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In writing about the debates today, I was in part focusing on how much candidates spoke.
Biden spoke most: 21.2 mins.--even longer than last time.
Warren was 17.9, Harris 17.7 and Bernie 17.6. Nearly an hour and a half of the overall time was spoken for by these frontrunners.
The difference of 4mins more time from Biden is nearly a quarter of what the other top three contenders spoke, as they are all tied within a few seconds. It's especially significant for Harris, who was challenged repeatedly and got 4mins less time to rebut than Biden. Telling.
On Tuesday, Warren and Sanders were basically a team. And their nearest polling rival, Buttigieg, is in agreement with them on many issues and for the most part wasn't fighting them. So his 14.4 mins was spent mostly on his own plans and history.
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@breakingbrown discussed #Baltimore as recently as last week when there was a weekend of unexplained violence. What’s happening in #Baltimore is not new to #ADOS.
In America, #ADOS are perpetual outsiders; that stops now. We’re not outsiders. Enslavement created the foundations for the economies of the western world by making cotton “King”. #Reparations is the least America can do for our ancestors’ contribution.
Let’s talk about #ADOS cities like #Atlanta where the data paints a picture of a group that has been continually barred from all means of economic advancement, agency, and autonomy. @Bloomberg
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🔴 PREMIERES at 8pm ET:

"No matter your race, no matter your gender…if you work hard in America…you will be just fine."

@LarryElder on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek at #WCS19

Subscribe to The Larry Elder Show:…

"I could not find any pattern of deadly force used against black people."

@LarryElder deconstructs myths about #Racism on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek at #WCS19
American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek at #WCS19

@LarryElder dismantles the #Reparations narrative: "We've had 50, 60 years of race-based preferences…the idea that America has not tried to make up for historical wrongs is simply not true."

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@JoeCunninghamSC Surely you’re aware #Lincoln wanted to send all Blacks back where they came from.
“But for your race, there could not be war. Many men engaged on either side do not care for you one way or the other. Without slavery the war could not have an existence.”…
@JoeCunninghamSC 1862 #Lincoln talks to influential Blacks telling them all Blacks should go back where they came from.
“we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. ...this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both,"
@JoeCunninghamSC 1862 #Lincoln "I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.”
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Today I went swimming in the lake and I tasted the tears of your ancestors. Today I sat on the shore and saw each grain of sand stained with the blood of their past.

Today there was not gentle breeze, but a violent storm of echoed cries bouncing from every tree. Today in silent storm I heard a fraction of your pain. Today I hung my head in shame, knowing that there is still black men with their hands up begging for their lives.

Today my heart felt heavy knowing that I have a privilege you do not, simply because of the color of my skin. Today I sat in sand crying tears that I never knew were there.
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THREAD-"If Americans are now willing to entertain the notion of restorative justice for the legacy of institutional racism, slavery alone is the wrong place to focus."… #reparations
"The damage to African Americans goes far beyond abolition in 1865. Efforts to subordinate and economically exploit black people continued through peonage, convict leasing, sharecropping, Jim Crow, redlined black ghettos and mass incarceration.
"The ideology of white supremacy, used to justify slavery, persists. Why should subsequent racist practices get a pass while we zoom in on outright bondage? Anti-black segregation lives on, and the current damage to slavery’s descendants is direct and measurable.
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This PFIR guilt-by-association slander is something that cannot stand.

Whatever you, Mr. Greene, or any other observer thinks about PFIR...someone please provide evidence of any position paper, article, blog entry, etc. that espouses harm to immigrants to this country.
PFIR has been flagged as connected to nativists by the same organization that called the Nation of Islam and The New Black Panther Party hate groups, who happens to be allies with N'COBRA in their #reparations push.

So how much weight should we give about what they say?
Next...Yvette Carnell isn't a right-winger...but let's do a thought experiment and say that she was.

The reality remains that while #ADOS is 13-14% of the American population, they only hold 2.6% of America's total wealth.
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American nightmare: Black millennials less likely to own a home than their grandparents were at same age…
"The Great Recession delivered a far bigger hit to black Americans’ already meager wealth holdings— depressed by slavery, centuries of discrimination, and deliberately discriminatory housing policies — than it did to whites.
"That has left the home ownership gap between blacks and whites at its worst level since the New Deal, according to a new report from the Stanford Center for Poverty and Inequality. @centerpovineq @DarrickHamilton…
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"There's a difference between being freed and being free... As soon as the institution of slavery was abolished, white legislators and white society implemented a range of measures that weren't slavery but came pretty darn close."… #reparations 1/4
Black people were freed into a society that still hated them, still saw them as not fully human and inferior to white people. #reparations 2/4
We never really had a reckoning with what it would have meant to welcome freed people into society as equals, to give them the material resources required for them to actually be free people in society. #reparations 3/4
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"The Constitution relates to interests. Contrary to the idea that this document was established to protect minority rights or to give people certain freedoms, it was simply a contract that reflected various interests." Attorney Alton Maddox

"When this document [the Constitution] was written, everybody who was part of this process either owned real property or personal property (i.e., stocks, bonds, etc.)."

Attorney Alton Maddox


"How did George Washington become General of the Army and how did he eventually become the very first President of the United States? He was the largest land owner in America."

Attorney Alton Maddox


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Hi @RodDMartin ,

I noticed that you retweeted this.

I’m no expert on reparations or slavery. But I do have expertise in ethics and political philosophy. And, if I may, I think this comment actually brings more confusion than clarity to the issue. Here’s a much better argument.
(Quick preliminary. I’m not going to say anything about who owes what to whom, how much, or the process of effectuating compensation. I just want you to acknowledge that it’s at least possible that some people in the present day are owed compensation for some past injustices.
Oh yeah, and my argument has nothing to do with slavery. So your answer shouldn’t have anything to do with slavery or details Re who owes what to whom, how much, etc. My only point is that it’s at least possible that some people today are owed compensation for past injustice.)
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@Joshua4Congress Then, maybe borrowing from "Women's houses" in Rojava working out intersectional #feminist issues as reformative justice. Not mass incarceration but local policing and real discussion.

Jailing those that threaten violence as political terrorism.
@Joshua4Congress Legalizing freedom and protecting the people first. #Reparations #SexWork #EndingProhibition
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1. #News ~ BOOM! Hannity Asks Trump About Italy, UK, Australia Officials Spying on his Campaign, President Trump adds, “And Ukraine” (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon #TickTock #Hannity
2. #News ~ Tucker Carlson Warns President Trump on Tech Censorship: You Will Not Be Reelected if Your Supporters Cannot Speak Freely (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon
3. #News ~ 4 Suspects Charged Nearly 5 Years After Malaysian Airlines Crash Killed 298 People…

#Trump #Qanon
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By 1860, 4 million black people were enslaved in the U.S., representing an approximate value of $3 BILLION--the single largest asset of any kind. (Source: Steven Deyle, "Carry Me Back: The Domestic Slave Trade in American Life") #Juneteenth #Reparations
The $100 bill of the Confederate States of America features an image of slaves working the field. They were very clear about the source of their wealth. #Juneteenth #Reparations
My mentions are blowing up with the "what abouts"--pointing out the value of real estate... My mistake in saying "single largest," but if that's ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT $3BILLION dollars "worth of people" then GTFO my mentions.
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0. Now that the #Reparations hearing farce is over, lets have a REAL discussion right now that will address the questions of reparations in 10 points (continued)
1. "I never owned slaves so I'm not responsible"

Slavery was sanctioned by the federal government, and all those UNDER the government profited from free Black labor. So the same government & its subjects owe Black people for the free labor that accumulated ALL the wealth today
2. "I'm Irish, so am I owed reparations?"

Irish indentured servants already received two forms of reparations. One was Freedom Dues (money & land). And the second, was all the tangible benefits that came with the first Affirmative Action program called white supremacy
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moments ago, @SenateMajLdr McConnell on #Reparations: "I don't want reparations for something that happened 150 years ago...we've tried to deal with the original sin of slavery by passing civil rights legislation and electing an African American president...."
" one currently alive (was a slave) ...and we wouldn't even know whom to compensate" more @SenateMajLdr asked about #Reparations
.@SenateMajLdr McConnell's full remarks today on #Reparations:
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1. #News ~ ‘CRIME BOSS’: Closing Arguments in NXIVM Trial
— Satanism, Mexico Child Trafficking, Hillary, Schumer and Gillibrand Ties…

#Trump #Qanon #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump #ItsHAPPENING
#JusticeComing #SOON #TheStormIsUponUs #TickTock
2. #News ~ Benghazi Suspect Found Guilty of Terrorism in 2012 Attack on U.S. Compound; “We will never forget those we lost in Benghazi on 9/11, 2012 – Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, & Ambassador Christopher Stevens,”…

#Trump #Qanon #Benghazi
3. #News ~ YAY!! President Trump is Planning to Live-tweet Democratic Debates



#Trump #Qanon #Trump2020
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#TrashterpieceTheater #TPTEpisde13
Cindy The Soul Snatcher
aka Cindy The Savage
aka But Ya Man Right There Tho!
aka When Cougars Attack
So back in undergrad there was this jawn named Cindy (not her name). We used to flirt like crazy, but never did anything. She’d get wasted af at parties and say the nastiest shit to me. But…
#TrashterpieceTheater #TPTEpisde13
1. Consent Culture… Perritti taught us this early. She used to be higher than Giraffe pxssy on ecstasy and that’s not consent or cute.
2. She was cool with my on again, off again gf which was foul
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Ten #MMT tips to remember on #TaxDay:
1. Federal #taxes don't fund federal spending, so let's #decouple these two important tools.
2. Taxes offset #Government spending.
3. It's a matter of #logic: #dollars must be spent into existence (by the Gov) first, in order for us to use some of those $ to pay taxes
4. #Taxing for #revenue is for local states/municipalities, not the #sovereign issuer of the #currency.
5. Taxing excessive wealth protects #democracy from #Oligarchy and protects us from abusive market power
6. Taxing #pollution & #speculation to reduce such activities, not to "fund" #healthcare and #education.
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#EPlenary today made history by recognising fundamental rights of black people in landmark resolution overwelmingly adopted by 535 MEPs.

The 1st time #EU denounces structural racism, call for #reparations and to end racial profiling. #EndRacismEU #EUelections2019 #AfricanDescent
“The ball is now in their court: we need concrete action plans and specific measures now." @amelyacef , Chair of ENAR

Read our statement: ”…

#EndRacismEU #EUelections2019
“The resolution calls for concrete action from European Union institutions and EU Member States."

Read our statement:… #EndRacismEU #EUelections2019
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Reparations? Who is @SenWarren @ewarren pandering to?

She wants victims-by-proxy for dead slaves, but does nothing to stop modern slavery and sex trafficking of live slaves, real victims who can be saved.

Anything to divide us. #PatriotsUnited! 1 of 4…
Anyone old enough to remember that Kamala had a "anti-lynching" bill pending that was going nowhere so Jussie Smollett tried to play the race card and got bagged bigly?

That was all to lay the groundwork for this #reparations nonsense.

#WAKEUPAMERICA #DemExit #QAnon 2 of 4
Dem's want to make sheeple victim-by-proxy for dead slaves while ignoring ongoing misery.

600k white men died in our civil war to end slavery. My ancestors went from Maine to fight.

That they even talk about it shows how stupid and desperate for votes they are.
3 of 4
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1. On #Reparations, the legit orgs to follow & support 👉🏿 & @ReparationsComm.

- @ministter

"There are external forces intent on sowing confusion to suppress the Black vote to favor the ascendancy of these reactionary forces."

- @ReparationsComm #HR40
2. Our struggle is a Pan-African struggle because we came from Africa. Reparations require healing. Reparations MUST include @ReparationsComm’s demand for “Right of Repatriation & Creation of an African Knowledge Program”
- M
3. Reparations is not necessarily all about the Benjamins for individuals. Rather it’s about long-term reparatory financial investment in our communities.
- M
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Wow. @nytdavidbrooks for #reparations:
“I’m talking about more than recompense for past injustices—more than a handout,a payoff,hush money,or a reluctant bribe.What I’m talking about is a national reckoning that would lead to spiritual renewal.”-
Those of us who have always supported #reparations certainly know that this is essential to national healing.
Brooks writes: “Reparations are a drastic policy and hard to execute, but the very act of talking about and designing them heals a wound and opens a new story,”

Brooks says: “Lincoln was saying that sometimes the costs of repairing sin have to [be] borne generations after the sin was first committed.”

This marks the first time I have ever agreed with Brooks.
Now we ask how others claiming to be on the left can reject #reparations.
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On #Reparations: Recently, I’ve watched as some white evangelicals have jumped into this conversation with talking points they heard at the dinner table or recently, on Fox News. Neither of these sources should shape our understanding of this biblical concept. 1/
Theologically, #reparation is about repairing what oppression broke in the world. 2/ @FreedomRoadus
In Abrahamic traditions God declares what perfection looks like in Genesis 1:31. God looks around and declared all of creation “very good” (tov m’od). Tov (good) is located BETWEEN THINGS. M’od (very) translated actually means forceful, abundant, overflowing. 3/ @FreedomRoadus
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