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In 2021 layer 1s and metaverse gave us the giga-pumps.

But what gives us those 100x moves next bull run?


In my last thread, I talked about where to look for the next 50x #crypto projects. In this thread I'll cover the narratives I think will give us $SOL like 50x or even 100x pumps.

So you don't only know where to look for gems but what to look for. LFG ๐Ÿš€

- Layer 2 -
With the #EthereumMerge a success we are heading into the era of L2s. The merge didn't lower gas fees but it will increase demand for the $ETH network. This means we need L2s to keep fees low.

So expect new L2s to pop up during the bear market that'll do $SOL like 500x pumps in the bull market.

And expect existing mid-caps with good tech like $METIS and $LRC to do 50x. While $MATIC will perform well but at it's current 7b market cap a 50x is a stretch.

Finally, #ZKrollups are going to be a huge buzzword so any new L2 projects pushing the ZK narrative with a good team, tokenomics and community is one to watch out for.

- Decentralised Perpetual Exchanges (DPEs) -
This is leverage trading straight from your EVM wallet. Unless regulation comes down on this hard, I think projects like $GMX, $GNS, @spin_fi will do insanely well.

Most traders want to cut out the middleman and leverage trade on a DEX rather than a CEX.

This plays into the privacy narrative, decentralistion, ownership and all the stuff the crypto community loves.

Many new DPEs are popping up, imo picking the right ones will give face-melting returns if the narrative takes off.

I might be wrong but remember exchanges/brokers are always the richest in any financial market. I'll share my new DPE picks as I find them ๐Ÿ˜˜

- To Earn -
The "X to earn" sector started in the bear market with $GMT and gave us ridiculous pumps. A lot of people say the fad is over but I don't agree.

People like getting something for nothing. Especially this generation.

I am keeping a close eye on #movetoearn and other "to earn" concepts like cycling, dancing, singing and anything else people like doing.

There are obvious metaverse integrations.

Imagine a dance or sing-to-earn app where you show your talent in the metaverse and get paid.

People will build stuff like that and it will probably pump because people love making money for doing nothing. It's a sector to watch.

- Regulation -
This is boring and most people will ignore it because it doesn't sound as interesting as the others but it could be one of the leading narratives next cycle.

I know a few projects building regulatory frameworks, WTF does that even mean?

Imagine an incubator or launchpad that deals with all of the legal and regulatory work for new projects launching on their platform or ecosystem.

Many new projects don't have the budget to hire expensive regulatory lawyers but some incubators/launchpads are creating easy frameworks that ensure new projects fall within regulatory guidelines.

New projects will flock to these kinds of launchpads/incubators!

Also with the ETH merge we will see more web 2 businesses moving to web 3 and they will need regulatory services ๐Ÿ‘€

Love it or hate it, regulation will be a strong narrative next run and those providing it will ๐Ÿš€ especially launchpads as they pump anyway.

- P2E & Metaverse -
Yeah, I know, they pumped in 2021. It doesn't matter. We are already seeing big gaming studios like Ubisoft, EA and Rockstar with the latest GTA game moving into the P2E sector.

Absolute no-brainer. With their bottomless pockets, they'll cause some major pumps in this sector and ensure P2E and metaverse rises again.

- Evergreen -
Finally, there are evergreen sectors like layer 1s, launchpads, infrastructure (oracles etc) and defi.

Allocate more capital to evergreen sectors if your risk appetite is low as they're less risky but also less likely to give ridiculous returns.

I'm going to be focussing most of my research efforts on these sectors/narratives because imo they'll deliver the next bull runs giga-pumps ๐Ÿš€

In my next mega-thread, I'll reveal my research shortcuts so you can separate the moonshots from moonsh*ts LFG!

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This is my mega-thread on finding low-cap crypto ๐Ÿ’Ž with 50x or even 100x potential early.

Below, I'll share my best easy (and advanced) gem-hunting strategies.

Smash that โค๏ธ if you find this useful!


These shortcuts will allow you to discover high-quality gems before most people get in.

I've used the exact strategies below to find gems that have given me over 100x returns ๐Ÿ‘€

Let's get started ๐Ÿ‘‡

1๏ธโƒฃ Big Money
Cryptos don't just 100x out of nowhere. VCs usually invest in a sector, pay cash or allocate marketing funds and pump projects 100x ๐Ÿš€

So, tracking where VCs are investing early on is an easy way to predict what narrative will blow up next!

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