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Let's talk #MedicareForAll •vs• Public Option

✅ Covers everyone, no exceptions
✅ Includes vision, dental, hearing aids, mental illness & long-term care
✅ $0 premiums, deductibles and co-pays
✅ You see the doctors and hospitals you choose to see

Public Option = our current system + option to buy into a Medicare-like plan

The Medicare option would mimic traditional Medicare w/ premiums, deductibles & coinsurance. This is an improvement over our current system, but doesn't come close to the care you'd receive w/ #M4A

The Public Option doesn’t reduce costs because it doesn't create enough leveraging power or eliminate the administration overhead to drive down prices—it only gives you access to buy a plan.

If healthcare isn't financially accessible, then it's not accessible.

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We're LIVE fact-checking the #demdebate tonight in Las Vegas. Hear something that needs a check? Tag #PolitiFactThis or email
Watch the debate here:…
We're fact-checking tonight in conjunction with our health check partners @KHNews. Learn more about this partnership:
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I’m just getting to this now (school vacation week).

10 minutes in, @EdMarkey us wiping the floor with him. It isn’t close. #Masen #mapoli
@EdMarkey “Hey @joekennedy why are you running?” - “Reasons; me (I cant stress this enough: me); and TRUMP”
“Hey @EdMarkey why are you still there?” “I wrote the Green New Deal, & a million other things you take for granted. I’m saving the world out here —“
@jimbraude “keep it brief pal”
@EdMarkey @joekennedy @jimbraude Appreciate the @jimbraude q re: Weymouth compressor, but the conflict of interest framing has no juice at all - doesn’t go anywhere. The question is what leverage a US Senator can use to prevent this and future such projects.
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For those who have been asking: Yes, our open-access tool SHIFT ( can be used to estimate the costs of “Medicare for All Who Want It”. @YCIDMA
“Medicare for All Who Want It” maintains the same inefficiencies that make our current healthcare system so expensive.
Without savings to overhead, pharmaceutical costs, hospital/clinical fees, and fraud detection, “Medicare for All Who Want It” would cost $175 billion dollars more than status quo. That’s over $600 billion more than #M4A annually. @YCIDMA
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🌹’s: “Bernie is fighting for us. He fights for #M4A, #MoneyOutOfPolitics, #GND and #StudentLoanForgiveness.”

🍩’s: “Bernie has a hateful army who are always attacking online!”

🌹’s: “We’re just telling the truth.”

🍩’s: “Racist! Sexist! #BernieBros!”

🌹’s: 😔🖕🙄
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By now, you've heard about the @thelancet analysis from @yalesph led by @Alison_Galvani with some rather impressive, predictable top-line findings:

#Medicareforall would save:
$458 Billion/year (13%)
68,500 lives/year

But let's dig in. A thread 1/…
Let's look at the cost estimates first.

They built a model called "single-payer healthcare interactive financing tool" which allows users to toggle between various assumptions about the savings, costs, revenue w/ #MedicareforAll. Check it out:

- Reducing Pharmaceutical prices (by negotiating)
- Reducing Hospital prices (by setting them lower)
- Reducing clinical service prices (by setting them lower)
- Reducing overhead (Medicare's overhead is ~2%, private insurance is ~15%)
- Reducing fraud

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A few days ago, Left Twitter was abuzz with news of a new super PAC called "BeatBernie2020" which appeared with almost no information about itself other than a donation link on their NationBuilder generic website. I said I thought I knew who was behind it. Here's my thread 1/
I don't want to be accused of doxxing anyone, and I've seen people tweet that attempts to post a screenshot of the FEC filing were blocked because they include a phone number. So here's the link for the report, take a look for yourself:…
Much credit is due to @Alt_LeftAlabama for digging up the only person listed as the contact for this group, which I wasn't able to do. He has a name very similar to a former hockey player and there's almost nothing about him online
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@TomSteyer @lily21951 I appreciate you and I'm for Bernie right now, but you're my number two. Currently payroll taxes pay for medicare. There is no cap like social security so no unfair advantage to the rich. Medicare for all just increases this minimal tax and eliminates premiums 1/
@TomSteyer @lily21951 , copays, out of pocket, and uncovered fees. Money goes in, patients get treatment, providers get paid. The current system (your aforementioned union health plans and others) use a non-value added middleman who receives a huge rent in the form of premiums and LOA reductions 2/
@TomSteyer @lily21951 to providers. My out of network Occupational Therapist for my autistic child charges $175/ hour (definitely not unreasonable in Silicon Valley), if she were to be in network for those #BloodSuckingVampires #UHC, she would receive $35 because she is an independent. Large 3/
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Tune. The Fuck. In.

Let's RT some TRUTH about the @Culinary226 #NevadaCaucus #NevadaCaucuses Scandal.

1/ - This will be a politically expensive series of tweets for me. The Culinary squad will certainly come after me for this. Do me a favor and put some daylight on this.
@Culinary226 2.) Bernie has the MOST COMPREHENSIVE UNION PLAN EVER IN THE HISTORY OF DEMOCRATIC POLITICS> EVER> @Culinary226 #NevadaCaucus #NevadaCaucuses -…
@Culinary226 3.) Bernie was literally the FIRST CAMPAIGN EVER IN HISTORY to have a campaign union. He literally broken the damn mold! #NevadaCaucus #NevadaCaucuses…
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An insurance story:

I was scheduled for an MRI yesterday. Last Friday I was told insurance had denied it because of no proof received about having done physical therapy & injections for at least 6 weeks. I've done them for 3 months. Asked the records to be sent over.
The imaging center said they'd submit those records to the insurance to reconsider & would contact me if there were any issues.
Friday afternoon they left me a VM saying insurance was checked and my payment would be ~$650 (I have a $1k deductible).
Around 2p yesterday, imaging center leaves a VM saying insurance was denied & I needed to either reschedule or make alternate payment plans.

30mins on the phone with them & they couldn't tell me what happened. Said they could resubmit but it'd take another week.
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A thread w/ #Bernie's excellent interviews today.
#Bernie2020 #NotMeUs #NHprimary2020

"If you do, as Mayor Buttigieg does, take huge amounts of contributors from pharma CEOs, fossil fuel financiers, insurance, Wall St, does anyone seriously believe you will stand up to them?"
Chris Wallace makes the case for Pete Buttigieg.

Sanders - "Do you think when the CEO's of the major drug companies contribute to your campaign, you will take them on? Common sense suggests ... you will not effectively represent working families." #NotMeUs #NHprimary2020
"How do you overcome the #socialist label?," Chris asks.

"In many respects, we are a socialist society today ... The difference between my socialism and Trump's socialism is I believe that government should help working families, not billionaires." #BernieBeatsTrump #Bernie2020
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1. Every debate the candidates talk about their different healthcare policies, but there's very little focus on the actual GOP attacks we'll face in the general or the path to successful legislation. I worry that many #M4A or nothing voters aren't prepared for what lies ahead.
2. It's important to familiarize yourself with the history of healthcare reform, particularly the legislative process to pass the #ACA - which arguably came through by the skin of it teeth.…
3. We'd absolutely have to have a majority in both chambers to pass M4A, but a presidential candidate running on M4A will lessen the likelihood of winning those needed seats. The GOP will be hitting back hard and it will trickle down-ballot.
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Imagine it. A world where you walk down main street early in the morning and there are no people laying down on the street. On a bench. In the cold.

Every child waking up to breakfast. Every person waking up without fear or uncertainty or heartache about their future.
I've had to turn egg powder and potatoes into a meal before.

I've spent weeks eating a single can of tuna a day.

I am in a much better place now, but being that hungry changes your mind about some things. Will I fight for someone else? You bet your ass I will!
This is the largest donation I can make to @BernieSanders. I work part-time. I rent an apartment. I pay utilities. I barely skate by. This is a lot of money for me.

Please win. You have to. So many of us are counting on it.
#NotMeUs #CancelStudentDebt #M4A #ILikeBernie
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I present how Liz Warren, a divisive crony capitalist, lost my vote before her campaign started: a thread.
Like Bernard himself, back in 2015 I felt inspired by Warren’s castration of Wall St. We wanted her to run for president. Badly. Created CFPB, critical of Obama at a crucial time for Dodd-Frank, and unapologetic about it all in a vulnerable era for the US.
She refused to run though. It was “Hillary’s moment.” Liz was not at all willing to piss off the DNC even if a Warren admin was what we needed to rebuild post-recession. Unwritten oligarchical rules dictated that Hillary deserved another (failed) run.
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BREAKING: 30 @CCIAction and @IAStudentAction members are refusing to leave @JoeBiden’s statewide headquarters in Des Moines over his lies about #MedicareForAll and his ties to the insurance company CEOs who are funding his campaign.
We are members of @CCIAction and Iowa Student Action. We are sick and tired of seeing our families, friends, and neighbors suffer under the cruelty of a healthcare system dominated by greed. And we are tired of experiencing this cruelty in our own lives.
We are here today because Vice President @JoeBiden is lying about #MedicareForAll and doing the bidding of health insurance executives and CEOs. We have tried to talk with Biden for 9 months, but all of our calls and emails have been ignored.
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Gonna do a #Bernie2020 #thread, but I want to preface this by shooting down the "Not a Real Democrat" argument - the Democratic and Republican parties are hemorrhaging supporters like crazy right now, the only "real" anythings right now support the status quo that got us here.
But, this trend isn't recent, let's zoom out… Wow, look at that giant drop in "Real Democrats" after Carter, when the New Deal Democrats had been soundly defeated, first by the DNC itself at the 1968 national convention - then the '72 rule changes - and Carter's poor performance
What happened in '68? Why, the DNC decided that it knew better than 80% of Democratic voters and the delegates chose Humphrey - and the Anti-War protestors didn't like the pro-War candidate that they wouldn't vote for, and The Establishment didn't like that, man
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Today I am speaking to you in the first person, because while I am a part of a larger whole, it’s important to take off the mask and tell you the truth. I am a woman. I am a veteran. I am a STEM major. #IEndorseBernie because...
I was in my early 20’s in the 2008 financial crash and managed to find food even though my single mother was making $8.25/hr at Walmart mart. We didn’t qualify for food stamps cause we made too much money in Kansas City. We had to hide our car often; she was behind on payments.
When @Joshua4Congress says #povertyisthedraft, he is 100% right. I joined out of desperation. I was homeless because of a few missteps, even though I had a job. I was not making enough money to live close to work, and we lost the car.
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OK so I'm going to be working on more of these this week. Sorry for the delay but I think anyone that follows me understands why there was such a gap. Anyhoo, I do these for @ProgActNet as more of a personal endorsement.

Also threading individual ones below for all to use.
I'm starting with a personal favorite who has been around since 2016. This was right after she announced so I didn't have all her policy stances so I will be updating this one.


More Info/Donate/Volunteer ===>
@ShahidForChange would not only replace one of the biggest corporate Dems in the leadership right now, but he'll fight for progressive policy and that is what we really need right now.

More Info/Donate/Volunteer ===>
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The #ACA/#Obamacare has been law for a decade. It is not and has never been insurance. It provides for the healthcare marketplace where people can shop their states' private insurance companies for affordable plans. It also provides tax credit subsidies for those plans.
The #ACA also expanded #Medicaid to cover more low income people. And created coverage for the #Medicare "donut hole." The law also stipulates that being female must be covered (it was not before the ACA) and that women must not pay more than men for the same plan, like before.
The #ACA also requires insurers to cover #PreExistingConditions like #cancer or #diabetes. The ACA charged the states with providing access to health insurance for low income people via #Medicaid.
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Andrew Yang’s Healthcare plan is not as awful as people are making it out to be. Let me tell you why.

#YangGang #YangGang2020 #AndrewYang @AndrewYang #HumanityFirst #MATH #YangGangLove #YangMediaBlackout #DemDebate
When Andrew Yang said that he supported the “spirit of Medicare for All” it made a lot of sense. Yang has many separate policies attacking different facets of what makes healthcare so expensive, because there is no magic bullet to make healthcare work for everyone.
Even @BernieSanders in his Medicare For All plan knows this, which is why his proposed bill has 11 sections, not just one. These sections include things like Sunsetting old provisions and the negotiation of drugs and equipment prices.
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[Thread] 2019 was the year I moved away from academia and "became a journalist". So here are some of the highlights.

My most read stories were on the worrying trend of presenting horrible dystopic stories as uplifting "perserverance porn" @FAIRmediawatch…
@FAIRmediawatch I also wrote one for @guardianopinion on how out of touch media see nothing wrong with poor Americans using dog insulin or fish antibiotics instead of proper healthcare.…
@FAIRmediawatch @guardianopinion Venezuela is still a big topic for me. Read this rundown on how the media manufactures consent for regime change in the country by suppressing alt opinions. It was commissioned by a leading liberal outlet then bosses ironically killed it. @venanalysis
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I just went through the ACA health coverage selection and application process for 2020.

And I cried.

$8000 deductibles?!
40% *co-pays* for any and all medical care?!

I need to relocate out of Texas or immigrate to Canada. I'm not even f*cking kidding.

This is untenable.

To be clear:

These are for "insurance" plans with monthly premiums in the $500-1000 range JUST FOR ME and NOT including my daughter.

I did NOT qualify for premium assistance with anticipated income of $24,000, which is below the poverty guidelines for our 2 person home.

Anyway, I’ll figure things out, but this is not sustainable.

If you value my writing and activism, please consider supporting it financially:



Venmo @leahmcelrath

Every bit helps, no matter how small. Thank you.
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Compelling yet infuriatingly unselfaware piece: this story is really about how the MSM held Gillibrand, Harris and Warren accountable for their #M4A stances, while making ZERO demands of the men.

The most consequential moment of the 2020 primary
Gillibrand wrote Bernie's bill yet only she got held to account for it. Harris led the support for #M4A--the moment signalled in the headline--but was deemed a waffler. And Warren is the only candidate at all to have her worksheet demanded. Why no accountability for the men?
Oh and also--everyone needs healthcare but only about 20% can afford it. Do the math, America.
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We need a new definition of green jobs, in particular, one that matches the goals of the current movement for a #GreenNewDeal. A THREAD 1/
When you look at green jobs literature, and listen to activists and politicians talk about the sector, you’ll hear a range of ideas about what green jobs are. If we are going to create millions of them, we should know what we’re talking about. 2/
According to the BLS, a green job is specifically related to improving the environment. But the #GreenNewDeal is about improving peoples’ LIVES. It’s no longer practical or theoretically cogent (or inspiring!) to separate a sustainable environment from a sust society/economy. 3/
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