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Mini-thread on $PRIMAL and why I'm stocking up again a little here and on more dips to 0.0035. Primal is still around 2x from our original entry with loads of room to the upside, but why?
Full disclosure: I got in as an early investor through the DAO Maker launchpad at 0.0016, which I shared and I bought more in December when it was at 0.0035 which I also shared. If you've been following along we are up big and banked some profits 💪
◆◆ AI ◆◆
Primal is hitting the AI narrative. The co-founder worked in AI before moving in to crypto so he knows the game. They are creating the first AI sports engine called Apex, think ChatGPT but for fitness.
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Quick thread and review on $PRIMAL a mix of Patreon and #Chiliz with some move to earn sprinkled in 👀
Full disclosure, I am a pre-sale investor in $PRIMAL. But I get into a lot of presales and rarely share them on my Twitter. But Primal has something special.
As always, DYOR. I got into this because I think the #movetoearn sector will do well if built right. And Primal isn't just M2E, it's kind of like Chilliz meets Patreon.
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Great progress in the last few weeks! The main focus of the team was to make the Step Ecosystem more mature and ready for new products!
Launched our own block explorer and completed a super smooth migration of $FITFI staking to #StepNetwork. Users will not have to transfer anything manually. All staked FITFI and lootboxes are now on our #blockchain.
Updated #StepEx and launched staking for $SPEX holders. Zero Inflation + High Yield. I think it's pretty awesome.
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Growing by the day: 4x 🇬🇧 Super Featherweight Champion becomes #PRIMAL Ambassador ⚡️🥊

@MartinJWard1 will be one of the athletes creating content and connecting with fans on the PRIMAL app.

Ward brings 30K+ loyal fans to his PRIMAL Inner Circle ⭕️

Effect on token 🧵👇
Brand Ambassadors and their Inner Circles add deep $PRIMAL token utility. Stake/pay and unlock:

- Exclusive educational content
- Fan-Athlete engagements
- Branded NFT items

#MoveToEarn #PRIMAL

2/3 🧵
PRIMAL is onboarding global athletes 🌐

👑 local names
👑 well-known names
👑 global household names

All joining the PRIMAL ambassador roster with their Inner Circles.

Stay tuned for more.

3/3 🧵
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In 2021 layer 1s and metaverse gave us the giga-pumps.

But what gives us those 100x moves next bull run?


In my last thread, I talked about where to look for the next 50x #crypto projects. In this thread I'll cover the narratives I think will give us $SOL like 50x or even 100x pumps.

So you don't only know where to look for gems but what to look for. LFG 🚀

- Layer 2 -
With the #EthereumMerge a success we are heading into the era of L2s. The merge didn't lower gas fees but it will increase demand for the $ETH network. This means we need L2s to keep fees low.

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$AZERO may be one of the most talked about altcoins at the moment.

• DAG Hybrid blockchain
• Privacy Smart Contracts

Let's find out what all the hype is about!

Strap in 🕵️‍♂️ Alpha Connoisseur

1/23 🧵
$AZERO Token Overview:

・Price: $1.20
・ICO price: $0.1 USD
・MC: +$200m
・ATH: $3.06
・Circulating Supply: 76m $AZERO
・Holders: 32k

~800 Smart contracts up on mainnet and the first IDO launchpad and #NFT projects are starting to appear.

2/23 🧵
3/ What I'll cover in this thread:

✖️ What is $AZERO
✖️ DAG Hybrid blockchain
✖️ Privacy Smart Contracts
✖️ Team
✖️ ICO & Tokenomics Distribution
✖️ Community and Marketing
✖️ Partnerships
✖️ Future Roadmap
✖️ Use Cases
✖️ Unlocks

Let's take a look🕵️‍♂️

3/23 🧵
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1/ A few months ago I was convinced that #StepN was going change the 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐋𝐃!

Today...I've all but given up on it.

Here's why I've lost faith in @Stepnofficial 🧵👇

#MoveToEarn #RealTalk
2/ First let me say I'm not here to make enemies.

I love the #StepN community and I've met some incredible people both online and offline.

I've even met some of the team and they were amazing too.
3/ A lot of you are following me because of a thread I wrote 2 months ago that went a little viral about why I still believed in #StepN.

I'm not here to talk shit. I WANT StepN to be successful.
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⚡️⚡️ BREAKING - STEPN launched $GMT Earning Plans

Read the rules for GMT Earning here 👇…

#MoveToEarn @Stepnofficial Image
@Stepnofficial ✨ Some highlights you need to know about the $GMT earning event 🧵,

#Solana #MoveToEarn
@Stepnofficial StepN's goals

• The loyal users should be rewarded as they stay with the project for the long term.

-> Offering its users new types of gameplay they could enjoy.

-> Serving other features that could better connect them.
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✨Perpetual Staking Delegation - Preview

Secure the network; earn boosted #yield

Step #blockchain mainnet goes live on August 15. A major yield function goes live with it: delegation rewards.
$FITFI #MoveToEarn
A. Delegation Explained

Step ecosystem runs on its own PoS #blockchain.
$FITFI tokens must be staked to be part of network validation.
Delegation allows the community to be part of network security, without buying infrastructure.

A seamless process available on the web & app lets the community delegate $FITFI stake to validators, who share transaction fees.
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✨Step App at UNTOLD Festival
Step App given center-stage branding

@UntoldFestival is one of the first institutional developers building on Step #blockchain. The company is using Step technology to build a dance-to-earn app.
$FITFI #MoveToEarn
As part of the partnership, Step👟App is given prime coverage at this year's @UntoldFestival. Step #blockchain, Step App, and UNTOLD's app on Step will be promoted to millions.
⚡️Partner Artists + VIP Tickets

UNTOLD is providing Step👟App branding in the live events on artists like CLAPTONE. This also includes VIP tickets that we can give to our community.

More details on this soon.
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Today, a Thread on @fity_fitness to explain you the project, tokenomics and money management of their partner Popugames (money raised by Fity and send to them) where one of member of the project is CEO.
Warning : I am going to relate the facts, only the facts, with proof and with the maximum of neutrality that I can show. It will be up to you to draw conclusions in order to avoid any risk of defamation.
I will try not to mention any names but it will be not easy given the focus of my analysis. I will also present the team vision in order to confront it with my own. So you can make your own opinion.

@Fity project may of course use their right of reply to provide explanations
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1/ Here are 8 projects I'm playing, watching, or trying to get into besides #STEPN. 🧵

Let me know if I'm missing any big projects in #P2E and #M2E.
2/ 1. @sleepagotchi

SlepN was an April Fools joke that @Stepnofficial tweeted about. Remember that @ktrainUSA_STEPN?

Well, #sleepagotchi is the real version of sleep-to-earn.

It was founded at Harvard and has a unique earning mechanic (NFTs vs. tokens).
3/ Sleepagotchi Links

𝐉𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐝:
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1/ I know what @Stepnofficial's 3rd realm is 👀

Well...I have a theory.

Take a look at this picture.

#STEPN #MoveToEarn
2/ It was published by @Stepnofficial at the end of their Medium blog: Part 3: NFTs — A Non-Fungible Renaissance.

It doesn't look at all relevant to the article, which makes it seem like a hint.

But what does it mean...
3/ Let's start with the Ethereum logo.

There's a lot of debate right now over whether the 3rd realm is going to be built on Ethereum or not.

In the last Townhall, Yawn said that the 3rd realm would be 'more expensive'.

Only BTC, ETH, and MKR are more expensive than BNB.
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下面搬运一下文章里的介绍(顺便加点补充 )…



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#STEPN merakla beklenen yeni uygulama içi ekonomisini düzeltme planını açıkladı!

#MoveToEarn #GST #kriptopara #kripto
Ağlar arası enerji aktarımı kaldırıldı!
Artık Solana ağındaki ayakkabılarınız ile BNB ağında token kazanma kalkıyor!
Mintleme Cooldown 72 saate çıkarıldı.
Dinamik mintleme ücretleri getirildi ve Mintleme Ücretleri arttırıldı!
Beş çift aynı kalite spor ayakkabı sentezlenerek bir üst kalite spor ayakkabı haline getirilebilir.

Yükseltme gemleri aksine, spor ayakkabı sentezi başarısız olmayacak, ancak yine de GST ve GMT bazında ödenmesi gereken belirli bir maliyet olacaktır.
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Project Deep Dive: @StepApp_

🚶#MoveToEarn is the current hype in crypto, following the popular #PlayToEarn model that most Metaverse and NFT coins adopted.
🔺On #Avalanche we have our first #M2E application @StepApp_

So what is Step App?

@StepApp_ 1/ Overview

In 2021, we see an explosion of gamefi, play-to-earn genres, a trend led by @AxieInfinity and then gradually cooled down.
Currently, gamification involves the incorporation of traditional gaming elements into non-gaming activities.
@StepApp_ @AxieInfinity Move-to-earn is the current hype in crypto, following the popular play-to-earn model that most Metaverse and NFT coins adopted. As the name suggests, move-to-earn projects enable users to earn rewards for walking, running, dancing, or simply moving around.
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Today was wild day in StepN land.

Prices have been tanking on both chains and people are freaking out.

I have a theory. It’s pure speculation so don’t hold me to it.

Here’s what *might* be happening. What do you think?

#STEPN #MoveToEarn
Today, the team announced that they would be removing GPS access to all players in Mainland China.

They we’re never allowed in the first place but they used VPNs and made up 5% of the user base.
I think it’s likely that many mint farms came from this group.

The news today may have spooked them into dumping all of their assets in case they lose access to the app.
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It's important to understand that the #STEPN #GST token on @solana is in fact a completely different token than its #GST equivalent on #BSC. Without a bridge & arbitrage opportunities, they each work in an isolated environment with their own supply, price and market cap.
Imo, everything what's happening on the #BSC side of things is an effect of #FOMO. People see the higher earnings and want to partake. The only way to do so is by buying a sneaker #NFT and #GST on #BSC but note that the setup cost is much higher.
It's a game of supply and demand.
I don't think the current #GST price on #BSC will have too much impact on the Solana side of things. Different market forces are in play on both chains. The panic sellers might rush back to #STEPN once the dust has settled and extra clarity was provided.
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1/25 Ponzi nedir? #MovetoEarn projelerin hepsi Ponzi mi? Sürdürülebilir bir ekonomi modeli geliştirmek mümkün olabilir mi? Gelin birlikte bu sorulara cevap arayalım.
Herkese iyi okumalar 🙏
2/25 1920 senesine gidelim ve tarihte ilk ponzi şemasını kuran ve buna ismini veren şahısla tanışalım; Charles Ponzi. 1882 senesi de İtalya’da dünyaya gelmiş, fakir bir ailenin çocuğu olmasına rağmen lükse ve zenginliğe oldukça meraklıydı.
3/25 1903 senesinde zengin olma hayaliyle New York’a gitmeye karar verdi. Burada onlarca iş değiştirmesine rağmen aradığını bulamadı. Gazete dağıtıcılığından sütçülüğe, gemi personelliğinden temizliğe kadar değişik işlerde çalıştı.
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📢Quick Message from Step👟App President

@dharpan has joined #StepApp to lead license acquisition, brand deals, and athlete ambassadorships.

Dharpan was previously leading corporate deals at #McLaren F1!

#MoveToEarn $FITFI
Dharpan then began his own agency which provided the license acquisition for the largest exchanges in #crypto.

Step👟App has secured some exciting IP deals and athlete ambassadors, including world-renowned partners. These will be rolled out soon.
2 major corporate partners building on Step Protocol (layer-1) have already been disclosed to the public: @UntoldFestival & @GlobalTitansFS. Several more are lined up.
UNTOLD's audience base is in the tens of millions, working with music stars like David Guetta & Steve Aoki.
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[#THREAD] @StepApp_ , un concurrent sérieux pour @Stepnofficial ?

Aujourd'hui je vous invite à venir découvrir un projet qui fait couler de l'encre depuis quelques jours, StepApp.

Il s'agit d'un #MoveToEarn qui s'oppose au très connu StepN !

Temps de lecture : 5 minutes Image

StepApp est un projet qui s'inscrit dans la #Fitness Finance (#FitFi).

Il s'agit d'un nouveau type de finance décentralisée qui s'appuie sur l'univers du sport pour proposer des rendements plus ou moins élevés.

Les plus connus actuellement sont StepN et @genopets . Image
Là où StepN repose essentiellement sur la dépense de points d'énergie au travers de la marche et de la course, StepApp propose de gamifier ces disciplines.

On parle donc de compléter des quêtes et missions ou de lancer des challenges à ses amis. Image
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1/ I bought a StepN shoe on BSC 2 days ago for 17 BNB (~$5100 USD).

Here's the story.

#STEPN #MoveToEarn #NFTgaming
2/ As you probably know, the markets have been falling off a cliff, and that includes crypto.

I went from earning $1000 a day to 'only' $500-$600 a day.

Fortunately, that opened up a new opportunity.
3/ About a month ago, StepN launched on a 2nd blockchain - BSC.

For a couple weeks, nothing really happened. Most of the genesis shoes were bought up by bots.

So on May 3, 2022, StepN decided to airdrop 10,000 BSC genesis shoes to the holders of the first 10,000 SOL shoes.
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🏃‍♂️Move to Earn Landscape

Comment your favorite projects❓👇

$AVAX #AVAX #Avalanche #MoveToEarn #Move2Earn #GameFi
1/ In 2021, we see an explosion of gamefi, play-to-earn genres, a trend led by @AxieInfinity and then gradually cooled down.
Currently, gamification involves the incorporation of traditional gaming elements into non-gaming activities.
@AxieInfinity 2/ Move-to-earn is the current hype in crypto, following the popular play-to-earn model that most Metaverse and NFT coins adopted. As the name suggests, move-to-earn projects enable users to earn rewards for walking, running, dancing, or simply moving around.
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Will YOU survive the BEAR MARKET?

Here's a little secret, bear markets mint millionaires.

In this in-depth MEGA thread, I share the SECRETS of how to survive!

2/ - It's Your Decision -
The decisions YOU make now will decide if you MAKE IT in the next bull run.

Did people who made 7+ figures last year buy in 2018-2020 or 2021?

SPOILER: They bought HEAVY in 2018-2020.

But what cryptos do you buy in a bear market?
3/ - Get Stable -
You are going to NEED stable to invest in a bear market.

If you don't have stable, you can't buy anything. SIMPLES.

There are obvious ways to earn stable, like working a real job, saving n putting X% of your disposable income towards investing.

There's also:
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