Sri #JagannathaDasaru (1728-1809) - Maanvi
(Bhadrapada Sukla Navami)

Daasavaryam dayaasindhum dooreekruta duraashiram !
#Harikathamritavaktaaram Jagannaatha gurum bhajE !!
Sri Jagannatha Dasaru (1728-1809) is considered as #SaHlaAda (brother of Prahlada RaAyaru) amsha whose poorvasrama name was Srinivasacharya; ++
Sri Puranadara Dasaru - Sri Vijaya Dasaru - Sri Jagannatha Dasaru and Sri Gopala Dasaru together are called DaAsa Chatushtaya - the four stalwarts of Haridasa tradition, who have played a significant role in spreading the philosophy of Hari sarvottama - VaAyu Jeevottama;
#HarikathaMruthasAra composed by Sri Jagannatha Dasaru is a jewel in the crown of his literary works which is considered as an essence of Dvaita-TattvavaAda Madhva philosophy; ++
It contains 32 cantos having 988 poems in a highly poetic/literary style meant for novice understanding of common man; It contains the essence of Vedas/Upanishads/Bhagawadgita in a poetic style; ++
Sri #Jagannatha Dasaru has emphasized on #Taratamya in his composition #HarikathamruthasaAra in as many as seven chapters.

> Guna Taratamya Sandhi (chapt. 20)
> Aarohanaanukramanikaa Taaratamya Sandhi (chapt.25)
> Avarohanaanukramanikaa Taaratamya Sandhi (chapt.26)
> Anukramanikaa Taaratamya Sandhi ( Chapter – 27)
> Anu Taaratamya Sandhi (chapter – 29)
> Daitya Taaratamya Sandhi (chapter – 30)
> Devataa Taaratamya or Kaksha Taaratamya Sandhi (chapter – 32)

The #essence of it is as follows….
Knowledge of #paMchabhEda & #tAratamya is very imp. for those who aspire for #mOxa. This is D very basis of #madhvasiddhAMta. Knowledge of tAratamya among dEvata-s & daitya-s is like 'dAvashiki' (forest fire). This fire burns away all heaps of paApa (forest of pApa-s) done by us.
Knowledge of #tAratamya is like a boat which helps the #Jeeva to cross the ocean of #saMsAra;

This knowledge is like the steps to reach #vaikuMTa.
Secret of tAratmaya must be shared only with bhagavad bhakta-s - If we try to explain to others (ayOgya-s) it would be a waste of our time and not yield results, it is useless. This must be explained only to those who are entitled for the same. ++
JagannAthadasaru says that it is important that a sAdhaka hears this order of tAratamya from a guru. It will provide the sAdhaka with the correct knowledge of tAratamya.

tAratamya j~nAna is important to obtain this daivI saMpattu > jnaana-bhakti-vairagya;
#ParamAtma becomes happy and bestows His anugraha to the bhagavad bhakta-s who perform sEva with this understanding. He provides them sukha on earth and mukti at the end.

Hari Sarvottama - Vaayu Jeevottama 🙏
Sri #HariKathaAmruthaSaAra - #KarunaSandhi
(in English)

If Sri #JagannathaDasaru is author of Sri #HarikathaAmruthasaara, it was Sri #VijayaDasaru who was the man behind its origin. ++
It was one of his miracles/forethought/aparoksha jnaana that, during one of his visits to #Maanvi kshethra (place of Sri #JagannathaDasaru who was #Sreenivaasachaarya in his proovaasrama) invited Sri Sreenivaasachaarya for Theertha-prasaada. ++
But, Sreenivaasachaarya didn't want to attend; so in the pretext of having stomach ache he sent a word to Sri VijayaDasaru of his intention. It's ok, let it be said Sri VijayaDasaru. ++
Sri Sreenivaasa chaarya's false reasoning became true, he suffered with acute stomach ache which could not be cured in-spite of his sincere efforts (medical attempts & visit to divine places). ++
Finally he went to Mantralayam to have darshan of Sri GuruRaayaru who advised him (through swapna) to meet Sri VijayaDasaru and said, that would be the remedy. ++
#Srinivasacharya went & surrendered 2 Sri #VijayaDasaru seeking apologies. VijayaDasaru immediately directed his disciple Sri #GopalaDasaru 2 donate 40 yrs of his aayurdhaaya that has not only cured his ailment, gave him longevity, but also gave birth to #HariKathaAmruthasaAra.
But, for Sri VijayaDasaru & Sri GopalaDasaru, world would have missed a great script in the form of #HarikathaAmruthasara. It was a divine sankalpa through Sri GuruRayara prerana/anugraha to make Sri #JagannathaDasaru write this magnum opus.
Sri Jagannatha Dasaru an ardent devotee of Sri Guru Raayaru, in his composition; Sri #Raaghavendra #Ashtaakshara Stothra extolled the significance of each letter as follows… ++
Ra relief from all diseases;
Ga enhances longevity/glory/strength;
Va result in gain of worldly riches;
Dra drive away sins of D person chanting;
Ya will not B troubled by YamaDharmaraja;
Na will B bestowed with higher positions;
Ma will B blessed with riches that of Mahendra;
Sri #JagannathaDasaru in #HarikathaAmruthasara (#Mangalacharana Sandhi) pays obeisance to #BhavishyaBramha Sri #AnandaTheertharu (#Madhvacharya) the one who has proclaimed to the world the concept of #Tattvavaada - #PanchaBheda; +
paMchabhEdAtmaka prapaMchake
paMcharUpAtmakane daivaka
paMchamukha shakrAdigaLu kiMkararu shrIharige
paMchikegaLanu pELda bhAvivi
riMchi yenipAnaMda tIRthara nenevenanudinavu;
For this world of #PanchaBheda; #PancharoopaAtmaka #Devata (#Narayana-#Vasudeva-#Sankarshana-#Pradyumna-#Aniruddha); #Vishnu is the ONE AND THE ONLY GOD; all others are His servants (#Kinkararu) and dependent on Him for existence;
After composing #HarikathAmrutasAra Sri #JaganaathaDasaru went to #Mantralaya to submit his work to Sri #GuruAyaru. RAyaru is believed to have come out from #BrindAvana to bless him. Sri JagannathaDasaru has captured this very eloquently in a song (" #yeddubarutArenoDe ..”) +
It is believed that Sri JagannathaDasaru have had frequent conversations with Sri GuruRAyaru. When this fact became public, several people started pestering him with requests to present before RAyaru. After this RAyaru stopped appearing before him totally. ++
He poured out his anguish in front of RAyaru in another song (“#yAkemUkanAdyoguruve ..”), melting RAyaru’s heart. From then on, Sri #RAyaru appeared only in his dreams.

Did you know? Sri JagannathaDasaru in his poorvaashrama (Sreenivasacharya) had his Shastra Vidya from Sri Varadendra Theertharu when he was Sri Balaramacharya in his poorvaashrama at Mantralaya Kshethra.

• • •

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#ParamaAtma chintana


The term #VrusHakapi we come across in Sri #VishnuSahasranamaStotram (sloka # 11) as one of the names/attribtues of Lord #Vishnu; #VrusHa is also referred to in #SVSN in the following slokas..++ ImageImageImage
#vṛṣā-#kapir ameyātmā sarva-yoga-viniḥ-sṛtaḥ || 11 ||

amoghaḥ puṇḍarīkākṣo #vṛṣa-karmā vṛṣākṛtiḥ || 12 ||

#vṛṣāhī #vṛṣabho viṣṇur #vṛṣa-parvā #vṛṣodaraḥ || 28 ||
In the term #VRUSHAKAPAYE ... #VRUSHA is referred to Dharma, virtuous act/virtue, the divine Boar; #kA Is referred to Water & #pA is referred as, to protect;
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➡️ #bHadrapAda maAsa - #PrAusHtapadi - #BhaAgavata chintana🙏

Full Moon day in D month of Bhadrapada is called Praushtapadi. Ending with this day, for a period of 15 days starting from Bhadrapada Sukla Pratipada it is prescribed for study/pravachana/manana of BhaAgavata Purana.+ Image
#Bhagavatham means the holy one which deals with the glory of #BHAGAVANTHA who is none other than the Supreme God #VISHNU who is #BHAGAVAN;

Sri #VishnuSahasranaama Stothram describes Lord Vishnu as #BHAGAVAN (sloka # 60)
the one who is worthy of worship, holy, divine, venerable;

the one who possesses in opulence a blend of six great attributes viz.
> jnaAna, bAla, aisHvarya, viIrya, sHakti, and tEjas;

> the one who possesses divine and auspicious qualities like...++
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Aug 13
durvAdi dhvAMta ravayE vaiShNavEMdeevarEMdavE |
srI #rAghavEMdra guravE namO~tyaMta #dayAlavE ||

This sloka is #charama sloka on Sri Guru #RaAghavendra Theertharu composed by His disciple and successor Sri #YogeEndra Theertharu;

like Sun dispels darkness, #GuruRaAyaru destroys ignorance, wrong tenets; doctrines/vipareeta jnaana born out of negative tendencies, He is like Moon in granting boons to devotees of Vishnu who believe in Hari-Sarvottamatva; (contd...+)
My obeisance & salutations to the utmost compassionate, kind & merciful Guru Sri #Raaghavendra🙏🙏🙏
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