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NEW POD DROP! Narativ Season 2 Premiere: 'A Bear in Our House' EXCLUSIVE! How a suspected Russian spy and the #Moonies supported the #Jan6 coup attempt. with @CultExpert and ex-Moonie Dr. Steven Hassan and the @SPLCenter's @MichaelEHayden. Part 1 is here…
And Part 2 of 'A Bear in Our House'. Our EXCLUSIVE about Sean #Moon and suspected #Russian spy Charles Bausman with @CultExpert and ex-Moonie Dr. Steven Hassan and the @SPLCenter's @MichaelEHayden.…
Read more about the story here. with @Heidi_Cuda…
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Live tweeting my listening experience for #donda
Wtf is track 1. Donda chant #dondatrack1 #donda
Track 2 jail. Kayne vocals are in the back ground and repeats. Jayzs lyrics are good
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Whys #NavPancham considered generally good?#NavPancham is #Genesis, #Progression, #CauseEffect relations. In #KaalPurush #Kundali, if #Jaatak is denoted by #Lagan, his/her progeny is denoted by the #PanchamBhaav while the father of this #Jaatak is the #NavamBhaav of the #Chart...
Many ancient #Astrologers have expressed that a #Bhaav can find #Catalyst 5 houses behind itself or 9 houses away from itself (same thing).

So in effect if there is any good connection of the #Navam #Bhaav with the #Lagan (or #Navam #Bhaav from any other #Bhaav) ...
the particular #Bhaav in question can get #SuPrabhaav. The #Lagan or any other #Bhaav is always the #PanchamBhaav from the #Navam.Hence the theory- #NavPancham, is generally considered #YogKaarak.

Basic theories apply as always...

Explaining #Shadow #Grah #Rahu...
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#MoonDay 2021: 52 years of 1969 #Lunar #moon landing; History & Significance:
Millions of people around watched live telecast #mission. Success of mission, #NASA @NASA @NASAMoon described landing "single greatest technological achievement of all time.”
#Thread #technology #tech Image
Day when man first walked on moon. #Apollo11 #spaceflight carried Commander #NeilArmstrong and lunar module #Pilot, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. National Moon Day proclaimed in 1971 by then #US #USA #President Richard Nixon to honor #Anniversary of man's first moon landing.
Not only celebrates #historical human landing on moon but also opened opportunities for #future #Missions.
“That one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong’s first words from moon heard all over Earth on this day in 1969.
While Alridn and Armstrong made
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Pushing the Frontiers of Space: Difference Between Private Space Flights of @virgingalactic and @blueorigin…

- By Arunita Banerjee (@Arunita_13)

(📸: Twitter/IANS) Image
On Tuesday, July 20, 2021, the founder of Amazon, @JeffBezos, is all set to fly to the edge of space along with three others, aboard his company @blueorigin's New Shepard rocket.
Surpassing the #troposphere and #stratosphere, the space flights of @blueorigin will fly to the edge of space, about 100 km above the Earth’s mean sea level—the Karman line, also called the ‘edge of space’. Image
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Pt1/5 Professor Robert Foster the moon, tides &nature ofthe world #RobertFoster #moon #tides #earth #cosmos #quantummechanics
“Truth is the guidance, the hope and the directive of the human mind and that man must strive to know and to understand the real nature of the world”
Pt2/5 Professor Robert Foster the moon, tides &nature ofthe world #RobertFoster #moon #tides #earth #cosmos #quantummechanics
“Truth is the guidance, the hope and the directive of the human mind and that man must strive to know and to understand the real nature of the world”
Pt3/5 Professor Robert Foster the moon, tides &nature ofthe world #RobertFoster #moon #tides #earth #cosmos #quantummechanics
“Truth is the guidance, the hope and the directive of the human mind and that man must strive to know and to understand the real nature of the world”
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The Shanghai Astronomy Museum, the largest planetarium in terms of scale, will open on July 17, the planetarium announced Monday. ImageImageImageImage
Covering an area of about 58,600 square meters, the museum is located in the Lingang Special Zone of the China Free Trade Pilot Zone (#Shanghai). It is a branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.
Tests were conducted on Monday, and the museum's official website and WeChat account were also launched. The #museum will open to the public on July 18.
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1-We have been discussing the importance of #Moon and its placements in various #Rashis

Today we shall discuss #Gemini and #Cancer. (1/5)

2-Moon in #Mithuna or #Gemini

Such a person is seen to possess a certain #Sexual #Awareness and seeks to enjoy life sexually. (2/5)

3-Moon in Gemini makes the native display creative and artistic gifts

But might be prone to develop diseases around the neck region

Moon in Gemini makes the native bright complexioned with good intellectual abilities and the person is usually tall. (3/5)

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1-To understand the role of the #Moon in a #BirthChart, must first assess its impact on the #Personality and emotional #nature.

The following are the broad brushstrokes of Moon in various #Rashis. (1/3)

#Astrology. Image
2-When #Moon sits in #Mesha or #Aries of a Birth Chart

-Such a person has thick thighs and displays a certain rashness

- He or she is more prone to sickness

-Wins recognition in high circles

- Is not too fond of water bodies. (2/3)

#Astrology. Image
3-When Moon sits in #Vrisha or #Taurus

Gives away things readily

Possesses a noble heart

Displays a high level of #spiritual purity

Has a charming, magnetic personality and a strong personal presence. (3/3)

#Astrology. Image
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1/ Radio amateurs from #Brazil outpaced companies and a certain billionaire in sending #Bitcoin to the #Moon and back to Earth. Mind-boggling! Image
2/ While you are maybe waiting for bitcoin’s price to go to the moon, one Bitcoin transaction was already on the moon. On April 24th 2021 a transaction was sent from Belo Horizonte to the Moon and back to Campinas.
3/ And that’s how it worked: A Bitcoin transaction is like a small text file, this text file was morsed and transmitted over radio signals to the moon, where the signal was mirrored and sent back on earth to 600km away Campinas. Image
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Let’s find out what do the different #Planets & other celestial bodies represent in #Astrology.

#Sun represents You

#Moon represents your Emotions

#RisingSign represents How You Look

#Mercury represents How You Think

#Venus represents How You Love


#Mars represents How You Deal with Life

#Jupiter represents Your Luck

#Saturn represents How You Take Care of Your Responsibilities & Stay Disciplined

#Uranus represents How Unique You Are

#Neptune represents Your Imagination

#Pluto represents Your Transformation

#Chiron represents How You Heal

#Ceres represents How You Take Care of Yourself

#Pallas represents Your Relationships

#Juno represents Your Beauty & What Influences You

#Vesta represents Your Potential & How You Organize Yourself

#Lilith represents Your Hidden Emotions

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#SpaceTrends: 16-Year-Old Boy from Pune, Maharashtra Captures One of the Most Detailed Photos of #Moon Ever…

(📸: Prathamesh Jaju)
#PrathameshJaju, a 16-year-old amateur astronomer and astrophotographer from Pune, Maharashtra captured this extraordinary photo by collating as many as 55,000 images that formulate a size of a whopping 186 gigabytes!
🌑The 3D look of the Moon comes from the HDR Composite of two different images captured by him.

His Instagram post mentions: “This is my most detailed and clearest shot of the third quarter Mineral Moon. I captured around 50,000+ images over 186 GigaBytes of Data...
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I bought something new again.

Will reveal after close.

Deflector style mineralisation with 30km of drilling underway with results imminent.

If you know, you know.

I pretty much gave it away.
The new guy, is a new guy called $MM8
Well funded, aggressive, good team, good land, great advanced resources/reserves, and the upside of a SEDEX base metal project for IPO/JV.
I’ll elaborate further over coming days. Image
First thing that hit me in the face was the collection of people who put their skin in this game. $28m of skin or something. I see ex-mutiny (Flecta), plus NST, WMC, etc..but also a decent amount of transactional exp.
Not big names, but good resumes. Image
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A thread (Part 1)

The Law of the Lord Is Perfect (Ps. 19:1-5 ESV)

To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David.
The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
Day to day pours out speech,
and night to night reveals knowledge.
There is no speech, nor are there words,
whose voice is not heard.
Their voice goes out through all the earth,
and their words to the end of the world.
In them he has set a tent for the sun,
which comes out like a bridegroom leaving his chamber,
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS #NOK welcome to sundays looking forward statements. We have so much going on right now but we must not lose site of the goal, the battle remains outside against the HF and MM and we need all hands on deck. This week is a big week and we have a busy schedule
Monday morning will come in like a wrecking ball in a good way. I’m hoping it’ll work in our favor as I suspect HF and MM will try to deal with other areas of the market. Tuesday is AMCs shareholder meeting bigs ups to the team their at AMC & @CEOAdam I know your team
Is working tirelessly to help us all even when folks don’t realize it. Two days later we have the SEC (@SEC_News) closed door meeting to discuss different topics but I surmise and I’m hoping it’s about our rules followed by the House financial committee meeting witnesses on deck:
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #OCGN #NAKD Alright Part 2 of the before I talk status lets talk timing. Now I know every week we have folks that have done a great job at hyping us apes up and letting us know that timing is really important. This has been a long process for all of
us as I'm sure many of you didn't expect to be here almost 4 months after the partial squeeze in January and our miniature squeezes that we've had over the course of the last few months. Now timing is really important and here is why. We are in essence waiting on three rules to
finish our own protection and cover that is the NSCC 002, 007, and the return of the 005 rule. Without these three rules we are missing added layers of protection. Now it is my thought that the SEC is going through these rules as we speak and is requiring these organizations to
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS now that I have a few moments let’s talk ortex. I’ll give you an update on the rules DD. Below is your ortex info. Biggest change is that AMC is at 99% utilized since yesterday. The breakdown is this when a stock gets closer to 100% of shares being utilized
The more likelihood short sellers will face a buy in if investors recall their loan shares meaning investors turn off their borrowing indicators and bring the shares back into their account and collect the interest payment from them being loaned out. Now if we get to 100% of the
Shares being loaned out that means every share humanly possibly available to borrow is already out on loan taking away HF ability to short the stock without having to buy back the shares sold short. Once this avenue is used HF and MM will automatically moved to selling calls
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#AMC before I get into our new SEC filing I was about to let this pass but this is how I’m looking at everyone back tracking their no dilution comments after weeks of me saying it wouldn’t happen and that it was necessary for the health of the co. Be prepared for the excuses to
follow. Trust had AA not said anything they still would’ve voted no. 🤣🤣🤣 But I’m glad they were able to have an epiphany about voting for the shares and not against it. 🤣 Now before I get into the New SEC filing I’m still working on last nights DD here is status it’s typed up
and just needs to be recorded and posted here and on Reddit. Moving on...this was pointed out to me by @KateGentle7 as she saw a new filing before I had a chance and let me know what’s up. The Additional definitive proxy soliciting materials has been updated. The point in re.
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS #NAKD #SNDL #NOK #BB #BBBY #CALLINGALLMEMES #MOON #SEATBELTS #HOLDERS #STONKS #STOCKS #SLAPTHEASK Part 3 of the time to come home piece.... I told ya'll this was long ...I probably will do a video to explain it on YouTube but wanted to essentially get this
out to you. So what is next....part of my conclusion if you will The DTC knows the plays that are being made within the ATS network they may not be able to tell us how much, but we know that most of them have overleveraged assets that they do not have nor owned just to be able to
combat retails buying power. The DTC knows that at some point they will have to be margin called for these deals. The stuff is already hitting the fan. I predict that more and more HF and MM and banks will still bite the dust in the coming week. Do not think for a second that
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS #NAKD #SNDL #NOK #BB #BBBY #CALLINGALLMEMES #MOON #SEATBELTS #HOLDERS #STONKS #STOCKS #SLAPTHEASK Part 2 of the Recap tonight "Time to Come Home" - They have now made the rules to indicate three things. 1) We will charge you the difference between your
short position and the volatility of the market. You will need to pay up immediately. 2) The NSCC showed us that we have a liquidity issue when it comes to these stocks. Liquidity in accounting means that you don’t have enough current assets to cover short term obligations and
the other assets you do have are not that is translatable into cash. It’s like if I have 2M dollars between cash and investments but I have a huge Fixed Asset that wont be sold immediately to cover whatever short term obligation should I get called out on it aka margin.
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message out far and wide folks. Tonights recap message it’s time to come on home. Why? We got some official things to discuss and I may be late to the party but I’m about to break down the SR-DTC-2021-005. Why am I saying it’s time to come on home?
Because this all affects us the same way we are one family in this struggle. No matter what happens we got each others backs just like family. So lets break this rule down and I’ll tell you how it effects you and why this matters. Lets Recap what we know and what has occurred in
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#AMC Tonight on the Recap "New Acquisitions." This was pointed out to me and I'm going to cover it as we all need to be encouraged and be of good cheer. People better start respecting AMC as it's trying to turn into an entertainment power house.…
so without further delay lets get into it. By the way this is not financial advice lol, but I just want to take the time to help you all understand what is going on here. When it comes to the current deal between AMC and Cinedigm. So a few things you should know before I get
into it:

1.There are two types of Assets Sale Indirect Asset Sale – Acquiring Corporation gets the underlying asset by buying the controlling amount of interest to the stock. Direct Asset Sale - Acquiring them directly from the Target Corp.
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Al igual que con las plantas, la #Luna afecta al crecimiento de nuestro cabello. Para que crezca más fuerte, córtatelo en un "día raíz"
* El lunes 1 hasta las 18h.
* El sábado 27 desde las 21h, todo el domingo 28 y el lunes 29 hasta las 19h. #moon
Para que el pelo nos crezca más rápido, debemos elegir un "día hoja" para cortarlo:
* Del jueves 4 a las 20h al viernes 5 a las 21h.
* El sábado 6 de 6 a 24h.
* El martes 23 desde las 19h, todo el miércoles 24 y el jueves 25 hasta las 8h. #Luna #moon
Si quieres lograr una depilación más duradera, apúntate los días ideales para depilarte. Se encuentran en periodos "flor":
* El jueves 4 de 7 a 19h.
* Del lunes 22 a las 10h al martes 23 a las 18h.
* Todo el miércoles 31.
#Luna #moon
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