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Let's talk about JP Morgan (Jeffrey Epstein's bank) for a minute.

In 2005 JP Morgan admitted it owned slaves.
Citizens Bank and Canal Bank in Louisiana, which were ultimately acquired by JP Morgan, accepted approximately 13,000 slaves as collateral and took ownership of approximately 1250 between 1831 and 1865, according to
a memo to employees from CEO and Chairman William Harrison and President James Dimon aka Jamie Dimon.

PLEASE notice that when the press finally publishes information about high profile crimes the first name is usually different than the known name.…
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A thread—Black shields, White cover:

(1 of 6)After this election, there are a lot a Black celebrities and Black political pundits who should never be trusted again. If they are not fighting for #ADOS justice, they are part of the plan to continue our oppression.
(2 of 6)If they are endorsing a candidate while not advocating for a #blackagenda that includes #Reparations, then their role is to sell us down the river and/or provide cover for those who want us to remain a bottom caste.
(3 of 6) Think about this: Iowa is only 3.5 percent Black. Nonetheless, we’ve seen several Black surrogates in Iowa giving speeches. Ask yourself why?
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But for what, exactly?

For #EconomicJustice, #RacialJustice, #EnvironmentalJustice, #EducationalJustice...and so much more.

But if you put your faith in a leader to get it done, it will all fail. As it always has.

So what do we do? WE get it done. #AllOfUs 1/
A leader, an elected official, an activist, can have all manner of good intentions. Their heart can be in the right place. They can advocate for the right policies. They can have all the right answers. They can fight for the right things.

But they’re just 1 person. 2/
It’s not reasonable to throw one person, no matter who that is, no matter how “great“ you think they are, up against the most massive corporate machine the #Oligarchy has ever been able to produce in the history of the world and expect that they can pass the agenda you want. 3/
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When I see someone refer to ADOS as trash... a Thread:

In today’s world of social media, the game is about influence—not substance. Companies and political operatives are looking to see who can move the people towards their product or towards their objective...
Politics is an objective based field, with the primary objective being who can make money and how it is made. The second objective is how to divide the money generated.
Many of the so-called “influencers” are merely vying for the fruits that come with proving they can influence Black folks. For example, folks tweet about Trump all day to show the DNC that they can be counted on to carry the water...
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🤦🏻‍♂️.... ok, this has been going on for two days, now, and showing no signs of stopping. So, let’s be clear:

2 days ago, CNN “Reported” that 4 unnamed Warren staffers say that, over a year ago, Bernie told Warren that “A woman can’t win the Presidency”. 1/
....four decades of evidence of Sanders saying exactly the opposite, and the fact that he encountered Warren to run in the 2016 election means nothing to CNN, it seems.... 2/
This, it seems, is ‘journalism’. What passes for hair salon gossip is just as good as real news on what we’re told to believe is a real new station. CNN bristled at being called ‘fake news’ but thinks gossip is the same thing as journalism? Ok....3/
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Good evening family.

This thread is likely to get long, possibly VERY long, & it might meander a bit.

With my latest round of work, I want to have a conversation about *doing the work,* and what that means. #ADOS (1/)
I want to talk about a subject that is absolutely going to matter as we work in local chapters with engagement, or as we attend meetings in city halls or gov't venues in your state...

The power of Political Framing and language. #ADOS (2/)
A critical part of this work as we continue to mobilize & organize in this fight for #reparations and #BlackAgenda is developing a "language for liberation."

We have a moral view which is our #ADOS framework, & our demands for public policy should filter through this lens. (3/)
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Here it is. "100,000 Days A Year" illustrates the links between the Merrimack Manufacturing Company's cotton textile mills and the slave labor camps along the Mississippi River. Thank you to Madeline Dall for her artistry. Read more about this project below.
Why: This project grew out of an attempt to summarize three books about the "new history" of capitalism, which focuses on how slavery in the USA was an essential feature of the origins of modern industrial capitalism.
Instead of writing something, I designed this visualization and hired an illustrator. I tried to put all the elements of the process on one page. Hoping it can be used as a learning aide for people interested in this period of history.
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Blacks have always practiced Group Economics. Mound Bayou, MS was founded by former Slave Benjamin Montgomery in 1867. It was one of the earliest Self Governing Black Communities in America. It covered 846 acres of land. #ADOSPolitics… @NPRmelissablock
The problem that Blacks have had throughout history is a lack of Political Capital that protect their economic interests. Mound Bayou, MS is a perfect example of why a political framework is so important. #ADOSPolitics @BennieGThompson @jerameyanderson…
To add context to the Political repercussions of not having agency, more than half of the 98% Black population in Mound Bayou, MS live below the Poverty Level. They have a population of 1,408.
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1. I would support #reparations but the fact is that is not likely to happen in the time I have left. But what can happen and will correct much of the harm our apartheid system caused is to establish that a child born in poverty in Alabama, West Virginia, NY or Montana has a
2. right to a quality education that is not determined by the wealth or ethnic make up of their community. @BarackObama went to the same school as my son. He got the best education available in the United States and achieved the greatness that he was destined
3. to achieve. That would not have happened if he was struggling in an inferior school. Brown v. Board of Ed. was a promise that as never met. Make quality education a human right for all and America will retain its leadership.
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Thanks to a group of TRIAL donors, all donations between now and Sunday will be doubled! Join the #FightAgainstImpunity and #donate today! #MatchFunding
Looking for reasons to support TRIAL in its fight against impunity?
Here are a few taken from recents weeks:
1. We briefed the UN #SecurityCouncil on the question of #justice and reconciliation in #Bosnia and Herzegovina (5 Nov.)…
2. Erwin #Sperisen, former chief of police of #Guatemala, will have to serve his 15-year prison sentence for complicity in 7 cases of #extrajudicialexecutions of prisoners. So has decided #Switzerland’s Supreme Court (26 Nov.)…
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It’s #GivingTuesday!
Here are 9 great reasons to support TRIAL.
Oops, 10 reasons actually, as 2 generous donors will match all donations up to a total of 30,000 USD!!!
Reason #1: Erwin #Sperisen, former chief of police of #Guatemala, will have to serve his 15-year prison sentence for complicity in 7 cases of #extrajudicialexecutions of prisoners. So has decided #Switzerland’s Supreme Court (26 Nov.)…
2. #DRC: three former militiamen, including the infamous warlord Kokodikoko, have been sentenced for #CrimesAgainstHumanity to between 15 years and life in prison. Hundreds of victims have been awarded reparations (19 Nov.)…
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THREAD—Overdue #reparations is the key to closing the racial wealth gap | by @SandyDarity…
@SandyDarity The United States "can ill afford to remain stranded in the mire of injustice, perpetually refusing to resolve the fundamental, historic national dilemma facing all Americans.
"For too long, the nation has refused to take steps to solve an unethical predicament of its own making — the problem of the unequal status of black and white Americans.
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The most common argument I hear against paying #reparations to the decedents of enslaved people is the one Mitch McConnell, whose ancestors were slave-holders, made in June.
Boiled down to its essence, the logic has two parts:
1. No slave-owners are alive to pay reparations.
2. No former slaves are alive to receive them.
Therefore, reparations are inherently unfair and unworkable.
At first blush, there's a certain appeal to that argument: If both offenders and injured parties are no longer living, there's nothing that can or should be done.
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As @CzarinaHarris said, “Your landlord will rent you into homelessness & Tom will move in.” “The largest portion of renters (42%) have incomes below $20,000; 91% cannot afford their monthly rent (i.e., they pay more than 30% of income for rent).” #ADOS…
The area (Obama Center location) is predominantly renters (69%). In contrast, the largest portion of owners (49%) have incomes above $75,000; 90% can afford their monthly housing cost (i.e., they pay no more than 30% of income for mortgage + taxes). #ADOS #Reparations
While rents vary, there is clear evidence of rising rents in newly renovated and new construction units, which the majority of current renters cannot afford. Prices of for-sale housing are also rising, and at a faster rate than the city since 2016. #ADOS #Reparations
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Thread: Perhaps naively, I was stunned by the recent graphic showing that a majority of white voters hadn't cast their ballots for the Democratic presidential candidate in a single election since at least 1976.
Put another way, a majority of white voters have voted for the Republican candidate in every presidential election over the last 40 years. When Democrats have won, it's the Black vote that put them over the top each and every time.
So I went to the data set used to produce that graphic and looked at how Black voters cast their ballots over that same time period. (My graphic isn't as user-friendly as the earlier one, sorry.) Black voters have been overwhelmingly loyal to the Democratic Party.
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.@FSCDems Subcomm on Diversity & Inclusion's Race & Gender-Based Wealth Gaps Hrg:

Chairwoman @RepBeatty (D-OH-3)'s Opening Stmt, where she referenced Richard Rothstein's #ColorOfLaw. @EconomicPolicy @TMI_LDF #RacialWealthGap……
.@FinancialCmte Subcomm on Diversity & Inclusion's Race & Gender-Based Wealth Gaps Hrg:

Ranking Member @RepAnnWagner (R-MO-2)'s Opening Stmt.

@payscale 2018 #GenderPayGap…

@RepStefanik #HR1935 #WageEquity……
.@FinancialCmte Subcomm on Diversity & Inclusion's Race & Gender-Based Wealth Gaps Hrg:

Ranking Member @PatrickMcHenry (R-NC-10)'s Opening Stmt.

McHenry supports financial literacy training, FMLA changes, childcare policies & higher STEM participation.…
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1. This right here is wrong, wrong, wrong, and this is NOT a strategy that Foundational Black Americans should be following. When people talk about nationalizing under one big global African group, they ALWAYS want it to be a one sided effort on the part of ADOS. (Cont.)
2. FBAs aren’t “New Africans”. We are the FOUNDATION of the United States. That is OUR nationality. So coming up with all these “new” nationalities etc, those are STALLING tactics. And these strategies are designed to allow new immigrant groups to further capitalize from ADOS
3. When it’s time for all of us to “stand together as Pan-Africans”, etc, Black Americans help every other group get here to our ancestrial land, & once they get here, THEY DISTANCE THEMSELVES FROM US, and in too many cases, we are looked at as “akatas” and other epithets by them
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#Reparations for fluoride damages!

Does the US Government know this? Well here are some document on the US National Library of Medicine / National Institute of Health website:



#Reparations for fluoride damages!

1992 Study published in 2015:

Exposure to fluoridated water and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder prevalence among children and adolescents in the United States: an ecological association…
#Reparations for fluoride damages!

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In writing about the debates today, I was in part focusing on how much candidates spoke.
Biden spoke most: 21.2 mins.--even longer than last time.
Warren was 17.9, Harris 17.7 and Bernie 17.6. Nearly an hour and a half of the overall time was spoken for by these frontrunners.
The difference of 4mins more time from Biden is nearly a quarter of what the other top three contenders spoke, as they are all tied within a few seconds. It's especially significant for Harris, who was challenged repeatedly and got 4mins less time to rebut than Biden. Telling.
On Tuesday, Warren and Sanders were basically a team. And their nearest polling rival, Buttigieg, is in agreement with them on many issues and for the most part wasn't fighting them. So his 14.4 mins was spent mostly on his own plans and history.
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@breakingbrown discussed #Baltimore as recently as last week when there was a weekend of unexplained violence. What’s happening in #Baltimore is not new to #ADOS.
In America, #ADOS are perpetual outsiders; that stops now. We’re not outsiders. Enslavement created the foundations for the economies of the western world by making cotton “King”. #Reparations is the least America can do for our ancestors’ contribution.
Let’s talk about #ADOS cities like #Atlanta where the data paints a picture of a group that has been continually barred from all means of economic advancement, agency, and autonomy. @Bloomberg
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🔴 PREMIERES at 8pm ET:

"No matter your race, no matter your gender…if you work hard in America…you will be just fine."

@LarryElder on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek at #WCS19

Subscribe to The Larry Elder Show:…

"I could not find any pattern of deadly force used against black people."

@LarryElder deconstructs myths about #Racism on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek at #WCS19
American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek at #WCS19

@LarryElder dismantles the #Reparations narrative: "We've had 50, 60 years of race-based preferences…the idea that America has not tried to make up for historical wrongs is simply not true."

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@JoeCunninghamSC Surely you’re aware #Lincoln wanted to send all Blacks back where they came from.
“But for your race, there could not be war. Many men engaged on either side do not care for you one way or the other. Without slavery the war could not have an existence.”…
@JoeCunninghamSC 1862 #Lincoln talks to influential Blacks telling them all Blacks should go back where they came from.
“we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. ...this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both,"
@JoeCunninghamSC 1862 #Lincoln "I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.”
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Today I went swimming in the lake and I tasted the tears of your ancestors. Today I sat on the shore and saw each grain of sand stained with the blood of their past.

Today there was not gentle breeze, but a violent storm of echoed cries bouncing from every tree. Today in silent storm I heard a fraction of your pain. Today I hung my head in shame, knowing that there is still black men with their hands up begging for their lives.

Today my heart felt heavy knowing that I have a privilege you do not, simply because of the color of my skin. Today I sat in sand crying tears that I never knew were there.
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THREAD-"If Americans are now willing to entertain the notion of restorative justice for the legacy of institutional racism, slavery alone is the wrong place to focus."… #reparations
"The damage to African Americans goes far beyond abolition in 1865. Efforts to subordinate and economically exploit black people continued through peonage, convict leasing, sharecropping, Jim Crow, redlined black ghettos and mass incarceration.
"The ideology of white supremacy, used to justify slavery, persists. Why should subsequent racist practices get a pass while we zoom in on outright bondage? Anti-black segregation lives on, and the current damage to slavery’s descendants is direct and measurable.
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