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16 Ancient #Ganesha Temples in #India!!
A Thread!

1. Ashtavinayaka - Maharashtra

Ashtavinayaka is a group of 8 #Ganpati temples in Maharashtra that are considered very important by the devotees.

@BharatTemples_ @rightwingchora Ashtavinayak Temple Leniyadri
2. Parvathi Ganesha of Hampi - Karnataka

This 16 ft Ganesha is actually sitting on the lap of his mother Parvati! One has to but appreciate the creativity of the sculptor!

#GanpatiBappaMorya #GaneshChaturthi
@punarutthana @almightykarthik
3. Gokarna MahaGanapathy Temple, Gokarna - #Karnataka

The temple has a rare standing Ganesha, 5 feet (1.5 m) tall and two-handed; on his head is a small depression, which is said to be a mark of Ravana’s fury.

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10 lessons I learn from #Ganesha! A thread!

Small Eyes!

#1: No matter what the obstacles in life, they should never cloud our vision, the aims should never dwindle, those hopes that harness our dreams should never die.

@BharatTemples_ @rightwingchora
Large Ears!

#2: Keep ears open to the realities of life and listen to your inner voice. Listening makes us humble in a way that we develop the ability to accept cases put forward by others.

His head is huge; He is a patron of learning and wisdom and is often seen holding a feather pen in His hand.

#3 Ganesha says --> The sky of spirituality has no limits,
flap your wings of wisdom and see yourself rise in a blissful flight!

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Peshwas and the Ganesh Festival!

The Shaniwarwada was one of the beautiful mansions whose foundation was laid by Peshwa Bajirao I (1720-1740) on 22nd January 1732, by arranging an opening ceremony according to Hindu religious customs,...


1/n Image
after this Rs.15 were paid in charity to Brahmans on the occasion.

Originally, the Wada was simple with the main Diwankhana or main hall with some ornamental carvings.

Later on from Peshwa, Balaji Bajirao (1740-1761), to Nana Phadnawis, Prime Minister to Sawai Madhavrao (1774-1795) made alterations by adding the rooms, halls, galleries, towers, pavilions and fountains. The palace contained large chouks and several large halls

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Did you know:The #world's tallest #Ganesha statue (Bronze) is not in #India, but in #Thailand!

This giant standing #bronze #statue of Lord Ganesha is in #Khlong Khuean, #Chachoengsao Province, Thailand 🇹🇭.

At #39_meters high, he is the tallest Ganesha statue in the world.
He was installed by #Thai Princess #Soamsawali #Phravararajatinuddamat.

Now imagine if they did this in India. All the liberals would shout "waste of money, spend it on toilets".

Today, #Thai #Buddhists celebrate the birth of Ganesha just as #Hindus
Lord Ganesha is known as #"Phra_Phikanet" (Shri Vignesha) in Thailand. He is very popular among Thai Buddhists.

Just as by Hindus, he is worshiped as the #deity of #success and as the one who removes all obstacles by Thai Buddhists.
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On the occasion of #GaneshChaturthi
Here's a thread on #MahavinayakaMandir : One of the primary shrines dedicated to #Vinayaka or #Ganesha in Odisha
Mahavinayak Temple is a major pilgrimage center in Chandikhole in Jajpur district of Odisha. It is one of the oldest Ganesha temples in the state. Five gods - Shiva, Vishnu, Durga, Sun and Ganesha - are worshiped as one deity in a single Garbhagriha or sanctum sanctorum there.
This temple was constructed during 12th century by Keshari Dynasty.
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#Ganesha in Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions
- Dharani Sutra of the Golden Ganapati, found in the T. XXI 1269, which was delivered by the Buddha to his disciple Shariputra
-The other textis the “Arya Maha Ganapati Hridaya Dharani” Image
Vajrapani =>Ganesh is seen as a worldly deity dedicated to protecting Buddhism
Mahayana => he is a Bodhisattva and consort of Avalokiteshvara
Tantric forms — in some lineages => he is an Enlightened deity ImageImage
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When Ved Vyas was composing Mahabharata, he needed someone to note the verses that he was dictating.

For which he approached #Ganesha hailed as the “God of Wisdom”, Ganesha agreed to it but only on one condition. Image
It was that Ved Vyas shouldn’t stop dictating for a moment or else he will stop writing and leave. Maharishi Vyas agreed to it, telling #Ganesha not to write anything on his own or without discussing with him. Sage Vyas narrated the legend as fast as he could. Image
When Ganesha pressed on the texts to keep up with the pace,his reed pen broke. But this didn't stop him from writing so he continued the task by breakin a part of his tusk to be used as a pen. Finally,Mahabharata was created by Ved Vyasa which was etched by Ganesha in a tiny cave
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1-Today is the #Birth #Anniversary of quite possibly the most interesting #God in the #Sanatana #Pantheon - #Ganehsa!

For #AyurvedicAstrology and #VedicAstrology #Tradition in general – Ganesha is the central #God controlling all the #Planets.
2-The Puja timings at most places today in #India are between 11 and 1 during the day.

No tradition is as rich in #Mythical #Symbolism (that if properly meditated upon – can point to the reality) – as the Vedic Tradition.
3-According to the #Vedic Traditions of #Yoga, #Vastu, #Ayurveda and #Jyotish

..the following are the #Metaphors and #Allegories associated with #Ganesha
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A Thread On #Ganesha in Southeast Asia
#Ganesha In #Thailand
-In Thai, #Ganesha is called Phra Phikanet (#พระพิฆเนศ)
- Praying at a shrine to Ganesh is also popular with university students before exams😅
-logo of Dept.of Fine Arts , Thailand
- Slim Ganesha also found in thai version 😅 ImageImageImage
#Ganesha in #Combodia
- known as "Prah kenes" in Khmer
-No -Neck,No pot belly,No head dress Found in sculpture of #Ganesha
-Snake -Ygnopaveet tied in left 👂 is special F of Combodian Ganesha ImageImage
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#DoYouKnow -Unique #Ganesha deity which is believed to be made of sea shells, snail hoods, sea foam &other substances from

On night before #Vinayaka Chaturthi a spl Abishek will be
performed to this Ganesha with honey,it absorbs completely

Thiruppurambiyum #temple,TN
1/n Image
This place is near Kumbakonam Temple was built by Cholas during the 9th Century.There is an Interesting story related to this
#Ganesha as he is called as Pralayam Katha Vinayagar.
(Pralayam–Destruction of Earth by the Sea, Katha –Safeguard, Vinayagar(#Ganesh )
Story#Thread 👇 ImageImage
#storytimethread - End of every yuga is marked by a huge flood that leads to destruction of all living beings on earth - Pralayam
End of Thretha yuga, Earth was destroyed by 7 seas.Shiva instructed Vinayaka to save this temple at Thiru Purambayam.

3/n Image
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Ganesha's Trunk - Left Or Right?

In #Hinduism, idols are given immense importance as they are the worldly embodiments of spiritual forces. Every part of an idol has its own meaning and significance which will lead to different results for the native. Therefore, Image
you should choose appropriate idols which are in harmony with the rules and principles laid down. While keeping a ganesha idol at home during #GaneshChaturthi, people may face a dilemma that whether they choose the Ganpati idol with left sided trunk or right sided trunk. Image

Even if you never noticed the idol in your home in such a manner, I will always advise you to see the side of trunk. Now let us a detailed view on both left and right sided trunk Ganpati. Shree Ganesha with left sided trunk is known as Vaam-mukhi Ganpati. Here Vaam is Image
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From Vinayaka to Ganesha
Though Shiva and Shakti are husband and wife, Shiva did not want to be a father. “I am God. I will never grow old or die. Why do I need children?” But Shakti wanted a child, one who will help all creatures realize God. She decided to create Image
one on her own. She anointed herself with turmeric and oil. When the mixture had soaked her sweat and dried on her skin, she scraped it off and from the rubbings created a child, her son. She called him Vinayaka, a child created without (vina) the help of a man (nayaka), and
ordered him to guard the gate of her cave and not let anyone in.

#Vinayaka, who had never seen #Shiva, stopped everyone from entering his mother’s cave, even Shiva. This infuriated Shiva so much he raised his trident and destroyed Vinayaka’s head. When Shakti learnt of
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Good Morning!

Continuing our #Dialogue on #Gems and #GemTherapy, today we shall dwell on the next two #GemStones.

#YellowSapphire and #Diamond. (1/13)

2-Yellow Sapphire is D highest quality Gemstone used 4 #Jupiter.

Substitute Gemstones for Yellow Sapphire are Yellow Tourmaline, #Citrine, Yellow #Zircon and #Topaz.

In my view, I have seen that Yellow Sapphire is one of the most widely prescribed Gemstone. (2/13)

3-Being related to #Jupiter it is bound to activate within you – the #Energy of the #Universal #Guru.

Out of the four #Vedic #Purusharthas, of #Dharma, #Artha, #Kama and #Moksha, Yellow Sapphire well and truly stands for #Dharma.


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Do U Know?(1/a)
The Original Mahabharat written by #Ganesha & dictated Krishnadwpayan Vyasa contained 60 lakh Slokas.
Later When Narada spoken it to Devas it contained 30lakh Slokas.
When Rishi Asit & Debal Spoken at Pitru Loka it had 15 lakh Slokas
Do U Know?(1/b)
The number of Slokas further reduced when Rishi Sukadev spoken to Yakshya & Nagas.
During the End of the Dwapara When Rishi Vai'sampyan spoken it to Raja Janmanjeya & other Rishis it contained 1 Lakh slokas
Do U Know? (1/c)
No one knows what was the situation of the Great Mahabhrat Epic During Islam Rule. It is Known that Last Mahabhrat Tika (commentary) was written by Rishi Suta Ugrasraba but the date is uncertain.
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Lord Ganesha and His Wives

Let us unfold an interesting aspect of Lord Ganesha’s life. Lord #Shiva and Mata #Parvati once faced quarrel among their two children #Kartikeya and #Ganesha on the decision of their marriage, as both of them wanted to be married first. Image

Subsequently to pacify them and settle the dispute #LordShiva and Mata Parvati asked each of them to take round around Earth and whosoever will return first will be married first.

On this Kartikeya sat on his peacock and went to take a round of the earth while Ganesh ji

after worshiping his parents with full devotion did 7 circumambulations (Parikrama) around them thereafter obeisance them seven times. This act made Him win the contest with his brother. Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati decided 2 marry Ganeshji with the two beautiful daughters
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Thread | #BEEF it OR not
Man used to eat meat, before 10000 BCE, however, as Man started Grains cultivation in Indian History, their preference on meat as food decreased. And virtually it was NIL till ~1500 AD
Let us see how it evolved through antiquity

TEETH are first indicators of whether an animal is #HERBIVOROUS or #CARNIVOROUS
Look at the teeth sets of a human dating BCE 7000, They were NOT meat-eaters.
A study conducted on Jaws from Upper Palaeolithic to Bronze Age shows that dental (crown) dimensions and mandibular dimensions between HUNTERS & FARMERS shifted to sedentism & agricultural subsistence thousands yrs ago.…
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History of #Amarnath Yatra
#Amarnath cave is a Hindu shrine located in Jammu & Kashmir, India. The cave is situated at an altitude of 3,888 m about 141 km from Srinagar. There are two routes through which we can reach #Amarnath shrine...
Southern route is from #Pahalgam & Northern route starts from #Baltal.

Pahalgam is about 92 km from #Srinagar whereas Baltal is 51 Kms from #Srinagar.

After reaching Pahalgam or Baltal, further travel has to be done with the help of foot or by horse/mule or helicopter
Yatra begins in the month of July. It is the belief of #Hindus that #Shiva, one of three supreme gods, the other two being Brahma & Vishnu, appears for the only once in the whole year in the unique form of an ice Lingam...
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How Ganesha became from Vighnaharta to Vighnakarta?
Read this thread

Ganesh is one of the principal Hindu deities. He possesses the head of an elephant with a broken tusk and the body of a potbellied human being. He is depicted both seated and ...

@LostTemple7 @iamrana
..standing with four arms and normally holds one or several items in his hands
He is the Lord of ganas (personal attendants of Siva), the master,the leader, the protector, and the companion among others to the ganas. He is the creator of obstacles and therefore called Vinayaka..
He is revered with several names like Gajanana (elephant faced), Lambodara (potbellied), Ekadanta (one-tusked), Vinayaka (leader of
obstacles), Vighnesvara (lord of obstacles),
Vighnakarta (creator of obstacles), and
Vighnaharta (remover of obstacles).
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#SiddharBogar is described in Tamil texts as the creator of #PalaniMurugan (Kartikeya) with #Navpashnam, 9 poisonous herbs. His book #Bogar7000 speaks of his journey to China to teach Enlightenment.
His #NirvikalpaSamadhi is below the sanctum of #PalaniMurugan.
#Palani has interesting tale
#Narad visited Kailash to present #Gyanfalam to Shiva.
He decides to give to his son who'd encircle Earth thrice.
#Kartikey mounted his peacock but #Ganesha circumbulated #ShivShakti &won the fruit.
Murugan went to Palani as a Hermit.
#PalaniMurugan also known as #Dandayuthpani is one of the six abodes of Kartikey !
Another tale speaks of Devtas assembling at Kailash which tilted the Earth in one direction. Shiva asks #Agastya who employs #Hidamba, demon to carry two hills to South to balance.
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प्रणाम - रघु राम की नगरी अयोध्या से।

#travel #Ayodhya
Journey of #Ayodhya begins with Litti Chokha at Guptaar Ghat #travel #vegetarian #incredibleindia
Sri Ram Paduka at Guptargarhi or Chakrahari Tirth at #Ayodhya #travel #indology
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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