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If #GeorgeWashinton was alive, he would see what @theDemocRATs are doing to the Country he Founded... it would kill him.

You people are seriously willing to give all your shit up to CHINA? You will have no shit. You will have no Twitter that isn't...

...State Sponsored Communist Propaganda. TikTok? The CCP owns it & everything is censored. Facebook? Have you not heard of the restrictions?

What about you overpaid LibTard ACTORS? Do you know how shit has to be censored in China, by the communist state?

Now, you'll get paid a pittance, but you won't have a choice, you are property of the state as well.

You get paid what the state thinks you deserve and they/them? They keep the rest! So the millions that you are paid to make an "R"-rated flic? Bummer! The state gets your...
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Welcome to the dystopian HELL HOLE called KKKalifornia. Cali is run by #LibProgSocCommieTard douche-nozzle @gavinnewsom aka #GovGavGrewsom.

Is THIS what @theDemocRATs in Cali WANT?

Watch the movie, ❝Soylent Green❞... Soylent Green is people.…

I am incensed.

I am livid.

This idiot dotard needed to be run out of office on one of his STUPID...Moronic...High-speed rails to NOWHERE!

Did #WeThePeople of KKKali, vote FOR this SHIT? I don't recall voting in favor of ANY of the bullshit legislation you and your...

...gang of nasty, inhumane, murderous sycophants has put out there. Or, is this another one of your SICK f*cking, twisted, degenerate, EO's written under the Emergency Powers YOU have given YOURSELF?

It's no wonder your in-laws hate you so much they moved to FL & support...
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Do you mean the 6 EMPTY File Folders with "Classified" written on them?

Or are you babbling about a box of magazines, or maybe the 2 expired Passports?

Could it be the letter from Kim J., "Rocket Man?"

I bet you're referring to anything that "was" marked "Classified"...

...that as the President, he could literally (you idit [sic] #LibProgSocCommieTard) wave his hand (with 5 stubby nubbins', a/k/a fingers) over and DECLARE them UN*frikk'n*CLASSIFIED, are those the docs you're babbling about?

I bet you were cool with Clinton absconding with the codes for the nuclear football and hiding them in his frikk'n SOCK DRAWER. Don't fret, TaterTot, the codes are changed at the beginning of each new regime.
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