, but the USA has largely forgotten. I'll never forget my first day of university in the US, when a classmate told me I had "liberal" views; having grown up in Canada's NDP, I knew the difference!

In the US, this manifests as excessive credit for Donald Trump - AKA excessive blame for Donald Trump - as though he was bright enough and had enough executive function to be a cause, rather than an effect.

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I usually reserve this space to chat about addiction and other health services and research. But we've got a critical election for the US House here in my home district #MA04 that I need to mention. I'm all in for @DrNataliaLinos and here's why.
.@DrNataliaLinos is a social epidemiologist with a super relevant set of experiences creating and disseminating progressive policies. US politics would really benefit from more scientists who can fight for climate justice, #M4A, and gun law reform
.@DrNataliaLinos has an *extensive* empirically driven plan to address COVID-19.
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The most toxic misogynist voice of the faux left. As usual, he's 100% wrong. The #ACA is a LAW, not insurance. Warren has never wavered on #M4A. But if the GOP eviscerates the LAW of ACA, Medicaid expansion would tank. Sirota doesn't care about the poor.…
The failure of almost everyone (including Biden) to know what the #ACA is and what it does a full decade in is a huge problem. Of course we need universal health care--it's obscene that we don't. But regulating the insurance industry and Medicare is essential--ACA does that.
Prior to the ACA, being female was a pre-existing condition. And people like me, who got cancer at 26, were fighting for coverage for years. Everyone with an M4A plan explained how many years it would take. Bernie said 4yrs to start. Warren, 3yrs. Harris, 10yrs. Facts matter.
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Dear Minnesota,
A thread about re-opening too soon:

When I discharge a patient from the hospital, we both know their illness isn’t over. They’re simply well enough to no longer need 24/7 nursing care or IV medicines. 1/8
When I send a patient home from the hospital, the goal is for them to stay home. Worst case scenario for me or them is to get worse at home and have to come back in. That is MY fault when it happens. 2/8
Being in the hospital is hard for my patient. Hard bc they are away from their family and friends. Hard bc they can’t work. Hard bc they will have a bill to pay at the end of their stay—a bill that gets bigger every day of hospitalization. #M4A 3/8
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This is a strange and disturbing piece that really highlights how this was never a true progressive movement, but just a Bernie personality cult with no actual focus. Not one word here about issues. Not one.

Bernie world descends into disarray
And no mention of Bernie missing a key vote this week. No comments from Bernie himself, who appears to be MIA. And a somewhat snide reference to Bernie's age ignores that he was running for president (and Biden is only 6mos younger).
There are concerns about the direction of the left, but thinking Sanders is sole leader is a problem. It requires work. And Sanders has never been willing to do that work, which is why he spent 52yrs as an independent. Sitting on the sidelines won't get us #M4A or living wages.
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This thread is made specifically for the people who are interested to find out more about Joe Biden and his legacy.
Is this really the Joe Biden we know? Someone who lied for political gain, maybe we should really start to look deeper into who he is?…
Vetting Joe Biden:
Did Obama's team fail to find out that Joe's a pathological liar?

How come many people never get to find out the truth during the primaries?

This is an official report from the NYT:…
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#MMT economists have been saying for decades that a #JobGuarantee is an automatic stabilizer. When the private sector is laying off millions of workers, the Federal government must step in as the employer of last resort.
You take people as they are, where they are, and you do on-the-job paid training at a living wage & benefits for anyone ready, willing, and able to work. During a #pandemic, one of the most important jobs under the #JobGuarantee system is to #StayHome.
There are also millions of jobs that can be done remotely and safely right now (e.g. emergency call centers, wellness checks, testing/tracing/isolating for #COVID19, weatherizing vacant buildings, installing rooftop solar on every school and gov building,..
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.@CillizzaCNN, @MSNBC, @CNN and the @DNC ran a 24/7 negative influence campaign against @SenSanders and millions of Americans. Full stop.
& @BarackObama ran a coup on Bernie. We all saw it.

When we get Trump they’re responsible.

@humanistreport 🌹
You got a mention. @GeoffMiami
Also #receipts if the media and online trolls.

I made this thread because I knew the fascists would try to revise and deny history.

Because that’s what they always do.…
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Writers for @jacobinmag and @thenation argue for nationalizing Amazon and folding it into USPS. The @WhiteHouse wants to privatize USPS and sell it for its parts.

So how did we get here? I look at the route to radicalism for America's most beloved agency:
People like @AOC make the point that the GOP forced USPS to prepay pension funds decades out. That’s right but it’s also normal.

Under Bush, the GOP required USPS to prepay *retiree health benefits* decades out. Now that’s radical.
Very few large businesses have retirement health bennies at all (only 18% in 2018). If companies were forced to prepay retiree health benefits, they would just cut them. But USPS can't do that without an act of Congress.

The fight for the Postal Service is connected to #M4A.
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From the perspective the people whose already-perilous lives were fvcked in 2008

Here’s where we're coming from when you threaten us with 'you'll die' or 'four more years of Trump🧵1/
Living as a poor uninsured disabled worker, we do not have the luxury of dipping into politics just in the lead up to an election

Our access to housing, education & health care is almost wholly dependent on social policy 2/a
For those under 40 (I'm 35) we cannot remember a time when either Republicans or Democrats demonstrated that they want what's best for us

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Analysis: Why #Sanders lost the nomination: "Simple explanation" is that he got "trounced" when the race narrowed to 2; "many of Biden’s wins were blowouts, ballooning his pledged delegate lead to 311, a margin that is essentially insurmountable." | thread…
.@perrybaconjr "Why did Sanders do so badly in a 1-on-1 contest against Biden? I’d offer 3 explanations, none of which are mutually exclusive from the other 2."

1>"Sanders didn’t run a smart enough campaign."
#Bernie's campaign "seemed to think that #Sanders had a unique appeal to white working-class voters that would simply continue in 20," despite "clear indications" that some of his success in '16 w/ whites w/o college was more anti-HRC than pro-Sanders.
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Trump's path to electoral victory—and his path to forgiveness for screwing this up so badly—is Medicare For All.…
#M4A was the right choice for Trump in 2017. His failure then revealed the trajectory of his entire presidency:

Tweet like a nationalist and populist . . . Govern like Paul Ryan.
Trump is "considering" Medicare for All" as I write this. There's little reason to believe that he won't screw this up in the coming days—or appoint Jared Kushner to oversee healthcare policy or some such nonsense. He can't help himself. Prove me wrong, Trump.
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✔️#Biden is not a "moderate" #dem. He's running on a platform to the left of Obama & Hillary. If elected, he'd be the most #progressive president in our lifetimes.

This thread fact-checks a graphic circulated by #Sanders supporters that equates Biden & Trump.
✔️#Biden supports universal healthcare. He proposes adding a singlepayer Medicare option to the #ACA, open to individuals & employers. It could be immediately implemented, unlike #MedicareForAll which has a 4-yr transition.

✔️#Sanders introduced #M4A. It has 15 Senate votes.
✔️#Biden's plan to add singlepayer Medicare option to ACA follows the public/private hybrid that's most commonly used by countries with universal healthcare.

✔️Trump admin has filed suit to overturn the ACA & protections for people w/ preexisting conditions.
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Tone policing kills! ImageImageImageImage
Whitmer: People are dying because the federal government is not providing enough medical support for our state

Trump: I'd help you save lives but be nicer

Bernie supporters: my daughter died because she was uninsured. we need #m4a so more people don't die

Libs: no, too mean!
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Only Black people under the age of 35 believe that Medicare for All will be evenly distributed amongst our communities. You can tell because most of them are disconnected as fuck from marginalized, poor Black folks in extreme poverty.
Ive watched yall for years, bash Black folks living in the hood, the projects, the ghetto. Hell a lot of y’all don’t even understand that “financial freedom” twitter formed partially due to bootstrap economic teaching being forced on Black kids for decades.
If you’re a Black person who aint never experienced a police presence in your HS or metal detectors at the doors in the AM or predatory targeting from military recruiters in your lunch room, of course you think Sweeping “For All” policies will be beneficial to Black Americans
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Fuck the thread out of me.

Dont talk to me about candidates records anymore. Democrat’s want people to look at Bernie’s record on everything so as to say “he’s done nothing” which is another total lie.
Then they get offended at everything about Bernie as they pull up nothing legitimate to attack him with as they say “forget about Joe’s record on everything.” And If you do bring up Joe’s terrible record they’ll smear, harass and abuse you. Nothing matters.
Dont talk to me about racism anymore. Democrats call “Bernie a racist” based on nothing but lies as they deny that the architect of the Crime Bill Joe Biden’s policies locked up Blacks at huge numbers for decades.
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