⬇️very useful document offering a network perspective on societal ills currently plaguing us.

I am certainly appreciating the insights offered here and fully agree with many of the things outlined.
Please give it a read:
I've been thinking more on a complexity framework to account for the non-linearity of the systems we are part of, as well as emergence and control theory.

But network & graph theory plays an enormous role there as well because complex systems can be abstracted into networks
2/ ImageImageImage
The really interesting question is not what framework or models we use to #conceptualize the relationships between society and our broken info spheres, but whether or not they are #useful to understand why we currently experience #democratic backsliding around the world
3/ ImageImageImage
I think it is fair to say that nobody has all the answers, but many different domain experts have some answers and we need to listen to them.

There are tenuous connections between a broken info sphere, #conspiracy myths, crowd-sourced distortions, #epistemic paralysis and
the information #combatants who make use of these newly created #vulnerabilities of open & democratic societies through technological disruption, #asymmetric amplification, choice architectures and behavioral #microtargeting.

It is naive to assume that any single person can
can fit all the puzzle pieces together, but some researchers, academics and journalists @noUpside @STWorg @carljackmiller @davetroy @mariaressa (and many more I will miss) have been outspoken and great on many facets of this problem.

I hope more can join too.


• • •

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Oct 28
Great interview with @JoeyPrink ⬇️

Games might be empathy machines, but currently, they are still underutilized.

The interesting parts of games is that they are the only art medium that centers human agency.

This is powerful in many ways, some outlined in the interview...
but what is the most interesting for me is the way how some game designers manage to create choice architectures that allow us to explore ourselves.

This is the core of games as an art form, and dependent on our own agency through the choices we make, concepts like empathy
can become alive in hitherto unprecedented ways.

But what might be even more important is that as a new art form building around human agency, games inevitable open up a new space for experimentation and exploration that might be critical for human society.

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Oct 27
MEME ALERT: There is a new GOP minority report out today 'concluding' SARS-CoV-2 leaked from a lab.

I've read it and it is basically a rehash of outdated #lableak talking points, irrelevant anecdotes, and a strong misrepresentation of scientific studies and data.

Short version: Image

#Rightwing networks will amplify this anti-scientific report dramatically in hopes of mobilizing their #conspiratorial base before the midterms.

This is the purpose of that content & timing.

#Weaponized conspiracy myths are powerful:

If you are an individual: Ignore & don't amplify.
If you are an influencer: Talk to scientists & don't amplify
If you are a journalist: Investigate & don't amplify.

Everybody: Don't get manipulated by scientific meme content like the report
Read 8 tweets
Oct 27
I read @KelseyTuoc coverage on the 'synthetic' origins preprint, and while there are parts I vehemently disagree with, I appreciate the sentiment that it tries to shine a light behind 'how the sausage was made'. So consider reading it:
vox.com/future-perfect… via @voxdotcom
Now some of my contentions, which I will outline shortly but can also be found in here:
First, the decision to cover comes with undue amplification. In @KelseyTuoc case, probably a smaller issue given the economist blurting it into the world irresponsibly
She also acknowledges that this would not usually be covered by her and her story had a 'meta' section which is responsible to do.

Second issue more serious: undue credibility bestowed on the authors without mentioning their history of advancing false scientific claims...
Read 13 tweets
Oct 27
Update on the latest "synthetic origin" preprint:

Bit embarrassing when your own university feels the need to put out a statement lamenting "methodological weaknesses" and "over-interpretation" and refutes your main conclusion.

But I have some small nitpicks as well, first
the statement does not include acknowledgements that Bruttel has a history of problematic claims about viruses.

To put it mildly. He has never seen a virus not being engineered.

2/ Image
Second (but I guess expectedly for University PR reasons), no mentioning of likely fraudulent conduct by Bruttel et al. by excluding genomes they were explicitly made aware of months before would contradict their hypothesis.

3/ Image
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Oct 27
I heard an interesting hypothesis about this increased radicalization of rhetoric.

It might have to do with heightened cognitive work that is necessary to maintain an alternative worldview when the facts become more clear and indisputable. This heightened load makes people...
more aggressive and jump at any new evidence or voice that comes out speaking against their worldview and for which they will henceforth need to put in more cognitive work to accommodate.

Like when you have to do the dirty dishes and somebody just adds more plates.

Not sure if there is any support for this, if you know of any related work to this, please share.

I just thought it was an interesting suggestion that can aid understanding of cognitive antecedents of this phenomena, I am sure there are other antecedents too.

Thoughts anyone?
Read 4 tweets
Oct 16
@GurusPod @KonstantinKisin The idea that 'the institutions made a mistake, so I am not gonna believe anything anymore' is of course not natural, or just a psychological overreaction, but this is what the heterodox sphere and information combatants have been playing up to manipulate people.

The sad
@GurusPod @KonstantinKisin reality is not that the institutions did a lot of things wrong, but that fucking information grifters misinterpreted in their incompetence what the actual information was, and then went around misinforming people, only to then blame institutions for their own misunderstanding

@GurusPod @KonstantinKisin The problem first and foremost is attention.

The vast majority of people never listened to the scientists or institutions in the first place, but to the fucking incompetent and opinionated influencers who filtered the information for them in the first place.

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