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NJ was known as the “slave state of the North,” but too many believe it never happened here.

Slavery shaped every aspect of NJ.

That’s why we created the first-of-its-kind NJ Reparations Council.

We aren’t afraid to say #reparations.

Watch the launch:… ImageImageImage
The New Jersey Reparations Council’s ultimate goal is not only to repair the enduring harm to Black people from slavery and its enduring impact, but also to answer this foundational question:
What kind of reparative system does New Jersey need to build and invest in for Black people here to finally be free? To thrive? To win?
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When American Descendants of Slavery pushback against the erasure of our ethnic group’s history, contributions to our country we’re insulted & gaslighted w/ anti-American philosophical word salads, wrapped in anti-ADOS racial stereotypes.

“Thought leadership” based on ethnocide……
Anti-American academics, advocates, etc have no place in discussions on American reparations & redress policy.

These types of pan-Africans don’t practice their own ideology, & are seemingly seeking to sabotage ADOS #reparations claim in the US.

Philosophy is not fact, & will…… Image
Twitter removed my previous “like” from this post below.

The attempts to decrease the visibility of videos & journalism that exposes ongoing anti-ADOS frameworks & legislation & those who’ve benefits from our oppression, has become very obvious.

Video source:……
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As promised, I'm releasing a new round of information regarding the MacArthur Foundation to provide insight into "possible" intent regarding the focus of the Foundation regarding #reparations.

So, as to beat my deadline. Here it is.
Thread 🧵 Image
If you recall, a new round of funding ($20 Million) was announced through the Alight Align Conference in Atlanta, GA.

However, before that, there was a barrage of funding for organizations through Liberation Ventures which once again included MacArthur Foundations. Image
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#JimCrow was #SlaveryByAnotherName.Black People were Enslaved Well into the 1960s.#USHistory-#Slavery should be mandatory to stop the spread of #AntiADOS,#AntiBlack ignorant rhetoric.#ADOS(American Descendants Of Slavery) is OWE a Federal Debt-#Reparations. ImageImageImageImage
Jim Crow laws created ‘slavery by another name’
After the Civil War, the U.S. passed laws to protect the rights of formerly enslaved people. Jim Crow was designed to flout them.…
Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II by Douglas A. Blackmon…
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It can't happen with the Pan-Africanists' sclerotic inflexibility. LONG THREAD FORTHCOMING.

A number from among us have demanded it for generations. Dr. Claud Anderson (& others) argued for it 25 years ago. Norris Shelton formed a lineage-based org over 40 yrs ago. (1/x)
The aftermath of the disappointment & material loss of wealth of the masses of Black Americans combined w/the election of Donald Trump primed a new political environment that allowed Black Americans to more willingly hear the voices of new media creators... (cont'd 2/x)
...particularly the emerging YouTube platforms with Yvette Carnell & Irami Osei-Frimpong, & later the concentration & collaboration with Antonio Moore, arguing for a re-invention of Black American political thinking & action that had not been seen for at least 50 years. (3/x)
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Three St. Louis residents indicted on charges of illegally pushing pro-Russian propaganda by @iamcdavis.…
@iamcdavis, here is a related article that you may want to look into. Although the African Socialist Party has been indicted for colluding w/Russian operatives, the #ADOSAF was the #reparations org for which these smears were lobbed.…
The "ADOS" Disinformation Creep publication had to be contracted. Here is additional information on what the internal and external reviewers found.…
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#WEF and the globalist bureaucrats are not your friends. A 🧵👇

▪️ I will not eat the insects.
▪️ I will not get rid of my car.
▪️ I will not use digital currency.
▪️ I will not get the mRNA shots.
▪️ I will not be a vaccine subscriber.
▪️ I will not be masked by their will.
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I went to see @marwilliamson today. Incredible team! However, I am good on her. While I was stating FACTS on how other groups have gotten and continue to get #reparations, when I got to Holocaust survivors, she pulled the BS "aNti sEmEtIc" LIE! It did NOT work on me!
EVERYTHING I said was factual, including the fact that her #reparations plan's amount is insultingly low, it needs to be lineage based, and the payments should go DIRECTLY to us. She tried that "aNti sEmEtic" lie to try and deflect. I did NOT back down.
The thing is, yall saw me start off COMMENDING her for having #reparations on her platform, and then she TRIED to put words in my mouth. I then PROVED that what I was saying was FACTUAL, and she tried to play victim after falsely accusing ME. That was not happening.
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A thread 🧵 on politics & politicians

List of all things that backfired on Joe Biden and his administration…

2.Energy Crisis
3.FTX implosion
4.FBI raid on Trump
5.Classified Documents
6.Hiding Hunter Laptop story
7.Dumping… Image
Joe Biden strangles Russia with worst sanctions…

Russia thrives, US banks collapse Image
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#SatoshiNakamoto is tearing down their walls, turning the tables, and ferociously defending children as he himself was defended. Bill Gates, SBF, Justin Sun, Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk have nowhere else to hide. Where they would have war, I declare my peace, poor poor Windsors
FWIW I am working a minimum wage job, such is 'their' illegal blacklisting and disinformation network tactics; but I am still winning. It is horrendous what was done to me, my family and friends for essentially a savings technology. Would it harm you to pay BTX back @USAttorneys?
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🧵The California Reparations Task Force meets this Friday and Saturday in San Diego!


Join virtually on or via @EtmMedia’s Youtube for a live chat option!

Public comment (9:10am-10:10am):
•Code: 3968101
Missed the December 2022 hearing in Oakland? Review the meeting minutes here:…

#AB3121 #CRTF #ReparationsNow #Reparations
What’s on the agenda for Jan 2023? Well, for one: Tax Law Considerations!

The task force has invited three tax law experts to provide expert testimony on the intersection between reparations and tax.

Timely considering this latest article from @business:…
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“Hampton, VA. Slab-town: After the Civil War, African Americans lived in large, segregated refugee camps like Slabtown because there was nowhere else for them to go. Hospitals, dispensaries, and military camps were unable to serve the masses of enslaved people…” #ReparationsNow Black and white photo of an American shanty town/slab houses
“Escaped and abandoned formerly enslaved people settled near or within the Union Army’s military camps and battle lines. The camps did not have adequate sanitation, nutrition, or medical care. One out of every four African Americans who lived in the camps died.(1864) #Reparations
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There is one aspect that is often ommitted in the discussion about military of negotiated solution of #Russia’s war against #Ukraine: the likely future development in the Russian occupied territories and in the Eastern Europe and Europe (!) more broadly.
#Ukraine wants to reinstate its legitimate sovereign control over these territories. The war damages there are immense. Unless Russia is forced to pay #reparations, Ukraine and its supporters will be saddled with the monstrous costs of post-conflict economic reconstruction.
But at least there is a pospect of reconstruction within the borders of a Ukrainian state that is moving towards membership in the #EuropeanUnion.
If #Russia keeps those territories under its control or occupies even more Ukrainian territory – what will happen there?
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Since we are celebrating a new sculpture in Boston which some suggest means the city left its racist past behind in the '70s, let me tell you about when the whites of Boston came together to thwart the will of Roxbury in the '80s. #thread
As a young undergraduate going to my Nonno's alma mater, Suffolk University, I quickly identified the most deeply and broadly knowledgeable professor in the political science department: Mudavanha Patterson. We hit it off, and he let me hang out after classes, and we talked about
politics from the local to the global. He was a former Black Panther and a Pan-Africanist (and, I would argue, an Afro-pessimist). He got me involved in what would become known as the Mandela project. Put simply, Roxbury wanted out of Boston, and in Massachusetts, there was a way
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My 3x great grand parents, Victor Theophile Haydel (1835-1924) and Marie Celeste Becnel (1840-1885) were both born enslaved on the @WhitPlantation. The couple who would become the ancestors of the African American Haydel family. #DESCENDANTChallenge @Participant @HGMedia
“Victor was the son of an enslaved woman (Anna), who was herself a mulatto. Victor was fathered by Antoine Haydel, the brother of Marie Azelie Haydel. Celeste was a daughter of Francoise, the enslaved cook of Marie, and was fathered by Florestan Becnel, Marie’s brother-in-law.”
“It is known that each of these men was married, and that refusing to engage in sexual relations with a white man was not an option available to either of these women.”


Honored to descend from such survivors:…
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The Rise of the Lost Cause Myth (across U.S. + California):

“After Reconstruction ended, white southerners created the myth of the Confederate “Lost Cause” in order to downplay the horrors of enslavement and terrorize African Americans.”

#Reparations #ReparationsNow

(🧵⤵️) A crowd of European American Confederates gather around a to
“Southerners who opposed Black civil rights falsely argued that the Civil War had little to do with enslavement.

The Lost Cause myth claims that the Confederacy had fought a heroic war to save the southern way of life from being destroyed by the North.”

“This untruthful history also claims that the Confederacy lost the Civil War only because the more populated, industrialized North overpowered white southerners, not because enslavement or the Confederate cause was wrong.”

#Reparations #ReparationsNow
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🧵 “Rose Cannon’s (@Reparationist_1) family moved to Evanston in 1919, when her father and his family arrived from Tennessee and settled in the 5th Ward.” #reparations #ReparationsNow

“As her family prospered, in the early 1960s, when Cannon was in high school, they moved into their dream home, a brand new house in the historically White 2nd Ward neighborhood.” #reparations #ReparationsNow…

“They were unable to secure a conventional mortgage and resorted to a contract for deed, she said, referring to a predatory financial agreement commonly required for Black people in the 1960s.”

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For past 4 yrs volunteer community organizers of @cjecofficial @NAASDLA put in thousands of hours of work to produce what you now know as #AB3121 & #SB189. We consulted legal, legislative and policy experts. We gathered input from dozens of listening sessions throughout CA.✊🏾💪🏾
We worked closely w/ Dr. Weber, Dr. Darity and a multitude of state and local elected officials. We even brought @icecube into the process.

We amended #AB3121, got it passed into law and, defeated an attempt to change the eligibility intent of the statute. #LineageVote ✊🏾💪🏾
We conducted surveys and produced countless pieces of marketing content directed at raising awareness in the CA #Freedmen community about #Reparations efforts in the state.

Everything we have done was to inform our people and bring them/ their input into the process. ✊🏾💪🏾
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“After the end of the Civil War and the outlawing of enslavement, the United States went through a process known as Reconstruction, a period of rebuilding and reuniting the country. Abraham Lincoln had begun this process during the Civil War.”

Learn more: Image
“But Lincoln’s assassination in April 1865 put Reconstruction in the hands of his vice-president, Andrew Johnson, and Republicans in Congress.

Johnson wanted to keep white people in charge of the South and opposed giving equal political rights to African Americans.” #Reparations ImageImage
Former enslavers refused to acknowledge African Americans’ new freedom. In every ex-Confederate state, white southerners passed laws called “Black Codes.” Black Codes included vagrancy laws that allowed police to arrest any Black person without an employer and force them to work. Image
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🚨THREAD🚨 1) The term "tether" has been tossed around a lot in recent years. It refers to a Black person in the country that does not descend from persons enslaved in the US AND is actively against lineage-based #Reparations for American Freedmen. Let's go deeper.
2) Being Black in America is no cakewalk. However, some ppl came to the US, a historically racist nation, voluntarily after the changes around race & nationality were forced into immigration policy by the Civil Rights Movement in 1965.…. Image
3) Even with these changes, 99.2% of the Black people in the United States descended from persons enslaved in the US & the Survivors of Jim Crow- US #Freedmen. That did not change significantly until the 1980s, two decades after the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Image
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The Germans demolished everything they encountered on their way - residential houses, monuments, palaces, churches. This is one of the examples of what was left after the #German occupation in Poland. Did Germany pay #Poland #reparations? - no, not a cent.
Sixteen million tons of rubble remained from Warsaw after the war. "Every inhabitant must be killed, no prisoners must be taken,Warsaw is to be razed to the ground and in this way an intimidating example is to be created for the whole of Europe"
-such an order was issued on August 1, 1944, in response to the outbreak of the uprising in Warsaw, Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler.And he fulfilled those words.The left-bank part of the Polish capital suffered the most,where 84 percent of buildings were destroyed.
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2022 brought new wars and the continuation of old ones. But it also brought some real advances in the protection of civilian rights. Here are ten of the most important, many of which involved efforts from @CeasefireCentre over the last 3 years:
#PoC #IHL #NotATarget S Kivu, DRC/M Lattimer
1. For decades the poor cousin of criminal prosecutions, #reparations awards took centre stage in 2022, incl. a ground-breaking #ICJ judgment in Feb ordering Uganda to pay $325m for armed activities and mass violations on territory of #DRCongo…
2. While the intl community has largely failed to deliver justice to the victims of #ISIS – incl. the #Yazidis – Iraq launched in the Autumn a holistic reparations scheme for Yazidi, Christian, Turkmen and Shabak survivors under the new Yazidi Survivors Law
#YSL #Yazidis #Iraq Nineveh, Iraq/M Lattimer
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Did you know the British Royals have about $35 billion in assets, and they colonized every continent except Antarctica to get it?
👑 👸 🤴 👑 👸
#enslavement Image
The source of Britain's wealth was / is the slave trade.
Reparations are owed worldwide, and if they were paid, this family would be broke.

#reparations Image
#Britain hooked the Chinese on #opium, and took over #HongKong in 1842.

#OpiumWars Image
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“Were these monuments built for Germans to collectively remember what had been done, or a performance of contrition for the rest of the world?”

Fascinating @TheAtlantic essay by @ClintSmithIII on 🇩🇪 remembrance and lessons for the 🇺🇸 #slavery #Reparations…
I grew up around many of these monuments in Berlin and followed the debates since I was a child. And I believe that #Stolpersteine are among the most effective ways to remember, because they are immediate, personal, and created and maintained by civic action.
“Dear father! I am saying goodbye to you before I die. We would so love to live, but they won’t let us and we will die. I am so scared of this death, because the small children are thrown alive into the pit. Goodbye forever. I kiss you tenderly.”

Judith, 12, Belarus, 1942
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