Do you mean the 6 EMPTY File Folders with "Classified" written on them?

Or are you babbling about a box of magazines, or maybe the 2 expired Passports?

Could it be the letter from Kim J., "Rocket Man?"

I bet you're referring to anything that "was" marked "Classified"...

...that as the President, he could literally (you idit [sic] #LibProgSocCommieTard) wave his hand (with 5 stubby nubbins', a/k/a fingers) over and DECLARE them UN*frikk'n*CLASSIFIED, are those the docs you're babbling about?

I bet you were cool with Clinton absconding with the codes for the nuclear football and hiding them in his frikk'n SOCK DRAWER. Don't fret, TaterTot, the codes are changed at the beginning of each new regime.

You also, most likely, believed that when the Clinton's left the White House, they were flat broke, & took everything that wasn't nailed, including but not limited to silverware, lampshades, you name it, they TOOK IT.

You are blind and unaware that EVERY. Single. American. Fxkking. President. Takes Scheiße they want, WHATEVER they want, TaterTot. Can you comprehend that?

I doubt it.

Are you so wracked with wrage [sic] all you can see/think is ❝Orange Man, bad❞ like the adolescent...
6/# are?

I would say it ❝surprises❞ me, but yeah. No.

Nothing you people spew is surprising. Stupid AF but NOT surprising.

I'll pray for you. In the meantime, however, you should seek professional help. There's no pill for ❝Trump Derangement Syndrome,❞ however...

... some good old-fashioned therapy might assist you in thinking before posting an idiotic Meme of Commie Conspirators, not even insinuating, but outright CALLING for President Trump to be executed.

The ❝orange man❞ isn't bad, TaterTot. You are.

The ❝orange man❞...

...didn't STEAL ❝Confidential❞ information, but we can discuss, at length, about HITLERy Kkklinton and how SHE had National Security communications, clearly marked ❝(c)❞ for classified on a private server in her fxkking BATHROOM. And, do you even know that the server...

...WAS in LiteralFrikk'nFact, HACKED by Foreign adversaries? It's been proven.

The bottom line is this: YOU people are the violence inciters. YOU people didn't defend American citizens when they were being attacked while their businesses and homes were burned to the ground.

Not only did you people NOT defend Americans, but Heel's-Up-Harris also raised Million$ to bail out, and put back on the street a myriad of frikk'n criminals.

But hey, that's OK with you. On the other-hand, myself and other like-minded Conservatives see you people...

...for the morally bankrupt, anti-American, sick, twisted, degenerates you are.

You should watch the doddering, old, mush-mouthed, pedo, FTard "speech" about Unity (my Conservative ass) in front of a historic building lit up blood red...

...with OUR Marines standing guard to give the former VP & pedo Joey B. the false look of... I don't even know. Well, it was an attempt to threaten everyone on the right (OR left) who doesn't agree with his ❝Anti-American❞ BullScheiße agenda.

You go now, mommy called...

... it's time for a snack and a nap. You know how cranky you get without a PB&J and some ❝Zzz's.❞

(No doubt you were bottle-fed, bedwetter with ❝mommy❞-issues...or, you're an idit [sic] frikk'n Bot, damnitall, I forgot to check on that first...Scheiße,)

• • •

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Aug 11
'Yo @potus, @joebiden, Jill ❝🚫NOT-a-real🩺❞ @drbiden (please read this to Joey, and explain it to him, kthx)...

Being referred to as "Dr." Biden wasn't good enough... You spent 8 long, frikk'n, years as the wife of the VP, that wasn't good enough either.
You had to be @flotus

Now, #WeThePeople are stuck with a dementia-affected old man who can't put on his jacket without help, continues to sniff little girls, a dude who can't string together a short sentence (even reading off a teleprompter), falls off his bike while PARKED, shakes hands...

...with AIR, has to be directed at an "egg-roll" by a staffer dressed as a bunny, mumbles dude, the old man mumbles like he has a mouth full of frikk'n tapioca pudding, he shits himself, OMG Jill, I could go on...and on...and on...

People have died as a result of his...
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Aug 3
Thank God!!

I have been saying this since Rob What's-His-Name (O'Neill, my bad) was applauded for firing the kill shot(s) that took down Osama (NOT Usama, did you notice Barry Hussein changed the spelling of his name?).

So, I did a little research on the latest dead terrorist.

What do "I," think is going on? Glad you asked. The #LibProgSocCommieTards are "almost" as good at remembering as I am (not to toot my own horn, but...) so under Barry, and now under Former VP Gooey B. they found...

... two dead A-Q 'leaders' and after all the information is scrubbed from the interwebs, they claim victory. The piece (below) "was" dated Nov. 2020, today, it's dated today (2 Aug. 2022) but the info about him dying from natural causes...
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Jun 19
I read the book: "Raising Ryland" yesterday and I'm more disturbed now than before.

This mother found her daughter in daddy's closet, wearing one of daddy's shirts when she was 3. She wasn't verbal having been deaf since birth, but not diagnosed for more than a year...

After finding her baby girl in the closet, she said the baby told her "not to tell anyone." As if this 3 yr. old BABY GIRL had the wherewithal to KNOW that wearing a man's shirt was socially unacceptable. As IF. Then baby Ryland starts signing circles in the air...

...mommy asks, "Do you want to be a boy?" Ry, smiles, and signs circles (that apparently means the baby's uncle [?]) alrighty then. From daddy's shirt to signing circles, to the assumption the baby girl wants to be a boy. Makes perfect sense.

If you're a frikk'n attn wh0re.
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Jun 15
Dear @FoxNews,

I didn't see this until Mon. & I've been WAITING patiently to calm down before I said anything...

As I was watching these parents, all I could think was; "This isn't cool. You aren't woke. And this Scheiße sounds a lot like child abuse."

...However, this isn't an issue that will be acceptable to me, EVER.

I did notice the look on @DanaPerino's & she didn't appear to be thrilled. SERIOUSLY!

These parents began the TRANSITION process when their little girl was FIVE (5) frikk'n years old. Kindergarten.

5-year-olds are in Kindergarten! Can a 5-year-old vote? Drive a car? Buy a beer? Own a gun? The answer is NO to ALL of the ABOVE. However, do you want us to believe that a 5-year-old little girl KNOWS what it feels like to be a little BOY?

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May 30
So, @politico...all y'all were so excited to print the pic of Madison Cawthorne drinking champagne at a party wearing a pink nightie.

Where's your "Expose" on the failure of a human being; Robert Frances (@betoorourke) "BehTOE" o'Rourke? Cawthorne's OUT but your boy BehTOE is...

...mouthing off and making an ass out of himself and the entire Dem.ParTay w/ non-sensical taunts aimed at a grieving population in and around Uvalde.

I think it's time he got some equal treatment. I'm sure you will agree.

Here's your wannabe dressed in a onesie, wearing a sheepshead, playing the bass, and covering "Blitzkrieg Bop" written/performed (originally) by "The Ramones" - you should also Google that tune, Blitzkrieg Bop -- shootin' people in the back, getting steamy in the backseat...
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May 28
Ask yourself this, sEthMeister: Of those MASS SHOOTINGS in America, how many MASSacres have occurred in #GunFreeZones?

Seriously, Douche-boi... Nidal Hasan may still hold some sick record for ppl killed on a Military Base, because why? It was a GUN FREE ZONE, Einstein.

Do you read, research, study, or analyze ANYTHING before you post your disgusting cartoon & divisive rhetoric (just days after 21 people were SLAIN, in school - a GUN-FREE *frikk'n* ZONE)... You, sEthMeister, are lower than pond scum.

Don't spawn.

If you already have, #STLiteralFU, thank your god (if you have one) and hug your child(ren) -- because you can you ungrateful, despicable, tragic excuse of a

(What a loathsome heathen this T👀L is...)
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